DevExpress WinForm 控件汉化方法 代码(一)

本文件代码适用于DevExpress 2011.2.5版本


DevExpress.Accessibility.AccLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerAcc
DevExpress.XtraBars.Localization.BarLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerBar
DevExpress.XtraCharts.Localization.ChartLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerCharts
DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls.Localizer.Active = New XLocallizerEditors
DevExpress.XtraGauges.Core.Localization.GaugesCoreLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerGauges
DevExpress.XtraGrid.Localization.GridLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerGrid
DevExpress.XtraLayout.Localization.LayoutLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerLayout
DevExpress.XtraNavBar.NavBarLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerNavBar
DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid.Localization.PivotGridLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerPivotGrid
DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Localization.PreviewLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerPrinting
DevExpress.XtraReports.Localization.ReportLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerReports
DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.Localization.XtraRichEditLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerRichEdit
DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.Localization.RichEditExtensionsLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerRichEditExtensions
DevExpress.XtraScheduler.Localization.SchedulerLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerScheduler
DevExpress.XtraScheduler.Localization.SchedulerExtensionsLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerSchedulerExtensions
DevExpress.XtraSpellChecker.Localization.SpellCheckerLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerSpellChecker
DevExpress.XtraTreeList.Localization.TreeListLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerTreeList
DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.Localization.VGridLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerVerticalGrid
DevExpress.XtraWizard.Localization.WizardLocalizer.Active = New XLocallizerWizard



Imports System.Resources
Imports System.Reflection
Imports DevExpress.Accessibility

Public Class XLocallizerAcc
Inherits DevExpress.Accessibility.AccLocalizer
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Language() As String
Return "Chinese"
End Get
End Property
Public Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(ByVal id As DevExpress.Accessibility.AccStringId) As String
Dim ret As String = ""
Select Case id
Case AccStringId.ActionPress : Return "按下" 'Press
Case AccStringId.BarDockControlBottom : Return "靠底部" 'Dock Bottom
Case AccStringId.BarDockControlLeft : Return "靠左侧" 'Dock Left
Case AccStringId.BarDockControlRight : Return "靠右侧" 'Dock Right
Case AccStringId.BarDockControlTop : Return "靠顶部" 'Dock Top
Case AccStringId.BarLinkCaption : Return "项目" 'Item
Case AccStringId.BarLinkClick : Return "按下" 'Press
Case AccStringId.BarLinkEdit : Return "编辑" 'Edit
Case AccStringId.BarLinkMenuClose : Return "关闭" 'Close
Case AccStringId.BarLinkMenuOpen : Return "打开" 'Open
Case AccStringId.BarLinkStatic : Return "静态" 'Static
Case AccStringId.ButtonClose : Return "关闭" 'Close
Case AccStringId.ButtonOpen : Return "打开" 'Open
Case AccStringId.ButtonPush : Return "按下" 'Press
Case AccStringId.CheckEditCheck : Return "选取" 'Check
Case AccStringId.CheckEditUncheck : Return "未选取" 'Uncheck
Case AccStringId.DescScrollAreaDown : Return "竖直位置下移数行" 'Moves the vertical position down a couple of lines
Case AccStringId.DescScrollAreaLeft : Return "水平位置左移数列" 'Moves the horizontal position left a couple of columns
Case AccStringId.DescScrollAreaRight : Return "水平位置右移数列" 'Moves the horizontal position right a couple of columns
Case AccStringId.DescScrollAreaUp : Return "竖直位置上移数行" 'Moves the vertical position up a couple of lines
Case AccStringId.DescScrollColumnLeft : Return "水平位置左移一列" 'Moves the horizontal position left one column
Case AccStringId.DescScrollColumnRight : Return "水平位置右移一列" 'Moves the horizontal position right one column
Case AccStringId.DescScrollHorzIndicator : Return "显示当前水平位置,可以通过拖拽直接改变位置" 'Indicates the current horizontal position, and can be dragged to change it directly
Case AccStringId.DescScrollLineDown : Return "竖直位置下移一行" 'Moves the vertical position down one line
Case AccStringId.DescScrollLineUp : Return "竖直位置上移一行" 'Moves the vertical position up one line
Case AccStringId.DescScrollVertIndicator : Return "显示当前竖直位置,可以通过拖拽直接改变位置" 'Indicates the current vertical position, and can be dragged to change it directly
Case AccStringId.GridCardCollapse : Return "折叠" 'Collapse
Case AccStringId.GridCardExpand : Return "扩展" 'Expand
Case AccStringId.GridCell : Return "单元格" 'cell
Case AccStringId.GridCellEdit : Return "编辑" 'Edit
Case AccStringId.GridCellFocus : Return "焦点" 'Focus
Case AccStringId.GridColumnSortAscending : Return "升序排列" 'Sort ascending
Case AccStringId.GridColumnSortDescending : Return "按降序排序" 'Sort descending
Case AccStringId.GridColumnSortNone : Return "解除排序" 'Remove sorting
Case AccStringId.GridDataPanel : Return "数据区域" 'Data Panel
Case AccStringId.GridDataRowCollapse : Return "折叠细节" 'Collapse detail
Case AccStringId.GridDataRowExpand : Return "展开细节" 'Expand detail
Case AccStringId.GridFilterRow : Return "过滤行" 'Filter Row
Case AccStringId.GridHeaderPanel : Return "标题区域" 'Header Panel
Case AccStringId.GridNewItemRow : Return "新项目行" 'NewItem Row
Case AccStringId.GridRow : Return "行 {0}" 'Row {0}
Case AccStringId.GridRowActivate : Return "当前操作行" 'Activate
Case AccStringId.GridRowCollapse : Return "折叠" 'Collapse
Case AccStringId.GridRowExpand : Return "展开" 'Expand
Case AccStringId.MouseDoubleClick : Return "双击" 'Double Click
Case AccStringId.NameScroll : Return "滚动条" 'scroll bar
Case AccStringId.NameScrollAreaDown : Return "向下一页" 'Page Down
Case AccStringId.NameScrollAreaLeft : Return "向左一页" 'Page Left
Case AccStringId.NameScrollAreaRight : Return "向右一页" 'Page Right
Case AccStringId.NameScrollAreaUp : Return "向上一页" 'Page Up
Case AccStringId.NameScrollColumnLeft : Return "向左一列" 'Column Left
Case AccStringId.NameScrollColumnRight : Return "向右一列" 'Column Right
Case AccStringId.NameScrollIndicator : Return "位置" 'Position
Case AccStringId.NameScrollLineDown : Return "向下一行" 'Line Down
Case AccStringId.NameScrollLineUp : Return "向上一行" 'Line Up
Case AccStringId.NavBarGroupCollapse : Return "折叠" 'Collapse
Case AccStringId.NavBarGroupExpand : Return "展开" 'Expand
Case AccStringId.NavBarItemClick : Return "按下" 'Press
Case AccStringId.NavBarScrollDown : Return "向下滚动" 'Scroll Down
Case AccStringId.NavBarScrollUp : Return "向上滚动" 'Scroll Up
Case AccStringId.OpenKeyboardShortcut : Return "Alt+Down" 'Alt+Down
Case AccStringId.ScrollableControlDefaultAction : Return "默认操作" 'Default Action
Case AccStringId.ScrollableControlDescription : Return "滚动控件" 'ScrollableControl
Case AccStringId.SpinBox : Return "旋转" 'Spinner
Case AccStringId.SpinDownButton : Return "向下" 'Down
Case AccStringId.SpinLeftButton : Return "向左" 'Left
Case AccStringId.SpinRightButton : Return "向右" 'Right
Case AccStringId.SpinUpButton : Return "向上" 'Up
Case AccStringId.TabSwitch : Return "切换" 'Switch
Case AccStringId.TreeListCellEdit : Return "编辑" 'Edit
Case AccStringId.TreeListColumnSortAscending : Return "升序" 'Sort ascending
Case AccStringId.TreeListColumnSortDescending : Return "降序" 'Sort descending
Case AccStringId.TreeListColumnSortNone : Return "解除排序" 'Remove sorting
Case AccStringId.TreeListDataPanel : Return "数据区域" 'Data Panel
Case AccStringId.TreeListHeaderPanel : Return "标题区域" 'Header Panel
Case AccStringId.TreeListNode : Return "结点" 'Node
Case AccStringId.TreeListNodeCell : Return "单元格" 'cell
Case AccStringId.TreeListNodeCollapse : Return "收起" 'Collapse
Case AccStringId.TreeListNodeExpand : Return "展开" 'Expand
Case AccStringId.TreelistRowActivate : Return "当前操作行" 'Activate
Case Else
ret = id.ToString
End Select
Return ret
End Function

End Class



Imports System.Resources
Imports System.Reflection
Imports DevExpress.XtraBars
Imports DevExpress.XtraBars.Localization

Public Class XLocallizerBar
Inherits DevExpress.XtraBars.Localization.BarLocalizer
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Language() As String
Return "Chinese"
End Get
End Property
Public Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(ByVal id As DevExpress.XtraBars.Localization.BarString) As String
Dim ret As String = ""
Select Case id
Case BarString.AddOrRemove : Return "添加或删除按钮(&A)" '&Add or Remove Buttons
Case BarString.BarAllItems : Return "(所有项)" '(All Items)
Case BarString.BarUnassignedItems : Return "(未设定项)" '(Unassigned Items)
Case BarString.CloseButton : Return "关闭" 'Close
Case BarString.CollapseRibbonSuperTipHeader : Return "最小化功能区 (Ctrl + F1)" 'Minimize the Ribbon (Ctrl+F1)
Case BarString.CollapseRibbonSuperTipText : Return "只显示在功能区上的选项卡名称" 'Only show tab names on the Ribbon
Case BarString.CustomizeButton : Return "自定义(&C)..." '&Customize ...
Case BarString.CustomizeQuickAccessToolbar : Return "自定义快速访问工具栏..." '&Customize Quick Access Toolbar...
Case BarString.CustomizeRibbon : Return "自定义功能区(&R)..." 'Customize the &Ribbon...
Case BarString.CustomizeWindowCaption : Return "自定义" 'Customization
Case BarString.ExpandRibbonSuperTipHeader : Return "展开功能区 (Ctrl + F1)" 'Expand the Ribbon (Ctrl+F1)
Case BarString.ExpandRibbonSuperTipText : Return "功能区总是展开" 'Show the Ribbon so that it is always expanded even after you click a command
Case BarString.HelpButton : Return "帮助" 'Help
Case BarString.MaximizeButton : Return "最大化" 'Maximize
Case BarString.MenuAnimationFade : Return "渐淡" 'Fade
Case BarString.MenuAnimationNone : Return "无" 'None
Case BarString.MenuAnimationRandom : Return "随机" 'Random
Case BarString.MenuAnimationSlide : Return "滑动" 'Slide
Case BarString.MenuAnimationSystem : Return "(系统默认值)" '(System default)
Case BarString.MenuAnimationUnfold : Return "展开" 'Unfold
Case BarString.MinimizeButton : Return "最小化" 'Minimize
Case BarString.MoreCommands : Return "与更多的命令...(&M)" '&More Commands...
Case BarString.NewMenuName : Return "主菜单" 'Main menu
Case BarString.NewStatusBarName : Return "状态栏" 'Status bar
Case BarString.NewToolbarCaption : Return "新建工具栏" 'New Toolbar
Case BarString.NewToolbarCustomNameFormat : Return "自定义工具栏{0}" 'Custom {0}
Case BarString.NewToolbarName : Return "工具栏" 'Tools
Case BarString.None : Return "" '
Case BarString.PopupMenuEditor : Return "弹出菜单编辑器" 'Popup Menu Editor
Case BarString.RenameToolbarCaption : Return "重命名工具栏" 'Rename Toolbar
Case BarString.ResetBar : Return "确定要对{0} 工具栏所做的改动进行重置吗?" 'Are you sure you want to reset the changes made to the '{0}' toolbar?
