SoapUI Pro Project Solution Collection-Test Step Object

Package com.eviware.soapui.model.testsuite


used for access the current testsuite object, like test case:


  1. the interface to access the testRunner Object in groovy script:
  2. the interface to access the context object in groovy script:

   3. the interface to access the log object in groovy script:

      the log object is the log4j library,access from this class:import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

so here you can soapui had provided us three objects to access soapui context .

  4. the interface to access the test case object:

TestCase newcase=testRunner.getTestCase();

for testRunner object ,you can do these things from it’s interface:

  • get the test step ,can from these way ,the test step’s name :
  • get the test step by test step’s by index number:


  • access to different type of test step:
Interface TestStep

All Superinterfaces:
ModelItem, PropertyChangeNotifier, ResultContainer, TestModelItem, TestPropertyHolder
All Known Subinterfaces:
HttpRequestTestStep, HttpTestRequestStepInterface, OperationTestStep, RestTestRequestStepInterface, SamplerTestStep
All Known Implementing Classes:
AMFRequestTestStep, HttpTestRequestStep, JdbcRequestTestStep, ManualTestStep, PropertyTransfersTestStep, ProPlaceholderStepFactory.WsdlProPlaceholderTestStep, RestTestRequestStep, WsdlDelayTestStep, WsdlGotoTestStep, WsdlGroovyScriptTestStep, WsdlMockResponseTestStep, WsdlPropertiesTestStep, WsdlRunTestCaseTestStep, WsdlTestRequestStep, WsdlTestStep, WsdlTestStepWithProperties

from above we can see we can access any test step if you need .

soapui had provided these types of test step ,see below:

  1. Test Request
  2. Rest Test Request
  3. Http Test Request
  4. AMF Request
  5. JDBC Request
  6. Properties
  7. Properties Transfer
  8. DataSource
  9. DataSink
  10. DataGen
  11. DataSource Loop
  12. Conditional Goto
  13. Run TestCase
  14. Groovy Script
  15. Assert TestStep
  16. Delay
  17. Mock Response
  18. Manual TestStep


here i just give some special object we use often in your project:

1.JDBC Request

free version: JdbcRequestTestStep

pro version:ProJdbcRequestTestStep

2.DataSource :WsdlDataSourceTestStep

3.DataSource Loop:WsdlDataSourceLoopTestStep


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