Daily record-August

1. A guide dog can guide a blind person. 导盲犬能给盲人引路。
2. A guide dog is a dog especially trained to guide a blind person. 导盲犬是一种特别训练用来帮助盲人的。
3. I have already fed my pet dog. 我已经喂过我的宠物狗了。
4. He tried to console his friend when his pet dog died. 当朋友的宠物狗死了的时候,他试着去安慰他。
5. The hunting dogs and sleigh dogs near the Arctic circle. 产于北极圈附近的猎犬和雪橇犬。
6. The Alaskan Malamute is a noble dog with a unique history. 阿拉斯加雪橇犬是一种高贵、有独特历史的品种。
7. The sheepdogs drove the sheep into the fold. 那些牧羊犬将羊群赶进了羊栏。
8. The farmer has a shepherd dog. 农夫有一条牧羊犬。
9. Pit bull can be the right man's best friend. 斗牛犬能成为某些人最好的朋友。
10. I don't know if you've ever walked a pit bull. 不知道你有没有遛过斗牛犬。

1. I have a white volkswagen. 我有辆白色的大众汽车。
2. VW still faces significant challenges in China. 大众汽车在中国仍面对重大挑战。
3. They'd gotten into the Buick regal. 他们就已经上了那辆别克君威。
4. We know you own an buick, where is it? 我们知道你有一辆别克,现在在哪里?
5. The Mercedes began to gain on the van. 那辆奔驰开始逼近小货车。
6. So, I am more willing to take a Benz or BMW to let them give me envious eye. 所以我更愿意坐奔驰或宝马,让他们羡慕我。
7. That is my dream, to own a Porsche. 这是我的梦想,拥有一辆保时捷。
8. If I don't come back, you can have my porsche. 如果我没回我的保时捷车就归你。
9. Because your car and the Ferrari were both rented. 因为你的车和那辆法拉利都是租来的。
10. I often dreamed of becoming a worker in Ferrari's factory. 我时常梦想在法拉利的工厂工作。

1. The backup and restore enhancements improve performance and debugging. 备份和恢复的改进提高了性能和调试效率。
2. I recently spent many hours debugging a customer's failing application. 最近花了很多时间对客户的故障应用程序进行调试。
3. The trainees checked out all right. 实习生顺利地通过了测试。
4. The company uses the simulator to market test new designs. 这家公司使用模拟装置对新设计进行市场测试。
5. His voice will be edited out of the final film. 电影的最终版本会剪掉他的声音。
6. These documents can then be version controlled. 然后可以对这些文档进行版本控制。
7. The system worked perfectly. 该系统运行完美。
8. The moon revolves around the earth. 月球绕地球运行。
9. There is a bug in the software. 软件有漏洞。
10. We noticed tiny bugs that were all over the walls. 我们注意到墙上爬满了小虫子。

1. I want to have a great season with Real Madrid. 我希望与皇马一起拥有一个伟大的赛季。
2. In 2009 Ronaldo did join Real Madrid. 2009年,罗纳尔多还是转会去了皇马。
3. So I have a feeling that I let him down by moving to Barcelona. 所以我感觉我去巴萨让他失望了。
4. He only got ten minutes against Barcelona so he was fresh. 他在巴萨的比赛中只上了10分钟所以他体能充沛。
5. As a boy he was a Manchester United fan. 小时候,他是曼联队的球迷。
6. I was six years in Manchester and there the football is more physical, faster. 我在曼联踢了6年,那里的足球更强调对抗和速度。
7. Their next four opponents are Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal. 他们以后的4个对手是切尔西,曼城,曼联,阿森纳。
8. Manchester City would never sell out their proud history and tradition. 曼城从不出卖自己光荣的历史和传统。
9. We are very confident heading into the Bayern match. 对阵拜仁的比赛,我们非常有信心。
10. Bayern are very good& they have mature players, strong players, quick players. 拜仁很厉害。他们有成熟,强壮,快速的球员。