Case BarString.ResetBarCaption : Return "自定义" 'Customize
Case BarString.ResetButton : Return "重设工具栏(&R)" '&Reset Toolbar
Case BarString.RestoreButton : Return "还原" 'Restore Down
Case BarString.RibbonAllPages : Return "(所有页)" '(All Pages)
Case BarString.RibbonGalleryFilter : Return "所有组" 'All groups
Case BarString.RibbonGalleryFilterNone : Return "无" 'None
Case BarString.RibbonToolbarAbove : Return "将快速访问工具栏显示在功能区上方(&S)" '&Place Quick Access Toolbar above the Ribbon
Case BarString.RibbonToolbarAdd : Return "添加快速访问工具栏(&A)" '&Add to Quick Access Toolbar
Case BarString.RibbonToolbarBelow : Return "将快速访问工具栏显示在功能区下方(&S)" '&Place Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon
Case BarString.RibbonToolbarMinimizeRibbon : Return "最小化功能区(&N)" 'Mi&nimize the Ribbon
Case BarString.RibbonToolbarRemove : Return "移除快速访问工具栏(&R)" '&Remove from Quick Access Toolbar
Case BarString.RibbonUnassignedPages : Return "(未设定页)" '(Unassigned Pages)
Case BarString.ShowScreenTipsOnToolbarsName : Return "在工具栏上显示屏幕提示" 'Show ScreenTips on toolbars
Case BarString.ShowShortcutKeysOnScreenTipsName : Return "在屏幕提示中显示快捷键" 'Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips
Case BarString.SkinCaptions : Return "'DevExpress Style'Caramel'Money Twins'DevExpress Dark Style'iMaginary'Lilian'Black'Blue'Office 2010 Blue'Office 2010 Black'Office 2010 Silver'Office 2007 Blue'Office 2007 Black'Office 2007 Silver'Office 2007 Green'Office 2007 Pink'Seven'Seven Classic'Dark" ''DevExpress Style'Caramel'Money Twins'DevExpress Dark Style'iMaginary'Lilian'Black'Blue'Office 2010 Blue'Office 2010 Black'Office 2010 Silver'Office 2007 Blue'Office 2007 Black'Office 2007 Silver'Office 2007 Green'Office 2007 Pink'Seven'Seven Classic'Darkroom'McSkin'Sharp'Sharp Plus'Foggy'Dark Side'Xmas (Blue)'Springtime'Summer'Pumpkin'Valentine'Stardust'Coffee'Glass Oceans'High Contrast'Liquid Sky'London Liquid Sky'The Asphalt World'Blueprint'Whiteprint'VS2010'Metropolis'
Case BarString.SkinsBonus : Return "Bonus外观" 'Bonus Skins
Case BarString.SkinsCustom : Return "自定义外观" 'Custom Skins
Case BarString.SkinsMain : Return "标准的外观" 'Standard Skins
Case BarString.SkinsOffice : Return "Office外观" 'Office Skins
Case BarString.SkinsTheme : Return "主题外观" 'Theme Skins
' Case BarString.ToolBarMenu : Return "重新设定(&R)$删除(&D)$!重新命名(&N)$!预设的格式(&L)$全文本模式(&T)$文字选单(&O)$图标及文字(&A)$!启用群组(&G)$可视的(&V)$最近使用的(&M)" '&Reset$&Delete$!&Name$!Defau&lt style$&Text Only (Always)$Text &Only (in Menus)$" + "Image &and Text$!Begin a &Group$&Visible$&Most recently used
Case BarString.ToolBarMenu : Return "&Reset$&Delete$!&Name$!Defau&lt style$&Text Only (Always)$Text &Only (in Menus)$" + "Image &and Text$!Begin a &Group$&Visible$&Most recently used"
Case BarString.ToolbarNameCaption : Return "工具栏名称(&T)" '&Toolbar Name:
Case Else
ret = id.ToString
End Select
Return ret
End Function

End Class



Imports System.Resources
Imports System.Reflection
Imports DevExpress.XtraCharts.Localization
Public Class XLocallizerCharts
Inherits DevExpress.XtraCharts.Localization.ChartLocalizer
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Language() As String
Return "Chinese"
End Get
End Property
Public Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(ByVal id As DevExpress.XtraCharts.Localization.ChartStringId) As String
Dim ret As String = ""
Select Case id
Case ChartStringId.AllHolidays : Return "所有的假日" 'All Holidays
Case ChartStringId.AlternateTextPlaceholder : Return " {0} 图表 1 {0}。" 'The{0} chart{1}.
Case ChartStringId.AlternateTextSeriesPlaceholder : Return "显示 {0}" ' showing {0}
Case ChartStringId.AlternateTextSeriesText : Return "系列 {0}" '{0} series
Case ChartStringId.AnnotationChartAnchorPoint : Return "图表锚点" 'Chart Anchor Point
Case ChartStringId.AnnotationFreePosition : Return "自由位置" 'Free Position
Case ChartStringId.AnnotationPaneAnchorPoint : Return "窗格中的锚点" 'Pane Anchor Point
Case ChartStringId.AnnotationPrefix : Return "注释" 'Annotation
Case ChartStringId.AnnotationRelativePosition : Return "相对位置" 'Relative Position
Case ChartStringId.AnnotationSeriesPointAnchorPoint : Return "系列点锚点" 'Series Point Anchor Point
Case ChartStringId.AppChameleon : Return "变色器" 'Chameleon
Case ChartStringId.AppDark : Return "黑" 'Dark
Case ChartStringId.AppDarkFlat : Return "黑平" 'Dark Flat
Case ChartStringId.AppDefault : Return "默认" 'Default
Case ChartStringId.AppGray : Return "灰色" 'Gray
Case ChartStringId.AppInAFog : Return "在雾中" 'In A Fog
Case ChartStringId.AppLight : Return "光" 'Light
Case ChartStringId.AppNatureColors : Return "自然颜色" 'Nature Colors
Case ChartStringId.AppNorthernLights : Return "极光" 'Northern Lights
Case ChartStringId.AppPastelKit : Return "蜡笔工具包" 'Pastel Kit
Case ChartStringId.AppTerracottaPie : Return "兵马俑饼图" 'Terracotta Pie
Case ChartStringId.AppTheTrees : Return "树" 'The Trees
Case ChartStringId.ArgumentMember : Return "参数" 'Argument
Case ChartStringId.AutocreatedSeriesName : Return "自动创建系列" 'Auto-created Series
Case ChartStringId.AxisXDefaultTitle : Return "参数轴" 'Axis of arguments
Case ChartStringId.AxisYDefaultTitle : Return "数值轴" 'Axis of values
Case ChartStringId.ChartControlDockTarget : Return "图表控件" 'Chart Control
Case ChartStringId.CloseValueMember : Return "关闭" 'Close
Case ChartStringId.ConstantLinePrefix : Return "实线" 'Constant Line
Case ChartStringId.CustomAxisLabelPrefix : Return "标签" 'Label
Case ChartStringId.DefaultAnnotation : Return "注释" 'Annotation
Case ChartStringId.DefaultChartTitle : Return "图表标题" 'Chart Title
Case ChartStringId.DefaultDataFilterName : Return "数据过滤器" 'DataFilter
Case ChartStringId.DefaultMaxValue : Return "最大" 'Max
Case ChartStringId.DefaultMinValue : Return "最小" 'Min
Case ChartStringId.DefaultPaneName : Return "默认区域" 'Default Pane
Case ChartStringId.DefaultSeriesPointFilterName : Return "系列点过滤器" 'SeriesPointFilter
Case ChartStringId.DefaultSmallChartText : Return "增加图表的大小,\n 要查看其布局。" 'Increase the chart's size,\nto view its layout.
Case ChartStringId.DefaultWizardPageLabel : Return "向导页" 'Wizard Page
Case ChartStringId.ExactWorkdays : Return "精确的工作日" 'Exact Workdays
Case ChartStringId.ExplodedPointsDialogExplodedColumn : Return "展开" 'Exploded
Case ChartStringId.FibonacciArcs : Return "斐波那契弧线" 'Fibonacci Arcs
Case ChartStringId.FibonacciFans : Return "斐波那契扇形图" 'Fibonacci Fans
Case ChartStringId.FibonacciRetracement : Return "斐波那契系数" 'Fibonacci Retracement
Case ChartStringId.FontFormat : Return "{0}, {1}点, {2}" '{0}, {1}pt, {2}
Case ChartStringId.FunctionArgumentName : Return "参数" 'Argument
Case ChartStringId.FunctionNameAverage : Return "平均" 'AVERAGE
Case ChartStringId.FunctionNameCount : Return "计数" 'COUNT
Case ChartStringId.FunctionNameMax : Return "最大值" 'MAX
Case ChartStringId.FunctionNameMin : Return "最小值" 'MIN
Case ChartStringId.FunctionNameSum : Return "求和" 'SUM
Case ChartStringId.HighValueMember : Return "高" 'High
Case ChartStringId.Holiday : Return "假日" 'Holiday
Case ChartStringId.Holidays : Return "假期" 'Holidays
Case ChartStringId.HolidaysImportFilter : Return "DevExpress Scheduler holidays files (*.xml)'*.xml'Microsoft Office Outlook holidays files (*.hol)'*.hol'Text files (*.txt)'*.txt'All files (*.*)'*.*" 'DevExpress Scheduler holidays files (*.xml)'*.xml'Microsoft Office Outlook holidays files (*.hol)'*.hol'Text files (*.txt)'*.txt'All files (*.*)'*.*
Case ChartStringId.ImageAnnotation : Return "图像注释" 'Image Annotation
Case ChartStringId.ImageAnnotationPrefix : Return "图像注释" 'Image Annotation
Case ChartStringId.IncompatibleSeriesHeader : Return "这个系列是不兼容的。" 'This series is incompatible:\r\n
Case ChartStringId.IncompatibleSeriesMessage : Return "通过 {0} 和 {1}" 'by {0} with \"{1}\"
Case ChartStringId.IncompatibleSeriesView : Return "(不兼容)" '(incompatible)
Case ChartStringId.IncorrectDiagramTypeToolTipText : Return "没有窗格,以定位到,因为该图表的图表类型不支持窗格。" 'There is no panes to anchor to, because the chart's diagram type doesn't support panes.
Case ChartStringId.IncorrectSeriesCollectionToolTipText : Return "在图表的集合与至少一个系列点没有系列。" 'There is no series in the chart's collection with at least one series point.
Case ChartStringId.IndExponentialMovingAverage : Return "指数移动平均线" 'Exponential Moving Average
Case ChartStringId.IndFibonacciIndicator : Return "斐波那契指示器" 'Fibonacci Indicator
Case ChartStringId.IndRegressionLine : Return "回归线" 'Regression Line
Case ChartStringId.IndSimpleMovingAverage : Return "简单移动平均" 'Simple Moving Average
Case ChartStringId.IndTrendLine : Return "趋势线" 'Trend Line
Case ChartStringId.IndTriangularMovingAverage : Return "三角形的移动平均值" 'Triangular Moving Average
Case ChartStringId.IndWeightedMovingAverage : Return "加权移动平均" 'Weighted Moving Average
Case ChartStringId.InvisibleSeriesView : Return "(不可见)" '(invisible)
Case ChartStringId.IOCaption : Return "非法操作" 'Illegal Operation
Case ChartStringId.IODeleteAxis : Return "主轴不能删除。如果需要隐藏它,可将其可见属性设置为假。" 'The primary axis can't be deleted. If you want to hide it, set its Visible property to false.
