EE308 LAB 10 Alpha Sprint Improvements

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The Link of Requirement of This AssignmentLab 10 Alpha Sprint Improvements
Group number7 - A
Group Leader’s MU STU ID and FZU STU ID韦知辰19103387_831902225
Teammate1’s MU STU ID and FZU STU ID罗天19104642_831902206
Teammate2’s MU STU ID and FZU STU ID李宗潭19105690_831902209
Teammate3’s MU STU ID and FZU STU ID潘弘泽19103042_831902207
Teammate4’s MU STU ID and FZU STU ID王彦翔19104278_831902208
Prototype linkModao Prototype Link
Demand specification linkGithelper Demand Specification

1️⃣PSP Form

PSP StagesEstimated Time/minuteCompleted Time/minute
Time Estimation55
Requirement Analysis--
Design Documents--
Design Review--
Code Specification1010
Specific Design--
Specific Coding4035
Code Review--
Test Report--
Calculation Workload1010

2️⃣ Project Introduction

This Project is mainly focus on the information combination about OpenSource Wechat applet, we combine the two main OpenSource community Github and Gitee doing a search engine 😏

The Objective of this project is Simple and Effective 💘

The structure of our project is given (ref in Chapter4 of demend doc)

More project detail can ref blog, we did not make any change
Lab6 Topic selection

3️⃣Other Detail

  • What are the main difficulties in advancing the project?

    • Teamwork Communication
    • The function specification💡
    • Unfamiliar with programming syntax
  • What do you have to do for this issue?

    • Communicate more with teammates and give them more rewards
    • Refer to the documents of WeChat applet and try more to understand the principle behind the code
  • What gains you have?

    Tian Luo:
    I learned a lot of useful things in this team programming project. Obviously, my applet programming ability has been further improved, but on top of this, I have experienced team development and learned how to efficiently complete my tasks and cooperate with other teammates in a team.

    Zongtan Li:
    As a whole, there are still many details that are not in place. The integration takes a lot of time and the learning cycle is short.

    Hongze Pan:
    After the seven-day Alfa Sprint, I have a more tacit cooperation with my classmates and gained more experience in similar team work. Through this experiment, I have mastered more skills about wechat small program making, understood the importance of team division of labor, and had a deeper understanding of software engineering development.

    Yanxiang Wang:
    Through the 7-day team cooperation of this project, I realized that individuals are inseparable from the team, and the team is more efficient. I hope this project can contribute to the open source community.

    Zhichen Wei:
    As the group leader, through the cooperation these days, I learned how difficult the arrangement and division of labor are. Many times, the instructions issued can not be well communicated, and some do not come as required, but I can’t bear to continue when I see everyone’s tired appearance. However, the final content effect is still very satisfactory to me.

4️⃣Team Collaboration Record

  • Our RP Designed by 3 members

  • Class diagram


  • demend pubuished V1.0 by 2 members

5️⃣Github Repository

​ Github repository link:

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