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原创 2007年09月25日 16:29:00
It's the sixth year since I graduated from university. I was an employee of five companies include two that I quit in the probation period. The funny thing is I seldom visited csdn and I never felt like writing  blog here. Thank the stupid rules of my company. Most of us have very limited access to internet. Few websites we can access such as csdn, castrated google and baidu ( can get the search result but can't access it to get more information) and so on. Now you know why I'm here.I really think this rule sucks.I mean the top management are blind. They suppose the staff can focus their minds on work  to become more efficient in this way.It is not a human-oriented rule.First of all ,most of IT companies provide full access of internet to the staff. The stuff are trusted to use the internet properly. This is a good relationship between employees and the company. As a matter of fact,having some fun from internet e.g reading news,stock informations or ordering tickets is becoming one small part of the daily  work. The thing is efficiency and quality have nothing to do with the internet access if the managemant run the company pretty well.Second of all,the rule hurted us because we are supposed to be the bad guys. We are untrustworthy. Most of all,What if we want to access internet to get some technical resource when we meet with some trouble during the work? Last of all,for those who really need this rule to dedicate themself to their work, I don't think they can be efficient until the company can provide a heathy, trusted,not-be-evil  environment and most of them think they are making progress and getting satisfaction from the work.

Android Things 入门篇

1. Android Things 概述        Android Things开发类似于传统的Android移动端设备的开发,涉及使用Android框架和工具编写应用程序。所有需要的是一个Fla...
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Android Things专题 1.前世今生

文| 谷歌开发者技术专家, 物联网方向 (IOT GDE) 王玉成(York Wang) 2016 年 12 月,Google 发布了 Developer Preview 版的 Android Thi...
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Android Things做一个简易相机

Android Things做一个简易相机Android Things已经发布有一段时间了,最近买了块树莓派3的板子,研究一下Android Things开发。...
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Android things:你应该了解的Android Things知识

转自: 一、Android Things简介 Google在近期推出了物联网...
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Android Things HelloWorld

原来一直做的都是Android App的产品,最近经常和硬件部门调试一些硬件,如蓝牙的连接和读写,串口的通信,涉及到一些嵌入式和硬件的知识,虽然不懂但感觉挺有意思的,偶然机会看见Google推出了一个...
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Android Things:来跑一个Demo耍耍

一、Demo运行实践 这里我们以官方提供的sample-simplepio项目的blink模块为例,这样给大家演示一下如何使用Android Studio和树莓派3开发板,进行Android Thin...
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Android Things之---Android Things专题讲解

Android Things之—Android Things系统介绍、目前支持的硬件介绍
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Android Things 专题4 SDK框架

文| 谷歌开发者技术专家, 物联网方向 (IOT GDE) 王玉成(York Wang)物联网应用开发与手机和平板的应用开发有一些区别,那么Android Things与Android又有哪些差别呢?...
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Android Things SDK用法之UART篇

1 UART 复杂的外围设备如GPS模块、LCD显示器、XBee收音机等,通常使用通用异步收发器(UART)端口(通常简称为串行端口)与之进行沟通。 UART是与外围设备交换原始数据的通用接口。这...
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