Case ChartStringId.IODeleteDefaultPane : Return "默认值窗格中不能被删除。" 'The default pane can't be deleted.
Case ChartStringId.LowValueMember : Return "低" 'Low
Case ChartStringId.MenuItemAdd : Return "增加" 'Add
Case ChartStringId.MenuItemClear : Return "清除" 'Clear
Case ChartStringId.MenuItemDelete : Return "删除" 'Delete
Case ChartStringId.MenuItemInsert : Return "插入" 'Insert
Case ChartStringId.MenuItemMoveDown : Return "下移" 'Move Down
Case ChartStringId.MenuItemMoveUp : Return "上移" 'Move Up
Case ChartStringId.Msg2DPieExplodingToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键展开已收起的部分" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto explode or collapse slices.
Case ChartStringId.Msg2DScrollingToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键滚动图表。" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto scroll the chart.
Case ChartStringId.Msg3DRotationToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键旋转图表。" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto rotate the chart.
Case ChartStringId.Msg3DScrollingToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标滚轮滚动图表。" 'Use Ctrl with the center (wheel) mouse button\nto scroll the chart.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAddExistingPaletteError : Return "存储器中已经存在名称为{0}的调色板。" 'The palette with the {0} name already exists in the repository.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAddLastViewType : Return "在集合中不能添加任何视图类型,因为在向导中至少需要一个视图类型是可用的。" 'You can't add any view type in this collection, because at least one view type must be available in the Wizard.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAddPresentViewType : Return "指定的视图类型在集合中已经存在。" 'The specified view type is already present in the collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAnchorPointMovingToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键移动锚点。" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto move the anchor point.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAnnotationMovingToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键移动批注。" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto move the annotation.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAnnotationResizingToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键的调整注释的大小。" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto resize the annotation.
Case ChartStringId.MsgAnnotationRotationToolTip : Return "使用 ctrl 键和鼠标左键旋转注释。" 'Use Ctrl with the left mouse button\nto rotate the annotation.
Case ChartStringId.MsgCalcHitInfoNotSupported : Return "三维图表类型不支持点击测试。这种方法只用于二维图表类型。" 'Hit testing for 3D Chart Types isn't supported. So, this method is supported for 2D Chart Types only.
Case ChartStringId.MsgCantImportHolidays : Return "未能从'{0}'文件导入假期。" 'Failed to import holydays from the '{0}' file.
Case ChartStringId.MsgCantSwapSeries : Return "无法交换自动创建和固定的系列。" 'It's impossible to swap autocreated and fixed series.
Case ChartStringId.MsgChartLoadingException : Return "指定的 XML 文件无法打开,可能是该文件已被损坏或是不支持的文件类型。" 'The specified XML file can't be opened,\nbecause it is either not a supported file type,\nor because the file has been damaged.
Case ChartStringId.MsgChildSeriesPointNotExist : Return "ID等于{0}的子系列点不存在。" 'Child series point with ID equal to {0} doesn't exist.
Case ChartStringId.MsgDataSnapshot : Return "数据快照操作已完成。所有系列数据现在静态坚持此图表要求同时还都意味着,现在是未绑定的 mode.\n\nNOTE 中的图表: 您可以通过按 Ctrl + Z,Visual Studio 设计器中撤消此操作。" 'The data snapshot operation is complete. All series data now statically persist in the chart.\nThis also means that now the chart is in unbound mode.\n\nNOTE: You can undo this operation by pressing Ctrl+Z in the Visual Studio designer.
Case ChartStringId.MsgDenyChangeSeriesPointAgument : Return "不能人为改变系列点的参数,因为图表和数据是绑定的。" 'You can't manually change the series point's argument, because a chart is bound to data.
Case ChartStringId.MsgDenyChangeSeriesPointCollection : Return "不能人为改变系列点的集合,因为图表和数据是绑定的。" 'You can't manually change this series point collection, because a chart is bound to data.
Case ChartStringId.MsgDenyChangeSeriesPointValue : Return "不能人为改变系列点的值,因为图表和数据是绑定的。" 'You can't manually change the series point's value, because a chart is bound to data.
Case ChartStringId.MsgDesignTimeOnlySetting : Return "程序运行时不能设置此项属性。" 'This property can't be customized at runtime.
Case ChartStringId.MsgDiagramToPointIncorrectValue : Return "指定的 {0} 参数类型不匹配的适当规模的类型,为 {1} 此轴。" 'The specified {0} parameter type doesn't match the appropriate scale type, which is {1} for this axis.
Case ChartStringId.MsgEmptyArgument : Return "参数不能为空。" 'An argument can't be empty.
Case ChartStringId.MsgEmptyArrayOfValues : Return "此值数组为空。" 'The array of values is empty.
Case ChartStringId.MsgEmptyChart : Return "没有可见的系列,请确认或添加新的系列或确保至少其中一个系列是可见的。" 'There are no visible series to represent in a chart.\nTry to add new series, or make sure that\nat least one of them is visible.
Case ChartStringId.MsgEmptyPaneTextForHorizontalLayout : Return "针对 Series.View.Pane 属性设定区域对象, 即可显示数据组所处的区域." 'Assign this pane to the\nSeries.View.Pane property,\nto show a series on this pane
Case ChartStringId.MsgEmptyPaneTextForVerticalLayout : Return "针对 Series.View.Pane 属性设定区域对象, 即可显示数据组所处的区域." 'Assign this pane to the Series.View.Pane property,\nto show a series on this pane
Case ChartStringId.MsgEmptySecondaryAxisName : Return "次坐标轴的名称不能为空。" 'A secondary axis name can't be empty.
Case ChartStringId.MsgEquallySpacedItemsNotUsable : Return "在方向属性设置为{0}时,该属性不能使用。" 'This property can't be used if the Direction property is set to {0}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgFileNotFound : Return "找不到文件'{0}'。" 'File '{0}' isn't found.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleArgumentDataMember : Return "'{0}'参数数据成员的类型和{1}标度不兼容。" 'The type of the \"{0}\" argument data member isn't compatible with the {1} scale.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleArgumentScaleType : Return "{0}参数的标度类型和{1}系列视图不兼容。" 'The {0} argument scale type is incompatible with the {1} series view.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleByArgumentScaleType : Return "参数标度类型" 'the argument scale type
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleByValueScaleType : Return "值标度类型" 'the value scale type
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleByViewType : Return "视图类型" 'the view type
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatiblePointType : Return "'{0}'点的类型和{1}标度不兼容。" 'The type of the \"{0}\" point isn't compatible with the {1} scale.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleSummaryFunction : Return "'{0}'汇总函数不符合 {1} 范围。" 'The '{0}' summary function is incompatible with the {1} scale.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleSummaryFunctionDimension : Return "{0} 汇总函数的维度不兼容的 {1} 系列视图 (2 {0},但应 {3})。" 'The dimension of the {0} summary function isn't compatible with the {1} series view ({2} but should be {3}).
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleValueDataMember : Return "'{0}'值数据成员的类型和{1}标度不兼容。" 'The type of the \"{0}\" value data member isn't compatible with the {1} scale.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncompatibleValueScaleType : Return "{0}值标度类型和{1}系列视图不兼容。" 'The {0} value scale type is incompatible with the {1} series view.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAnchorPoint : Return "锚点不能为空。" 'Anchor Point can't be null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAnchorPointSeriesPoint : Return "不能设置的系列点,因为它应该属于一系列,并应包含一系列的图表的集合。" 'Can't set the series point, because it should belong to a series, and the series should be contained in the chart's collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAnnotationHeight : Return "注释高度应大于 0。" 'The annotation height should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAnnotationWidth : Return "注释宽度应大于 0。" 'The annotation width should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAnnotationZOrder : Return "ZOrder 应大于或等于 0,并小于 100。" 'The ZOrder should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAppearanceName : Return "图表不包含名称为{0}的外观。" 'The chart doesn't contain an appearance with the {0} name.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAreaWidth : Return "面积的宽度应该大于0。" 'The area width should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectArrowHeight : Return "箭头的高度应该大于0。" 'The arrow height should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectArrowWidth : Return "箭头的宽度应该总为大于0的奇数。" 'The arrow width should be always odd and greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisCoordinateAxisValue : Return "AxisValue 不能设置为空值的 AxisCoordinate 对象。" 'AxisValue can't be set to null for the AxisCoordinate object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisRange : Return "轴范围({0})的最小值应该小于它的最大值({1})。" 'The min value of the axis range should be less than its max value.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisRangeMaxValue : Return "MaxValue 不能设置为 null。" 'MaxValue can't be set to null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisRangeMaxValueInternal : Return "MaxValueInternal 不能设置为无穷大值。" 'MaxValueInternal can't be set to NaN and Infinity values.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisRangeMinValue : Return "MinValue 不能设置为 null。" 'MinValue can't be set to null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisRangeMinValueInternal : Return "MinValueInternal 不能设置为无穷大值。" 'MinValueInternal can't be set to NaN and Infinity values.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisThickness : Return "轴的厚度应该大于0。" 'The axis thickness should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisXCoordinateAxis : Return "不能设置 AxisXCoordinate 轴,因为指定的轴并不是主要和辅助 X-axes 图的集合中未包含。" 'Can't set the AxisXCoordinate's axis, because the specified axis isn't primary and isn't contained in the diagram's collection of secondary X-axes.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectAxisYCoordinateAxis : Return "不能设置 AxisYCoordinate 轴,因为指定的轴并不是主要和辅助 y 轴的图表的集合中未包含。" 'Can't set the AxisYCoordinate's axis, because the specified axis isn't primary and isn't contained in the diagram's collection of secondary Y-axes.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBarDepth : Return "柱状条的深度应该大于0。" 'The bar depth should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBarDistanceFixedPropertyUsing : Return "不能将 BarDistanceFixed 属性设置,除非该系列添加到图表的集合。" 'Cannot set the BarDistanceFixed property unless the series is added to the chart's collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBarDistancePropertyUsing : Return "不能将 BarDistance 属性设置,除非该系列添加到图表的集合。" 'Cannot set the BarDistance property unless the series is added to the chart's collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBarSeriesLabelIndent : Return "缩进量应该大于等于0。" 'The indent should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBarSeriesLabelPosition : Return "此系列视图类型不支持 BarSeriesLabelPosition.Top 的值。" 'The BarSeriesLabelPosition.Top value isn't supported for this series view type.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBarWidth : Return "柱状条的宽度应该大于0。" 'The bar width should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBorderThickness : Return "边沿宽度应该大于0。" 'The border width should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBubbleMaxSize : Return "最大尺寸应大于最小尺寸。" 'The maximum size should be greater than the minimum size.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectBubbleMinSize : Return "最小尺寸应大于或等于 0,并小于最大尺寸。" 'The minimum size should be greater than or equal to 0, and less than the maximum size.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectChartTitleIndent : Return "标题缩进应该大于等于0且小于1000。" 'The title indent should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectChildSeriesPointID : Return "子系列点的ID必须为正或者等于0。" 'Child series point's ID must be positive or equal to zero.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectChildSeriesPointOwner : Return "子系列点的所有者不能为空,且必须是此系列类型。" 'Owner of the child series point can't be null and must be of the Series type.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectConstantLineAxisValue : Return "实线对象的轴值不能设置为空。" 'AxisValue can't be set to null for the ConstantLine object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectCustomAxisLabelAxisValue : Return "CustomAxisLabel对象,其轴值不能设置为空。" 'AxisValue can't be set to null for the CustomAxisLabel object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectDashStyle : Return "DashStyle.Empty 只能分配到不断线线显示属性。" 'DashStyle.Empty can only be assigned to a constant line's LineStyle property.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectDataAdapter : Return "{0}对象不是一个数据适配器。" 'The {0} object isn't a data adapter.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectDataMember : Return "数据源中不包含一个名为'{0}'的数据成员。" 'The datasource doesn't contain a datamember with the \"{0}\" name.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectDateTimeGridAlignmentPropertyUsing : Return "DateTimeGridAlignment 属性不能修改日期-时间自动缩放模式。" 'The DateTimeGridAlignment property can't be modified in the automatic date-time scale mode.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectDateTimeMeasureUnitPropertyUsing : Return "DateTimeMeasureUnit 属性不能修改日期-时间自动缩放模式。" 'The DateTimeMeasureUnit property can't be modified in the automatic date-time scale mode.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectDoughnutHolePercent : Return "圆孔百分比应大于或等于 0,并小于或等于 100。" 'The doughnut hole percentage should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectEnvelopePercent : Return "信封 %应大于 0,并小于或等于 100。" 'The envelope percent should be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectEqualBarWidthPropertyUsing : Return "不能将 EqualBarWidth 属性设置,除非该系列添加到图表的集合。" 'Cannot set the EqualBarWidth property unless the series is added to the chart's collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectExplodedDistancePercentage : Return "爆破分散的间距其百分数值应该大于0。" 'The exploded distance percentage value should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectFont : Return "字体不能为空" 'Font can't be null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectFreePositionDockTarget : Return "指定不正确的值。坞站目标只能是一个窗格,或者 (指图表控件本身),则为 null。" 'An incorrect value is specified. A dock target can only be a pane, or null (meaning the chart control itself).