1. Huawei and ZTE have denied receiving improper subsidies. 华为和中兴否认得到不正当补贴。
2. Huawei and ZTE deny the accusations. 华为和中兴否认上述指控。
3. The next iPhone is rumored to come in rose gold. 传闻下一部苹果手机将会是玫瑰金。
4. The game is currently fifth in the iPhones US chart of top-grossing apps. 目前,这款游戏在美国的苹果手机应用总排行中名列第五。
5. If Sony had that, it would have been stronger. 如果索尼这么做了,它就会更加强大。
6. Sony had seen the future. 索尼预见了行业的未来。
7. HTC is not a threat to Samsung and Apple. HTC对三星和苹果并不构成威胁。
8. Samsung, for instance, is South Korea's biggest employer and exporter. 举例说,三星电子是韩国最大的雇主和出口商。
9. Yahoo and Google are also a good example of this. 雅虎和谷歌也是很好的例子。
10. They offered me a job as a site Reliability Engineer at Google New York. 他们为我提供了一份在谷歌纽约公司当网站可靠性工程师的工作。

1. Men are allowed two weeks of paternity leave, on statutory pay. 男性有两周陪产假,并且有法定薪酬。
2. The government says two-thirds of new fathers take some paternity leave. 政府说三分之二的准爸爸会休陪产假。
3. Where are you going for your vacation this summer? 今年夏天你去哪儿度假?
4. I've just come back from a holiday in the United States. 我刚从美国度假回来。
5. On top of this, they were not permitted to have a vacation during the holiday. 此外,时值中国法定假期,工人们却得不到休假。
6. Could wages for statutory holiday be made in the following way? 可以这样处理法定假期工资么?
7. I'm working without overtime pay, so I can take some days off later. 我加班没有加班费,所以我可以在以后调休几天。
8. No, but you can take some days off later. 不,不过你可以在以后调休几天。
9. She had health insurance, a pension and job security. 她拥有医疗保险、养老金和失业保险。
10. When his unemployment insurance runs out, he would have to go on the dole. 当他失业保险金用完了,他就得靠政府救济金。

1. The baby will be one month old tomorrow. 孩子明天就满月了。
2. You'll turn into a werewolf when it's a full moon. 满月时你就会变成狼人。
3. Elders and children will receive lucky money in red envelopes from the adults. 长辈和小孩会收到大人给的红包。
4. We can get red envelopes in the Chinese New Year. 在中国新年我们会得到红包。
5. The food she eats nourishes both her and the baby. 她吃的食物给她和婴儿提供了营养。
6. The baby was rocked to sleep in a cradle. 婴儿在摇篮里被摇得睡着了。
7. Where's the bottle? The kid is starving. 奶瓶在哪里?小家伙饿了。
8. Always there is a graduation to the mark to the baby's feeding bottle. 婴儿的奶瓶总是标有刻度的。
9. You've got your mom's big eyes, too. 你也遗传了你妈妈的大眼睛。
10. She is a beautiful girl with black hair and large bright eyes. 她是一个有着一头黑发和一双大眼睛的漂亮姑娘。

1. I've ordered an LCD projector and a screen. 我订了一组液晶投影仪和屏幕。
2. The LCD panel and viewfinder display operate. 液晶屏和取景器会显示信息。
3. To close your document, press CTRL+ W on your keyboard. 关闭文件时要同时按键盘上的CTRL键和W键。
4. You can also remove keyboard shortcuts. 您也可以删除键盘快捷键。
5. CPU and memory were no longer the bottleneck. CPU和内存不再是瓶颈。
6. They consume a large amount of I/ O and CPU resources. 它们消耗大量I/O和CPU资源。
7. Let's also configure an Ethernet card. 我们来配置一个以太网卡。
8. I want to choose the network card for the computer. 我想为计算机选择网卡。
9. The computer has a128m of memory. 这台计算机有一个储量为128兆的内存。
10. When the kernel is decompressed into memory, it is called. 当内核被解压到内存中之后,就可以调用它了。

