The Program Extention

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Problem Description:

                A manufactured item can have one of the solid shapes cone,
                cylinder or rectangle and can be made from one of a number of
                materials, such as plastic or metal. Write a program to input
                the density of the material and the shape and dimensions of the
                item and to display the weight of the item.(Hint: Different
                shapes will require different dimensions to be input and
                different calculations to be performed to calculate the volume.
                Firstly, ask the user to specify the shape, and then use a
                switch statement to allow the program to perform input and
                calculations specific to that shape.)

My Opinoin:

     Shall I use a structure to store the item information? For example, store the length, width and height of a rectangle, even the equation to calculating the weight. That will have a good extention.
     However, the problem is that the elements of the structure is changable. For example, a cyclinder has only two element: radius and height to calculate its cubage while a rectangle needs three: length, width, height. How can I solve this problem?
     If the problem is solved, there is no need to modify the code when a new item is added. Otherwise, we have no choice but to rewrite the code.
     Which way should I follow?

TimWang - China

August 18,2004

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