Deploying Shopizer

The following information applies to Shopizer source distribution. If your intention is to test the application, there is a distribution bundled with Jetty ready to run without configuration.

I assume you are using Tomcat and that you want to use HSQL DB included (no installation required) Assuming you are deploying media web application for serving media files

1) Edit <shopizer>/sm-core/conf/properties/

#your server url

You need to specify the absolute path to your exploded deployed media application for being able to upload images and properly use the CMS, so those properties need to point to your tomcat installation (assuming you are using media web application)

#media request uri
#This is the media bin absolute path for storing branding images, product images and files (js, css, flash...)
#This is the path where you will be dropping your war files
#This is the absolute path where downloadable files will reside

2) Assuming you have eclipse IDE to edit the code and have installed ANT

right click on sm-media/build.xml and select 'Run As - Ant Build' right click on sm-central/build.xml and select 'Run As - Ant Build' right click on sm-shop/build.xml and select 'Run As - Ant Build'

If you don't have eclipse, just run ANT command in the root of sm-central, sm-shop and media source folders

Those commands will create media.war, shop.war and central.war in <shopizer>/dist

3) again assuming you have installed tomcat, just copy those 3 war files created in the previous step to


4) assuming you will use HSQL DB provided with source distribution, start the database


** You can use MySQL or Oracle if you want, the installation procedure is described in <shopizer>/schema/readme.txt and in a section of this document.

5) start Tomcat <TOMCAT INSTALLATION>/bin/startup.bat

once fully deployed, invoke

administration url → http:<yourhost>:<yourport>/central username: admin password: password catalogue url → http:<yourhost>:<yourport>/shop

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