1. The original population of Iceland was of Nordic and Celtic origin. 冰岛的人口起源北欧人和凯尔特人。
2. It's taken millions of years for volcanoes and lava flows to build Iceland. 经过了几百万年,火山及熔岩流才筑就了今天的冰岛。
3. More than 100 tanks rolled into eastern Croatia. 100多辆坦克开进了克罗地亚东部。
4. After the World War I, Croatia created a union with Serbia that formed Yugoslavia. 战后,克罗地亚同塞尔维亚组成了南斯拉夫。
5. Ukraine is handicapped by its near-total dependency on Russian oil. 乌克兰受制于对俄罗斯石油近乎完全的依赖。
6. During his summer vacation he visited Russia. 暑假期间他去俄罗斯了。
7. The border between China and Korea has been formally delimited. 中国与朝鲜的边界已正式划定了。
8. How do you view North Korea's goal of building nuclear weapons? 你如何看待朝鲜发展核武器的目标?
9. It demonstrated the brilliance of China's ancient culture. 它显示了中国古代文化的光辉。
10. China's industry is developing at an unprecedented rate. 中国工业正以空前的速度发展。

1. Books applicable for global hotel management. 适用于全球的饭店管理专业书。
2. As a literature major, you must read many books. 作为文学专业的学生,你一定读过很多书。
3. I have acquired quite an average student's power to read the common ancient classics. 我已经有一般学生读普通古典文学书的能力了。
4. I advised that he should read more books about English literature. 我建议他多读些英语文学方面的书。
5. His works are included in this anthology of stories. 这本小说集收录了他的作品。
6. He is highly respected for his novels and plays. 他的小说和剧本使他非常受人敬重。
7. Read classics and quality newspapers. 所以,多读经典名著和优质报纸吧。
8. This book is one of the classics of English literature. 这本书是英国古典文学名著。
9. Biography must to some extent delineate characters. 传记必须在一定程度上描绘人物。
10. He wrote a biography of churchill. 他写了丘吉尔传记。

1. We worked together for years. 我们过去同事多年。
2. A working relationship turned into a very close friendship. 同事关系变成了非常亲密的友谊。
3. I lost my friend in that fight. 在那场战斗中我失去了战友。
4. Many of his comrades were killed in the battle. 他的许多战友都在战斗中牺牲了。
5. I salute him for the leadership role that he is taking. 我对他发挥的领导作用表示赞扬。
6. Two leading cadres came down from the provincial capital yesterday. 昨天从省里下来了两位领导干部。
7. I got chatting with my neighbour in the garden. 我在花园里和邻居聊了一会。
8. He wished to live in amity with his neighbour. 他希望与邻居和睦相处。
9. She infected the whole class with her laughter. 他的笑声感染了全班同学。
10. Most of the students of our class take Japanese as an elective course. 我们班大部分同学选修日语。

1. The baby threw down its rattle. 婴儿把他的拨浪鼓扔掉了。
2. The baby only shook the rattle and laughed and crowed. 孩子只是摇着拨浪鼓,笑着叫着。
3. Toy bricks are good to children's intellectual development. 积木对开发儿童智力有好处。
4. Tommy, please share your blocks with Lisa. 汤米,把你的积木拿来和莉萨一起玩。
5. How long will it take you to solve a magic cube? 解一个魔方到底需要多长时间?
6. He finally pulled off Rubik's Cube. 最后他成功地完成了魔方游戏。
7. I'm a boy. I like toy cars. 我是男孩。我喜欢玩具车。
8. The toy car is on the table. 玩具车在桌子上。
9. Dynamical robots controlled them. 电动的机器人控制了他们。
10. That robot is too dangerous. 这机器人太危险了。

1. Children get lucky money. 孩子得到了压岁钱。
2. Parents give their children lucky money in red envelopes. 父母亲给他们的小孩子装著红包的压岁钱。
3. The night lantern glowed softly in the darkness. 晚上点亮的灯笼在黑暗中发出柔和的光。
4. I'm making a paper lantern for my nephew. 我正在给我侄子做一个纸灯笼。
5. We have firecrackers at New Year! 我们新年的时候放鞭炮。
6. Firecracker noise could not wake you up. 鞭炮声不能把你吵醒。
7. As to why fu should be placed upside down there are three interpretations. 为什么福字要倒着贴呢?这里有三种解释。
8. The second heart is made of jade and has the Chinese character Fu. 第二颗心是刻有中国汉字福字的玉坠。
9. My mother is busy preparing for the new year dinner. 妈妈忙着准备年夜饭。
10. I want to buy the freshest fish available for my New Year's Eve dinner. 我要买条最新鲜的鱼,作为年夜饭的一道菜。