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectFunnelHolePercent : Return "漏斗孔百分比应大于或等于 0,并小于或等于 100。" 'The funnel hole percentage should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectGridSpacing : Return "删格间距应该大于0。" 'The grid spacing should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectHeightToWidthRatioValue : Return "HeightToWidthRatio 属性的值不正确。它应该是 0.1 ; 范围内 10。" 'Incorrect value for the HeightToWidthRatio property. It should be within the range 0.1;10.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectHorizontalScrollPercent : Return "水平滚动百分比应该大于等于-{0}且小于等于{0}。" 'The horizontal scroll percent should be greater than or equal to -{0} and less than or equal to {0}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectImageBounds : Return "不能创建指定大小的图象。" 'Can't create an image for the specified size.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectImageFormat : Return "不可能按指定的图象格式输出表格。" 'Impossible to export a chart to the specified image format.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectIndentFromMarker : Return "缩进值应大于或等于 0。" 'The indent value should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectIndicator : Return "向此集合,您可以添加只指示器对象。" 'You can add only Indicator objects to this collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLabelAngle : Return "标记的角度大小应该大于等于-360度且小于等于360度。" 'The angle of the label should be greater than or equal to -360 and less than or equal to 360.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLabelMaxWidth : Return "标签的最大宽度应大于或等于 0。" 'The maximum width of the label should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLegendHorizontalIndent : Return "传说水平缩进应大于或等于 0,低于 1000年。" 'The legend horizontal indent should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLegendMarkerSize : Return "图例记号的大小应该大于0且小于1000。" 'The legend marker size should be greater than 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLegendTextOffset : Return "图例文本偏移应大于或等于 0,低于 1000年。" 'The legend text offset should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLegendVerticalIndent : Return "传说垂直缩进应大于或等于 0,低于 1000年。" 'The legend vertical indent should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLineTensionPercent : Return "线张力百分比应大于或等于 0,并小于或等于 100。" 'The line tension percentage should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLineThickness : Return "线厚应该大于0。" 'The line thickness should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectLineWidth : Return "线宽应该大于0。" 'The line width should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectMarkerSize : Return "标记大小应该大于1。" 'The marker size should be greater than 1.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectMarkerStarPointCount : Return "星点的数量应该大于3且小于101。" 'The number of star points should be greater than 3 and less than 101.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectMaxLineCount : Return "最大行数应大于或等于 0,并小于或等于 20。" 'The maximum line count should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 20.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectMinorCount : Return "最小计数的数量应该大于0且小于100。" 'The number of minor count should be greater than 0 and less than 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectNumericPrecision : Return "精度应该大于等于0。" 'The precision should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPaletteBaseColorNumber : Return "调色板的基础色数量应该大于等于0且小于等于其总颜色数量。" 'The palette base color number should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to the total number of palette colors.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPaneAnchorPointPane : Return "不能设置 PaneAnchorPoint 的窗格中,因为在指定窗格中不是默认值,不包含在该关系图窗格的集合。" 'Can't set the PaneAnchorPoint's pane, because the specified pane isn't default and isn't contained in the diagram's collection of panes.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPaneDistance : Return "窗格之间的距离应大于或等于 0。" 'The distance between the panes should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPaneWeight : Return "窗格中的重量应大于 0。" 'The weight of the pane should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectParentSeriesPointOwner : Return "父系列的所有者不能为空且必须为此系列类型。" 'Owner of the parent series point can't be null and must be of the Series type.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPath : Return "指定的路径不能被解析: {0}。" 'The specified path cannot be resolved: {0}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPercentageAccuracy : Return "百分比准确性应大于 0。" 'The percentage accuracy should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPercentPrecision : Return "百分数值的精度应该大于0。" 'The precision of the percent value should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPercentValue : Return "百分数值应该大于等于0且小于等于100。" 'The percent value should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPerspectiveAngle : Return "透视角应该大于等于0且小于180。" 'The perspective angle should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 180.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPieArgumentScaleType : Return "不能指定{0}参数的标度类型,因为当前的爆破分散点过滤器与它不匹配。" '{0} argument scale type cannot be specified, because the existing exploded point filters don't correspond to it.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPieDepth : Return "饼图的深度应该大于等于0且小于等于100,因为它的值是按百分数度量的。" 'The pie depth should be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100, since its value is measured in percents.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPieSeriesLabelColumnIndent : Return "列缩进应该大于等于0。" 'The column indent should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPlaneDepthFixed : Return "固定平面的深度应该大于等于1。" 'The fixed plane depth should be greater than or equal to 1.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPointDistance : Return "点的距离值应大于 0。" 'The point distance value should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPointsCount : Return "点次数应大于 1。" 'The points count should be greater than 1.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectPropertyValue : Return "不正确的值'{0}'的属性'{1}'." 'Incorrect value \"{0}\" for the property \"{1}\".
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectRangeBarSeriesLabelIndent : Return "缩进量应该大于等于0。" 'The indent should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectReductionColorValue : Return "减少颜色值不能为空。" 'The reduction color value can't be empty.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectRelativePositionAngle : Return "角度应大于或等于-360 和小于或等于 360。" 'The angle should be greater than or equal to -360 and less than or equal to 360.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectRelativePositionConnectorLength : Return "连接器长度应大于或等于 0,低于 1000年。" 'The connector length should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectScrollBarThickness : Return "滚动条的厚度应该大于等于3且小于等于25。" 'The scroll bar thickness should be greater than or equal to 3 and less than or equal to 25.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesDistance : Return "系列的间距应该大于等于0。" 'The series distance should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesDistanceFixed : Return "固定系列的间距应该大于等于0。" 'The fixed series distance should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesIndentFixed : Return "固定系列的缩进应该大于等于0。" 'The fixed series indent should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesLabelLineLength : Return "线长应该大于等于0且小于1000。" 'The line length should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1000.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesOfParentAndChildPoints : Return "父点和子点必须属于同一系列。" 'Parent and child points must belong to the same series.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesViewAxisX : Return "不能设置系列视图的 x 轴,因为指定的轴并不是主要和辅助 X-axes 图的集合中未包含。" 'Can't set the series view's X-axis, because the specified axis isn't primary and isn't contained in the diagram's collection of secondary X-axes.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesViewAxisY : Return "不能设置系列视图的 y 轴,因为指定的轴并不是主要和辅助 y 轴的图表的集合中未包含。" 'Can't set the series view's Y-axis, because the specified axis isn't primary and isn't contained in the diagram's collection of secondary Y-axes.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSeriesViewPane : Return "不能设置系列视图的窗格中,因为在指定窗格中不是默认值,不包含在该关系图窗格的集合。" 'Can't set the series view's pane, because the specified pane isn't default and isn't contained in the diagram's collection of panes.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectShadowSize : Return "阴影大小应该大于0。" 'The shadow size should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectShapeFillet : Return "形状圆角应大于或等于 0。" 'The shape fillet should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectShapePosition : Return "形状的位置不能为空。" 'Shape Position can't be null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSimpleDiagramDimension : Return "简单图表的尺度应该大于0且小于100。" 'The dimension of the simple diagram should be greater than 0 and less than 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectStartAngle : Return "起始角的值应该大于等于-360度且小于等于360度。" 'The start angle value should be greater than or equal to -360 and less than or equal to 360 degrees.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectStockLevelLineLengthValue : Return "股指线的长度值应该大于等于0。" 'The stock level line length value should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectStripConstructorParameters : Return "标记线的最大极限和最小极限不能相同。" 'The minimum and maximum limits of the Strip can not be the same.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectStripLimitAxisValue : Return "StripLimit对象的轴值属性不能设置为空。" 'The AxisValue property cannot be set to null for the StripLimit object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectStripMaxLimit : Return "标记线的最大极限必须大于最小极限。" 'The max limit of the strip should be greater than the min limit.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectStripMinLimit : Return "标记线的最小极限必须小于最大极限。" 'The min limit of the strip should be less than the max limit.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSummaryFunction : Return "指定汇总函数的字符串是不正确的格式。" 'The specified summary function string is in an incorrect format.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectSummaryFunctionParametersCount : Return "汇总函数'{0}'接受 {1} 参数的而不是 2 {0}。" 'The summary function '{0}' accepts {1} parameters instead of {2}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTaskLinkMinIndent : Return "任务连接的最小缩进应该大于等于0。" 'The task link's minimum indent should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTextAnnotationAngle : Return "注释的角度应大于或等于-360 和小于或等于 360。" 'The angle of the annotation should be greater than or equal to -360 and less than or equal to 360.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTickmarkLength : Return "刻度的长度应该大于0。" 'The tickmark length should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTickmarkMinorLength : Return "最小刻度的长度应该大于0。" 'The length of the minor tickmark should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTickmarkMinorThickness : Return "最小刻度的厚度应该大于0。" 'The thickness of the minor tickmark should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTickmarkThickness : Return "刻度的厚度应该大于0。" 'The tickmark thickness should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTopNCount : Return "前 N 个值计数应大于 0。" 'The top N values count should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTopNThresholdPercent : Return "顶部 N 阈值 %应大于 0,并小于或等于 100。" 'The top N threshold percent should be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTopNThresholdValue : Return "顶部 N 门限值应大于 0。" 'The top N threshold value should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectTransformationMatrix : Return "不正确的变换矩阵。" 'Incorrect transformation matrix.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectUseImageUrlProperty : Return "ImageUrl属性不能用于网络图表控件,请使用图象属性替代。" 'ImageUrl property can be used for the WebChartControl only. Please, use the Image property instead.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectValue : Return "值'{0}'不是参数'{1}'的正确值。" 'Incorrect value \"{0}\" for the argument \"{1}\".
