16:23:36 qianfan | Hi, is there has any docs that introduct how to  x amitk
                 | reduce ram use for zephyr?                       x anangl
16:24:29 qianfan | I want make zephyr's usb stack worked on         x andk
                 | stm32f070c6 device, only 6KB RAM                 x andrey-konovalov
16:25:16     jhe | qianfan: I'm not aware of any docs, but the      x andrzej_m_p
                 | first step would be to look at the output of     x andyross
                 | "make ram_report" which will show the breakdown  x apboie
                 | of where RAM is consumed                         x apboie1
16:25:54     jhe | qianfan: that said, it wont work if you're       x bix_  
                 | already over the limit, but one work-around is   x bumblebury
                 | if you have some very similar board but with     x carlesc
                 | more RAM and then run ram_report against that    x caveat
                 | with the same app and configuration              x csd
16:29:02     jhe | qianfan: one common place where RAM savings can  x cyteen_       
                 | be found are the thread stack sizes. At runtime, x d3z
                 | you can analyze the system stack consumption by  x dengke
                 | enabling CONFIG_INIT_STACKS=y and calling        x djinni`
                 | k_call_stacks_analyze() from your app            x dleach02
16:29:23 qianfan | But I don't know which buffer can reduce and     x droman0
                 | will not have a bad influence                    x durub         ++
16:30:58 qianfan | jhe: I will try whats you said, thanks you very  x abelur
                 | much!                                            x acidx
16:31:53     jhe | no problem!                                      x aescolar
16:32:47   +anaZ | 6kb of ram with usb is going to be very tight    x agallo-
16:33:44   +anaZ | is this board already in the tree?               x agross
16:34:05 qianfan | Yes it is. Seems the stack size for main thread, x amitk
                 | idle tread and ISR thread is too large. I want   x anangl
                 | reduce thats                                     x andk
16:34:56 qianfan | 'master' tree has a similer board named          x andrey-konovalov
                 | nucleo_f070rb                                    x andrzej_m_p
16:35:36 qianfan | it has 16K RAM but stm32f070c6 only 6KB          x andyross
16:36:56   +anaZ | how much ram usage are you getting now with usb  x apboie
                 | enabled?                                         x apboie1
16:38:07   +anaZ | qianfan: as you have noticed, start with the     x bix_  
                 | predefined stacks                                x bumblebury
16:38:16   +anaZ | those are usually set generously                 x carlesc
16:39:51 qianfan | I had compiled hid-mouse example based on        x caveat
                 | nucleo_f070rb board, SRAM usage is 8324 Bytes    x csd
16:40:13   +anaZ | ok, that is close enough I guess                 x cyteen_       
16:40:52 qianfan | Yes the predefined stacks is too large for 6KB   x d3z
                 | device                                           x dengke
16:41:42 qianfan | main thread stack is 1KB, idle thread stack is   x djinni`
                 | 256Bytes, ISR stack size is 2KB                  x dleach02
16:43:30 qianfan | Is there has a clear guide that how to check the x droman0
                 | stack size is safe if I want reduce that's ?     x durub         ++
16:47:25   +anaZ | there is a k_call_stacks_analyze function that   x dengke
                 | will printout the stack sizes                    x djinni`
16:47:37   +anaZ | so you can see where you are and reduce          x dleach02
                 | accordingly                                      x droman0
16:49:20 qianfan | Thanks and I have a try


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