1. I had a cold and couldn't decide whether to go to work or not. 我感冒了,拿不定主意是否要去上班。
2. I was stuck at home with flu. 感冒把我困在了家中。
3. The little girl is running a fever and she needs help. 这个小女孩发烧了,需要帮助。
4. He was pulled down by a sudden fever. 他突然发烧病倒了。
5. I have loose bowels today. 我今天拉肚子。
6. I've been vomiting and I have diarrhea. 我一直呕吐及拉肚子。
7. I don't feel well this morning. I've got a stomach-ache. 今天早晨我不舒服,我胃疼。
8. My stomach has never hurt this much before. 我的胃疼以前从来没有这么疼过。
9. Obese people tend to have higher blood pressure than lean people. 胖人常常比瘦人血压高。
10. You have high blood pressure. 你血压高。

1. I like to eat ice-lolly, ice-cream and water ice. 我喜欢吃冰棒、雪糕和刨冰。
2. I haven't had ice-cream in so long. 我已经很久没吃雪糕了。
3. All we have left is instant noodles. 晚饭都被吃光了,现在只剩下方便面了。
4. But do you know how to cook them in a correct way? 但是你知道怎样以一种正确的方法煮方便面吗?
5. There still have some glass balls inside! 里面还有好几个玻璃球球呢!
6. We should get, like the marbles, two bands. 我们应当会像玻璃球那样,得到两条弹痕。
7. When we were young we used to shoot birds with slingshots. 小的时候,我们都用弹弓射鸟。
8. He had a stone in his sling. 并且把自己的弹弓装上了一块石头。
9. They can go fishing in the lake. 他们可以在湖里钓鱼。
10. The angler waited long but the fish would not bite. 钓鱼人等了好久,可是没有鱼上钩。

1. He is gifted with rare eloquence. 他天生具有罕见的口才。
2. I have an eloquence class today. 我今天上了一节关于口才的课。
3. He was a man of great charm and not inconsiderable wit. 他是魅力十足、机智过人的男人。
4. He reasons well, and his wit is bold. 他善于说话,而且机智过人。
5. He was a warm, generous and kind-hearted man. 他是个热情、大方、善良的人。
6. She was a jolly, kindhearted woman. 她是个心地善良、整天乐呵呵的女人。
7. Sometimes I am not as brave as I should be. 有时我表现得不够勇敢。
8. He bore his sufferings manfully. 他勇敢地面对苦难。
9. Industry and modesty are the chief factors of his success. 勤奋和谦虚是他成功的主要因素。
10. He made a diligent attempt to learn russian. 他勤奋的学习俄语。

1. The player is being tracked by Juventus. 该选手正为尤文图斯队所追踪关注。
2. Juventus defender Igor Tudor is set to move to the Premiership this summer. 尤文图斯后卫伊戈尔·多尔准备在这个夏天转会到英超。
3. I want to have a great season with Real Madrid. 我希望与皇马一起拥有一个伟大的赛季!
4. I think this year can be a good year for Real Madrid. 我觉得本赛季皇马一定可以收获颇丰。
5. There is a match between Rockets and Lakers tonight. 晚上有场火箭和湖人的比赛。
6. I want to watch TV and find out if the Lakers won. 我要看电视,看看湖人队赢了没有。
7. Garnett showed how strong he is. 加内特显示了他的实力有多么强。
8. There's Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Garnett. 对方有隆多、雷阿伦、皮尔斯和加内特。
9. Have you hear about Michael Jordan making a comeback? 迈克尔-乔丹复出了,你听说了吗?
10. Michael Jordan is one of the three greatest players of all time. 迈克尔-乔丹是历史上三个最伟大的球员之一。

