Total Commander 8.52 Beta 1

Total Commander 8.52 Beta 1

10.08.15 Release Total Commander 8.52 beta 1 (32/64)
05.08.15 Fixed: Windows 10: Loading drive buttonbar hanging on some devices (e.g. Surface Pro 3) when SD-Card was in internal card reader (problem with floppy disk check function) (32/64)
28.07.15 Fixed: Main icon didn't include 24x24 pixel image, which is the new default size in the Windows 10 task bar (but unfortunately Windows 10 seems to ignore the 24x24 icon for now) (32/64)
26.07.15 Fixed: Pack selected folders to separate archives, do not store base directory name -> skip empty dirs, show warning at end (32/64)
26.07.15 Fixed: Search history: Put saved string in double quotes when saving also when string starts or ends with a TAB (32/64)
21.07.15 Fixed: Drag&Drop: BACKSPACE in target panel during drag now switches to parent in target panel (32/64)
21.07.15 Fixed: Drag&Drop: BACKSPACE in source panel switched dir to parent, broke drag because source dir was changed (32/64)
21.07.15 Fixed: Drag&Drop: ENTER on subdir in target panel during drag switched to subdir, but drag cursor was lost (64)
21.07.15 Fixed: Long names from TAR not handled if additional 'x' header was between the name ('L' header) and the actual file (32/64)
20.07.15 Fixed: Noclose.exe: Put entire parameter to cmd /K in double quotes (32/64)
17.07.15 Fixed: ZIP packer: Add zip64 central directory record if number of files >= 2^16 (65536), otherwise Explorer wouldn't show all the files (32/64)
12.06.15 Fixed: FTP over SSL, remote copy with Shift+F5: Make sure we login securely also to the second connection (32/64)
19.05.15 Fixed: Lister plugins: WM_MEASUREITEM message wasn't passed to Lister by the library, so Lister couldn't pass it to the plugin (64)
08.05.15 Fixed: The following command from cmd.exe would cause TC to hang: TCFS2 /ef "tcd(`|*`)"  (32/64)
08.05.15 Fixed: Change attributes: Could not change timestamp of symbolic links/reparse points (directly or via 'tc' plugin). Instead, the link target timestamp was changed (32/64)
05.05.15 Fixed: Remove right to left markers from file names (used almost exclusively by viruses/worms) before displaying them in file lists (32/64)
10.04.15 Fixed: Hint window text is sometimes not fitting in the hint, because DrawText(..,DT_CALCRECT) returns 1 pixel less than required by theme.DrawText (problem in Lazarus library) (64)
10.04.15 Fixed: FTP, upload: Treat code 4xx as an error, e.g. 452 Requested action not taken. Insufficient storage space in system. (32/64)
10.04.15 Fixed: Could not load selection from clipboard or file when the name started with Chinese character "one" (horizontal line) because the first byte is a 0 (32/64)
08.04.15 Fixed: Lister: Prevent crash when Windows reports 0 for average character width (32/64)
08.04.15 Fixed: Show error message if QueryContextMenu causes access violation (32/64)
08.04.15 Fixed: Crash opening recycle bin virtual folder, GetDisplayNameOf can sometimes return null pointer (32/64)
27.02.15 Fixed: Ctrl+F - Edit connection, second tab: Encoding wasn't displayed when using language other than Endlish and encoding 1250 or below in the list (32/64)
27.02.15 Fixed: Button bar containing button which opens the _same_ bar as a menu -> icons were displaced by 1 because the link to itself was removed (32/64)
24.02.15 Fixed: Run tcmadmin.exe with current directory set to TC program dir, not the current panel directory (XP) or drive c (after XP) (32/64)
24.02.15 Fixed: Linux: GetCurrentDirectory returns UNC/server/share instead of //server/share for UNC paths linked under ~/.wine/dosdevices/unc (32/64)
20.02.15 Fixed: Command line parameter FTPOPEN:Connection_name only worked for left panel, not for right panel (e.g. via /R=) (32/64)
13.02.15 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Replace characters (received from plugins) with code <32 (e.g. tab, line break) by spaces (32/64)
13.02.15 Fixed: Content plugin field "boolean", x64 only: Sort order reversed if the plugin returned boolean(-1) instead of boolean(1) (64)
06.02.15 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: When opened via mouse, clicking on one of the buttons like [YMD] added the placeholder instead of replacing the selection (64)
27.01.15 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Files were moved to the base directory when renaming after search - feed to listbox on ftp server (32/64)
27.01.15 Fixed: Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Shift+Up in search result -> restore previous view mode for new tab (e.g. brief view) (32/64)
27.01.15 Fixed: Date/Time picker in "Change attributes": Time wrong by 1 hour if the date to be set is in daylight saving time and the current date isn't, or vice versa (32/64)
07.01.15 Fixed: FTP: Remove timeout for FxP (server to server) data transfers, so large files can be sent too (32/64)
07.01.15 Fixed: Crash/hang when showing tooltip window with very long lines (problem with automatic line breaking code) (32/64)
21.11.14 Fixed: Main menu texts not visible to screen reader in 64-bit version only (64)
21.11.14 Fixed: Pack dialog (Alt+F5): Packer prefix lost when packing to same dir and clicking on "Create separate archives" for packer with 5 or more characters (e.g. bzip2) (32/64)
16.11.14 Fixed: Compatibility flags for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 in manifest (32/64)
14.11.14 Fixed: Delete function: Do not count files in file system links (reparse points, hard links, soft links) within the selected subdirs (32/64)
14.11.14 Fixed: Newest unrar.dll not running on Windows 2000 -> use unrar9x.dll on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 (32)
11.11.14 Fixed: Alt+F7 search on FTP server, change search start path manually -> current dir was there after closing search dialog (32/64)
09.11.14 Fixed: Find files: Clear result list when user aborts search for duplicate files (otherwise non-dupes may be in the list) (32/64)
29.10.14 Fixed: Alt+F8, go to old command line, press right arrow -> command line was selected by mistake only while in brief view (64)
29.10.14 Fixed: Lister: Recognize html tags <br/>, <p/> and <hr/> without a space before the slash (32/64)
28.09.14 Fixed: TC 32-bit was preventing screen saver from starting (32)
26.09.14 Fixed: When unpacking archives with Alt+F9 and no target path is given, unpack to the directory of the archive also in branch view and search - feed to listbox (32/64)
26.09.14 Fixed: Drag&Drop from virtual folders like the desktop to external programs not working any more (32/64)
26.09.14 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Load names in external editor would sometimes not pass all names to the editor with many files and characters from different codepage in one of them (32/64)
25.09.14 Fixed: F5 copy: CopyAllTimes=1 not working with names longer than 259 characters when using default copy method (32/64)
25.09.14 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Result list not updated when: Typing first letters of saved rename string, pressing Alt+Down, Enter (reason: changed event not sent by Windows) (32/64)
24.09.14 Fixed: Memory leak in Uniscribe number draw function (32/64)
16.09.14 Fixed: RDP drive (tsclient) was not selected in combobox when changing it via drive buttonbar (upper/lowercase problem) (32/64)
12.05.14 Fixed: FTP: MDTM YYYYMMDDHHMMSS was no longer detected, so the option to upload file timestamp was no longer shown (32/64)

30.04.14 Release Total Commander 8.51a final (32/64)
29.04.14 Fixed: Left panel switched to c:\ when inserting/removing USB stick while "Drive not found" error was shown (32)
29.04.14 Fixed: Right click context menu: Still crashes caused by PowerArchiver shell extension - fixed by initializing command string to 0 (32/64)

27.04.14 Release Total Commander 8.51a pre 1 (32/64)
27.04.14 Fixed: cm_SaveSelectionToFile/cm_LoadSelectionFromFile not working in archives when using branch view (Ctrl+B) (32/64)
27.04.14 Fixed: Upload to FTP server failed when using MODE Z compression (on most servers, it still completed with APPE) (32/64)
25.04.14 Fixed: 64-bit uninstaller of combined 32+64-bit version didn't remove links to 32-bit EXEs (32/64)
25.04.14 Fixed: Set default of AlignNumberFix value to 0 on Linux (it crashes with some versions of Wine) (32/64)
25.04.14 Fixed: Right click context menu: PowerArchiver shell extension caused crash because it created menu items outside of the requested range (32/64)

23.04.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 final (32/64)
22.04.14 Fixed: No progress bar in system tray icon when using external icon library (via iconlib=) on high DPI device (32/64)
18.04.14 Fixed: FTP: Increased maximum allowed value of DataConnectTimeout (wcx_ftp.ini) from 60 to 300 seconds (default is 10 seconds) (32/64)
18.04.14 Fixed: Crash when aborting delete from FS plugin during the counting phase (checking how many files are in selected subfolders) (32/64)

16.04.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 release candidate 3 (RC3) (32/64)
16.04.14 Fixed: Button bar: Deleting a button via right click (moving the rest to the left) didn't support long parameters >259 characters (64)
16.04.14 Fixed: Compare, re-sync from here: Keep track separately whether the file was changed since the last save, and whether it was changed since it was opened, to avoid unnecessary "The file was changed" dialogs (32/64) 
15.04.14 Fixed: FTP upload: When using dynamic upload block size, start with a size of 2048 bytes (instead of 512) to get faster more quickly (32/64)
13.04.14 Fixed: Compare by content: Text refresh was disabled when pasting a line to an UTF-8 file where the UTF-16 length was shorter than 1024 characters, but the UTF-8 length (in bytes) was longer (32/64)
13.04.14 Fixed: Open archive in already running instance (via /O switch) only placed cursor on archive, even without /A switch (previous fix was only applied to 32-bit) (64)
13.04.14 Fixed: Lister's menu was missing hotkeys 1,2,3,4 etc. when opening menu with mouse (since TC 8.0!) (64)
13.04.14 Fixed: Caret rectangle could be lost over the icon when it is loaded from the background thread (except when using inverted cursor) (32)

09.04.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 release candidate 2 (RC2) (32/64)
09.04.14 Fixed: Very slow extraction of icons or overlay icons could hang opening of Lister (F3) -> use different critical section when loading plugins (32/64)
09.04.14 Fixed: Unpack password-protected RAR with Alt+F9 -> parent of password dialog wasn't set to the progress dialog (32/64)
08.04.14 Fixed: Memory leak in Compare by content - Recompare from here (only if a file was changed) (32/64)
08.04.14 Fixed: Compare by content - "Resync comparison from here" not working correctly if one of the files (or both) was saved just before using the function (32/64)
04.04.14 Fixed: Do not try to draw updated icon (loaded in background) before the actual line has been drawn (e.g. multiple files with same extension) (32/64)
04.04.14 Fixed: Icon of focused item in inactive panel could sometimes get cursor background from active panel (32/64)

02.04.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 release candidate 1 (RC1) (32/64)
02.04.14 Fixed: Two pass copy function: When error occurs with last file in list, do not postpone dialog box to second pass (32/64)
02.04.14 Added: Use Uniscribe to display custom columns, as long as they don't contain non-English texts, or tabs (32/64)
02.04.14 Fixed: Verify checksums: Taking checksum from clipboard not working for SHA512 (32/64)
02.04.14 Added: Moved call to NetShareEnum to get list of all shared folders to background thread (32/64)
02.04.14 Added: Test for shared folders: Old method via OLE2 can be set with TestIfSharedDir=2 (32/64)
02.04.14 Fixed: Lister's menu was missing hotkeys 2,3,4 etc. starting with beta 4 (64)
01.04.14 Added: Reduced flickering of current item in listboxes by re-drawing loaded icons manually instead of invalidating the rectangle (32/64)
01.04.14 Fixed: Do not beep when skipping (for later) write protected, hidden or system files when moving between drives (32/64)
30.03.14 Fixed: Open RAR with encrypted names: Repeat password dialog until user enters correct password or cancels dialog, also show "wrong password" hint (32/64)
30.03.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, delete files via right click menu: Bypass recycle bin with Shift pressed also when choosing the menu item (not only when confirming the dialog box) (32/64)

26.03.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 beta 5 (32/64)
26.03.14 Added: Change main menu only with new command OPENLANGUAGEFILE WCMD_xyz.MNU or OPENLANGUAGEFILE .MNU for internal (32/64)
26.03.14 Fixed: Find files, search for text in zip, compressed size<1MB but uncompressed >1MB -> only first MB was searched (32/64)
26.03.14 Fixed: "F7 New Folder" in virtual folder (e.g. Android device) -> directory sometimes only appearing after manual refresh (32/64)
26.03.14 Fixed: Choose old command line from history with keyboard, press left or right arrow -> command line was selected instead of placing the cursor behind it (64)
26.03.14 Added: F6 move dialog: Right click on OK or Queue button shows context menu "Copy" to copy the file instead of moving it (32/64)
26.03.14 Added: F5 copy dialog: Right click on OK or Queue button shows context menu "Move" to move the file instead of copying it (32/64)
26.03.14 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete: Click on "Verify after delete" didn't enable the "Apply" button (64)
21.03.14 Added: Also load icons for internal associations in a background thread (32/64)
21.03.14 Fixed: Windows directory was shown as shared (due to administrative share ADMIN$) (32/64)
21.03.14 Fixed: Automatic redraw of per extension icons (when extracted) wasn't working correctly (64)
21.03.14 Fixed: No per extension icons were shown when using 32x32 icons (32/64)

19.03.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 beta 4 (32/64)
19.03.14 Fixed: Alt+F1/F2: Couldn't access items "+" and "\" with keyboard when using Chinese locale (32/64)
19.03.14 Added: Also load per extension icons in a (separate) background thread to avoid slowdowns when scrolling (e.g. due to Windows Defender) (32/64)
19.03.14 Fixed: When using multiple environment variables in the same command, TC stopped replacing them at the first non-existing (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: TAR packer: Files >4GB couldn't be packed correctly (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Quick search: Problem with cursor position when searching for more than 2 characters of Korean on Windows 8.x (64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Could not enter RAR5 archive with different password than the remembered password. Reason: unrar.dll returned new error code ERAR_BAD_PASSWORD (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Avoid "Out of system resources" error in mylabel control when dimensions are <=0 or too big (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Find files, results from multiple archives, feed to listbox -> total size negative, number of files may be wrong (32/64)
18.03.14 Fixed: Always set XPMoveMethod=0 on Linux/WinE, otherwise the file may get zero permissions (WinE bug) (32/64)
16.03.14 Added: Multi-rename tool: Allow to enter forward slashes for moving files on FTP servers to other (already existing) dirs - do not overwrite existing files in target dirs (32/64)
16.03.14 Fixed: FTP: Rename multiple files with Shift+F6: Show overwrite confirmation dialog for each file where target exists, supports "Overwrite all" (32/64)
16.03.14 Fixed: FTP: Rename single file with Shift+F6: Delete target only if RNTO fails, not if RNFR fails (32/64)
14.03.14 Fixed: Folder size (loaded via Alt+Shift+Enter) lost after switching to other program and back when sorting folders by size. Solution: Make folder checksum independent from sort order (32/64)
14.03.14 Added: Use NetShareEnum to get list of all shared folders (if user has admin rights) to speed up loading of shared folder icons (32/64)
14.03.14 Fixed: Access violation when changing font and Uniscribe wasn't loaded yet (32/64)
14.03.14 Fixed: FTP: Log loading of OpenSSL DLLs and errors, try to re-use dll loaded by a plugin from a different directory (32/64)

