iPhone 下应用中发送短信

iPhone Tutorial: How to send In-App SMS Posted by Mugunth Kumar on Jun 15, 2010 in Coding Hello there! If you are new here, you might...

2011-10-31 18:54:52

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ADT R15 发布

ADT Plugin for Eclipse In this document RevisionsInstalling the ADT Plugin Preparing for InstallationDownloading the ADT Plugin Con...

2011-10-28 17:29:14

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Android SDK Tools R15 发布

SDK Tools SDK Tools is a downloadable component for the Android SDK. It includes the complete set of development and debugging tools for the A...

2011-10-28 17:28:06

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Android SDK R14 发布

Platform Package Size MD5 Checksum Windows android-sdk_r14-windows.zip 33846273 bytes 48d44ae4cfcadede68621acb53caee80 insta

2011-10-19 13:28:30

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