1. He dribbled past four defenders. 他带球过了4名后卫。
2. He is a full back of our football team. 他是我们足球队中的后卫。
3. Passing is a key indicator of a good midfield performance. 传球依然是衡量一个好的中场球员的一个重要指标。
4. He tucked in on midfielder James Milner's brilliant cross in the 23rd minute. 在第23分钟,迪福接中场球员米尔纳的一记巧妙传中,将球塞入对方球门。
5. Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has won the Barclaycard Golden Boot Award. 阿森纳前锋亨利赢得了英超的金靴奖。
6. And the pressure is on for Lazio hitman Rocchi, who is the most experienced player in the squad. 压力集中在拉齐奥前锋身上,他是队中最富经验的球员。
7. Brown lobbed the ball over the Australian goalkeeper. 布朗把球挑过澳大利亚门将的头顶。
8. I need the best goalkeeper in the world back. 我需要我们的世界顶级门将回来。
9. He's more than a coach, he's a friend. 他不只是教练,更是朋友。
10. The coach tried to get his charges motivated. 教练试图激发队员的积极性。

1. If it doesnt go in, next touch go to the basket for a layup or atleast get FTs. 如果不进,下次拿球就冲篮下,上篮或者至少骗得犯规。
2. I tried many times to the left of the break, and left-handed layup. 我多次尝试往左边突破,并用左手上篮。
3. Look! Yao dunks and scores again! What a power play this is! 看!姚明又扣篮得分了!太有王者霸气了!
4. If I leave Dwight, it's a lob dunk. 如果我漏掉了霍华德,结果将会是一个空接扣篮。
5. Sometimes a tackle says much about a match and even the entire season. 有时,一次阻截抢断就足以说明一场球赛甚或整个赛季。
6. He was tackled just outside the penalty area. 他就在罚球区外让对方把球抢断。
7. He won the scoring title and assists title in the same season. 他在一个赛季中同时赢得了得分王和助攻王。
8. And frankly, I'm not concerned with Kobe's assist numbers. 坦白说,我一点也不在乎科比的助攻数。
9. Btw, 6 blocks is an indication of defensive liability? 顺便说一句,6个盖帽也算防守的累赘?
10. Really want to see Lin dunk on Yi Jianlian. 真的很想看易建联被林书豪盖帽。

1. I have to revise for maths. 我得复习数学。
2. He studied math in college. 他上大学时专业是数学。
3. These chemicals modulate the effect of potassium. 这些化学物质可以调节钾的功效。
4. She's a newcomer to chemistry. 她是化学(领域)的新手。
5. I wasn't too keen on physics and chemistry. 我对物理和化学不是太感兴趣。
6. Any form of physical activity will invalidate the results. 任何形式的物理活动都会证明这些结果是错误的。
7. This is a natural biological response. 这是自然的生物反应。
8. Genes determine the characteristics of every living thing. 基因决定每个生物的特征。
9. It marks the beginning of a new era in human history. 这标志着人类历史新纪元的开始。
10. Britain was allied with the United States many times in history. 历史上英国曾多次与美国结盟。

1. Someone threw an apple core. 有人扔了一个苹果核。
2. My gran's given us some apple jam. 我奶奶送给我们一些苹果酱。
3. We should quarter a pineapple. 我们应该把这个菠萝分成4等份。
4. Watermelon juice might be just as good as pineapple. 西瓜汁可能和菠萝一个味道。
5. Bananas are sold by weight. 香蕉是按斤两出售。
6. The banana tree has broad leaves. 香蕉树的叶子又宽又大。
7. I am sorry, I only have mango juice and lemonade. 我很抱歉,我只有芒果汁和柠檬水。
8. I like many kinds of fruits, for example, grapes, mangoes, and watermelons. 我喜欢很多种水果,例如,葡萄,芒果,及西瓜。
9. Lichee and durian fruit are newer flavors. 荔枝和榴莲是较新的口味。
10. My teacher chose a question about litchi and peach. 我的老师选择了一道有关荔枝和桃子的题目。