12.03.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 beta 3 (32/64)
12.03.14 Added: New internal command OPENLANGUAGEFILE WCMD_xyz.LNG to open specific LNG/MNU file pair from "language" subdir. Leave out parameter for internal language. Will not be added to .inc (32/64)
12.03.14 Added: Changed default value of UploadBlockSize to 1, meaning dynamic from 512 to 32768 bytes. First adjustment after 128k (32/64)
11.03.14 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlignNumberFix=0 turns off alignment of size/date/time with Uniscribe (32/64)
11.03.14 Fixed: Find files, feed to listbox, delete files: The footer was still showing the number of selected files (64)
11.03.14 Fixed: FTP upload file (F5): If user enters name with subdir, e.g. dir/newname, no check for existing files was done (32/64)
11.03.14 Added: FTP rename file (Shift+F6): Show overwrite confirmation dialog if target exists (32/64)
11.03.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Regular expressions not working in content compare filter dialog (32/64)
10.03.14 Fixed: Windows 8.x: Segoe UI font had different spaced numbers, size and date/time fields looked very ugly -> use Uniscribe to display them (32/64)
10.03.14 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CtrlArrowOpenArchive=5: Controls whether Ctrl+Left/Right arrow opens archives or not: 0=never, 1=if ENTER opens archive, 2=if ZIPlikeDirectory=1, 3=always. Add 4 to put cursor on file if not opened. Does not affect search - feed to listbox mode (32/64)

05.03.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 beta 2 (32/64)
05.03.14 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree, rescan with F2: Ignore recursive links, and do not follow links at all when IgnoreLinks=8 (or sum containing 8) (32/64)
05.03.14 Fixed: Find files, click on "Drives", close with "X" -> focus was lost (64)
04.03.14 Fixed: Ctrl+Left/Right arrow on archive: Only show as archive in other panel if ENTER would also open it as an archive (e.g. for .zip, but not for .docx) (32/64)
04.03.14 Fixed: F7 New Folder: Refresh other panel also if the path is essentially the same, but differs in upper/lowercase characters (32/64)
04.03.14 Added: Multi-rename tool: The counter field [C] now supports fractional parts (only in the field itself, not in the counter section), e.g. [C+1/100]\[N] will move the first 100 files to subdir "1", the next 100 to "2" etc. (for the reverse, use ..\[N]) (32/64)
02.03.14 Fixed: These dialogs also didn't support Unicode in wildcards/regular expressions: Colors, hints, overwrite custom fields, compare filters, and thumbnail texts by file type (32/64)
02.03.14 Fixed: Various dialogs didn't support regular expressions (with '<' prefix) although the dialog text suggested it: Colors by file type, help texts (hints) by file type, overwrite dialog custom fields, synchronize compare filters, and thumbnail texts by file type (32/64)
02.03.14 Fixed: Crash when setting AllocationPreference (DWORD) to 0x100000 in the registry, problem with WM_MEASUREITEM, because wparam only contains lower 32-bit of GWL_ID (64)
28.02.14 Fixed: String Nr. 677 <DIR>: Only append ">" when string starts with "<" (32/64)
28.02.14 Fixed: Wincmd.ini: setting historylen to 0 didn't turn off the history, one line was still written (32/64)
28.02.14 Fixed: "Copy to clipboard" not working any more in "Compare by content", binary mode (32/64)
28.02.14 Fixed: Delete function: Show "Seeking..." instead of "Deleting" while counting the number of files to be deleted (32/64)
28.02.14 Fixed: Pack files, move to archive, each selected in separate archive -> base dir not deleted when packing with option "leave out base directory" (32/64)
28.02.14 Fixed: No thumbnails were shown in Shift+F6 overwrite confirmation dialog (32/64)

26.02.14 Release Total Commander 8.51 beta 1 (32/64)
26.02.14 Fixed: Open multi-volume RAR with missing parts: Do not show error when user cancels next volume request (32/64)
26.02.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could not abort copying of folders only (32/64)
26.02.14 Fixed: When copying file system links, also copy the attributes and timestamps (32/64)
25.02.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, minimize to tray, wait until overwrite confirmation is shown, double click on tray icon -> couldn't access overwrite dialog any more (32/64)
25.02.14 Fixed: "FTP Connect" - "Protect all connections" not working in 64-bit version (64)
25.02.14 Fixed: FTPOPEN or URL as parameter: Do not switch to c:\ if previous directory is a valid directory (32/64)
25.02.14 Fixed: Do not add FTPOPEN parameter to directory history (32/64)
25.02.14 Fixed: F7 create directory in packer plugins may crash (one callback not set), temporary folder may not be deleted (32/64)
25.02.14 Fixed: Search text in EPUB not working when extension of files was .xhtml (32/64)
24.02.14 Fixed: Copy/Delete in background could not be paused when copying/deleting only folders (no files) (32/64)
24.02.14 Fixed: File system plugin (e.g. SFTP), upload multiple big files in background -> could result in a deadlock, TC hanging (32/64)
23.02.14 Fixed: "Background copy complete" sound was played also when moving file in the foreground with F6 (32/64)

19.02.14 Release Total Commander 8.50 final (32/64)
17.02.14 Fixed: Opening partial RAR archive (or multi-volume with missing parts): The last (incomplete) file was not listed (32/64)
17.02.14 Fixed: Parameter FTPOPEN:configured_connection_name only worked on PCs with a drive "F:" (32/64)
17.02.14 Fixed: After moving files as administrator with F6-OK-Background, and switching to the target panel before the copying ended, the source panel wasn't refreshed (32/64)
16.02.14 Fixed: Commands - Search - Advanced - "Find duplicate files" - "same plugin fields": No error was shown when the closing "]" was missing (32/64)
16.02.14 Fixed: After moving files as administrator with F6-OK-Background, the background progress dialog could remain open (32/64)
10.02.14 Fixed: Crash in synchronize dirs started as separate program, when overwriting files (preview images enabled) (32/64)
06.02.14 Fixed: Duplicate file finder, feed to listbox, select duplicates dialog: Selection by directory not always working correctly (due to uninitialized array) (32/64)
06.02.14 Fixed: Trying to copy entire drive (e.g. c:\) from search results to same drive wouldn't cause error message that this isn't allowed (32/64)
06.02.14 Fixed: Couldn't copy entire drive (e.g. c:\) from search results with F5 - F2 in background (32/64)

05.02.14 Release Total Commander 8.50 release candidate 3 (RC3) (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Search in Lister, text found, user presses F7 again -> do not use text selected by the search function as new search string, only when user selects text by himself (important when searching for hex or regular expressions) (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, compare 2 RAR archives by content: Not working if file names had different case (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Internal content plugin: Field "tc.dosname" was no longer working (32/64)
04.02.14 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Hide rename box when user clicks on one of the direction buttons or singles/duplicates to show/hide files (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Ignore clicks on button bar when TC was inactive, and reactivating it shows wait dialog (e.g. network drive not reachable) (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Search function, use list file @c:\path\file.txt -> drive root like c:\ could be found as file not folder, if previously found item wasn't a folder (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Refresh current dir with Ctrl+R would re-read shared folder status, but would not always display it (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Multi-line tooltips for files and button bar buttons with VERY long names were not wrapped to the current screen width (32/64)
02.02.14 Fixed: Unpack ZIP with invalid local headers (stored file with size set to -1) by using the size from the central directory (32/64)
31.01.14 Fixed: Reading of large virtual folders (e.g. photos on MTP device) can be very slow -> allow to turn off reading of file sizes+timestamps: wincmd.ini [Configuration] VirtualFolderDetails=0
31.01.14 Fixed: Problems with tabs in 64-bit version (width of name column too big) (64)

29.01.14 Release Total Commander 8.50 release candidate 2 (RC2) (32/64)
29.01.14 Fixed: Refresh current dir with Ctrl+R didn't re-read shared folder status (32/64)
29.01.14 Fixed: Crash loading certain comments via OLE2 (64)
29.01.14 Fixed: Search duplicate files by size and content: Make sure the results are sorted by full path name within each group (32/64)
29.01.14 Fixed: Read directory, progress dialog shown after 5 seconds: Do not update the file list until the entire list has been read (32/64)
28.01.14 Fixed: Open RAR archives while they are downloaded, also extract files from them (thanks to new unrar.dll) (32/64)
28.01.14 Fixed: Search function, use list file @c:\path\file.txt -> reported also found files (e.g. 1 file and 1 folder instead of just 1 folder) when searching only current dir (32/64)
28.01.14 Fixed: Search function, use list file @c:\path\file.txt -> drive root like c:\ not found when searching only current dir (32/64)
28.01.14 Fixed: Thumbnails view in Network Neighborhood tried to load images from plugins and "reload" entry (32/64)

22.01.14 Release Total Commander 8.50 release candidate 1 (RC1) (32/64)
22.01.14 Fixed: Shift+F6 edit field too short when renaming archive in search results - feed to listbox after finding files in multiple archives (32/64)
21.01.14 Fixed: Field [] was limited to 127 characters, also affected [=tc.ext] (32/64)
21.01.14 Fixed: Increased FTP reply timeout from 20 to 30 seconds while connecting (32/64)
17.01.14 Fixed: Couldn't open archives in virtual folders like the Desktop with Ctrl+PageDown (ENTER worked) (32/64)
17.01.14 Fixed: Find files, feed to listbox, delete files -> the (not selected) file under the cursor could be removed from the list although it wasn't deleted (32/64)
17.01.14 Fixed: Support F5/F6 to select just the name or name+extension of a file also in various other dialogs (e.g. overwrite confirmation -> rename) (32/64)
17.01.14 Fixed: Resizing caused by remote desktop could cause crash (division by zero) (64)
17.01.14 Fixed: Multi-rename tool could show wrong file mask (e.g. [N][C] saved previously instead of [N]) when opened (32)
17.01.14 Fixed: Surrounding double quotes (e.g. "* *") not saved in the following places: Custom colors, wildcards in sync when saving settings, menu "Show" - "Custom", Find files (save parameters), Print margins dialog (header text) (32/64)
17.01.14 Fixed: Find duplicate files also in archives, feed to listbox -> we cannot show the result as duplicate files if the files are a mix from multiple archives, or normal files+archive files (32/64)
12.01.14 Added: F5,F6,Shift+F6: Remove characters #00-#31 like line breaks (LF) in name and replace tabs by spaces when new name pasted from clipboard (32/64)

08.01.14 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 15 (32/64)
07.01.14 Fixed: Could not enter header-encrypted 7zip archive with different password when password was saved previously (entering other archive) (32/64)
07.01.14 Fixed: User was asked multiple times for the same password in some 7zip archives -> try the same up to 5 times before asking (32/64)
07.01.14 Fixed: Abort unpacking of 7zip archive -> target file handle wasn't closed, so the file couldn't be deleted (64)
07.01.14 Fixed: FTP upload in background: Also show error when upload of a folder fails, show different error messages for up- and downloads (32/64)
05.01.14 Fixed: Lister: Ctrl+End didn't go to the end of the text with Uniscribe=0 and any encoding other than the default when the text didn't end with a line break (32/64)
31.12.13 Added: Show thumbnails in virtual folders like libraries, only supports the Explorer method, no internal caching (32/64) 
29.12.13 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not redirect to hard-linked folder when launching file and a newer version of IE10 without the hard link bug is installed (32/64)
29.12.13 Fixed: Context menu couldn't be opened with long touch (on a touch screen device) in sync dialog. Reason: Problem with Listbox control, search for MICROSOFT_TABLETPENSERVICE_PROPERTY (32/64)
29.12.13 Fixed: Could not open SFX installer of FreeArchiver because the archive data was followed by 210 k of junk - TC only checked the last 64 k (32/64)
29.12.13 Fixed: Shared folder icons were not cached when overlays were turned off (32/64)
27.12.13 Fixed: Ignore dlls when trying to open self-extracting archives (by looking at the PE header) (32/64)
27.12.13 Fixed: Auto-complete missing in new "CRC create" dialog (32/64)
27.12.13 Fixed: New freeze on inaccessible network share only in admin shares when checking for shared folders (32/64)
27.12.13 Fixed: Search for duplicate plugin fields: Percent value not correct when searching also for same names and/or sizes (32/64)
27.12.13 Fixed: Still crashes in search for duplicate plugin fields when groups of files were empty (no match) (32/64)

24.12.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 14 (32/64)
24.12.13 Fixed: Command line, "cd" command: Ignore all spaces before double quote, e.g. cd  "TEMP" (32/64)
24.12.13 Fixed: Shift+F5 didn't support leading spaces in the name (trailing spaces are removed by design) (32/64)
24.12.13 Fixed: Unreachable network share shown in one panel, user inserts USB stick -> hangs (32/64) 
24.12.13 Fixed: Edit file with spaces in the name from RAR archive, save -> re-packing failed (32/64)
24.12.13 Fixed: Could not open files inside hard links containing a relative path (without \\ or c: at the start) on Windows 7/8 (32/64)
23.12.13 Fixed: Crash unpacking RAR file without extension (32/64)
23.12.13 Fixed: Function "Verify after copy" re-added by popular demand (32/64)
22.12.13 Fixed: Duplicate file finder, same plugin fields: Ignore files where an empty string is returned, e.g. [=tc.comment] with no comment (32/64)
22.12.13 Fixed: 64-bit and combined installers did not contain TotalCommander.URL file (64)
22.12.13 Fixed: Network share shown in both panels, click on "Apply" in main configuration dialog while share unreachable -> 4 error dialogs, the second two non-modal (32/64) 
22.12.13 Fixed: Compare by content: Ignore ini setting "CompareTool" when calling TC via parameter /S=C, to avoid infinite loops when CompareTool points again to Total Commander  (32/64)
22.12.13 Added: Support environment variables in synchronize dirs (left and right paths) (32/64)
22.12.13 Fixed: Could no longer enter protected folders like c:\PerfLogs (32/64)
19.12.13 Fixed: Crash in duplicate file finder when using plugin fields not present in a file (e.g. [=tc.Versionstring]) (32/64)
19.12.13 Added: Faster read of folders with many subfolders when overlay icons are disabled (check whether folder is shared only when displaying the icon) (32/64)

