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TextAnalyzer A text analyzer which is based on machine learning,statistics and dictionaries that can analy...

2018-07-12 08:39:05

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开源一个文本分析项目 开源一个简易轻量的reactor网络框架 开源一个mysql协议项目 我的开源项目——机器学习实验室 开源一个seq2seq模型chatbot 我的开源项目——深度学习实验室 我的开源项目——基于AIML的聊天机器人 我的开源项目——自然语言处理实验室 ...

2018-07-05 09:58:58

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Demo list Least Square method. Gradient Descent Newton’s method hierarchy cluster knn markov adaboost random number generation(all kinds of distrib...

2018-07-05 09:42:19

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super-robot a robot based on Alice Bot, which can chat with people and handle the business. Features Alice Bot for chatting. Customizing corpu...

2018-07-05 09:39:47

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seq2seq_chatbot a chatbot which is implemented via seq2seq model. how to train run ‘’ to produce some files we needed. run ‘’ to...

2018-07-05 09:36:40

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github mysql-protocol a lib for mysql protocol operation how to use i want an OK packet, just sim...

2018-07-05 09:34:28

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github DeepLearning-Lab rnn char test. seq2seq test. word2vec test. cross entropy test. bidirectio...

2018-07-05 09:31:45

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github nlp_lab some code about nlp. doc2txt tf-idf cnn text classify hmm cws crf ner

2018-07-05 09:29:47

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Github text analizer that can analyze text. so far, it can extract hot words in a text segment b...

2017-06-12 18:18:42

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github’s a simple and easy net framework with nio mode written by javareactor modelhow-tojust sim...

2017-03-30 08:48:54

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编写一个简易的Java NIO Reactor库

开源地址源码设计接收器Acceptor/** * * @author seaboat * @date 2016-08-25 * @version 1.0 * <pre><b>email...

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