POJ 2406 Power Strings

Description Given two strings a and b we define a*b to be their concatenation. For example, if a = “abc” and b = “def” then a*b = “abcdef”. If we th...

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SPOJ DISUBSTR Distinct Substrings

Description Given a string, we need to find the total number of its distinct substrings.InputT- number of test cases. T<=20; Each test case cons...

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POJ 3261 Milk Patterns

POJ 3261 Description Farmer John has noticed that the quality of milk given by his cows varies from day to day. On further investigation, he discov...

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POJ 1743 Musical Theme

Description A musical melody is represented as a sequence of N (1<=N<=20000)notes that are integers in the range 1..88, each representing a ke...

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2009年国家集训队论文 关于后缀数组的实现论文里都讲的的很清楚了,个人觉得后缀数组重点应用的是基数排序思想,跟height数组 两个数组不要弄混: sa[i] 排名i的suffix的起始位置是sa[i]。 r...

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