reboot报错Failed to start reboot.target的解决办法

reboot报错Failed to start reboot.target的解决办法

Failed to start Activation of org.freedesktop.systemd1 timed out See system logs and 'systemctl status' for details.

reboot -f 
systemctl --force --force reboot

man reboot
-f, --force
           Force immediate halt, power-off, reboot. Do not contact the init system.

man systemctl
reboot [arg]
           Shut down and reboot the system. This is mostly equivalent to start --irreversible, but also prints a wall message to all users. If combined
           with --force, shutdown of all running services is skipped, however all processes are killed and all file systems are unmounted or mounted read-only,
           immediately followed by the reboot. If --force is specified twice, the operation is immediately executed without terminating any processes or unmounting
           any file systems. This may result in data loss.

           If the optional argument arg is given, it will be passed as the optional argument to the reboot(2) system call. The value is architecture and firmware
           specific. As an example, "recovery" might be used to trigger system recovery, and "fota" might be used to trigger a “firmware over the air” update.

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