原创 2004年09月15日 10:07:00

I am working in a company near Tokyo station, and through the window
from the building the Japanese basilica will come in sight. Although I work
there, I had never taken around the Tokyo city. After work today suddenly
I chirked to take a look at the other side of Tokyo station(my work place is
the north of the station), abasolutely that is a modern city, I forgot to bring
digital camera, if I had I should have taken some photos.
In wenxuecity someone is discussing the life in Japan, it said that he had
lived in Japan for 10 years, and he decided to live here forever at least
a long time, certainly he gave the reasons. Then there are many feedbacks,
most of person think he is a quisling. I don't know wherther he is but I
agree some of his points of view,the life here is more convenient and the 
environment is cleaner.
And also I read a report about Microsoft in sina, I am sure most of us envy the
environment and the atmosphere of microsoft and want to work there even
paid a little of money.
So I think I can apprehend that man's meaning.

PS: the web site www.wenxuecity.com is shielded in China, for what reason I
       don't know, to reach it a proxy is required.