18.12.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 13 (32/64)
18.12.13 Fixed: Missing hotkeys (underlined characters) in some dialogs (32/64)
18.12.13 Fixed: If opening of RAR file fails with EOPEN or EREAD, try again after one second because it may be locked by external RAR (32/64)
18.12.13 Added: Compare by content: Removed compare limit of 16350 characters per line (comparison inside a line still limited to 4096 characters) (32/64)
18.12.13 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors - Define colors by file type - OK -> also refresh colors in search results (32/64)
18.12.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP, minimize while reading FTP dirs -> progress dialog remained visible (32)
18.12.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP, minimize while reading FTP dirs, restore when done -> sync window was closed (64)
18.12.13 Fixed: Drag&drop to external programs not working when starting drag from file tooltip (covering the file name) (64)
17.12.13 Added: Quicker loading of thumbnails from thumbs cache by keeping thumbs file open while thumbs are loaded in the background (32/64)
17.12.13 Fixed: Thumbnails extracted via new method IThumbnailProvider (Vista or newer) were not cached (32/64)
15.12.13 Fixed: Define color filter using saved search, then later change that filter to search for duplicates -> crash (32/64)
15.12.13 Fixed: Search in archives: Make sure the archive name is shown in the status line before asking for the archive password (32/64)
11.12.13 Added: More code to avoid hanging when network is down, e.g. while settings dialog is up, or user refreshes current dir (32/64)
10.12.13 Added: Search function, search for file contents: Do not unpack  files <1MB from 7zip to TEMP, but instead to memory -> much faster (32/64)
09.12.13 Fixed: Function "Verify after copy" removed due to unresolved errors (32/64)
09.12.13 Fixed: Added more code to avoid hanging when network is down or other PC turned off (32/64)

04.12.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 12 (32/64)
04.12.13 Fixed: Handle more file system calls in background thread, so they can be aborted, e.g. when a server is down (32/64)
04.12.13 Fixed: Crash on Alt+F3 (external viewer) with files on ftp server or in file system plugin when using new auto re-upload method (32/64)
04.12.13 Fixed: Auto-complete: \..\ within path not handled correctly (32/64)
03.12.13 Added: "Save tabs on both sides to file" now also works when the other panel does not have any tabs (saves the current directory) (32/64)
03.12.13 Added: F5 copy: While counting total size and number of files, show '?' to the left of the value to indicate that the total isn't reached (32/64)
03.12.13 Fixed: Do not offer to use new auto re-upload method on Windows 9x/ME because the watch dir function isn't available (32)
03.12.13 Fixed: WatchDirs option: New file not appearing in both panels when both show the same directory (32/64)
01.12.13 Fixed: Inplace rename: Do not try to place cursor on new name if the entered name contains a / or \ in the middle (32/64)
01.12.13 Fixed: Opening file items in control panel - all control panel elements no longer working (folders must be opened via context menu) (32)
01.12.13 Fixed: Open archive in already running instance (via /O switch) only placed cursor on archive, even without /A switch (32/64)
01.12.13 Fixed: Rename "a.txt" to "b.txt\" -> existing file "b.txt" was overwritten without warning (32/64)
01.12.13 Fixed: cd stuff \a  not working if subdir "stuff " existed, but subdir "stuff \a" did not (32/64)
01.12.13 Fixed: FTP: In case of a download error (e.g. disk full), show name of target file which couldn't be downloaded (32/64)
01.12.13 Fixed: Duplicate file finder: When searching by plugin fields only, sort each result group by file name (before: it was undefined) (32/64)

27.11.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 11 (32/64)
27.11.13 Fixed: Removed expiration date from program - stable enough for every day use (32/64)
27.11.13 Fixed: Compare by content: "Files are different" could also be shown when reading from one of the files (ReadFile) failed in the middle (32/64)
27.11.13 Fixed: Windows 9x/ME: Unpack and execute of program in archive not working if the name or TEMP path contained spaces (32)
26.11.13 Fixed: Menu item Mark-Select group (cm_spreadselection) didn't open the new selection dialog for duplicate files while showing duplicate search results (32/64)
26.11.13 Fixed: My Computer/This PC: Make sure the drives are shown at the beginning of the list, especially on Windows 8.1 where the list was mixed up (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: Search in separate process, for duplicate files, feed to listbox, exit search results -> previous order not restored (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: RAR packer: When using external unpacker, files with Unicode names couldn't be unpacked (now works with winrar.exe or v5 rar.exe) (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: RAR packer: If user specified parameter to set list file encoding with -sc0l, -scal or -scul, then use that encoding for the list file (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: RAR packer: If user specified parameters in the configuration, the version of the RAR packer couldn't be determined -> wrong list encoding could be used (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: View file from FTP or FS plugin - temporary file was unpacked to wrong TEMP dir _tcx, interfering with F4 function, when auto-re-upload was enabled (32/64)
24.11.13 Fixed: Error setting focus when loading certain search parameters via LOADSEARCH (64)
24.11.13 Fixed: Search for duplicate files, feed to listbox, search in results -> dashed lines from previous search were not cleared (32/64)
22.11.13 Fixed: Lister, find text: Manually refresh percent value after aborting search, otherwise it could show the wrong value (32/64)
22.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Start search for invalid regex in expanded dialog -> update footer and end message (32/64)
21.11.13 Fixed: Inplace rename "test" to "test2\" -> TC created test2 instead of renaming (due to the backslash) (32/64)
21.11.13 Fixed: Cannot delete folder with trailing spaces to recycle bin with VistaDelete=1 -> instead, use old style method (results in two delete confirmations) (32/64)
21.11.13 Fixed: Delete folder "test " directly (not to recycle bin) -> also deleted folder "test" in same directory (with warning) (32/64)

20.11.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 10 (32/64)
20.11.13 Fixed: WatchDirs option: File could disappear from the list if it was created, deleted and recreated within 1 second (32/64)
20.11.13 Fixed: FTP, upload very large file, control connection lost during upload -> 20 seconds timeout to detect it as an error (32/64)
20.11.13 Fixed: FTP, upload files, connection was lost before starting the upload -> first file was skipped when resuming (32/64)
20.11.13 Fixed: Make search for time consuming regular expressions like .*text.* more responsive (32/64)
20.11.13 Fixed: Search, feed to listbox -> strings were cut too early when no icons were shown (32/64)
20.11.13 Fixed: Separate search dialog, "Go to file" while main program was showing search results -> tab header didn't show folder name (32/64)
19.11.13 Fixed: .tar.gz archive: No progress bar was shown when entering .tar archive when archive > 2GB (32/64)
19.11.13 Fixed: Delete folder directly (not to recycle bin) which contains folders on ignore list -> warn also when these folders contain files in subfolders (32/64)
19.11.13 Fixed: SetCurrentDirectory: Append a backslash to the path if the path ends with a space, otherwise the function ignores the trailing space (32/64)
19.11.13 Fixed: Overwrite dialog: Changed behaviour of CopyOverwriteDefault and OverwriteFiles: If OverwriteFiles=0, the CopyOverwriteDefault value now takes precedence if it's >1 (32/64)
19.11.13 Fixed: Combine files: Shown copied and total size values wrong (first file was counted twice) (32/64)
17.11.13 Fixed: Search for duplicate files via plugin fields: Much faster by using quick sort to sort by plugin fields (32/64)
17.11.13 Added: Search function, search for file contents: Do not unpack  files <1MB from zip/rar to TEMP, but instead to memory -> much faster (32/64)

13.11.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 9 (32/64)
13.11.13 Added: Copy and Delete functions: Show number of bytes and files while counting files for progress dialog (32/64)
13.11.13 Fixed: FTP: Could not view/edit files in subdirs containing locally forbidden characters, e.g. a|b, when using new auto-re-upload method (32/64)
13.11.13 Fixed: Allow to switch to dir with trailing space via command line, must be followed by backslash or slash, e.g. cd subdir \ (32/64)
12.11.13 Fixed: FTP, response to PWD -> use last double quote, not first, to allow names containing double quotes (32/64)
12.11.13 Fixed: FTP connection list (Ctrl+F), New connection, OK, Cancel master password dialog -> connection was saved incompletely (32/64)
12.11.13 Fixed: Make sure the file list cannot be refreshed in any case in delete to recycle bin function after confirming the operation, but before starting it (32/64)
12.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Check for invalid regular expressions also before saving search options (32/64)
10.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Check for invalid regular expressions before doing the actual search, so it's not shown when invalid regex is set in color filters (32/64)
10.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Show "not found" error immediately when regular expression on plugins tab is invalid (32/64)
10.11.13 Fixed: Search, Feed to Listbox: Non-win32 style tooltips not shown if the name was truncated because of just 1 missing pixel (32/64)
08.11.13 Fixed: Lister: Show "not found" error immediately when searching with invalid regular expression (32/64)
08.11.13 Fixed: Logging creation of new folder -> first character was logged as uppercase with DrivesExportUpcase=1 (or DrivesShowUpcase=1) (32/64)
08.11.13 Fixed: User setting tab width to value<0 in configuration-folder tabs -> change it to 0 when edit box loses focus (32/64)
08.11.13 Fixed: Do not call GetDetailsEx to get size and date/time in "My Computer", it seems to be slow for some users (32/64)
07.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Support max. search length of 2046 characters also when searching for regular expressions (64)

06.11.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 8 (32/64)
06.11.13 Fixed: Search function: Support max. search length of 2046 characters also when searching for regular expressions (32)
06.11.13 Fixed: Refresh file list after auto re-uploading file to file system plugin (32/64)
06.11.13 Fixed: Access violation caused by TabsLimitLength<0 (Configuration - Options - Tabstops - Limit tab title length to -1) (32)
05.11.13 Fixed: Workaround to bug in ShellExecuteEx: Trying to launch file without extension, e.g. "test", would launch "test.bat" if present in the same directory (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: With AutoReUpload=1, TC didn't suggest to automatically re-upload modified files to file system plugins (only to FTP servers) (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: Duplicate file finder, feed to listbox, select duplicates dialog: Option "Keep at least..." not working correctly for file times (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: Creating directories was no longer logged (32/64)
05.11.13 Fixed: Drive dropdown combobox: New entry "My Documents" wasn't working when located on a network share (UNC path) (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Refuse to copy/delete/view/edit files from archive search results if the archive was modified since it was opened (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Switch to tab with previous search result from archive -> check whether the archive was modified after the search. If yes, return to normal view (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Copy files from virtual folder (e.g. camera, smartphone) not working when cursor was on updir [..] entry (32/64)
03.11.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could not abort deleting to recycle bin (VistaDelete=1), the abort confirmation was shown again for each group of files from a different directory (32/64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Find files, Feed to listbox, return to base dir with "\" button or Ctrl+R: Support to return to FTP connections, archives, file system plugins and virtual folders (32/64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connections not showing any names when using an external icon library and Windows Classic theme (64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Find files, duplicate file finder: When loading a saved search with only "same plugin fields" checked, "same name" was checked too (32/64)
01.11.13 Fixed: Find files, duplicate file finder: Do not check option "same name" when all other fields are unchecked. Instead, uncheck "Duplicate file finder" when the user starts a duplicate search with no sub-options (32/64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Search in archive, feed to listbox -> do not show archive contents if the archive was changed after starting the search (32/64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Could not open any 7zip archives with characters from a different codepage in the path or filename (64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Removed the fix "23.10.12 Fixed: FTP proxy of type USER user@host:port wasn't working any more" because the assumptions were wrong (it worked fine with Wingate with empty USER and PASS fields) (32/64)
29.10.13 Fixed: Search dialog:  Still problem with maximized unexpanded search dialog when user moves task bar while search is open (32)
29.10.13 Fixed: Default of CopyOverwriteDefault is now again 1 and not 0 as in beta 6+7: When adding files to background transfer manager, the overwrite flags will be taken from the expanded copy dialog (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: Do not delete TEMP file when searching in 7zip archive after each file, only at the end of the archive (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: Still some overlapping text or cut focus frame in main configuration dialog (mainly seen with classic theme) (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: Find files: Show error and abort search if user started search with invalid regular expression (32/64)
27.10.13 Fixed: New selection option "corresponding files" interfering with user-saved searches with ">" in the name, e.g. "*.jpg > 1000kb": Use the entire name if the part until the last '>' cannot be loaded (32/64)
27.10.13 Added: Copy in background: When user closes TC and confirms to abort background transfers, show "Transfer aborted" in the title of the background transfer windows (32/64)

23.10.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 7 (32/64)
23.10.13 Fixed: Closing or minimizing search dialog caused a stack overflow error on Windows 9x/ME (32)
23.10.13 Fixed: Quick search with Chinese input not working when adding ideograms with ENTER (works with SPACE!) because the texts gets selected for some unknown reason (64)
23.10.13 Added: Control overwrite behaviour in background transfer manager: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BackgroundCopyFlags=1: 0=never reset; 1=reset overwrite flags when list becomes empty;  2=reset overwrite flags each time a file or group of files is added to the list (32/64)
23.10.13 Fixed: Checkbox overlap in Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete (32)
23.10.13 Fixed: Using Win+Cursor down while copying, searching or synchronizing only minimized the copy dialog, not the main window (32/64)
23.10.13 Fixed: Copy in background: When user closes TC and confirms to abort background transfers, give operations enough time to terminate before exiting (32/64)
23.10.13 Fixed: Find files, duplicate file finder: Wrong encoding adding plugin fields via "+" button where the name contains accents (only when accent in the deepest menu level) (64)
22.10.13 Added: Auto-install file for plugins (pluginst.inf) now supports version= field, which will be shown on a separate line in the auto-install dialog (32/64)
22.10.13 Fixed: When renaming a folder on an FTP server, invalidate the cache of that folder and all subfolders, not just the base folder containing it (32/64)
22.10.13 Fixed: Search, Feed to listbox, click on "\" or press Ctrl+R -> Always return to directory before the search, even when switching tabs before leaving the search results (32/64)
20.10.13 Fixed: Pause during delete to recycle bin could cause error "CheckSynchronize called from non-main thread" (64)
20.10.13 Fixed: Inplace rename failed (did nothing) when files were added in the other (inactive) panel while the rename box was active, e.g. downloads, and the cursor in the inactive panel was below the rename position in the active panel (32/64)
18.10.13 Fixed: Search dialog: Use better method from forum user "MarcinW" to show dialog maximized without overlapping task bar on Windows 8 (32/64)
18.10.13 Fixed: Pack with RAR.EXE not handling long archive names and spaces correctly if RAR packer was specified with parameters, but program name not in double quotes (32/64)

