Android 加载服务器上的图片

public Bitmap getRemoteImage(final URL aURL) {                 try {                         final URLConnection conn = aU

2011-08-30 17:53:05

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Android 使用模拟器远程调试

方法1 By hheimbuerger Here is how I solved it on Windows. I pretty much followed Christopher's lead, but I can't edit, so a new answer w

2011-08-26 09:06:27

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iOS 文件相关操作

// Basic File operations // Assumes the existence of a file called “testfile" // in the current directory #import int main (int a

2011-08-25 16:52:15

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Android 发送邮件

Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SENDTO); emailIntent.setType("text/html"); emailIntent.putExtra(android.content.Intent.EXTRA_SUBJECT, ...

2011-08-24 14:40:14

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Android 关闭开启蓝牙

static void toggle(Context context) { Log.i(TAG, "toggle Bluetooth"); // Just toggle Bluetooth power, as long as we're not

2011-08-23 23:21:23

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Android 设置飞行模式

static void toggle(Context context) { Log.i(TAG, "toggle airplane"); // We need to toggle the mode and also broadcast the f

2011-08-23 23:16:53

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Android 园角ListView

By Legend Add the following into a file (say customshape.xml) and then place it in (res/drawable/customshape.xml) xml version="1.0" enco

2011-08-23 10:53:36

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Android 数据无限的List实现(滚动到底部,请求数据)

By Josef 当ListView到达底部时,请求更多的数据。 One solution is to implement an OnScrollListener and make changes (like adding items, etc.) t

2011-08-23 10:47:14

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Android 水平的ListView

Android Horizontal ListView Posted by paul on March 7, 2011 Due popularity, I have decided to create a GitHub repo for this projec

2011-08-23 10:38:13

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Windows Phone 模拟器无法保存数据库数据

Windows Phone 的数据库数据是建立在solated storage 上的,当模拟器关闭的时候这些数据时不被保存的。 参考 Windows Phone Emulator overview

2011-08-22 09:09:10

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Android 样式资源

Style Resource See also Applying Styles and Themes A style resource defines the format and look for a UI.A style can be applied

2011-08-20 19:33:54

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Android 字符串资源

String Resources A string resource provides text strings for your applicationwith optional text styling and formatting. There are three t

2011-08-20 19:33:06

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Android 菜单资源

Menu Resource See also Creating Menus A menu resource defines an application menu (Options Menu, Context Menu, or submenu) that

2011-08-20 19:32:33

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Android 布局资源

Layout Resource See also Declaring Layout A layout resource defines the architecture for the UI in an Activity or a component

2011-08-20 19:31:54

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Android 绘制资源

Drawable Resources See also 2D Graphics A drawable resource is a general concept for a graphic that can be drawn to the scree

2011-08-20 19:31:09

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Android 颜色状态列表资源

Color State List Resource See also Color (simple value) A ColorStateList is an object you can define in XMLthat you can apply

2011-08-20 19:25:40

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Android 动画资源

Animation Resources In this document Property AnimationView Animation Tween animationFrame animation See also View Animat

2011-08-20 19:23:34

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Android Intents and Intent Filters

Intents and Intent Filters In this document Intent ObjectsIntent ResolutionIntent filtersCommon casesUsing intent matchingNote Pad

2011-08-20 19:21:59

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Android 安全和权限

Security and Permissions In this document Security ArchitectureApplication SigningUser IDs and File AccessUsing PermissionsDeclari

2011-08-20 19:20:39

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Android 数据备份

Data Backup Quickview Back up the user's data to the cloud in case the user loses itIf the user upgrades to a new Android-powered

2011-08-20 19:18:38

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