Version History
Version 1.13 2010/10/30
-a bug in finding valid string column in mysql fixed.
-Getting tables and column when database name is unknown added (mysql)
-Automatic keyword finder optimized and some bugs fixed.
-'Key is not unique' bug fixed
-Getting data starts from row 2 when All in One fails - bug fixed
-Run time error when finding keyword fixed.
-False table finding in access fixed.
-keyword correction method made better
-a bug in getting current data base in mssql fixed.
-a secondary method added when input value doesn't return a normal page (usually 404 not found)
-data extraction bug in html-encoded pages fixed.
-string or integer type detection made better.
-a bug in https injection fixed.
-another method added for finding columns count and string column in PostgreSQL
-Oracle error based database added with ability to execute query.


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