16.10.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 6 (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Standalone search window: No custom context menu entries from "Internal associations" shown (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Force close background copy operations when closing TC (the user has to confirm it) (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: HTTP download, download aborts, but server doesn't support resume -> infinite retry loop (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Clear "All as Admin" flag when user cancels the launch of the tcmadmin tool (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Delete files to recycle bin (VistaDelete=1), abort -> add option to cancel abort (=continue) (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Watch directory changes: Block main thread for a maximum of 1 second at a time when there are thousands of changes (32/64)
16.10.13 Fixed: Copy files, click on "Background" then "Foreground" -> do not follow the deleted file position since all files have been unselected when clicking "Background" (32/64)
15.10.13 Added: HTTP download via Ctrl+N: Support servers returning incorrect headers, e.g. Content-Length: 0 but valid Content-Range (32/64)
15.10.13 Added: Updated tcuninst.exe to use latest code signing certificate (32)
15.10.13 Added: Support unpacking of multi-volume 7zip files, which are just regular (but split) 7zip files. All parts must be in the same directory (32/64)
15.10.13 Fixed: Port connection to other PC: Misleading error if USB driver installed but no cable connected: "Could not load port driver!" (32/64)
15.10.13 Fixed: Do not pass archive subfolder to external search tool (just like when calling the internal search dialog) (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Use new default font (Segoe UI Semibold) only when TC starts with a fresh ini file (no section [Configuration]) or UseNewDefFont=1 (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Made verify more reliable when using default copy function (CopyFileEx) with files >10MB (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Lister, search backwards for regular expressions -> ignore results which start at offset 0 of the search buffer (except at the start of the file) to avoid invalid results (e.g. when searching for the start of a line) (32/64)
13.10.13 Fixed: Single click on file, Alt+Tab to other program not hiding TC window, click on same file again -> rename was started by mistake (64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Delete with VistaDelete=1 -> "Pause" button not working (32/64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Delete with VistaDelete=1 -> "Foreground" button not working (64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack to RAR packed all files instead of selected only with RAR.EXE 4.2 (reason: doesn't like Unicode list file) (32/64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Select all files of multi-part RAR, unpack with Alt+F9 -> same archive was unpacked multiple times (32/64)
11.10.13 Fixed: Detect first part of multi-part RAR also by content (will only detect RAR4 or older archives) (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Delete files directly, abort -> add option to cancel abort (=continue), the same as when copying (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Move files on same drive, abort -> add option to cancel abort (=continue), the same as when copying (32/64)
09.10.13 Added: F5 copy dialog: Show exclamation mark near "Verify" when it differs from what has been configured in Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Pausing copying "As Administrator" could result in various errors, like all operations failing after continuing (32/64)
09.10.13 Fixed: Delayed copy not working correctly when copying a folder to a different name with Shift+F5 when using "As Administrator" (32/64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Master password could not be entered on Windows 8.1 (use allowhook=0 on older versions to fix) (32/64)
08.10.13 Added: F5 copy with verify: In case of an error, log the checked size, src and trg md5 values for debug reasons (32/64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Show "Not supported" error (instead of just beeping) when user tries to open multi-rename tool from inside an archive (32/64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Fonts: Non-English font names were no longer shown correctly (64)
08.10.13 Fixed: Progress dialog: Still various problems when clicking on bytes or files copied while paused (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: FTP upload in background (F5-F2) from search results not working any more (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: Cannot abort copying of alternate data streams due to a bug in CopyFileEx -> return PROGRESS_STOP instead of PROGRESS_CANCEL if it still continues (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: Center "Synchronize dirs" on current screen on first launch, otherwise it may not be fully visible with some screen resolutions (32/64)
06.10.13 Fixed: Changed behaviour of Copy/Move dialog when options pinned open: When adding to BTM, the state of the 1..8 combobox is now always used, except when set to 1 (ask), so when the user chooses a method in the BTM, it stays enabled (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Create checksums, new dialog box: F5/F6 to select just the name/name+extension not working (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Command line parameter FTPOPEN:Saved_FTP_connection not working with parameters /O and/or /T (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Create checksums: Number of bytes checked remains at 0% after clicking Background->Foreground->Background (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Create checksums: Number of files copied was only displayed after the first file was checked (32/64)
04.10.13 Fixed: Compare by content, pause comparison, click on size field -> percent value jumped to 0% (32/64)

02.10.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 5 (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy error: "Abort" button not working when using old copy function (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy error: Show buttons "Ignore", "Ignore all" and "Abort" (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Count dir sizes with Space/Alt+Shift+Enter: Do not count file system links if IgnoreLinks=17 or CopyLinks!=0 (32/64)
02.10.13 Added: 32-bit only (for test purposes): CRC create checkbox, 2 columns for checksum type, increased width (32)
02.10.13 Fixed: Delayed copy not working correctly when copying a folder to a different name with Shift+F5 -> save exact target name in list (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy: When copying a file which is changing (e.g. ongoing download), only compare the checksums of the actually copied part, so there is no error if this part is copied correctly (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy+append - progress bar wrong (32/64)
02.10.13 Fixed: Open 7zip archives with other extension than .7z (e.g. .exe) with external plugin if there is one installed for 7z extension (32/64)
01.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy not working correctly when appending to existing file (32/64)
01.10.13 Fixed: Verify after copy: Warn if file size wrong (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: "Download from list" now supports line lengths up to 1023 characters (no error if line too long) (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: AlwaysCopyInBackground=1, click on "Foreground" -> Only one progress bar shown (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: Same directory shown in BOTH panels, WatchDirs=3 -> new file created outside of TC only showing up in one panel (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: Position of background transfer manager could not be restored on other screen than TC itself (32/64)
30.09.13 Fixed: Allow to open RAR files containing the string ".part" NOT followed by a number (32/64)
30.09.13 Added: Configure selection of files by clicking on their icons via main configuration dialog (32/64)
30.09.13 Added: Use selection of files by clicking on their icons only when tapping on touch screen: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconClickSelection=2 (32/64)
29.09.13 Fixed: Verify after copy error: Title and text were reversed when not copying with CopyFileEx method (32/64)
29.09.13 Fixed: Error reading 7zip archive where the "method" field was longer than 31 characters (resulting in empty file name) (32)
29.09.13 Fixed: Move copy operation to background -> progress bar was shown for current file, not for all files, until the next file (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Ctrl+L: Do not count selected file system links if IgnoreLinks=17 or CopyLinks!=0 (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Verify after copy disabled if user pressed "Options" button in F5 copy dialog (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Clear alternating display of file name/progress text when last operation is done (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: Directories were not extracted from 7zip archives with F5 (only with Alt+F9), so empty directories and directory attributes were not restored (32/64)
27.09.13 Fixed: "Remember position" not translated in background transfer manager - system menu (64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Could not open RAR archives in a folder named somename.part??? with ??? a number (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Aborting copying during verification phase would abort without confirmation (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: "Foreground" button not working in background dialog when moving files within the same drive (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Copy progress dialog could be closed via system menu without aborting the copy function (64)
26.09.13 Fixed: New CRC create dialog wasn't centered on Total Commander (32/64)
26.09.13 Fixed: Windows 8: Re-opening the search dialog (Alt+F7) after searching didn't resize the result list correctly (32)

25.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 4 (32/64)
25.09.13 Fixed: Change font via Configuration with fresh wincmd.ini (Tabs never saved) -> tabs wrong (already in TC 8.01 and older) (32/64)
25.09.13 Fixed: Linux/Wine: Current file indicator (cursor) was lost after closing progress dialog, e.g. after file operations (32/64)
25.09.13 Fixed: Linux/Wine: No directory contents shown when Windows version was set to Windows 7 with winecfg (reason: Wine not supporting FindFirstFileEx with parameter FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH) (32/64)
25.09.13 Added: Windows Vista or newer: Use "Segoe UI Semibold" as new default main window and list font if available (32/64)
25.09.13 Added: Option to remember position of background transfer manager in system menu (click on top-left icon) (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Drive dropdown list: "My Documents" was shown twice on Linux/Wine (32/64)
24.09.13 Added: New option wincmd.ini [Packer] PackEncrypted=1 determines when to check "Encrypt" option in pack dialog: 0=never, 1=when target contains encrypted files, 2=always (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Do not try to open files with extension .sfx as an archive (could result in 'invalid archive' error) (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Copy function: Error dialog could show "Delete:" in the title when a file in a subdir couldn't be read (32/64)
24.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F7 search dialog launched maximized would be shown behind task bar on left/right side on Windows 8 only (Win8 bug - only solution: fully maximize, then reduce height) (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: FTP: Uploads to IPv6 address failed in active (EPRT) mode, but worked in passive mode (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: F5 Copy of subdirs: Total number of items could be wrong (not counting the number of dirs in the selected subdirs) when copying the same dirs repeatedly (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: Total number of files to be copied shown incorrectly when using AlwaysCopyInBackground=1 (32/64)
22.09.13 Fixed: Error unpacking 7zip archives with Alt+F9 where subdirs are stored behind the files in these subdirs (32/64)
22.09.13 Added: "Select duplicate files" dialog: Changed English text of "Do not select" to "Leave at least one file in each group unselected" (32/64)
22.09.13 Added: Create CRC checksums: New dialog to also create SHA256+SHA512, remember option "separate checksum files" and "*.*.sha" when entered by the user (32/64)
22.09.13 Added: Show "Verify" checkbox also in Shift+F5 (copy in place) dialog and Synchronize dirs (copy dialog) (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Crash in quick filter (Ctrl+S) in directory with >10'000 entries when pasting long search string and switching to other program while still filtering (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Do not ask for password internally when unpacking RAR archive with external packer via Alt+F9 (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Crash in copy function in second pass (null pointer) (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Search for text in 7zip showed the total number of files in the archive instead of the number of files found (32/64)
20.09.13 Fixed: Search for text in 7zip files failed if the files were in subdirs inside the archive (32/64)
18.09.13 Added: Virtual folders like photo cameras didn't return a "Date modified" field - use DateCreated field instead. Unfortunately there is no way to copy this date with the file (32/64)
18.09.13 Added: Show "Verify" option in F5 copy dialog. Option in settings defines startup behaviour (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: Copy in background: Reduce flickering by setting WS_EX_COMPOSITED flag on XP or newer (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: Do not append \*.* to selected folders when unpacking with external rar, otherwise empty subdirs will not be unpacked (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: Opening multi-volume archive: User was asked twice for the next part if it was missing when the archive was opened, but appeared there later (e.g. background download) (32/64)
18.09.13 Fixed: When showing an error when user tries to unpack a deduplicated file (=reference to other file) from a RAR archive, show the name of the file and not that of the archive (32/64)
17.09.13 Fixed: Support for more 7zip self-extraction modules, starting with 37 7A BC AF 27 1C 00 04 instead of ..03 (32/64)
17.09.13 Fixed: Support RAR5 SFX files (self-extracting archives), open with Ctrl+PageDown (32/64)
15.09.13 Fixed: Unpack directory attributes when unpacking directories from RAR archives, even when dirs are already there (32/64)
13.09.13 Fixed: Clicking on icon to select a file removed all other selections in second, third etc. column in brief view and left mouse button selection mode (32/64)
13.09.13 Fixed: Lister - Copy to clipboard still not working correctly with Cyrillic text on Cyrillic locale with non-standard font and encoding set to ANSI (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: IgnoreLinks not considered when copying when CopyLinks wasn't set too (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: CopyLinks option will now only be used if the target is an NTFS disk. Otherwise IgnoreLinks determines whether links are ignored, or copied as normal directories (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: wincmd.ini [Lister] Contextmenu1, 2 etc. didn't work with programs and parameters. Specify like this: Contextmenu1=Title|c:\path\program.exe parameters or Contextmenu1=Title|"c:\path with spaces\program.exe" parameters (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: Win8 only: Separate search process, click on "Feed to listbox" -> crash (32/64)
11.09.13 Added: Allow to see files in archives even when an error is reported (e.g. because a file of a multi-part archive is missing). An error will be shown with OK/Cancel (32/64)
11.09.13 Fixed: When minimizing file operation progress dialog and later restoring TC, the drive buttons in the main window started to react to mouse moves. Afterwards, minimizing again would sometimes only minimize the main window (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: When creating junctions/hard links, put /??/ also in "print name", not only in "target name" field, just like mklink (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Could not create relative symbolic links when TC was already elevated or UAC was off (reason: TC created the target as a directory) (32/64)

10.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 3 (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: FTP, Delete file(s) in background would cause an access violation (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Background transfer manager crashed when trying to add an empty URL, or something invalid like "test" (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: When minimizing file operation progress dialog, hide it explicitly because in some cases, only the main window was minimized (64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Creating file system links: Failed to copy Volume mount points (target is a volume GUID, not a path). Reason: Must end with a backslash! (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Creating symbolic links: try to request SE_CREATE_SYMBOLIC_LINK_NAME privilege, will usually fail (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Copying file system links: Create a Symbolic Link instead of a Junction if the link contains a path relative to the current directory (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Command line parameters /O /T /A not working together (archives are still opened) (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Show out of memory error when unpacking from RAR with big dictionary for which unrar.dll couldn't allocate memory (32/64)
10.09.13 Fixed: Show error when user tries to unpack a deduplicated file (=reference to other file) from a RAR archive (32/64)
09.09.13 Fixed: Button bar command containing parameter %S couldn't be run as administrator (32/64)
09.09.13 Fixed: Total size calculated incorrectly when packing subdirs to TAR or TGZ (file sizes added twice), resulting in false >2GB warnings (32/64)
09.09.13 Fixed: Total Commander no longer started on Windows NT4 (missing functions Module32First, Module32Next used for VirtualPC bugfix) (32)
09.09.13 Fixed: Lister - Copy to clipboard/Search with Google not working correctly with Cyrillic text on Cyrillic locale with non-standard font and encoding set to ANSI (32/64)
09.09.13 Fixed: Search - Duplicate file finder - by plugin field didn't work correctly with delay-loaded fields like in lotsofhashes plugin (32/64)
09.09.13 Fixed: Search - Duplicate file finder - by plugin field didn't work correctly with [=tc.size.bytes] (due to field substitution with default size field) (32/64)
09.09.13 Fixed: Compare by content, paste text to ANSI file: Convert from Unicode clipboard data on NT based systems, using codepage of current font (32)
09.09.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, compare 2 files from 2 archives with external compare tool, edit both - TC tried to re-pack both at the same time (32/64)
08.09.13 Added: Separate commands to switch hidden/system files on/off: cm_SwitchHid and cm_SwitchSys (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: "Last access" and "Create" directory timestamps were copied even with CopyAllTimes=0 (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack to ZIP, click on "Background", then on "Foreground" -> instead of "ZIP:", the dialog showed the progress text from the background dialog (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Background copy dialog: Try to reduce flickering (when using no theme) in "bytes copied" field (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Delayed copy confirmation dialogs not working correctly with files from branch view when not preserving relative paths, and target already exists (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Button bar, multiple commands on one button: No working if last command was "em_*" command, contained a ",", and didn't exist (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Quick search: Changed cursor positioning, so it should also work with Korean (64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Checkboxes/Radio buttons misaligned in lister search dialog and pack dialog (32/64)
08.09.13 Fixed: Copy progress dialog: Click on files or bytes copied while paused -> number of bytes copied wrong (32/64)
08.09.13 Added: Auto re-upload of files on FTP or plugin: Warn user if he is editing a file which was a partial download (32/64)
08.09.13 Added: Auto re-upload of files to FTP or file system plugin when saved (F3/F4) is now disabled by default, user will be asked on first use whether he wants to enable it
06.09.13 Fixed: Access violation in function Load/Save in "Find Files" if the saved name was longer than 248 characters (32/64)
06.09.13 Fixed: Drag&Drop any URL from a browser to TC -> no file list refresh (32)
06.09.13 Fixed: Packer password not remembered when unpacking with Alt+F9 instead of Enter+F5 (32/64)
06.09.13 Fixed: RAR.EXE 5.0 expects file names in ANSI or Unicode format, no longer in DOS format (32/64)
06.09.13 Fixed: The warning exclamation mark background wasn't drawn transparently, so a white background could be seen with some themes (32/64)
06.09.13 Fixed: Clicking on icon to select a file didn't work in second, third etc. column in brief view (32/64)
06.09.13 Fixed: Support unpacking of 7zip archive with multiple passwords with F5: The user can try all the passwords until it works (32/64)
05.09.13 Fixed: Unpack from 7zip archive with multiple passwords - infinite loop asking for the password (64)
05.09.13 Fixed: Lister, context menu "Search with Google": Not working in UTF-8 files (32/64)
05.09.13 Fixed: Lister, context menu "Search with Google": Support URLs up to 1023 characters long, was limited to about 230 (32/64)

