Android 将Back 模拟或者转换为按Home键一样的效果

<br /><br />当收到back键消息时,调用moveTaskToBack,这样的效果和按Home一样,程序并没有退出,而是在后台。<br /><br />@Override<br />publicboolean onKeyDown...

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Android OEM USB 驱动

Android OEM USB DriversSee alsoDeveloping on a DeviceGoogle USB Driver<br />If you are developing on Windows and would like to connect an Andro...

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安装 ADT 插件

Installing the ADT Plugin<br />The sections below provide instructions on how to download and install ADT into your Eclipse environment. If you...

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Android SDK R11 下载地址

<br />windows zip:<br />windows exe:

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