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我们注重对您个人隐私的保护。本隐私权声明并解释了某些情况下的数据收集和使用情况。 我们不会收集或发布的任何个人信息。 但是为了帮助提供我们的服务,第三方广告和社交平台可能会在软件中采集您的相关个人信息,他们保护这些信息的安全。 我们承诺将严格保护您的个人信息的安全。如果您对我们的隐私保护有任何质疑,请发送邮件至。

Privacy Policy

           We focus on the protection of your privacy. This privacy statement explains data collection and use in some cases. We do not collect or publish any personal information. But, in order to help provide our services, third-parties advertising and social platform may collect your personal information in our softwares, and they protect these information security. We are committed to strictly protect the security of your personal information. If you have any questions about our privacy, please send an e-mail to