The common ground between Hav and usdt

Havven is a distributed payment network. Havven's tokens are hav. Hav, is a stable currency just like usdt, Havven connects collateral holders with people who need low volatility to form a stable incentive market. When users trade in stablecoin, collateral holders will receive rewards and compensate them for the system compensation. Havven's goal is to address one of the biggest problems in the cryptocurrency: volatility. Havven is a sign of collateral for the system. It has a constant supply. Havven's market value reflects the total value of the system. The intrinsic value of a Havven token comes from the fees it generates on the network it is charging. This forms a representative form of funding, which does not require tangible assets. This eliminates the problem of trust and custody. Basically, Havven symbolizes that the holder will collect transaction fees based on its stable contribution to the network.



Recently, the smart contract company EtherParty has established a partnership with the Polymath team. As a smart contract creation tool, Etherparty is different from the adtoken virtual token. Etherparty allows users to create smart contracts in Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. The Etherparty in Vancouver has established high-value business relationships with smart contract-driven companies such as consulting, communication and development. It is worth mentioning that the etherparty has helped Canada and other regions create many future blockchain projects. Etherparty also established a partnership with overseas company JAXX. The way Etherparty executed smart contracts in Ethereum and Bitcoin, provided the industry with critical thinking when it came to issuing standard tokens. The current etherparty ico has gained more robust securities tokens and market contacts.


The republic protocol is a distributed dark pool transaction protocol. What is a dark pool transaction? A dark pool is an exchange that carries orders and executes orders in a hidden exchange. Those who choose to use the dark pool are because: a large number of transactions such as btc, eth, erc20, etc., will not reveal the individual's identity or transaction size until the transaction is completed. Using the dark pool can increase the privacy of the transaction itself. All other components of the Republic Protocol terminal are open source, and the interfaces and specifications of the republic terminal will be announced through Medium in the future.


The Republic protocol does not require a trustworthy intermediary to operate the dark pool. As long as the incentive is provided through the agreement, it is possible to develop a secure, decentralized, and extensible dark pool transaction protocol. The miners find the distributed stealth order book by running calculations. Orders, so that the miners can get paid by the trader to pay the agreement token, the entire order matching process is distributed.


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