03.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 2 (second try) (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: New tc7zif.dll wasn't included in the installer, resulting in random errors unpacking 7z files (32)

03.09.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 2 (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: "Compare by content" called from overwrite dialog -> progress dialog was lost (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: RAR with encrypted headers: Archive stayed open when entering wrong password, could not be deleted (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: Save search options to wincmd.ini when closing the search dialog, not only when closing TC itself, to share with external search dialog (32/64)
03.09.13 Added: Also find text in Apple iWorks documents, except for accented characters - they are stored as e.g. "&#xFC;" (support may be added later) (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack file with password, remember last password -> password forgotten after second archive (32/64)
03.09.13 Fixed: Possible floating point bug in unrar.dll -> clear floating point exceptions after each call to the dll and after DispatchMessage, only load dll if needed (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: "Watch directory changes" was losing some events (when receiving multiple for the same file), so the size of a finished download was sometimes wrong (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Some hotkeys not working in duplicate file finder selection dialog (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Some duplicate hotkeys changed, like "As Administrator": d->m (32/64)
02.09.13 Added: Make option to open launched programs on same monitor configurable: wincmd.ini [Configuration] OpenOnSameMonitor=1 or =0 (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Search - Duplicates - Feed to listbox - delete some files -> dashed lines below the deleted files were lost (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: Selection dialog for duplicate file finder contained one untranslatable string (32/64)
02.09.13 Fixed: 7zip unpacker: No error was shown in out of memory condition, e.g. 1 GB PPMD dictionary in 32-bit version (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Option "Remember last password" caused problems when accessing multiple 7zip archives with different passwords (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Installer: German umlaut encoding wrong on page where the language is chosen (only on NT based systems) (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Lister, search text dialog: Do not allow to check "RegEx" and "Hex" at the same time (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Files - Encode files was failing because target is not writable -> source remained open and couldn't be deleted (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Verify after copy: "Bytes copied" value wrong in background dialog (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: F5 copy with verify: Could not pause verify step when copying in the background (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack big file, click on "Background", then on "Foreground" -> "Cancel" no longer worked (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Typos in history.txt (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Option "Remember last password" caused problems when accessing multiple RAR archives with different passwords (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Do not remember password for RAR headers (header-encrypted RAR) between different archives (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Could not open or unpack RAR5 archives created with parameters -m5 -md32 -ma5 -hpPassword (32/64)
01.09.13 Added: F5 copy, questions asked at end: If there is a dialog within the first 5 seconds, show it instead of postponing it (the user should still be there) - was 0.5 seconds in beta 1 (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Field showing current path (to the left of the command line) was too high, could overlap the buttons, mainly visible with classic theme (32/64)
01.09.13 Added: Turn off selection of files by clicking on their icons: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconClickSelection=0 (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Double click on a folder icon selected the file at this position in the opened subfolder (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Select all files with same extension (Alt+"+") not working if extension contained a ";" character (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: Properties not shown for file in TAR archive where the name inside the archive starts with "./" (32/64)
01.09.13 Fixed: F5-F2 Copy in background (queue) of subdirs would sometimes only copy the dirs, but no files inside (problem with copy mask) (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: URLs not colored in HTML files with UTF-8 encoding when Uniscribe=0 set in [Lister] section (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Totalcmd.exe and Totalcmd64.exe had missing or wrong version information. Also updated the installer and sfx modules version to 8.5 (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Search in separate process (Alt+Shift+F7): Search in root was cutting the backslash at the end by mistake (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Search in separate process (Alt+Shift+F7): Pass location of wincmd.ini if it was set via /i= parameter (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Search in separate process (Alt+Shift+F7) crashed with Showicons=0 (64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Allow to close sync dialog at the end of the copy operation with ESC when SyncRecompareAfterCopy=0 (32/64)
30.08.13 Added: Drive dropdown combobox: Open context menu also with Shift+F10 or special context menu key (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Right click in drive dropdown combobox not working with option DrivesShowUpcase=1 (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Background operation dialog: "Foreground" button and files and bytes copied texts didn't use the same font as the rest of the dialog (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Search function: Do not allow to check incompatible options together, like hex+regex or regex+unicode/utf8/office (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: Some checkboxes misaligned in search function (text search options) (32)
30.08.13 Fixed: "Search in separate process" menu item not working in English version, Alt+Shift+F7 working (32)
30.08.13 Fixed: Encode/Decode file didn't support files >2GB (32/64)
30.08.13 Fixed: UnRAR multi-volume archive, one part missing -> it wasn't possible to abort unpacking (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Background progress dialog, click on "Foreground": Remember position where window was created, go there again when user clicks "Background" again (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Background progress dialog, click on "Foreground": Do not un-pause operation if main TC is blocked by other dialog (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: No drive icons in drive dropdown lists (Alt+F1/Alt+F2) when using external image file via drivelib=dll in wincmd.ini (64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Progress dialog (background or foreground): Click on file or byte count switched from/to remaining only the file count, not the bytes while paused (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: OverrideDPI was ignored in dialogs started as a separate process via /S= parameter, e.g. search, compare etc. (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Could not open RAR archives with extensions WR5 or RAR5 (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: RAR archives were always opened in extract mode, also when just reading the names (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Some users had crashes with new unrar.dll -> updated to newer version (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Progress dialog in foreground and background sometimes showed 0/0 files handled -> don't show field if both are 0 (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Create CRC checksums, move to back, then to the foreground, then to the back again -> no progress bar (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Multiple copy dialogs in the background: Could not move more than one back to the foreground after the one in the foreground ended (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Could not minimize standalone search dialog (Alt+Shift+F7) (64)
28.08.13 Added: Configure button bar: Append command when command line contains cm_ or em_ command and ends with a comma (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Multiple commands in button bar (separated by comma) not working if first was user defined command em_x (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Multiple commands in button bar (separated by comma) not working with numbers, only with cm_x constants (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Search function: Clicking on button "New search" (only visible after starting search) resized window to wrong height (64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Command cm_SearchStandalone not working (because new TOTALCMD.INC wasn't included) (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Search in separate process: Show "Not supported" error when user tries to search in a search result (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: F7 create directory: Cursor was not placed on the directory if it already existed (32/64)
28.08.13 Fixed: Nag screen fonts not scaled correctly with OverrideDPI set (32)