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectValueDataMemberCount : Return "需要为当前系列视图指定{0}值数据成员。" 'It's necessary to specify {0} value data members for the current series view.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectValueLevel : Return "{0} ValueLevel 计算回归线当前无效。" 'The {0} ValueLevel is invalid for the current regression line.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectVerticalScrollPercent : Return "垂直滚动百分数应该大于等于-{0}且小于等于{0}。" 'The vertical scroll percent should be greater than or equal to -{0} and less than or equal to {0}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgIncorrectZoomPercent : Return "缩放百分数应该大于0且小于等于{0}。" 'The zoom percent should be greater than 0 and less than or equal to {0}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInitializeChartNotFound : Return "没有发现图表控件,或者是这个控件上有几个图表。解决这个问题,你需要使用向导页。运行初始化页面并手动为控件指定图表。" 'The ChartControl isn't found, or there are several charts on this control. To solve the problem, you should handle the WizardPage.InitializePage event and manually specify the chart.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInternalPropertyChangeError : Return "这个属性只能供内部使用。不允许改变它的值。" 'This property is intended for internal use only. You're not allowed to change its value.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidDataSource : Return "无效的数据源类型(没有支持的接口可执行)。" 'Invalid datasource type (no supported interfaces are implemented).
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidEdge1 : Return "起始点的值不能为空。" 'The edge1 value can't be null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidEdge2 : Return "结束点的值不能为空。" 'The edge2 value can't be null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidExplodedModeAdd : Return "因为当前的饼系列视图显示了用系列模板创建的系列,所以指定的系列点不能加到爆破分散点的采集当中。你需要使用另外的爆破分散模式来替代。" 'Since the current Pie series view displays the series created using a series template, the specified series point can't be added to the collection of exploded points. You need to use another Explode Mode instead.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidExplodedModeRemove : Return "因为当前的饼系列视图显示了用系列模板创建的系列,所以指定的系列点不能从爆破分散点的采集当中移除。你需要使用另外的爆破分散模式来替代。" 'Since the current Pie series view displays the series created using a series template, the specified series point can't be removed from the collection of exploded points. You need to use another Explode Mode instead.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidExplodedSeriesPoint : Return "这些指定的系列点不属于当前饼系列视图的系列点采集,所以它们不能加到爆破分散点的采集当中。" 'The specified series point doesn't belong to the current Pie series views' collection of series points, and so it can't be added to the collection of exploded points.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidFilterCondition : Return "{0}情况不能应用'{1}'数据。" 'The {0} condition can't be applied to the \"{1}\" data.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidGradientMode : Return "此 PolygonGradientMode 不兼容 AreaSeriesView。" 'This PolygonGradientMode isn't compatible with AreaSeriesView.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidLogarithmicBase : Return "对数基地应大于 1。" 'The logarithmic base should be greater than 1.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidMaxCount : Return "最大次数应大于 0。" 'Max count should be greater than 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidPaletteName : Return "不能将带有空名称(\" \ ")的调色板增加到调色板存储器中。请为该调色板指定另外的名称。" 'Can't add a palette which has an empty name (\"\") to the palette repository. Please, specify a name for the palette.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidPane : Return "在指定窗格中不属于图表,或者不显示当前轴应更改其可见性。" 'The specified pane either doesn't belong to a chart, or doesn't show the current axis whose visibility should be changed.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidPaneSizeInPixels : Return "窗格的大小 (以像素为单位) 应大于或等于 0。" 'The pane's size in pixels should be greater than or equal to 0.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidScaleType : Return "按标度的内部表示方法转换的指定值与当前的标度类型不兼容。" 'The specified value to convert to the scale's internal representation isn't compatible with the current scale type.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidSizeInPixels : Return "以像素为单位的大小应大于或等于-1 和不少于 50。" 'Size in pixels should be greater than or equal to -1 and less than 50.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidSortingKey : Return "不能将排序键的值设置为{0}。" 'It's impossible to set the sorting key's value to {0}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgInvalidZeroAxisAlignment : Return "对于二级轴,对齐不能设置为对齐.Zero。" 'The Alignment can't be set to Alignment.Zero for the secondary axis.
Case ChartStringId.MsgItemNotInCollection : Return "采集中不包含该指定项目。" 'The collection doesn't contain the specified item.
Case ChartStringId.MsgLabelSettingRuntimeError : Return "在运行时不能设置'标记'属性。" 'The \"Label\" property can't be set at runtime.
Case ChartStringId.MsgLegendPointOptionsSettingRuntimeError : Return "'LegendPointOptions'在运行时不能设置的属性。" 'The \"LegendPointOptions\" property can't be set at runtime.
Case ChartStringId.MsgMinMaxDifferentTypes : Return "最大值和最小值的类型不匹配。" 'The types of the MinValue and MaxValue don't match.
Case ChartStringId.MsgModifyDefaultPaletteError : Return "默认使用该调色板,且不能修改该调色板。" 'The palette is default and then can't be modified.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNoPanes : Return "没有可见的窗格显示在图表。 \nTry 将图表的 Diagram.DefaultPane.Visible 属性设置为 True,\n 显示其他窗格从 Diagram.Panes 集合。" 'There are no visible panes to show in a chart.\nTry to set the chart's Diagram.DefaultPane.Visible property to True,\nor show other panes from the Diagram.Panes collection.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNotBelongingChart : Return "这个控件不包含指定图表。" 'This control doesn't contain the specified chart.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNotChartControl : Return "指定对象不是一个图表控件。" 'The specified object isn't a ChartControl.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullAnchorPointSeriesPoint : Return "系列点不能设置为空值的 SeriesPointAncherPoint 对象。" 'Series point can't be set to null for the SeriesPointAncherPoint object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullAxisXCoordinateAxis : Return "轴不能设置为空值的 AxisXCoordinate 对象。" 'Axis can't be set to null for the AxisXCoordinate object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullAxisYCoordinateAxis : Return "轴不能设置为空值的 AxisYCoordinate 对象。" 'Axis can't be set to null for the AxisYCoordinate object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullFinancialIndicatorArgument : Return "财务指标的点的参数不能设置为 null。" 'The argument of the financial indicator's point can't be set to null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullPaneAnchorPointPane : Return "窗格中不能设置为空值的 PaneAnchorPoint 对象。" 'Pane can't be set to null for the PaneAnchorPoint object.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullSeriesViewAxisX : Return "系列视图的X轴不能设置为空。" 'The series view's X-axis can't be set to null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullSeriesViewAxisY : Return "系列视图的Y轴不能设置为空。" 'The series view's Y-axis can't be set to null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgNullSeriesViewPane : Return "系列视图的窗格中不能设置为 null。" 'The series view's pane can't be set to null.
Case ChartStringId.MsgOrderArrayLengthMismatch : Return "指令数组的长度和注册元素的总数量不相等。" 'The length of the order array isn't equal to the total number of registered elements.
Case ChartStringId.MsgOrderRepeatedElementFound : Return "同一元素在指令数组中已重复多次。" 'The same element is repeated several times in the order array.
Case ChartStringId.MsgOrderUnregisteredElementFound : Return "发现没有注册的元素。" 'The unregistered element is found.
Case ChartStringId.MsgPaletteDoubleClickToEdit : Return "双击编辑..." 'Double-click to edit...
Case ChartStringId.MsgPaletteEditingIsntAllowed : Return "不允许编辑 !" 'Editing isn't allowed!
Case ChartStringId.MsgPaletteNotFound : Return "图表在不包含名称为{0}的调色板。" 'The chart doesn't contain a palette with the {0} name.
Case ChartStringId.MsgPivotGridDataSourceOptionsNotSupprotedProperty : Return "PivotGridDataSourceOptions。{0} 属性是图表的数据源是 PivotGrid 的情况下才可用。" 'The PivotGridDataSourceOptions.{0} property is available only if the chart's data source is a PivotGrid.
Case ChartStringId.MsgPointOptionsSettingRuntimeError : Return "在运行时不能设置'点选项'属性。" 'The \"PointOptions\" property can't be set at runtime.
Case ChartStringId.MsgPolarAxisXGridSpacingChanged : Return "极地X轴的栅格间隔不能改变。" 'The grid spacing of a polar X-axis can't be changed.
Case ChartStringId.MsgPolarAxisXLogarithmic : Return "PolarAxisX 不支持对数的模式。" 'The PolarAxisX doesn't support logarithmic mode.
Case ChartStringId.MsgPolarAxisXRangeChanged : Return "极地X轴的范围不能改变。" 'The range of a polar X-axis can't be changed.
Case ChartStringId.MsgRegisterPageInUnregisterGroup : Return "无法注册页面的未注册组" 'The page can't be registered in the unregistered group
Case ChartStringId.MsgRelationChildPointIDNotUnique : Return "关系的ChildPointID必须是独有的。" 'Relation's ChildPointID must be unique.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSelfRelatedSeriesPoint : Return "系列点不能和它自身有关联。" 'Series point can't have a relation to itself.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSeriesPointIDNotUnique : Return "系列点的ID必须是独有的。" 'Series point's ID must be unique.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSeriesPointRelationAlreadyExists : Return "系列点的关系采集已经包含此关系。" 'The SeriesPointRelations collection already contains this relation.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSeriesViewDoesNotExist : Return "{0}系列视图不存在。" 'The {0} SeriesView doesn't exist.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSeriesViewNotSupportRelations : Return "系列视图不支持关系。" 'This series view doesn't support relations.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSummaryFunctionIsNotRegistered : Return "未注册的名称'{0}'汇总函数。" 'A summary function with the name '{0}' is not registered.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSummaryFunctionParameterIsNotSpecified : Return "您应指定的所有汇总函数参数。" 'You should specify all of the summary function parameters.
Case ChartStringId.MsgSynchronizePointOptionsSettingRuntimeError : Return "'SynchronizePointOptions'在运行时不能设置的属性。" 'The \"SynchronizePointOptions\" property can't be set at runtime.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnregisterGroupError : Return "这个组已经取消注册。" 'This group was already unregistered.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnregisterPageError : Return "这个页已经取消注册。" 'This page was already unregistered.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnsupportedDateTimeScaleModeForGanttDiagram : Return "DateTimeScaleMode 不支持 GanttDiagram。" 'DateTimeScaleMode isn't supported for the GanttDiagram.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnsupportedDateTimeScaleModeWithScrollingZooming : Return "自动 DateTimeScaleMode 不能一起缩放和滚动。" 'Automatic DateTimeScaleMode can't work together with zooming and scrolling.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnsupportedManualRangeForAutomaticDateTimeScaleMode : Return "如果 DateTimeScaleMode 不是手动设置自定义的范围,不可能是。" 'It is impossible to set a custom range, if the DateTimeScaleMode is not Manual.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnsupportedResolveOverlappingMode : Return "当前系列视图不支持指定的重叠模式。" 'The specified overlapping mode isn't supported by the current series view.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnsupportedTopNOptions : Return "TopNOptions 无法启用的这一系列,因为其 ValueScaleType 不是数值,或者其数据点已超过 1 的值。" 'TopNOptions can't be enabled for this series, because either its ValueScaleType is not Numerical or its data points have more than 1 value.
Case ChartStringId.MsgUnsupportedValueLevel : Return "{0} 值水平不支持被 {1}。" 'The {0} value level isn't supported by the {1}.
Case ChartStringId.MsgWebInvalidHeightUnit : Return "图表高度必须以像素为单位设置。" 'The chart height must be set in pixels.
