QString和char *的相互转换

如何将QString转换为char *或者相反

How can I convert a QString to char* and vice versa ?(trolltech)

Inorder to convert a QString to a char*, then you first need to get alatin1 representation of the string by calling toLatin1() on it whichwill return a QByteArray. Then call data() on the QByteArray to get apointer to the data stored in the byte array. See the documentation:

See the following example for a demonstration:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
 QApplication app(argc, argv);
 QString str1 = "Test";
 QByteArray ba = str1.toLatin1();
 const char *c_str2 = ba.data();
 printf("str2: %s", c_str2);
 return app.exec();   
Note that it is necessary to store the bytearray before you call data() on it, a call like the following
const char *c_str2 = str2.toLatin1().data();

will make the application crash as the QByteArray has not been stored and hence no longer exists.

To convert a char* to a QString you can use the QString constructor that takes a QLatin1String, e.g:

QString string = QString(QLatin1String(c_str2)) ;



1. 红色字体标出的存储那一步非常重要!!!!!!

2. 用toLatin1好像不支持中文,用toLocal8Bit可以支持。

这问题弄了一个下午,还用上 memcpy -。= 结果没成功