27.08.13 Release Total Commander 8.50 public beta 1 (32/64)
27.08.13 Added: Slow down copying in background while reading directory in the foreground to avoid hangs (32/64)
25.08.13 Fixed: Do not scale quick search dialog with OverrideDpi - problem only affected the 64-bit version (64)
23.08.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyAllTimes=1: Copy all 3 timestamps (also the creation and last access times) when copying files (internal copy function, compatibility only on NT-based systems) (32/64)
18.08.13 Fixed: Configuration - Button bar didn't like double quotes around icon name: Environment variables were lost, and only the first icon was shown in the actual bar (32/64)
11.08.13 Fixed: Verify archive: Second progress bar not correct for files >4GB (32/64)
11.08.13 Fixed: F3 on invalid JPG/PNG/GIF file (no image plugin installed), then press 2 or 3 -> no binary/hex data shown (32/64)
11.08.13 Fixed: ZIPFROMLIST command (e.g. on a button) did not support double quotes around archive name (32/64)
09.08.13 Added: Compare by content: "Resync comparison from here" now also possible after making a change, but Undo cannot go back before that point (32/64)
09.08.13 Fixed: Drag&Drop to external program from search result not working if the path of one file was c:\pathname\ and the other c:\pathname2\ (32/64)
09.08.13 Fixed: Lister: Also support double word Unicode characters when moving the cursor or selecting text (32/64)
07.08.13 Fixed: Compare by content didn't fully support double word (mostly Chinese) Unicode characters (32/64)
06.08.13 Fixed: Could not unpack multiple files from RAR with new unrar method because files were not unpacked in same order as in the archive (32/64)
29.07.13 Fixed: Do not refresh panels when copying via F5-F2 when TC gets back the focus, only when copying ends (32/64)
26.07.13 Fixed: Passing virtual folder to TC via command line (e.g. totalcmd.exe /O \\servername) not working when current panel already shows virtual path (32/64)
26.07.13 Added: Set current monitor (same as the one TC is on) when opening file with ENTER - only has an effect on programs which start with default window position (32/64)
24.07.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, Unpack specific files: Warn user when he tries to use RegEx, saved selections or corresponding files (32/64)
23.07.13 Added: F5 copy, only files of this type: Also support the new method to copy corresponding files, e.g. *.cr2 > img*.jpg (32/64)
23.07.13 Added: Select/Unselect files (Num+ / Num-): New method to select corresponding files. Example: *.jpg > *.crw Result: When IMG_1056.JPG is selected, CRW_1056.CR2 will also be selected. crw files without corresponding jpg are not selected (32/64)
22.07.13 Added: Watch directory changes: Do not cause complete refresh of dir when changes come while a dialog box is up. Instead, add the changes once the dialog box is closed (32/64)
22.07.13 Added: Watch directory changes: Extra check to make sure the directory hasn't changed since the notification (32/64)
21.07.13 Fixed: Click under last icon selected entire list of files (caused by new function to click on icon to select) (32/64)
21.07.13 Added: When CopyLinks set to value other than 0, do not count size of links when copying (32/64)
21.07.13 Added: Create folder junctions and soft links also with admin rights (via tcmadmin.exe) if creation in main program fails (32/64)
19.07.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyLinks=0: Set to 1 to copy file system links to folders as links, set to 2 to also adjust the drive in the link if link and link target are on the same drive (32/64)
18.07.13 Added: Function to copy file system links to folders (junction or soft link) with adjusting the target path. Disabled by default (32/64)
17.07.13 Fixed: Do not show option to keep relative paths in branch view when creating shortcuts with Ctrl+Shift+F5 (32/64)
16.07.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SyncRecompareAfterCopy=0 turns off automatic recompare after synchronizing files. The result list is just cleared (32/64)
16.07.13 Fixed: Quick search with letters only (no search dialog): Search could focus wrong result after switching between view modes (e.g. brief and full) (64)
14.07.13 Fixed: Make TC more responsive on network drives when using "watch directory changes" - do all the refreshing in an extra background thread (32/64)
12.07.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ShowExtraDrives=3 allows to configure the extra items shown in the drive dropdown combobox. Sum of 1: My Computer, 2: My documents (32/64)
10.07.13 Fixed: Drawing of icons in Ctrl+F connect dialog not always correct (32/64)
10.07.13 Fixed: Scroll wheel not working in print preview (Files - Print - File list) (64)
10.07.13 Fixed: Disable new "verify after copy" checkbox when choosing the Explorer method (32/64)
09.07.13 Added: When setting a font in Configuration - Options - Fonts, also save it in section 'AllResolutions' (32/64)
09.07.13 Added: When there is no section in wincmd.ini for the current display resolution, look in section 'AllResolutions' (32/64)
05.07.13 Added: Menu item "Search in separate process" in menu  "Commands", new hotkey Alt+Shift+F7 (32/64)
05.07.13 Added: Describe new functions in help, split topic about wincmd.ini in two due to lack of space (32/64)
03.07.13 Fixed: Network shares: Switch directly from one server to another with cd \\server2, both have the exact same shares -> ENTER on a share would go to the previous server (32/64)
02.07.13 Fixed: Compare by content: Ignore OverrideDPI value for font in comparison (64)
02.07.13 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with remembered password: Re-ask for password if archives have different one, or user entered wrong one (32/64)
02.07.13 Fixed: Compare by content: Clear underlined search result when a file was changed outside of the compare tool and the user chose to recompare (32/64)
02.07.13 Fixed: Closing Alt+F10 tree slow only on Windows 8 (solution: need to clear the tree listbox manually before closing) (64)
30.06.13 Added: High DPI icons for "Compare by content" dialog buttons (32/64)
30.06.13 Fixed: Allow to refresh file panels when a drive/disk is removed and the panel shows the contents of that disk, even when there is a dialog box open (main window disabled) (32/64)
28.06.13 Fixed: Unrar (new method) of multiple archives with Alt+F9 not working correctly (32/64)
28.06.13 Fixed: "cd" command in button bar couldn't handle include/exclude wildcards for directories, e.g. "cd *.* | *.*\" or "cd c:\test\*.* | *.*\" (32/64)
28.06.13 Added: Use ignore list also when getting directory size with <space> or Alt+Shift+Enter (32/64)
28.06.13 Fixed: Lister: Handle keys 1..7 in OnKeyDown, otherwise they don't work in Czech keyboard layout where Shift needs to be pressed for the numbers (64)
26.06.13 Fixed: OverrideDpi>=150 now also causes larger 32x32 drive icons in the main window (32/64)
26.06.13 Fixed: OverrideDpi didn't scale the dialog boxes in Lazarus (64)
26.06.13 Fixed: Select multiple music files, F3 -> menu may wrap to 2 lines, then the progress bar isn't fully visible (64)
26.06.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs between an archive and a directory, double click on pair of files -> also show unpack progress dialog (32/64)
25.06.13 Fixed: Compare by content: Show just one progress dialog for unpack/ftp/plugin transfer and compare, also show files+bytes done (32/64)
25.06.13 Fixed: Search in archive, Feed to listbox -> show relative paths with names in list (32/64)
23.06.13 Fixed: There was auto-scroll in various places during drag&drop or selection, e.g. in file panels, lister, multi-rename tool etc. (64)
23.06.13 Fixed: Slow down horizontal auto-scroll when dragging icons in Configuration - Button bar (32/64)
23.06.13 Fixed: Leak of 1-2 GDI objects (bitmap) when using overwrite dialog with thumbnail preview (32/64)
23.06.13 Fixed: There was only one progress bar (for overall progress) when using the new internal 7zip unpacker (32/64)
21.06.13 Fixed: Quick search dialog, quick filter off, user presses ESC -> footer not updated in brief view (64)
21.06.13 Fixed: "Read only" attribute was removed from target file (and not restored) if copying failed because the file was open in a program (32/64)
18.06.13 Fixed: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program, duplicate file finder, "Feed to listbox"  not working correctly (32/64)
18.06.13 Fixed: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program, "Feed to listbox" was not working with files inside archives (32/64)
14.06.13 Fixed: Ctrl+Left/Right/Up on .LNK file with 8.3 names in the link target didn't convert the 8.3 names to long names (32/64)
14.06.13 Fixed: Do not call FindFirstFileEx on Windows Vista or older because the parameter FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH is not supported (32/64)
14.06.13 Fixed: Made default size a bit larger on small screens (e.g. 1024x600 -> 924x500) (32/64)
12.06.13 Added: Duplicate file finder: Save option 'Find files by identical plugin fields' (32/64)
11.06.13 Fixed: Also react to WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_SCREENSAVE to better detect when a screen saver becomes active (to clear the master passwords) (32/64)
11.06.13 Fixed: CopyFileEx may return ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_MEDIA in case of floppy disk read errors (and maybe also for other hardware read errors (32/64)
09.06.13 Fixed: Copy files, click on "Background", then "Pause", then "Foreground" -> we need to continue the operation so it can move to the foreground (32/64)
09.06.13 Fixed: HTTP download from list: Extra headers set via "Header: Referer: " in the list were lost when auto-resuming (32/64)
07.06.13 Fixed: Print dialog: Problems with font smoothing (font became darker when scrolling) (32)
07.06.13 Fixed: FTP: Don't try other methods to set remote timestamp when user has set the method manually with SpecialFlags=4096,8192 or 12288 (32/64)
04.06.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Escape key in 64-bit version worked differently from 32-bit. It should only close the window if the user didn't check/uncheck any files manually (64)
04.06.13 Fixed: Installer: On 64-bit Windows, set ini locations in both 32-bit and 64-bit registry branch if there are separate branches, e.g. under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software (32/64)
29.05.13 Fixed: Bring file operation progress dialog to the foreground when TC itself gets the focus (32/64)
29.05.13 Fixed: "Read only" attribute was removed from target file (and not restored) if renaming failed because the file was open in a program (32/64)
29.05.13 Fixed: Current tab locked with directory changes allowed, search in archive, feed to listbox -> tab title was lost (32/64)
28.05.13 Fixed: Rename in ZIP not possible when original name contained invalid characters like double quotes (") -> rename by position in archive (32/64)
28.05.13 Added: Explicitly redraw item under cursor after calling SetFocus, should fix disappearing cursor for some users (64)
28.05.13 Fixed: Sort order wrong in ZIP subdir when using natural sorting: a b � instead of a � b (32/64)
24.05.13 Fixed: Internal unpacker for 7zip wasn't supporting Unicode names (32/64)
24.05.13 Fixed: Verify checksums: md5sum.txt and sha1sum.txt were recognized as CRC files, but CRC checking wouldn't work (32/64)
22.05.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MaxItemsInComboBox=20 allows to set the maximum number of entries in various comboboxes: F7 New Folder history, old searches, multi-rename tool, new connection etc. (default 20, max 500) (32/64)
22.05.13 Added: Copy files: New option "Skip all" when access is denied to the target file, e.g. because it's open. Uses same flag as when there is a write error (32/64)
21.05.13 Added: Lister: New right click menu entry to search for the selected text with Google. Can be customized: wincmd.ini [Lister] Contextmenu1=Title|http://someaddress?variable=%s (%s will be replaced by the search string) (32/64)
21.05.13 Fixed: Option "Show old 8.3 names lowercase" not working correctly with 8.3 names where only the first character was lowercase (32/64)
21.05.13 Added: Always use new delete method when VistaDelete isn't set in wincmd.ini, but show our own delete confirmation dialog if the system dialog is disabled (32/64)
21.05.13 Added: Check option "Encrypt" in pack dialog when packing with Alt+F5, and the target archive already exists and contains encrypted files (ZIP only) (32/64)
21.05.13 Added: Check option "Encrypt" in pack dialog when adding files to an archive in other panel (F5) which already contains encrypted files (32/64)
21.05.13 Added: Use FindFirstFileExW with option FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH instead of FindFirstFileW if available to speed up reading directories (32/64)
19.05.13 Added: Internal unpacker for 7zip format using 7zip dll (32/64)
07.05.13 Added: Open RAR archives with password-protected names (32/64)
07.05.13 Added: Support for new RAR5 format (list archive content, unpack) (32/64)
01.05.13 Fixed: Various crashes from crash reports in the forum or by e-mail (32/64)
01.05.13 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Folder tabs: Switching between one and more lines or to/from fixed width -> Unicode characters in tab headers were lost (32/64)
28.04.13 Added: Copy directly from archive/ftp/fs plugin to virtual folder with no local path (e.g. Android MTP device) (32/64)
28.04.13 Fixed: Update separate tree after copy+paste (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V) (32/64)
26.04.13 Fixed: Crash on Virtual PC 2007 (no service pack) and older due to faulty mrxvpc.sys when accessing shared folders - fix by user MarcinW (32)
26.04.13 Fixed: Catch packer plugin exceptions in CloseArchive function (32/64)
26.04.13 Fixed: RAR archive with encrypted names: Ask for new password if reading of the first name fails, needed especially when using a stored password (32/64)
24.04.13 Fixed: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program, go to file was not working with files inside archives (32/64)
24.04.13 Added: New internal command cm_SearchStandalone opens separate search dialog with same parameters as cm_SearchFor opens the internal dialog (32/64)
24.04.13 Added: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program: Set sort order of search results (1=name, 2=extension, 3=size, 4=time, negative = descending): totalcmd.exe /S=F:S-4 c:\path (32/64)
21.04.13 Added: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program: Support "Feed to listbox" (32/64)
21.04.13 Added: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program with saved search (e.g. named "example"): totalcmd.exe /S=F:Lexample c:\path (32/64)
19.04.13 Added: Open "Find files" dialog as a standalone program: totalcmd.exe /S=F c:\path (32/64)
19.04.13 Added: Support unpacking of LHA archives larger than 2 GB (32/64)
17.04.13 Fixed: Own error dialog (e.g. "Access denied") UI problem: Set minimum dialog box width (40 characters) and maximum button width (1.5 times the length of the longest button text) (32/64)
17.04.13 Fixed: Column width could be reduced to 0 by moving tab header separators (64)
17.04.13 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Do not load FTP client object when just copying files, should make opening a bit faster (32/64)
17.04.13 Added: Allow user to increase FTP connect timeout for data connections to max 60 seconds: wcx_ftp.ini [General] DataConnectTimeout=10 (default is 10 seconds) (32/64)
17.04.13 Fixed: Unpack files via external packer (e.g. WinACE): Add double quotes around archive name and/or target path if they contain spaces and the file system doesn't support alternate 8.3 names (32/64)
16.04.13 Added: Internal LHA unpacker: Support for higher compression formats -lh6- and -lh7- (64k and 128k sliding window size) (32/64)
16.04.13 Fixed: Leak of icon handle each time the overwrite dialog is shown (icon: arrow) (32/64)
16.04.13 Fixed: Crash at address 0 unpacking invalid ZIP file with bz2 compression (trying to callback to decrypt function which wasn't set) (32/64)
16.04.13 Fixed: Closing "Verify checksums" dialog while any file operation active -> file progress dialog not closed when file operation ended (32/64)
14.04.13 Fixed: Compare by content, UTF-8: Lines with accented chars (one uppercase, one lowercase) were shown as different, but with no differences within the line (32/64)
14.04.13 Fixed: Do not try to run 16-bit programs from 64-bit TC, they cause a segmentation fault in ShellExecuteEx (64)
14.04.13 Fixed: Links in HTML files with UTF-8 encoding not shown in different color with Uniscribe=0 (32/64)
12.04.13 Fixed: Right click on button bar button: "cd" command in menu incorrect if the command contained parameters and no start path was defined (32/64)
12.04.13 Fixed: Main configuration dialog: Tab in list on the left didn't switch to first item in right panel (bug in Lazarus). Unfortunately the same problem with Shift+Tab cannot be fixed (64)
10.04.13 Added: Warn also in Synchronize dirs when the ESC key seems to be stuck (e.g. when using virtualization software) (32/64)
10.04.13 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could not abort unpacking (for comparing files in archives) with Abort button (32/64)
09.04.13 Added: FTP download from list can now copy files without the "copy:" prefix by specifying the full path to the files (32/64)
09.04.13 Fixed: Create shortcut (LNK file) failed or created bad links in path with more than 259 characters or for a source with more than 259 characters -> use 8.3 alias path if possible (32/64)
09.04.13 Fixed: Convert forward slashes to backslashes in paths received via command line, e.g. sent by cygwin (32/64)
09.04.13 Fixed: F5 Copy dialog: If lower part is pinned, the option to overwrite read only/hidden/system files wasn't checked when these options were set in Configuration - Options - Misc. (32/64)
09.04.13 Fixed: FTP download from list: Western accents were converted to '_' in Russian locale (reason: ch:=char(wbuf) uses locale in Lazarus) (64)
07.04.13 Added: Select files by clicking on their icons also in single click start mode (click on name launches file/opens folder) (32/64)
07.04.13 Added: Files - Combine files: Support files in the following format: (32/64)
07.04.13 Added: Files - Combine files: Show number of combined files in the title when done, so the user can verify that all files were handled (especially when no CRC file was present) (32/64)
05.04.13 Fixed: Configuration - Button bar: The bar could be lost if the user double clicked on the OK button instead of single clicking (64)
05.04.13 Fixed: Position of "Change user menu"/"Change start menu" dialogs not restored correctly (because Position was set to default in the form) (64)
05.04.13 Fixed: Starting with fresh wincmd.ini on small screen (e.g. 1024x600) with taskbar on top or left side -> window not centered in visible area (32/64)
05.04.13 Fixed: Names of print jobs were limited to 31 characters -> increased to MAX_PATH=259 (32)
05.04.13 Fixed: Starting programs with ENTER no longer worked within hard-linked folders after installing Internet Explorer 10 (bug in function ShellExecuteEx: EXE in root of linked target, link on same disk as target) (32/64)
05.04.13 Added: Search - duplicate file finder, compare by plugin fields: Also supports character ranges, e.g. [] will match just the first 3 characters of the name (32/64)
03.04.13 Added: Search - duplicate file finder: Find files by identical plugin fields. Also supports units. (32/64)
29.03.13 Added: Enhanced selection dialog for duplicate file finder (Alt+F7, Ctrl+Tab, duplicate files - Feed to listbox): Select by name, size, time, and folder (32/64)
20.03.13 Added: Support delayed copying in case of errors (files without errors moved first) also when moving files between two different drives (32/64)
17.03.12 Fixed: Creating subfolders in virtual folders didn't work in some locations (e.g. MTP devices) where the creation took too long. However, the user may need to refresh the panel manually to see the new subfolder (32/64)
13.03.13 Added: Logging: Also log CRC errors and read errors in function Files - Verify checksums (if option to Pack/Unpack/Test is checked) (32/64)
12.03.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SkippedFileCopy=0 turns off new copy mode where files with errors are skipped and handled at the end (32/64)
10.03.13 Added: F5 copy: First copy all files where the user doesn't need to be asked and skip all with errors, ask at the end (32/64)
08.03.13 Fixed: FTP download from list: "OK-" string was written incorrectly in UTF-8 file on first line (overwriting the BOM) (32/64)
08.03.13 Added: Download from FS plugin after search - Feed to listbox -> show option to keep relative paths (32/64)
05.03.13 Fixed: Switch away from tab with packer, ftp or fs plugin search results and back -> results lost or no longer accessible (32/64)
05.03.13 Added: Display HTML files which are encoded with UTF-16 (normally used only in e-mails, not on the WWW). The file will show up as HTML+UTF-8 because it's temporarily converted to UTF-8 (32/64)
01.03.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ShowWarningIcons=0 turns off the warning exclamation mark icons to the left of remembered options enabled by the user (32/64)
01.03.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] KeepPackerPassword=0: Allow to keep last archive password when: 1: program is minimized 2: screen saver starts 3: both (32/64)
01.03.13 Added: The remembered archive password will be cleared when minimizing TC, putting the PC to sleep, or when a screensaver starts (32/64)
01.03.13 Added: Checkbox "Remember" in password dialog to enable the RememberLastPassword option (32/64)
27.02.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] RememberLastPassword=0: Set to 1 to remember the last used archive password for all other archives (packing+unpacking) until TC is closed (option auto-saved) (32/64)
27.02.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] SkipFirstDir=1: Sets initial state of option "Leave out base directory when packing folders". The option is not auto-saved, but remembered while TC is running (32/64)
27.02.13 Added: Files - Pack files: New option when creating one file per selected file/folder: Leave out the (selected) base directory when packing folders, e.g. dir "test" selected -> the name "test" will not be part of the files in the archive (32/64)
26.02.13 Added: Show example in dialog "expand selection" (key "+" on numeric keypad) how to enter regular expressions directly (32/64)
26.02.13 Added: Show exclamation mark to the left of some checkboxes to warn user about possible problems: Copy: keep relative dirs from branch view, ZIP: not preserving path, not storing recursively, Unzip: Not unpacking paths, overwriting files without confirmation, FTP upload: Converting to lowercase, Search: In archives (32/64)
24.02.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ShowHiddenSystem=0 now means: 0=show neither, 1=hidden+system, 2=hidden, 3=system (32/64)
24.02.13 Added: Split function "Show hidden/system files" into two options "Show hidden files" and "Show system files" (32/64)
24.02.13 Added: Click on directory in search window status bar allows to skip this directory and all its subdirs when searching (pauses search and asks for confirmation). Works with dirs, archives and file system plugins (32/64)
20.02.13 Added: Return to virtual folders like libraries or mtp devices via history even after closing and restarting. May not work after disconnecting+reconnecting the device (32/64)
20.02.13 Added: Support virtual folders like Android devices (mtp, media transfer protocol) in multi-rename tool (32/64)
19.02.13 Added: When using VerifyCopy option with default copy method (CopyFileEx), use background thread to read source file a second time and calculate checksum while copying (32/64)
17.02.13 Added: If RenameSelOnlyName option is set, select only the name part also in Shift+F5 (32/64)
17.02.13 Added: Show option "Skip all" when compatibility mode copy method (CopyFileEx) gets a read error (32/64)
17.02.13 Added: Support for multiple internal (cm_xyz) or user-defined (em_xyz) commands on a single button or start menu command: Separate by a comma, e.g. cm_SelectAll,cm_Copy. Not all commands can be chained this way! (32/64)
17.02.13 Added: Verify after copy: Show error when comparing of source+target results in a difference, allow to skip all warnings. Errors will be written to the log file (32/64)
17.02.13 Added: Show progress bar when using VerifyCopy=1: Copying goes from 0..50%, verifying from 50-100% (32/64)
15.02.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] VerifyCopy=1: Verify target after copying (using MD5 checksum), target file will be re-read with option "no buffering". Warning: Slow! (32/64)
15.02.13 Added: Configuration - Options - FTP: Allow to open new connections in target panel, do NOT make panel active (32/64)
13.02.13 Added: Show directory created outside of TC also in separate tree if it was created in the current directory (32/64)
13.02.13 Added: Allow to ignore NTFS directory links in various functions: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IgnoreLinks=0 Sum of: 1: copy/move/calculate space, 2: internal packers (zip, tar), 4: branch view, 8: find files, 16: ignore links even when they are selected in the current directory (32/64)
13.02.13 Fixed: Windows 8, double click on file: Do not follow links to files on UNC paths created e.g. via mklink /D link \\server\share (32/64)
13.02.13 Fixed: Inplace rename: Do not warn about existing target directory if the user added a trailing backslash, e.g. target\ (32/64)
13.02.13 Added: "Associate with"-Dialog is now resizable, but doesn't remember its size and position (32/64)
13.02.13 Added: Rename file (main program or sync tool): If the user specifies a directory, e.g. subdir\file.ext which doesn't exist yet, create it (32/64)
13.02.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] RelativePathCopy=2 controls option "Keep relative paths" in F5/F6: Sum of: 1: enabled at start, 2: remember last option while TC is running 4: remember last option also after closing TC, -1: hide option (32/64)
12.02.13 Added: Ctrl+Home in copy/move/pack dialog places cursor just before the name part of the file (32/64)
12.02.13 Fixed: F3 in search results with file on FTP: Download progress bar not working (32/64) 
12.02.13 Added: Show number of bytes handled also in these dialogs: ftp uploads+downloads (single files only), pack+unpack with packer plugins, encode/decode file (32/64)
12.02.13 Added: Show number of files handled also in these dialogs: Multi-Rename tool, Synchronize (delete, attributes), fs-plugin copy+delete, pack+unpack with packer plugins (32/64)
10.02.13 Added: Split/combine files: Show number of bytes and number of files (32/64)
10.02.13 Added: Encode files: Show number of bytes done and total (32/64)
10.02.13 Added: Delete progress dialog: Show number of deleted files (32/64)
10.02.13 Added: Copy progress dialog: Show number of copied bytes also when copying only one file (32/64)
10.02.13 Added: Copy progress dialog: Show number of remaining files/bytes instead of number of copied files/bytes by clicking on the bytes/files display (32/64)
10.02.13 Added: Background copy progress dialog: Show From+To names as a tooltip when hovering over the text field (32/64)
08.02.13 Added: Support right click menu in dropdown part of drive combobox -> no need to switch to that drive first (32/64)
08.02.13 Added: Windows Vista/7/8: Handle opening of unknown file types according to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Unknown (may use opendlg subkey; doesn't work on XP) (32/64)
08.02.13 Added: New command line parameter /A tells TC to not open archives received via command line, but instead open the directory and place the cursor on the archive (32/64)
06.02.13 Added: Operations in background: New button to return the operation to the foreground. Only works if there isn't any other modal dialog in TC (32/64)
05.02.13 Added: Copy files - click on "Background" -> Show number of copied files and bytes and the totals too (32/64)
05.02.13 Added: Delete function (not to recycle bin): Retry to delete a directory after 100 ms if deleting failed with "not empty" AND we deleted some files from it (32/64)
05.02.13 Added: Delete function (not to recycle bin): Only warn at the end when some directories couldn't be deleted (except if access denied, for admin option), offer to try again (32/64)
05.02.13 Added: Drive dropdown list: New entries "Computer" and "My Documents (directory)" (32/64)
03.02.13 Added: Search function: Remember last used text search options while TC is running, save on exit (32/64)
03.02.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] OldCmdLineCount=20  allows to set the number of command lines kept in the history (32/64)
01.02.13 Added: Search, Feed to listbox, Ctrl+Left or Right Arrow -> do not select file when using cursor in inactive panel, just set the cursor on the file (32/64)
01.02.13 Added: Do not show error when user double clicks on EXE but cancels windows account control dialog (32/64)
30.01.13 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] SaveNewConnection=0  -> do not ask to save when disconnecting a connection created with Ctrl+N (32/64)
30.01.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HistoryLen=26  allows to set the displayed length of the directory history (default 26, max 100) (32/64)
29.01.13 Added: Show file size and last modified time also in virtual folders like connected MTP devices like Android phones/tablets (32/64)
27.01.13 Added: Lister: Open file with flag FILE_SHARE_DELETE on NT-based systems if normal open fails (32/64)
27.01.13 Added: F5 copy dialog: New button to define search for "Only files of this type" (32/64)
25.01.13 Added: Search function: "Feed to listbox" also when searching in archives: Results from just one archive will be added directly, otherwise just the archives themselves will be listed (32/64)
25.01.13 Added: Search function: The option "Office xml" now also searches in EPUB files (htm, html and opf) (32/64)
25.01.13 Fixed: Search function: Abort unpacking not only with ESC, but also via dialog buttons (32/64)
23.01.13 Added: Search function: New option "Office xml (docx, xlsx, odt etc) searches the new xml-based zipped office files, even inside other archives (32/64)
23.01.13 Fixed: Search function: The following combination didn't work: UTF8+Hex (32/64)
22.01.13 Added: Search function: Allow to search for any combination of ANSI, ASCII, UTF-16 Unicode and UTF-8 Unicode at the same time (32/64)
22.01.13 Added: Buttonbar command ZIPFROMLIST now supports parameters: -m move, -o overwrite without asking, -0 .. -9 compression rate, -c0 encrypt (zip20), -c1 AES128, -c2 AES192, -c3 AES256, -c0pass .. -c3pass encrypt with given password (32/64)
18.01.13 Added: Turn the new auto-re-uploading of TEMP files on/off via settings: Configuration - Options - View/Edit (32/64)
18.01.13 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AutoReUpload=1/0 turns new auto re-upload method of TEMP files on/off (32/64)
16.01.13 Added: Delete temporary directory remainders under %TEMP%\_tcx\ after 1 month (32/64)
13.01.13 Added: Option to keep relative subdirs when copying files from branch view, only enabled when F5/F6 copy dialog is actually shown (32/64)
11.01.13 Added: Search function: Support "Feed to listbox" also when searching on FTP servers. Note: Not all servers can handle relative paths (32/64)
09.01.13 Added: Search function: Support "Feed to listbox" also when searching in file system plugins (32/64)
09.01.13 Added: Print preview: Added scrollbar tracking (real time redrawing) on XP or newer (32/64)
08.01.13 Added: High DPI support for breadcrumb bar, and for the drive selection dialog in the search function (32/64)
08.01.13 Added: Make current path panel as high as the drive dropdown combobox when a touch device is detected (32/64)
06.01.13 Added: Verify SHA512 checksums with code from (32/64)
04.01.13 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Changing just the date or just the time via "tc" plugin didn't work correctly for times 1-2 hours after midnight due to different daylight saving calculations (32/64)
28.12.12 Fixed: Disable "Swap panels" (Ctrl+U and Ctrl+Shift+U) while one of the panels shows an archive within an archive (32/64)
28.12.12 Added: Files - Change attributes: Show progress dialog if function takes more than 2 seconds to complete (32/64)
27.12.12 Added: FTP download from list: New command "sleep x" adds a delay of x milliseconds (e.g. sleep 1000) (32/64)
25.12.12 Fixed: HTTP downloads: resume connection when a server closes it gracefully (no error) when the reported file size hasn't been reached yet (32/64)
25.12.12 Added: Touch screen: in right mouse button selection mode, show context menu on long finger tap when staying on file, select files when moving finger (32/64)
17.12.12 Added: wcx_ftp.ini new SpecialFlags options to force timestamp function: 4096=MDTM, 8192=MFMT, 12288=SITE UTIME (32/64)
17.12.12 Fixed: ZIP unpacker: Could not unpack encrypted ZIP >4GB if the CRC was stored behind the compressed data (32/64)
09.12.12 Fixed: Set new default scale for button bar and file list icons to 32x32 on high dpi devices (>=144 dpi, 150%)  (32/64)
07.12.12 Fixed: Show double size drive buttonbar icons on high dpi devices (>=144 dpi, 1.5x96dpi)  (32/64)
07.12.12 Fixed: Drive buttonbar: Drive buttons didn't scale with the chosen main window font (32/64)
05.12.12 Fixed: Files - Change attributes, additional attributes: Ignore date/time attributes if the user doesn't enter anything (32/64)
05.12.12 Fixed: Do not modify descript.ion file if it has UTF-16 Unicode encoding, which isn't currently supported (32/64)
05.12.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Show correct "out of memory" error when user tries to open files which do not fit into memory (32/64)
05.12.12 Fixed: Support BASE64 decoding created with URL and Filename Safe Alphabet, RFC 3548: The last 2 characters are '-' and '_' instead of '+' and '/' (32/64)
05.12.12 Fixed: Replace / by \ in keypath variable, otherwise loading of the key may not work (32/64)
04.12.12 Fixed: Copy selected files while in brief view mode -> footer didn't show file under cursor after copying (auto-refresh OFF) (64)
04.12.12 Fixed: Moved check for USB harddisk to background thread because it may hang on some computers (32/64)
04.12.12 Fixed: Better sizing of tree triangles/plus signs in high dpi modes (32/64)
02.12.12 Fixed: Press ESC multiple times -> line with volume label or "\" and ".." button text could become darker with cleartype enabled (64)
02.12.12 Fixed: Do not change internal environment variables like COMMANDER_PATH when user sets them e.g. in Control Panel - System (32/64)
02.12.12 Fixed: Press 'n' or 'p' in Lister during media playback -> sometimes the next file was skipped (problem with KeyPreview) (64)
02.12.12 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar dropdown could appear below taskbar on Windows 95 (reason: missing GetMonitorInfo) (32)
02.12.12 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack files, self-extracting archive: sfxhead.sfx module not found on Windows 9x/ME (32)
02.12.12 Added: Regular expressions: Increased number of sub-expressions (NSUBEXP) from 15 to 32 (32/64)
02.12.12 Fixed: Lister: No context menu was shown for scroll bars -> need to handle right clicks manually (64)
02.12.12 Fixed: When choosing an editor for F4 or viewer for Alt+F3 via ">>" button, surround with "" if path contains spaces, and append "%1"
27.11.12 Fixed: Could not open context menu using pen or finger on tablet (32/64)
14.11.12 Fixed: Open "Compare by content", show caret, minimize, view file with F3, hide+re-show caret, restore compare -> caret lost (32)
14.11.12 Added: FTP download from list: Look for list file in current directory (active panel) if no path to the list file is given (32/64)
14.11.12 Fixed: When renaming a file with a comment with the maximum possible length containing line breaks, the line breaks were lost if the new name was longer (32/64)
14.11.12 Fixed: Only show <Encrypted -> F5> in first part of multi-volume header-encrypted RAR archive. Note: this mode was removed later (32/64)
14.11.12 Fixed: The thumbnails database couldn't store files or folders containing an exclamation mark "!" in the path (32/64)
14.11.12 Fixed: Tree view, cursor on virtual folder with Russian name -> First character shown wrong to the left of the command line (32/64)
13.11.12 Fixed: Tree in one of the two main panels: Inactive cursor was shown on wrong folders in tree, remained on them when changing dirs in other panel (32/64)
13.11.12 Fixed: Could not open ZIP archive with 0 files and a comment at the end (32/64)
13.11.12 Fixed: Custom columns view with multiple columns loaded in background: Abort loading all columns when switching to other directory or tab (32/64)
13.11.12 Fixed: Button bar: Button not drawn in up state when pressing button but releasing while mouse cursor not on button, when using unthemed non-flat buttons (classic theme, buttons on second row or lower only) (32/64)
13.11.12 Fixed: Drag&Drop from header-encrypted RAR archive wasn't working (32/64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Configuration - Fonts: When clicking on "Apply", the fonts of the example text for main window and listbox were lost (32)
11.11.12 Fixed: Use GdipLoadImageFromStreamICM instead of GdipLoadImageFromStream to load JPG/PNG/GIF in Lister to handle color management if present (32/64)
11.11.12 Added: Drive combobox: React to characters A..Z also when keyboard set to other than latin, e.g. cyrillic (32/64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Search, double click on an item containing no slash or backslash (e.g. c:) -> crash (32/64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Rare crash when pressing Ctrl+W in folder tabs (during Ctrl+Tab) (32/64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Combined 32+64-bit version: Uninstaller didn't remove 32-bit link from desktop (64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Folder tabs, context menu function "Load tabs from file, replace tabs": Tab width not adjusted in mode "All tabs have same width" (32/64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Starter menu entry with hotkey Ctrl+Alt+F4, use quick search with Ctrl+Alt, press Ctrl+Alt+S while quick search up -> menu entry was started (64)
11.11.12 Fixed: Shift+Scroll wheel not switching through visited directories. Note: Doesn't work with some Intellipoint versions (64)
23.10.12 Fixed: FTP proxy of type USER user@host:port wasn't working any more (32/64)
14.09.12 Fixed: Support long tap on touch screens in file lists (32/64)
14.09.12 Added: Left click on file icon selects/unselects just that file (32/64)

