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Drainage Ditches(POJ-1273)

Problem Description Every time it rains on Farmer John's fields, a pond forms over Bessie's favorite clover patch. This means that the clover is cov...

2018-12-29 10:32:37

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Flow Problem(HDU-3549)

Problem Description Network flow is a well-known difficult problem for ACMers. Given a graph, your task is to find out the maximum flow for the weig...

2018-12-28 12:23:05

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训练日志 2018.12.26

今天看了一天网络流最大流,看到自闭。。。全程就是 wc 这也能实现,wc 这还能实现,wc 为什么这个模版的运行跟我手撸的结果不一样。。。跪了。。。 下午学院开会的时候跟实验室的几个大佬交流了一下进度,发现他们都是看到一半数据结构/图论觉得恶心看不下去了就跑去看图论/数据结构,然后两边来回看了,...

2018-12-26 21:44:07

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训练日志 2018.12.20

明天考通信,这几天一直在复习,闲暇时间做了几道差分约束的题换了换脑子,今晚正好弄完差分约束 明天考完后开始网络流的内容                                                                                        ...

2018-12-23 21:28:55

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Schedule Problem(HDU-1534)

Problem Description A project can be divided into several parts. Each part should be completed continuously. This means if a part should take 3 days...

2018-12-23 21:26:48

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Instrction Arrangement(HDU-4109)(差分约束求解)

Problem Description Ali has taken the Computer Organization and Architecture course this term. He learned that there may be dependence between instr...

2018-12-23 21:19:05

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Problem Description Like everyone else, cows like to stand close to their friends when queuing for feed. FJ has N (2 <= N <= 1...

2018-12-21 15:03:14

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Problem Description Once, in one kingdom, there was a queen and that queen was expecting a baby. The queen prayed: ``If my child was a son and if on...

2018-12-21 14:30:32

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训练日志 2018.12.20

2-SAT 结束了,这两天看了看差分约束系统,原理不难,关键是建图 这两天把差分约束系统的题做一做,下周开始网络流的内容                                                                                       ...

2018-12-20 19:29:08

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Problem Description During the kindergarten days, flymouse was the monitor of his class. Occasionally the head-teacher brought the kids of flymouse’...

2018-12-20 17:21:06

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图论 —— 差分约束系统

【概述】 如果一个系统由 n 个变量 m 个约束条件组成,形成 m 个形如的不等式,其中,k 是常数,则称这 m 个不等式为差分约束系统(system of difference constraints),亦即,差分约束系统是求解关于一组变量的特殊不等式组的方法。 如下图,就是一个差分约束系统...

2018-12-18 21:54:45

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Go Deeper(HDU-3715)

Problem Description Here is a procedure's pseudocode: go(int dep, int n, int m) begin output the value of dep. if dep < m and x[a[dep]] ...

2018-12-18 14:51:27

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Building roads(POJ-2749)

Problem Description Farmer John's farm has N barns, and there are some cows that live in each barn. The cows like to drop around, so John wants to b...

2018-12-17 17:15:48

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训练日志 2018.12.16

前几天准备 4 级一直没怎么看,考完了又去新生赛帮忙,2-SAT 基本弄完了,但跟二分结合的题还没刷,周三前刷出来。                                                                                          ...

2018-12-16 19:01:50

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Priest John's Busiest Day(POJ-3683)

Problem Description John is the only priest in his town. September 1st is the John's busiest day in a year because there is an old legend in the tow...

2018-12-15 22:14:20

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Peaceful Commission(HDU-1814)

Problem Description The Public Peace Commission should be legislated in Parliament of The Democratic Republic of Byteland according to The Very Impo...

2018-12-15 21:55:23

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Problem Description Up to thirty couples will attend a wedding feast, at which they will be seated on either side of a long table. The bride and gro...

2018-12-14 16:32:23

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Get Luffy Out(POJ-2723)

Problem Description Ratish is a young man who always dreams of being a hero. One day his friend Luffy was caught by Pirate Arlong. Ratish set off at...

2018-12-12 21:14:31

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Katu Puzzle(POJ-3678)

Problem Description Katu Puzzle is presented as a directed graph G(V, E) with each edge e(a, b) labeled by a boolean operator op (one of AND, OR, XO...

2018-12-12 20:52:42

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线性结构 —— 栈与队列

【概述】 stack 和 queue 是在程序设计中经常会用到的数据容器,STL提供了方便的堆栈、队列的实现,准确地说,STL 中的 stack 与 queue 不同于 pair、vector 等容器,而是对栈、队列这三个数据结构的重新包装。 【stack 的使用】 stack 定义在 &a...

2018-12-12 20:22:19

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