1. The baby will be one month old tomorrow. 孩子明天就满月了。
2. Without a full moon, you are no match for me. 没满月时你根本不是我的对手。
3. He was kidding about the diapers, right? 尿不湿那事是开玩笑的吧?
4. Please click here to a kindergarten for urine is not a wetland. 请速到幼儿园领取尿不湿一个。
5. May I have seven mooncakes? 我可以吃七个月饼吗?
6. If you buy this mooncake, you will get a gift. 如果您买这种月饼,您会获得一份小礼品。
7. I like sweet rice dumplings with beans. 我喜欢吃带有豆子的甜粽子。
8. I ate a lot of rice dumplings and wore a sachet. 我吃了很多粽子还有戴香包。
9. Mummy says I can play out in the garden. 妈妈说我可以到外面花园里玩。
10. The baby fell asleep in its mother's arms. 小孩儿在妈妈的怀里睡着了。

1. It was a large diamond, but it had a flaw. 这是颗大钻石,但它有一点瑕疵。
2. You can see all the flaws from this angle. 从这个角度你可以看到所有的瑕疵。
3. I let the tyres down on his car. 我把他的汽车轮胎放了气。
4. Somebody helped me mend the puncture. 有个人帮我修补扎破的轮胎。
5. The window opens to the west. 这扇窗户是向西开的。
6. He escaped by kicking open the window. 他踢开窗户逃跑了。
7. We made a lantern out of a pumpkin. 我们用一只南瓜做了一只灯笼。
8. I'm making a paper lantern for my nephew. 我正在给我侄子做一个纸灯笼。
9. Disconnect the power and data cables from the drive. 断开驱动电源电缆和数据电缆。
10. Disconnect the power and data cables from the drive断开驱动电源电缆和数据电缆。

1. I stayed the weekend with him我在他那里度过了周末。
2. It was just an ordinary weekend for us对我们来说,这只是一个平常的周末
3. I met him by chance out walking yesterday我昨天外出散步时碰巧遇见了他。
4. My sister was the partner of my walks我妹妹是同我一同散步的伙伴。
5. We are eating more and exercising less我们吃得多了,锻炼却少了。
6. Only now does he see the good of taking exercise他这才知道锻炼身体的好处。
7. I ran a marathon last week我上周参加了马拉松赛跑。
8. Especially the marathon. It's a classic race我尤其喜欢马拉松。这是经典的比赛项目。
9. I like to swim, especially in the sea我喜欢游泳,尤其喜欢在大海中游泳。
10. I went round to Jonathan's to see if he wanted to go swimming我去乔纳森那里看看他是否想去游泳。

1. You should drink less你应该少喝酒。
2. He's off drinking with his mates他跟哥儿们出去喝酒了。
3. I always lose at cards, with my bad luck我运气不好,打牌总是输。
4. Don't play cards with him; he always cheats不要和他打牌,他老是作弊
5. I enjoy a chat with a friend我喜欢与朋友在一起聊天儿。
6. In the evenings, we gathered around the fireplace and talked晚上,我们聚在火炉边聊天。
7. In the evening they smoked and talked晚上,他们一面抽烟一面聊天。
8. They wouldn't allow me to smoke他们不会让我抽烟的。
9. They played in the little garden他们在小花园里玩耍。
10. This is a place where children may play without danger孩子们在这种地方玩耍是没有危险的。

1. The pen writes smoothly这支钢笔书写流畅。
2. This is my pen, and yours is on the table这是我的钢笔,你的在桌子上。
3. He had written her a note in pencil他用铅笔给她写了个便条。
4. Those pencils are mine那些铅笔是我的。
5. Have a pencil and notepad ready准备好铅笔和笔记本。
6. He extracted a small notebook from his hip pocket他从屁股兜里摸出一个小笔记本。
7. The ruler is blue这个格尺是蓝色的。
8. Where is my ruler? It's under the desk我的格尺在哪?它在桌子下面。
9. My ruler and eraser please请把我的尺和橡皮给我。
10. There are two pens and an eraser on the desk桌上有两钢笔和一橡皮。