03.08.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 final (32/64)
03.08.12 Fixed: The entry "Network (workgroup)" was shown with user color for encrypted files (32/64)
02.08.12 Fixed: Inplace rename button wasn't removed after entering inaccessible network path in current path field (32/64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Click on button in second row of button bar which opens bar as submenu multiple times -> pressed state sometimes not removed (32/64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Workaround to faulty CAB unpack dll on Linux with Wine passing unaligned FDINOTIFICATION structure to callback (64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Lister: Could not search for English text in file encoded with ISO-2022-JP (50220). Displayed position, copy to clip are unfortunately wrong (32/64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Copying a folder with Shift+F5 didn't remove trailing spaces entered by the user (32/64)

27.07.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 5 (32/64)
27.07.12 Fixed: New 64-bit install.exe which also works on Linux with Wine, also with faulty CAB unpack dll (64)
27.07.12 Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [A] inserts complete file name with extension, but without the path (32/64)
27.07.12 Fixed: TC8 not starting on Windows NT4 with AMD Sempron - problem with turning off SSE exceptions (use try..except to catch) (32)
25.07.12 Fixed: Pack (ZIP,TAR,Plugin) from Search - Feed to listbox to packer plugin -> include the same file only once, e.g. if the user selects c:\test1\ and c:\test1\test2\ with files in the latter (32/64)
25.07.12 Fixed: Internal associations: When multiple files of different types are selected, handle default "open" verb like in older versions: Each file will be opened with its own program (first matching filter for that program), and not the first matching all files as for additional verbs (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Make it faster to use the following internal content plugin fields: tc.fullname,, tc.extension and tc.path (by not calling FindFirstFile again) (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Tab context menu didn't react to right mouse button click on a menu item (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Upload to FTP server: MFMT was sending wrong timestamp when using the new (Windows 7) time conversion from/to UTC (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Rare crash in compare by content on Backspace or Undo operation (in wstrlcopy function) (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Directory history and hotlist buttons were shown in the wrong location when starting TC with no button bar, non-flat interface, and no tabs (32/64)
19.07.12 Fixed: Disable target panel while adding files to background transfer manager, so the user cannot set the focus to it, e.g. by changing tabs on the target side (32/64)
19.07.12 Fixed: Do not show "Network (WORKGROUP)" in breadcrumb bar (32/64)