Case ChartStringId.MsgWebInvalidWidthUnit : Return "必须设置图表宽度,以像素为单位。" 'The chart width must be set in pixels.
Case ChartStringId.MsgWizardAbsractPageType : Return "{0}是抽象的,所以该类型的对象不能有实例且不能增加为导向页面。" 'The {0} is abstract, and so an object of this type can't be instantiated and added as a wizard page.
Case ChartStringId.MsgWizardIncorrectBasePageType : Return "{0}必须从{1}类继承。" 'The {0} must be inherited from the {1} class.
Case ChartStringId.MsgWizardNonUniqueGroupName : Return "名称为{0}的组已经注册。" 'The group with the {0} name is already registered.
Case ChartStringId.MsgWizardNonUniquePageType : Return "类型{0}的页面已经注册。对于一个特定的类型只能有一个页面。" 'The page of the {0} type is already registered. You can't add more than one page of a particular type.
Case ChartStringId.OpenValueMember : Return "打开" 'Open
Case ChartStringId.OthersArgument : Return "其他" 'Others
Case ChartStringId.PalettePrefix : Return "调色板" 'Palette
Case ChartStringId.PanesVisibilityDialogPanesColumn : Return "区域" 'Panes
Case ChartStringId.PanesVisibilityDialogVisibleColumn : Return "可见" 'Visible
Case ChartStringId.PieIncorrectValuesText : Return "此视图不能代表 negative\nvalues。所有值必须要么 greater\nthan 或等于零。" 'This view can't represent negative\nvalues. All values must be either greater\nthan or equal to zero.
Case ChartStringId.PltApex : Return "尖" 'Apex
Case ChartStringId.PltAspect : Return "长宽" 'Aspect
Case ChartStringId.PltBlackAndWhite : Return "黑色和白色" 'Black and White
Case ChartStringId.PltChameleon : Return "变色龙" 'Chameleon
Case ChartStringId.PltCivic : Return "文娱" 'Civic
Case ChartStringId.PltConcourse : Return "大堂" 'Concourse
Case ChartStringId.PltEquity : Return "股票" 'Equity
Case ChartStringId.PltFlow : Return "流" 'Flow
Case ChartStringId.PltFoundry : Return "铸造" 'Foundry
Case ChartStringId.PltGrayscale : Return "灰度" 'Grayscale
Case ChartStringId.PltInAFog : Return "在雾中" 'In A Fog
Case ChartStringId.PltIndDefault : Return "默认" 'Default
Case ChartStringId.PltMedian : Return "中位数" 'Median
Case ChartStringId.PltMetro : Return "地铁" 'Metro
Case ChartStringId.PltMixed : Return "混合" 'Mixed
Case ChartStringId.PltModule : Return "模块" 'Module
Case ChartStringId.PltNatureColors : Return "自然颜色" 'Nature Colors
Case ChartStringId.PltNorthernLights : Return "北极光" 'Northern Lights
Case ChartStringId.PltOffice : Return "办公室" 'Office
Case ChartStringId.PltOpulent : Return "华丽" 'Opulent
Case ChartStringId.PltOriel : Return "专业型" 'Oriel
Case ChartStringId.PltOrigin : Return "起源" 'Origin
Case ChartStringId.PltPaper : Return "纸" 'Paper
Case ChartStringId.PltPastelKit : Return "蜡笔工具包" 'Pastel Kit
Case ChartStringId.PltSolstice : Return "冬至日" 'Solstice
Case ChartStringId.PltTechnic : Return "技术" 'Technic
Case ChartStringId.PltTerracottaPie : Return "兵马俑饼图" 'Terracotta Pie
Case ChartStringId.PltTheTrees : Return "树" 'The Trees
Case ChartStringId.PltTrek : Return "迷航" 'Trek
Case ChartStringId.PltUrban : Return "城市" 'Urban
Case ChartStringId.PltVerve : Return "神韵" 'Verve
Case ChartStringId.PrimaryAxisXName : Return "主 AxisX" 'Primary AxisX
Case ChartStringId.PrimaryAxisYName : Return "主 AxisY" 'Primary AxisY
Case ChartStringId.PrintSizeModeNone : Return "无 (打印一个与目前显示窗体相同大小的图表)" 'None (a chart is printed with the size identical to that\nshown on the form)
Case ChartStringId.PrintSizeModeStretch : Return "拉伸 (根据页面大小来调整或延展图表后再打印)" 'Stretch (a chart is stretched or shrunk to fit the page\non which it is printed)
Case ChartStringId.PrintSizeModeZoom : Return "缩放 (图表是它最适合打印的页面的大小比例 (无剪辑))" 'Zoom (a chart is resized proportionally (without clipping),\nso that it best fits the page on which it is printed)
Case ChartStringId.QuarterFormat : Return "第 {0} 季" 'Q{0}
Case ChartStringId.ScaleBreakPrefix : Return "规模突破" 'Scale Break
Case ChartStringId.ScaleTypeDateTime : Return "日期时间" 'date-time
Case ChartStringId.ScaleTypeNumerical : Return "数字" 'numeric
Case ChartStringId.ScaleTypeQualitative : Return "定性" 'qualitative
Case ChartStringId.SecondaryAxisXPrefix : Return "辅助 AxisX" 'Secondary AxisX
Case ChartStringId.SecondaryAxisYPrefix : Return "辅助 AxisY" 'Secondary AxisY
Case ChartStringId.SeriesPrefix : Return "系列" 'Series
Case ChartStringId.StackedGroupPrefix : Return "集团" 'Group
Case ChartStringId.StripPrefix : Return "带钢" 'Strip
Case ChartStringId.StyleAllColors : Return "所有颜色" 'All Colors
Case ChartStringId.StyleColorNumber : Return "颜色 {0}" 'Color {0}
Case ChartStringId.SvnArea : Return "面积" 'Area
Case ChartStringId.SvnArea3D : Return "3维面积" 'Area 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnBubble : Return "泡沫" 'Bubble
Case ChartStringId.SvnCandleStick : Return "蜡烛线" 'Candle Stick
Case ChartStringId.SvnDoughnut : Return "圆环图" 'Doughnut
Case ChartStringId.SvnDoughnut3D : Return "圆环图 3D" 'Doughnut 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnFullStackedArea : Return "百分之百面积堆叠" 'Area Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnFullStackedArea3D : Return "百分之百3维面积堆叠" 'Area 3D Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnFullStackedBar : Return "百分之百柱状堆叠" 'Bar Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnFullStackedBar3D : Return "3D 条形堆积 100 %" 'Bar 3D Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnFullStackedLine : Return "行堆积 100 %" 'Line Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnFullStackedLine3D : Return "线三维堆积 100 %" 'Line 3D Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnFunnel : Return "漏斗" 'Funnel
Case ChartStringId.SvnFunnel3D : Return "漏斗 3D" 'Funnel 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnLine : Return "线形" 'Line
Case ChartStringId.SvnLine3D : Return "3维线形" 'Line 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnManhattanBar : Return "曼哈顿柱状" 'Manhattan Bar
Case ChartStringId.SvnOverlappedGantt : Return "甘特" 'Gantt
Case ChartStringId.SvnOverlappedRangeBar : Return "范围柱状" 'Range Bar
Case ChartStringId.SvnPie : Return "饼状" 'Pie
Case ChartStringId.SvnPie3D : Return "3维饼状" 'Pie 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnPoint : Return "点状" 'Point
Case ChartStringId.SvnPolarArea : Return "极地面积" 'Polar Area
Case ChartStringId.SvnPolarLine : Return "极地线形" 'Polar Line
Case ChartStringId.SvnPolarPoint : Return "极地点状" 'Polar Point
Case ChartStringId.SvnRadarArea : Return "雷达面积" 'Radar Area
Case ChartStringId.SvnRadarLine : Return "雷达线形" 'Radar Line
Case ChartStringId.SvnRadarPoint : Return "雷达点状" 'Radar Point
Case ChartStringId.SvnRangeArea : Return "范围" 'Range Area
Case ChartStringId.SvnRangeArea3D : Return "范围地区 3D" 'Range Area 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnScatterLine : Return "散点图线" 'Scatter Line
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideBar : Return "柱状" 'Bar
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideBar3D : Return "3D 条形图" 'Bar 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideFullStackedBar : Return "并排栏堆积 100 %" 'Side By Side Bar Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideFullStackedBar3D : Return "侧侧栏 3D 的堆积 100 %" 'Side By Side Bar 3D Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideGantt : Return "并排甘特" 'Side By Side Gantt
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideRangeBar : Return "并排范围柱状" 'Side By Side Range Bar
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideStackedBar : Return "并排条堆叠" 'Side By Side Bar Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnSideBySideStackedBar3D : Return "3D 条形并排堆叠" 'Side By Side Bar 3D Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnSpline : Return "样条" 'Spline
Case ChartStringId.SvnSpline3D : Return "3D 样条" 'Spline 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnSpline3DArea : Return "区 3D 样条" 'Spline Area 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnSplineArea : Return "样条区域" 'Spline Area
Case ChartStringId.SvnSplineAreaFullStacked3D : Return "样条区 3D 堆叠 100 %" 'Spline Area 3D Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnSplineAreaStacked3D : Return "样条区 3D 堆叠" 'Spline Area 3D Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnSplineFullStackedArea : Return "样条区堆积 100 %" 'Spline Area Stacked 100%
Case ChartStringId.SvnSplineStackedArea : Return "堆叠的样条区域" 'Spline Area Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStackedArea : Return "面积堆叠" 'Area Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStackedArea3D : Return "3维面积堆叠" 'Area 3D Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStackedBar : Return "柱状堆叠" 'Bar Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStackedBar3D : Return "3D 条形堆叠" 'Bar 3D Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStackedLine : Return "堆叠的行" 'Line Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStackedLine3D : Return "行 3D 堆叠" 'Line 3D Stacked
Case ChartStringId.SvnStepArea : Return "步区" 'Step Area
Case ChartStringId.SvnStepArea3D : Return "步区 3D" 'Step Area 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnStepLine : Return "阶越线形" 'Step Line
Case ChartStringId.SvnStepLine3D : Return "3维阶越线形" 'Step Line 3D
Case ChartStringId.SvnStock : Return "股指" 'Stock
Case ChartStringId.SvnSwiftPlot : Return "迅速的阴谋" 'Swift Plot
Case ChartStringId.TextAnnotation : Return "文本批注" 'Text Annotation
Case ChartStringId.TextAnnotationPrefix : Return "文本批注" 'Text Annotation
Case ChartStringId.TitleSummaryFunction : Return "汇总函数" 'Summary Function
Case ChartStringId.TrnAnnotationDeleted : Return "删除批注" 'Annotation deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnAnnotationsChanged : Return "更改批注" 'Annotations changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnAxisVisibilityChanged : Return "轴可见性更改" 'Axis visibility changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnChartTitleDeleted : Return "删除图表标题" 'Chart title deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnChartTitlesChanged : Return "改变图表标题" 'Chart titles changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnChartWizard : Return "应用图表向导设置" 'Chart wizard settings applied
Case ChartStringId.TrnConstantLineDeleted : Return "改变实线" 'Constant line deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnConstantLinesChanged : Return "改变实线" 'Constant Lines changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnCustomAxisLabelChanged : Return "改变定制的轴标记" 'Custom Axis Labels changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnDataFiltersChanged : Return "改变数据过滤器" 'DataFilters changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnExactWorkdaysChanged : Return "更改的确切工作日" 'Exact workdays changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnExplodedPoints : Return "改变爆破分散点" 'Exploded points changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnExplodedPointsFilters : Return "改变爆破分散点过滤器" 'ExplodedPointsFilters changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnHolidaysChanged : Return "更改的假期" 'Holidays changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnIndicatorDeleted : Return "删除的指示器" 'Indicator deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnIndicatorsChanged : Return "更改的指标" 'Indicators changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnLegendPointOptionsReset : Return "LegendPointOptions 重置" 'LegendPointOptions reset
Case ChartStringId.TrnLoadLayout : Return "加载的图表布局" 'Chart layout loaded
Case ChartStringId.TrnPalettesChanged : Return "改变调色板" 'Palettes changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnPaneDeleted : Return "窗格中删除" 'Pane deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnScaleBreaksChanged : Return "规模符更改" 'Scale breaks changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnSecondaryAxesXChanged : Return "改变二级X轴" 'Secondary axes X changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnSecondaryAxesYChanged : Return "改变二级Y轴" 'Secondary axes Y changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnSecondryAxisXDeleted : Return "删除二级X轴" 'Secondary axis X deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnSecondryAxisYDeleted : Return "删除二级Y轴" 'Secondary axis Y deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnSeriesChanged : Return "改变系列" 'Series changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnSeriesDeleted : Return "删除系列" 'Series deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnSeriesTitleChanged : Return "更改的系列标题" 'Series title changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnSeriesTitleDeleted : Return "删除系列标题" 'Series title deleted
Case ChartStringId.TrnStripsChanged : Return "改变标记线" 'Strips changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnSummaryFunctionChanged : Return "更改汇总函数" 'Summary function changed
Case ChartStringId.TrnXYDiagramPanesChanged : Return "更改窗格" 'Panes changed
Case ChartStringId.ValueMember : Return "值" 'Value
Case ChartStringId.VerbAbout : Return "关于" 'About
Case ChartStringId.VerbAboutDescription : Return "在 XtraCharts 上查看的基本信息。" 'See basic information on XtraCharts.