1. He will soon be out of hospital他很快就要出医院了。
2. Accompanied by the leader, they visited the hospital在领导的陪同下,他们参观了医院。
3. The nurse propped up the patient and fed him medicine护士扶起病人,喂他吃药。
4. I actually forgot to take medicine可我居然忘了吃药。
5. Instead of tea or coffee, drink water to quench your thirst渴了喝水,别喝茶或咖啡。
6. We saw baby elephants drinking from the stream我们看见小象在溪边喝水。
7. Come and have a meal with us tonight今晚来和我们一起吃饭吧。
8. They used to enjoy going out to dine他们以前很喜欢出去吃饭。
9. She is not fussy about her food她不挑食。
10. Don't worry about me, I'm not a fussy eater不要为我担心,我不是挑食的人。

1. I got completely carried away and almost cried我激动不已,几乎哭了出来。
2. Right now I'm feeling very excited现在,我觉得非常激动。
3. He is sure to be pleased at the news他听到这个消息一定很高兴。
4. It pleased him to talk to her能和她交谈让他很高兴。
5. It was a time of great sorrow这是一个非常悲伤的时刻。
6. She has gone crazy from grief她因悲伤而发疯。
7. She gave vent to her anger and jealousy她宣泄了自己的愤怒和嫉妒。
8. He angrily asserted that he had been set up他愤怒地声称有人设计陷害他。
9. I don't think you need to worry in the least我看你一点也不用着急。
10. Don't worry it's only a matter of hours till the doctor arrives别着急,医生几小时后就会赶到。

1. The police have uncovered a scheme of robbery警察当局破获了一起阴谋抢劫案。
2. Riot police broke up a demonstration by students防暴警察驱散了示威的学生。
3. A doctor and a nurse caught hold of his arms一名医生和一名护士抓住了他的双臂。
4. The doctor told me on the quiet his patient had cancer医生暗地对我说,那位病人患的是癌症。
5. Do I pay you or the cashier? 我付款给你你还是给收银员?
6. I give the order to the cashier我把菜单给收银员。
7. The fireman battled to control the flames消防员与烈火斗争以控制火势。
8. We're gonna need paramedics and fire trucks我们需要消防员和急救人员。
9. First came the PLA men, then the people's militia人民解放军走在前面,其次是民兵。
10. Dancing and skipping with joy, the children followed the PLA men to the village孩子们欢蹦乱跳地簇拥着解放军进了村。

1. He lost control of his car他的汽车失控了。
2. The company has increased the price of its cars公司已经提高了汽车价格。
3. The plane is about to take off飞机就要起飞了。
4. By now the plane was running out of fuel现在,这架飞机的燃料快用完了。
5. We went by ship over to America我们搭轮船去美国。
6. The ship is fully loaded with rice轮船满载着大米。
7. We heard the train coming我们听见火车来了。
8. At last the train arrived in the station火车终于到站了。
9. I don't ride the subway late at night我深夜不坐地铁。
10. Bombs went off at two London train stations伦敦的两个地铁站发生了炸弹爆炸事件。

1. We obatin your name and address from the Baidu我们从百度上得知贵公司的名称和地址。
2. But in China, the biggest search engine is Baidu但是在中国,最大搜索引擎是百度。
3. Yahoo and Google are also a good example of this雅虎和谷歌也是很好的例子。
4. This is not to say that Google needs to exit the search market by any means当然,这并不是说谷歌公司需要退出搜索市场。
5. Netease Welcome to my blog!  欢迎进入我的网易博客!
6. Least one period, Netease has not yet promulgated a plan to open the new district内测期间,网易尚未颁布开放新区得打算。
7. Jingdong mall also unwilling to lag behind京东商城也不甘落后。
8. Tencent now owns about 20 percent of JD腾讯现在持有京东20%的股份。
9. Sina's a new blog, because no one knew me新开了新浪的博客,因为这里没人认识我。
10. He has some celebrity fans on his Sina Weibo他在自己的新浪微博上拥有一些名人粉丝。


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