HTML 速查手册

  HTML/XTML in one page

  HTML5: The Evolution of Web Standards by James Sugrue

  (X)HTML Elements and Attributes

  Doctype Declarations (DTDs)

  XHTML Character Entity Reference

  GoSquared HTML Help Sheet

 CSS 速查手册

  CSS in one page

  CSS Properties and Values

  All CSS Properties Listed Alphabetically

  CSS Shorthand Guide

  GoSquared CSS Help Sheet

 JavaScript 速查手册

  JavaScript in one page

  JavaScript Cheat Sheet

  Addison-Wesley’s JavaScript Reference Card

jQuery 速查手册

  jQuery Cheatsheet

  jQuery 1.3 Visual Cheat Sheet by Antonio Lupetti

  jQuery Selectors by Bear Bibeault & Yehuda Katz


  Adobe Flash 速查手册

  Flash Cheat Sheet

  Flash CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts



  ASP.NET 速查手册

  Core ASP.NET

  ASP.NET MVC Framework Cheat Sheet

  ASP.NET MVC View Cheat Sheet


  PHP 速查手册

  PHP Basics Quick Reference Sheet

  PHP Cheat Sheet

  PHP Security Cheat Sheet

  PHP Variable and Array Tests

  GoSquared PHP Help Sheet


  MySQL 速查手册

  MySQL Cheat Sheet by Dave Child

  MySQL Database Quick Reference

  SQL Statements Cheat Sheet


  Unicode 速查手册

  The Unicode Character Code

  HTML Characters, Numeric Codes, 0-65535 by Bob Stein


  XML 速查手册

  XML in one page

  XML 1.0 Syntax Quick Reference by Mulberry Technologies


  mod_rewrite 和 .htaccess 速查手册

  mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet by Dave Child

  htaccess Cheatsheet