Case ChartStringId.VerbAnnotations : Return "注释..." 'Annotations...
Case ChartStringId.VerbAnnotationsDescription : Return "打开注释集合编辑器。" 'Open the Annotations Collection Editor.
Case ChartStringId.VerbClearDataSource : Return "清除数据源" 'Clear Data Source
Case ChartStringId.VerbClearDataSourceDescription : Return "清除该图表的数据源。" 'Clear the chart's datasource.
Case ChartStringId.VerbDataSnapshot : Return "数据快照" 'Data Snapshot
Case ChartStringId.VerbDataSnapshotDescription : Return "将所有数据从绑定的数据源都复制到图表中,然后解除绑定图表。" 'Copy all the data from the bound datasource to the chart, and then unbind the chart.
Case ChartStringId.VerbEditPalettes : Return "调色板..." 'Palettes...
Case ChartStringId.VerbEditPalettesDescription : Return "打开调色板编辑器。" 'Open the Palettes Editor.
Case ChartStringId.VerbLoadLayout : Return "加载..." 'Load...
Case ChartStringId.VerbLoadLayoutDescription : Return "从 XML 文件加载的图表。" 'Load a chart from an XML file.
Case ChartStringId.VerbPopulate : Return "展示" 'Populate
Case ChartStringId.VerbPopulateDescription : Return "填充该图表的数据源的数据。" 'Populate the chart's datasource with data.
Case ChartStringId.VerbResetLegendPointOptions : Return "传说点选项重置" 'Reset legend point options
Case ChartStringId.VerbResetLegendPointOptionsDescription : Return "还原为其默认值的传说点选项。" 'Revert the legend point options to their default values.
Case ChartStringId.VerbSaveLayout : Return "保存..." 'Save...
Case ChartStringId.VerbSaveLayoutDescription : Return "将图表保存到 XML 文件中。" 'Save a chart to an XML file.
Case ChartStringId.VerbSeries : Return "系列..." 'Series...
Case ChartStringId.VerbSeriesDescription : Return "打开系列集合编辑器。" 'Open the Series Collection Editor.
Case ChartStringId.VerbWizard : Return "运行向导..." 'Run Wizard...
Case ChartStringId.VerbWizardDescription : Return "运行图表向导,它允许对其进行编辑图表的属性。" 'Run the Chart Wizard, which allows the properties of the chart to be edited.
Case ChartStringId.WeightMember : Return "重量" 'Weight
Case ChartStringId.WizAnchorPointChart : Return "图表" 'Chart
Case ChartStringId.WizAnchorPointPane : Return "窗格" 'Pane
Case ChartStringId.WizAnchorPointSeriesPoint : Return "系列点" 'Series Point
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationConnectorStyleArrow : Return "箭头" 'Arrow
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationConnectorStyleLine : Return "线形" 'Line
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationConnectorStyleNone : Return "无" 'None
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationConnectorStyleNotchedArrow : Return "缺口的箭头" 'Notched Arrow
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationConnectorStyleTail : Return "尾" 'Tail
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationsPageDescription : Return "创建和自定义锚定到图表、 窗格或系列的 point.\r\nNote 您可以选择通过单击图表预览中的注释的注释。" 'Create and customize annotations anchored to a chart, pane or series point.\r\nNote that you may select an annotation by clicking it in the chart preview.
Case ChartStringId.WizAnnotationsPageName : Return "注释" 'Annotations
Case ChartStringId.WizAppearancePageDescription : Return "为颜色系列或者它们的数据点选择调色板。同时选择基于当前调色板的图表外观的指定风格。" 'Choose a palette to color series or their data points. Also choose the style, which specifies the chart's appearance depending on the current palette.
Case ChartStringId.WizAppearancePageName : Return "外观" 'Appearance
Case ChartStringId.WizAutoCreatedSeries : Return "自动创建系列" 'Auto-created Series
Case ChartStringId.WizAxesAlignmentFar : Return "到目前为止" 'Far
Case ChartStringId.WizAxesAlignmentNear : Return "附近" 'Near
Case ChartStringId.WizAxesAlignmentZero : Return "零" 'Zero
Case ChartStringId.WizAxesPageDescription : Return "自定义您可以选择通过单击图表预览中的轴的 diagram.\r\nNote 的 X 和 Y 轴。" 'Customize the X and Y axes of the diagram.\r\nNote that you may select an axis by clicking it in the chart preview.
Case ChartStringId.WizAxesPageName : Return "轴" 'Axes
Case ChartStringId.WizAxisLabelResolveOverlappingModeHideOverlapping : Return "隐藏重叠" 'HideOverlapping
Case ChartStringId.WizAxisLabelResolveOverlappingModeNone : Return "无" 'None
Case ChartStringId.WizBackImageFileNameFilter : Return "图象文件(*.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.wmf;*.png)'*.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.wmf;*.png'All files(*.*)'*.*" 'Image Files(*.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.wmf;*.png)'*.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.wmf;*.png'All files(*.*)'*.*
Case ChartStringId.WizBar3DModelBox : Return "框" 'Box
Case ChartStringId.WizBar3DModelCone : Return "锥" 'Cone
Case ChartStringId.WizBar3DModelCylinder : Return "缸" 'Cylinder
Case ChartStringId.WizBar3DModelPyramid : Return "金字塔" 'Pyramid
Case ChartStringId.WizBarSeriesLabelPositionBottomInside : Return "底部内" 'Bottom Inside
Case ChartStringId.WizBarSeriesLabelPositionCenter : Return "中心" 'Center
Case ChartStringId.WizBarSeriesLabelPositionTop : Return "返回页首" 'Top
Case ChartStringId.WizBarSeriesLabelPositionTopInside : Return "里面顶部" 'Top Inside
Case ChartStringId.WizBubbleLabelPositionCenter : Return "中心" 'Center
Case ChartStringId.WizBubbleLabelPositionOutside : Return "外" 'Outside
Case ChartStringId.WizBubbleLabelValueToDisplayValue : Return "价值" 'Value
Case ChartStringId.WizBubbleLabelValueToDisplayValueAndWeight : Return "价值与重量" 'Value and Weight
Case ChartStringId.WizBubbleLabelValueToDisplayWeight : Return "重量" 'Weight
Case ChartStringId.WizChartImageSizeModeAutoSize : Return "自动大小" 'Auto Size
Case ChartStringId.WizChartImageSizeModeStretch : Return "拉伸" 'Stretch
Case ChartStringId.WizChartImageSizeModeTile : Return "平铺" 'Tile
Case ChartStringId.WizChartImageSizeModeZoom : Return "缩放" 'Zoom
Case ChartStringId.WizChartPageDescription : Return "自定义图表的属性。" 'Customize the chart's properties.
Case ChartStringId.WizChartPageName : Return "图表" 'Chart
Case ChartStringId.WizChartTitlesPageDescription : Return "添加到您的图表标题和自定义他们的选择。" 'Add titles to your chart, and customize their options.
Case ChartStringId.WizChartTitlesPageName : Return "图表标题" 'Chart Titles
Case ChartStringId.WizChartTypePageDescription : Return "选择您需要使用的图表类型。如果要按图表分组过滤图表类型,请选择下拉列表中的选项。" 'Choose a chart type you want to use. To filter chart types by their groups, use the values in the drop-down box.
Case ChartStringId.WizChartTypePageName : Return "图表类型" 'Chart Type
Case ChartStringId.WizConstructionGroupName : Return "构造" 'Construction
Case ChartStringId.WizDataFiltersDisabled : Return "(空)" '(none)
Case ChartStringId.WizDataFiltersEntered : Return "{0} 数据过滤器(s)" '{0} data filter(s)
Case ChartStringId.WizDataMemberNoneString : Return "(无)" '(None)
Case ChartStringId.WizDataPageDescription : Return "若要手动输入数据点,请使用点选项卡。或者,使用其他选项卡上,指定数据源设置为单个或自动创建系列。" 'To enter data points manually, use the Points tab. Or, use other tabs, to specify data source settings for individual or auto-created series.
Case ChartStringId.WizDataPageName : Return "数据" 'Data
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitDay : Return "一天" 'Day
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitHour : Return "小时" 'Hour
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitMillisecond : Return "毫秒" 'Millisecond
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitMinute : Return "分钟" 'Minute
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitMonth : Return "个月" 'Month
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitQuarter : Return "季" 'Quarter
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitSecond : Return "第二次" 'Second
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitWeek : Return "一周" 'Week
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeMeasureUnitYear : Return "一年" 'Year
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeScaleModeAutomaticAverage : Return "自动: 平均" 'Automatic: Average
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeScaleModeAutomaticIntegral : Return "自动: 积分" 'Automatic: Integral
Case ChartStringId.WizDateTimeScaleModeManual : Return "手动" 'Manual
Case ChartStringId.WizDiagramPageDescription : Return "定制图表属性。" 'Customize the diagram's properties.
