I didn't renew my blog on time, this is written in 8/29.
In the morning, i think about the difference of evolving network. By trying to figure out the difference of Paper A from previous work and what it is telling me, I find that it disclosed the influence of social relationship intuitively. What presents in critical analyse is the factor ε. Following such pattern, I try to express what my work gonna to reveal. The difference and key word is evolving, so, what does evolving mean? New nodes is added over time! How to depict such process? The number of it definitely, and it's related to time. Now I have quantity and time, just like distance divides time is velocity. I can combine both factors by using the division.Then, what could represent such conception? It's the rate that new nodes join. To simplify the problem just like paper A does, it considered searching only one hop and no notion of geography primarily. I consider only one node joins in each time.
Above is the main work of yesterday. In the afternoon, I listed some problems must be considered. I must confess i didn't do my best recent three days. I didn't get rid of phone completely with even a little withdraw.
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