Case ChartStringId.WizDiagramPageName : Return "图表" 'Diagram
Case ChartStringId.WizDockCornerLeftBottom : Return "左底部" 'Left-bottom
Case ChartStringId.WizDockCornerLeftTop : Return "左顶" 'Left-top
Case ChartStringId.WizDockCornerRightBottom : Return "右侧底部" 'Right-bottom
Case ChartStringId.WizDockCornerRightTop : Return "右侧顶部" 'Right-top
Case ChartStringId.WizEnableScrollingFalse : Return "启用滚动 (假)" 'Enable scrolling (false)
Case ChartStringId.WizEnableScrollingTrue : Return "启用滚动 (真)" 'Enable scrolling (true)
Case ChartStringId.WizEnableZoomingFalse : Return "启用缩放 (假)" 'Enable zooming (false)
Case ChartStringId.WizEnableZoomingTrue : Return "启用缩放 (真)" 'Enable zooming (true)
Case ChartStringId.WizErrorMessageTitle : Return "制表向导" 'Chart Wizard
Case ChartStringId.WizFormTitle : Return "制表向导" 'Chart Wizard
Case ChartStringId.WizFunnelSeriesLabelPositionCenter : Return "中心" 'Center
Case ChartStringId.WizFunnelSeriesLabelPositionLeft : Return "左" 'Left
Case ChartStringId.WizFunnelSeriesLabelPositionLeftColumn : Return "左边的列" 'Left Column
Case ChartStringId.WizFunnelSeriesLabelPositionRight : Return "权利" 'Right
Case ChartStringId.WizFunnelSeriesLabelPositionRightColumn : Return "右侧的列" 'Right Column
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientBottomLeftToTopRight : Return "左下至右上" 'BottomLeftToTopRight
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientBottomRightToTopLeft : Return "右下至左上" 'BottomRightToTopLeft
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientBottomToTop : Return "下至上" 'BottomToTop
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientFromCenter : Return "由中心点向外散射" 'FromCenter
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientFromCenterHorizontal : Return "由中心水平线向外散射" 'FromCenterHorizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientFromCenterVertical : Return "由中心垂直线向外散射" 'FromCenterVertical
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientLeftToRight : Return "左至右" 'LeftToRight
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientRightToLeft : Return "右至左" 'RightToLeft
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientToCenter : Return "汇集至中心点" 'ToCenter
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientToCenterHorizontal : Return "汇集至中心水平线" 'ToCenterHorizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientToCenterVertical : Return "汇集至中心垂直线" 'ToCenterVertical
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientTopLeftToBottomRight : Return "左上至右下" 'TopLeftToBottomRight
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientTopRightToBottomLeft : Return "右上至左下" 'TopRightToBottomLeft
Case ChartStringId.WizGradientTopToBottom : Return "上至下" 'TopToBottom
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchBackwardDiagonal : Return "由右上至左下的斜纹" 'BackwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchCross : Return "十字斜纹" 'Cross
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDarkDownwardDiagonal : Return "左上至右下中斜纹" 'DarkDownwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDarkHorizontal : Return "水平纹" 'DarkHorizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDarkUpwardDiagonal : Return "右上至左下中斜纹" 'DarkUpwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDarkVertical : Return "垂直纹" 'DarkVertical
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDashedDownwardDiagonal : Return "由左上至右下短斜纹" 'DashedDownwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDashedHorizontal : Return "水平短斜纹" 'DashedHorizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDashedUpwardDiagonal : Return "由右上至左下短斜纹" 'DashedUpwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDashedVertical : Return "垂直短斜纹" 'DashedVertical
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDiagonalBrick : Return "砖块斜纹" 'DiagonalBrick
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDiagonalCross : Return "对角十字斜纹" 'DiagonalCross
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDivot : Return "小点纹" 'Divot
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDottedDiamond : Return "虚线钻石纹" 'DottedDiamond
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchDottedGrid : Return "网格线点纹" 'DottedGrid
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchForwardDiagonal : Return "由左上至右下的斜纹" 'ForwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchHorizontal : Return "水平砖块纹" 'Horizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchHorizontalBrick : Return "水平砖块纹" 'HorizontalBrick
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLargeCheckerBoard : Return "粗棋盘纹" 'LargeCheckerBoard
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLargeConfetti : Return "粗纸屑纹" 'LargeConfetti
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLargeGrid : Return "大表格线" 'LargeGrid
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLightDownwardDiagonal : Return "左上至右下细斜纹" 'LightDownwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLightHorizontal : Return "细水平纹" 'LightHorizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLightUpwardDiagonal : Return "右上至左下细斜纹" 'LightUpwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchLightVertical : Return "细垂直纹" 'LightVertical
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchMax : Return "最大" 'Max
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchMin : Return "最小" 'Min
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchNarrowHorizontal : Return "极细水平纹" 'NarrowHorizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchNarrowVertical : Return "极细垂直纹" 'NarrowVertical
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchOutlinedDiamond : Return "菱形框线纹" 'OutlinedDiamond
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent05 : Return "5% 网点" 'Percent05
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent10 : Return "10% 网点" 'Percent10
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent20 : Return "20% 网点" 'Percent20
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent25 : Return "25% 网点" 'Percent25
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent30 : Return "30% 网点" 'Percent30
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent40 : Return "40% 网点" 'Percent40
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent50 : Return "50% 网点" 'Percent50
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent60 : Return "60% 网点" 'Percent60
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent70 : Return "70% 网点" 'Percent70
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent75 : Return "75% 网点" 'Percent75
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent80 : Return "80% 网点" 'Percent80
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPercent90 : Return "90% 网点" 'Percent90
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchPlaid : Return "毛呢格子纹" 'Plaid
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchShingle : Return "木瓦纹" 'Shingle
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchSmallCheckerBoard : Return "细棋盘纹" 'SmallCheckerBoard
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchSmallConfetti : Return "细纸屑纹" 'SmallConfetti
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchSmallGrid : Return "细网格线纹" 'SmallGrid
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchSolidDiamond : Return "菱形纹" 'SolidDiamond
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchSphere : Return "球形纹" 'Sphere
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchTrellis : Return "细攀爬点纹" 'Trellis
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchVertical : Return "垂直斜纹" 'Vertical
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchWave : Return "水波纹" 'Wave
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchWeave : Return "编织纹" 'Weave
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchWideDownwardDiagonal : Return "左上至右下粗斜纹" 'WideDownwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchWideUpwardDiagonal : Return "左下至右上粗斜纹" 'WideUpwardDiagonal
Case ChartStringId.WizHatchZigZag : Return "锯齿形线纹" 'ZigZag
Case ChartStringId.WizIndentDefault : Return "默认" 'Default
Case ChartStringId.WizIndentUndefined : Return "未定义" 'Undefined
Case ChartStringId.WizInvalidBackgroundImage : Return "指定的文件不是一个正确的图像文件。请选择另一个。" 'The specified file isn't a correct image file. Please choose another one.
Case ChartStringId.WizLegendPageDescription : Return "定制图例属性。" 'Customize the legend's properties.
Case ChartStringId.WizLegendPageName : Return "图例" 'Legend
Case ChartStringId.WizNoBackImage : Return "(无)" '(None)
Case ChartStringId.WizPanesPageDescription : Return "自定义图表的 panes.\r\nNote 您可以选择通过单击图表预览中的一个窗格。" 'Customize the diagram's panes.\r\nNote that you may select a pane by clicking it in the chart preview.
Case ChartStringId.WizPanesPageName : Return "窗格" 'Panes
Case ChartStringId.WizPieSeriesLabelPositionInside : Return "内" 'Inside
Case ChartStringId.WizPieSeriesLabelPositionOutside : Return "外" 'Outside
Case ChartStringId.WizPieSeriesLabelPositionRadial : Return "径向" 'Radial
Case ChartStringId.WizPieSeriesLabelPositionTangent : Return "切线" 'Tangent
Case ChartStringId.WizPieSeriesLabelPositionTwoColumns : Return "两列" 'Two Columns
Case ChartStringId.WizPivotGridDataSourcePageName : Return "透视网格的数据源" 'Pivot Grid Datasource
Case ChartStringId.WizPositionCenter : Return "中心" 'Center
Case ChartStringId.WizPositionLeft : Return "左" 'Left
Case ChartStringId.WizPositionLeftColumn : Return "左栏" 'LeftColumn
Case ChartStringId.WizPositionRight : Return "权利" 'Right
Case ChartStringId.WizPositionRightColumn : Return "右列" 'RightColumn
Case ChartStringId.WizPresentationGroupName : Return "效果" 'Presentation
Case ChartStringId.WizResolveOverlappingModeDefault : Return "默认" 'Default
Case ChartStringId.WizResolveOverlappingModeHideOverlapping : Return "隐藏重迭" 'HideOverlapping
Case ChartStringId.WizResolveOverlappingModeJustifyAllAroundPoints : Return "自动调整周遭所有的数据点" 'JustifyAllAroundPoints
Case ChartStringId.WizResolveOverlappingModeJustifyAroundPoint : Return "自动调整周遭的数据点" 'JustifyAroundPoint
Case ChartStringId.WizResolveOverlappingModeNone : Return "无" 'None
Case ChartStringId.WizScaleBreakStyleRagged : Return "不规则形" 'Ragged
Case ChartStringId.WizScaleBreakStyleStraight : Return "直线" 'Straight
Case ChartStringId.WizScaleBreakStyleWaved : Return "水波形" 'Waved
Case ChartStringId.WizScrollBarAlignmentFar : Return "拉远" 'Far
Case ChartStringId.WizScrollBarAlignmentNear : Return "相邻" 'Near
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesDataBindingPageName : Return "系列绑定" 'Series Binding
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesLabelsPageDescription : Return "自定义您可以选择通过单击图表预览中的标签的一系列。\r\nNote 点的标签。" 'Customize the point labels of a series.\r\nNote that you may select labels of a series by clicking them in the chart preview.
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesLabelsPageName : Return "点标记" 'Point Labels
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesLabelTextOrientationBottomToTop : Return "下至上" 'BottomToTop
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesLabelTextOrientationHorizontal : Return "水平" 'Horizontal
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesLabelTextOrientationTopToBottom : Return "上至下" 'TopToBottom
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesPageDescription : Return "创建系列,并调整其一般的 properties.\r\nNote 第一个可见系列的视图类型决定的图表类型和它一组特定的选项。" 'Create series, and adjust their general properties.\r\nNote that the view type of the first visible series determines the diagram type and its set of specific options.
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesPageName : Return "系列" 'Series
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesPointPageName : Return "点" 'Points
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesViewPageDescription : Return "自定义视图类型特定的 series.\r\nNote,通过单击图表预览中您可以选择一系列选项。" 'Customize the view-type-specific options of a series.\r\nNote that you may select a series by clicking it in the chart preview.
Case ChartStringId.WizSeriesViewPageName : Return "系列视图" 'Series View
Case ChartStringId.WizShapeKindEllipse : Return "椭圆" 'Ellipse
Case ChartStringId.WizShapeKindRectangle : Return "矩形" 'Rectangle
Case ChartStringId.WizShapeKindRoundedRectangle : Return "圆角的矩形" 'Rounded Rectangle
Case ChartStringId.WizShapePositionKindFree : Return "免费" 'Free
Case ChartStringId.WizShapePositionKindRelative : Return "相对" 'Relative
Case ChartStringId.WizSpecifyDataFilters : Return "点击省略符按钮..." 'Click the ellipsis button...
Case ChartStringId.WizStringAlignmentCenter : Return "中心" 'Center
Case ChartStringId.WizStringAlignmentFar : Return "到目前为止" 'Far
Case ChartStringId.WizStringAlignmentNear : Return "附近" 'Near
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelClose : Return "关闭" 'Close
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelHigh : Return "高" 'High
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelLow : Return "低" 'Low
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelOpen : Return "打开" 'Open
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelValue : Return "价值" 'Value
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelValue_1 : Return "值_1" 'Value_1
Case ChartStringId.WizValueLevelValue_2 : Return "值_2" 'Value_2
Case ChartStringId.Workday : Return "工作日" 'Workday
Case ChartStringId.XYDiagramPanePrefix : Return "区域" 'Pane
Case Else
ret = id.ToString
End Select
Return ret
End Function

End Class


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