13.07.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 4 (32/64)
13.07.12 Fixed: Alt+Shift+F11 cm_FocusButtonbar and cursor keys within button bar: Handle special case where the first and/or last button is a separator (32/64)
13.07.12 Fixed: Changed tcmdx64.exe so it can also be used with TC 8.00 in search results context menu without causing a crash (32)
11.07.12 Fixed: When opening a subdirectory, set caret to first item before adding the new items to the list to avoid a duplicate cursor on Linux/Wine (64)
11.07.12 Added: Internal associations: When context menu is opened while multiple file types are selected, check more filters if the first doesn't match all files, e.g. *.c doesn't match, but *.c *.h further down matches all selected files (32/64)
11.07.12 Fixed: Removed: Default beep on ENTER in inplace rename box  (64)
10.07.12 Fixed: Edit current path: Avoid that the in place edit box gets invoked twice (32/64)
10.07.12 Fixed: New delete function: Also hide "Pause" button so the user doesn't pause the operation with Del+Enter (32/64)
10.07.12 Fixed: Also adjust the width of the text field in FTP delete confirmation dialog for very long names with no spaces (32/64)
08.07.12 Added: Experimental: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NetHoodReadInfo=8: Windows Vista/7: Use new delayed method to read virtual network folders, to make it faster (all except for the network neighborhood) (32/64)

06.07.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 3 (32/64)
06.07.12 Fixed: Edit comment with Ctrl+Z: Comment was not shown in comment view (Ctrl+Shift+F2) (64)
05.07.12 Fixed: Command line: Command del *.bak did nothing when in a path without spaces but with '&' in a folder name (32/64)
05.07.12 Fixed: OK/CRC ERROR prefix was sometimes missing in CRC check dialog (64)
05.07.12 Fixed: Cursor in right panel, quick view in left, move panel separator -> cursor switched to left panel (32/64)
04.07.12 Fixed: Change current path: Put rename confirmation button outside of the current path field to avoid drawing errors (32/64)
04.07.12 Fixed: Remove inplace rename box when the user moves the divider between the two panels, just like when resizing the main window (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Work with FTP servers returning relative instead of absolute path like SwiFTP, e.g. "mnt/sdcard" instead of "/mnt/sdcard" (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Problems with cursor left/right in inplace rename edit (64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Q on file in thumbnails view would scroll the file out of view if number of thumbnail columns changed (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Internal command cm_editpath was causing an access violation with rename confirmation button enabled (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Text field in FTP delete confirmation dialog wasn't adjusted to fit longer file names (32/64)

29.06.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 2 (32/64)
29.06.12 Fixed: Synchronize with FTP: Couldn't always abort the reading of the remote directories (64)
29.06.12 Fixed: Alternate NTFS data streams were not copied when using the old default or large file copy method (64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Menu bar not drawn correctly themed when taking 2 or more lines (64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Speed up CRC check function: improved parsing of checksum file, update result list only every 100 ms (32/64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs not working (crashing) with FTP (connection stored in normal sync, then launched with /S=S:stored_config) (32/64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Ignore double click in Configuration - Options - Custom columns when the list is empty (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Single click not working after double clicking in the listbox in Configuration - Options - Custom columns and closing it with ESC (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Up/Down arrow key in inplace rename field would close the rename field by mistake (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Abort current copy operation in background transfer manager with "-" button -> next operation in list was aborted too (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Footer with total file count sometimes not updated after selecting with Shift+Home or Shift+End (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Quick search backwards in compare by contents: There wasn't always a beep when nothing was found (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Couldn't find text in Unicode big endian files with Alt+F7, except when using "case sensitive" search (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Drive panel width too small with two drive panels and two panels above each other (64)
27.06.12 Added: Show inplace rename confirmation button also in current dir bar (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Rename path in separate tree, turn off separate tree -> access violation (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Controls were not sized correctly on initial start (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Use unrar dll 3.80 as unrar9x.dll because the newer one only worked on Windows 98/ME (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Crash on Windows 9x when trying to open the command line history, caused by auto-complete (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Auto-install plugins: Find old plugin location also when installing 64bit or combined plugin while only 32-bit plugin is installed (64)

22.06.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 1 (32/64)
22.06.12 Fixed: Tab tooltips (hints) not shown in right panel with Ctrl+Tab (64)
20.06.12 Fixed: Themes off maximize, minimize, insert flash drive, restore -> drive buttonbar may be drawn without background (program behind shining through) (64)
17.06.12 Fixed: Find files: Click on title bar close button during search closed window at the end of the search. Instead, just abort the search (32/64)
15.06.12 Fixed: When closing inplace rename with ENTER, the rename function was called twice by mistake in plugins (64)
15.06.12 Fixed: Delete to recycle bin wasn't logged (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: Separate tree: Some folders may get wrong icons when tree is auto-expanded initially (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: Drive buttonbar: Catch exception when trying to load drive bitmaps from external dll with incompatible format (64)
12.06.12 Fixed: File system plugins with custom icons loaded in background: Re-submit icons for extraction when using quick filter while icons are still being extracted (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: When deleting with VistaDelete method, disable the Cancel button in the progress dialog for 2 seconds, so Del+Enter doesn't immediately cancel the operation (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: After deleting folder in separate tree, the main file lists were sometimes not updated (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: Deleting a folder in the separate tree sometimes didn't work properly: nothing was deleted when cursor further down than the active panel had entries (32/64)
11.06.12 Fixed: Draw text labels with double buffering to reduce flickering with classic theme, e.g. in copy progress dialog (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: Configuration dialog: Do not show alias named "RedirectSection", and do not allow the user to create it (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: No custom sound was played when the delete operation using the new VistaDelete method was complete (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: Two RAR self-extracting files open, one in each panel, edit file in one, re-pack -> other file empty (only if the size of the two unpack modules is different)  (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: When uploading while TC is in background, do not try to bring it to the front when refreshing the target directory (call Visible:=true; instead of Show;) (64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Windows Vista/7: Call IThumbnailProvider->GetThumbnail first in thumbs mode, because the older IExtractImage image isn't supported by some programs (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: If user account control disabled on Windows Vista/7 and user works as restricted user, use XP "As admin" method (asking for admin user name) (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Right click on file within search results or on current drive/path, choose "Configure" in x64/x32 submenu -> error about nothing selected was shown (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Right click on file within search results (NOT after "feed to listbox"!) -> x64/x32 submenu wasn't working (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Custom columns: maximum length of column title strings was erroneously limited to 259 characters instead of the supported 1023 in the column editor (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Compare by content, search twice with Shift+F3 could result in an error or crash due to invalid search offset (32/64)
03.06.12 Fixed: Could not browse TAR archive containing an entry "/" (root folder) -> skip it (32/64)
03.06.12 Fixed: FTP downloads not working on Windows 9x/ME (access violation due to missing function CharPrevW) (32)
03.06.12 Fixed: TC8 not starting on Windows 95 and 95b (problem with turning off SSE exceptions) (32)
01.06.12 Fixed: Cursor not shown after launching some programs (e.g. Word, Wordview) via double click and closing it -> call open function with delay (64)

23.05.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 final (32/64)
23.05.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Split display of very long lines into chunks of 2000 characters instead of 8000 because of a bug in some display drivers (32/64)
22.05.12 Fixed: Re-read drive button bar when restoring TC from the task bar and a drive was added/removed while minimized (64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Search on FTP server wasn't aborted when the user clicked Abort just while a directory list was downloaded (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Right click context menu: Wait up to 5 seconds (instead of just two) for tcmdx64/tcmdx32 to start, also reduced minimum start time (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Second drive panel removed with cm_VisTwoDriveButtons while cursor in right window -> drive panel showed wrong active drive (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: New delete function to recycle bin (VistaDelete): Let the user abort the initial conversion of the names to OLE objects, which can take a long time with many selected files (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Use same font (SYSTEM_FONT) as in 32-bit version (64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Find files: Feed to listbox while quick view was shown -> quick view wasn't always showing the new file under the cursor (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Dialog box "Commands" - "System Information" didn't support accented characters in printer name, user name etc. (64)
16.05.12 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\??\Volume{" either

11.05.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 2 (32/64)
11.05.12 Fixed: Configuration dialog was opened twice when launching TC with ini location read only and 0 byte (or no) ini (64)
08.05.12 Fixed: Do not call SHFileOperation with names longer than 259 characters (to delete to recycle bin), because it always fails, and may even cause an access violation on Windows Server 2003 (32/64)
08.05.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Empty directories were not deleted when deleting to recycle bin (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Main window, bottom buttons: Refresh problem on Ctrl+F2 when using classic theme (64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Ctrl+D - Add current directory didn't support tabstops in folder names when adding dir to subfolder (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Enter (and ESC in 32-bit version) didn't work in inplace rename edit when a MessageBox was open in Lister. Unfortunately the beep cannot be avoided (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Center color comboxes vertically to ">>" button (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Foreground color combobox had wrong height (32)
06.05.12 Fixed: Connection progress dialog (FTP) couldn't be closed if the connection failed (64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Default beep on first opening (with fresh wincmd.ini) of multi-rename tool (32)
03.05.12 Fixed: "Copy NTFS Permissions" was missing in F5 copy dialog when the Netware client was installed (32)

27.04.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 1 (32/64)
25.04.12 Added: SelectionFocus=1 or color: Draw focus differently when there are selected files in that panel. Add $4000000 to only show when on not selected item (32/64)
25.04.12 Fixed: Unpacking file from multi-volume ZIP: Don't ask for disk change if the file is in the last part, which contains the zip central directory (32/64)
25.04.12 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Date field was not focused when checking option "Change date/time" with the keyboard shortcut (64)
25.04.12 Fixed: The program msdev.exe was incorrectly detected as a self-extracting LHA archive (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Do not re-read active panel (e.g. from background operation) during Ctrl+Tab operation, when user switches through folder tabs (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Text in "Rename mask: File name" box wasn't always selected when opening the dialog (32)
24.04.12 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\\?\Volume{" (when double clicking on file, see fix 20.03.12 below) (32/64)
24.04.12 Added: AppendLnk ini option: New value 2 (now the default) sets the behaviour described below. Set to 0 for behaviour as in TC7.x (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: When creating *.lnk files, do not truncate directory names after last dot, e.g. directory.ext -> directory.ext.lnk (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: OPENBAR command: Support double quotes around parameter (.bar file), do not show "As administrator" (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Handle OPENBAR command in button bar the same way as when specifying the .bar name directly (including "as menu" option and overlay) (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Could no longer close Synchronize dirs after comparing two files (one in a RAR), changing both, and re-packing (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: While a MessageBox was open in Lister or Compare by Content, TAB didn't work in TC, and ESC in other Lister windows -> handle it manually (32)
15.04.12 Fixed: Lister: When searching repeatedly for the same string with Alt+F7 (not F3), directly consecutive patterns were skipped (32/64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Improved layout of multi-rename tool a bit (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could no longer delete files from UAC-protected dirs to recycle bin (reason: deletion per folder) (32/64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Verify checksums: ESC closed the dialog without aborting the verification (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Verify checksums: Crashed when user closed main TC and ignored warning about active comparison (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Nag dialog: Some texts were now in bold by mistake (64)

13.04.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 25 (32/64) 
13.04.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs by content: In the footer, sizes >2TB could not be shown (32/64)
11.04.12 Fixed: On screens with high DPI settings, the copy progress dialog, overwrite dialog and custom message dialog were incorrectly scaled (64)
11.04.12 Fixed: Right click on empty area in file lists could cause access violation in file system plugins or archives. In plugins, just show "Properties" menu item (32/64)
11.04.12 Fixed: Lister plugins: ListNotificationReceived did not pass WM_NOTIFY messages to the plugin (64)
10.04.12 Fixed: ZIP packer, archives >4GB: The size field of the central directory header was wrong (misunderstanding of specs). No problem with Winzip/WinRAR, only 7Zip+DOpus (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Sort directories - unsorted not working correctly after counting size with space bar (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Lister, RTF view: Switching word wrap on or off removed all text formatting (64)
06.04.12 Fixed: File list: Do not show square bracket "]" at the end of a directory if they are turned off, but the directory name itself ends with one (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Lister didn't handle the "L" key (fit only larger image to window) when a plugin was active (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Help: Removed text saying that the wincmd.ini is in the Windows directory (which is no longer the case) (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft's PhotoMetadataHandler when deleting with VistaDelete method -> turn off SSE exceptions (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Button bar: ENTER on button containing OPENBAR command -> focus went back to file lists by mistake (32/64)

30.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 24 (32/64) 
30.03.12 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] DecodePercent=0: If set to 1, decode %hex values in user name/password in URLs (32/64)
30.03.12 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SubdirCopyOrder=4 sets order in which files in subdirs are copied: 4=unsorted (default), 5=like active panel (no custom columns), 0..3 ascending by name, ext, size, date, -1..-4 descending by name, ext, size, date (32/64)
30.03.12 Fixed: On Windows 8 consumer preview, Metro apps have strange DefaultIcon entries which couldn't be loaded -> use SHGetFileInfo (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft's PhotoMetadataHandler -> turn off SSE exceptions before each call to GetInfoTip (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Background transfer manager: The "+" button allowed to add files from port connection although the latter doesn't support transfers in background (it cannot handle multiple transfers in parallel) (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with plugins not creating remote directories if the used plugin only contained the Unicode MkDirW function, e.g. WebDAV (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Pack with password: Password confirmation dialog could be confirmed with ENTER even if the two passwords didn't match (64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Command md foldername  with space at end in the command line (e.g. from Ctrl+Enter) unintentionally created dirs with space at end. Use double quotes to create such dirs (64)
28.03.12 Fixed: Hotkeys in dialog not working when focus on certain controls (e.g. checkboxes) when "Punto Switcher" tool was running (64)
28.03.12 Added: Screen readers: Use same GetTextMode options also in multi-rename tool (32/64)
28.03.12 Added: Screen readers: Made GetTextMode=1 (tab-delimited) the default (32/64)
28.03.12 Added: (Experimental): wcx_ftp.ini, SpecialFlags option, new value 2048: Duplicate all characters with code #255 for servers expecting Telnet-style escape characters (32/64)
27.03.12 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives to protected dir with Alt+F9 -> elevation dialog was shown only as an icon in the task bar (reason: TC window was given as parent instead of progress dialog) (32/64)
27.03.12 Fixed: Unpacking RAR archive with Alt+F9 didn't pass user-specified switches to external RAR (e.g. -kb to keep broken files) (32/64)
25.03.12 Fixed: "Copy dir timestamps" was copying wrong timestamp when copying a folder with multiple subfolders (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: No thousands separators were shown in copy progress dialog for number of copied files and their size (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: (Note: this was changed again on 24.4.2012) Button bar: Do not show triangle overlay for buttons with command "OPENBAR" when "minimized" is checked. Leave out "OPENBAR" to show .bar file as menu (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Button bar: Right click on button: Function "Edit linked button bar" not working when using command OPENBAR (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Crash on Ctrl+PgDn or Ctrl+Q on EXE smaller than 2.5 kBytes trying to detect it as an archive (64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Crash on Alt+F1/F2 in some rare cases (64)
20.03.12 Fixed: The breadcrumb bar could not be closed with a click outside if a subdirectory was opened and closed with the keyboard (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Workaround to Windows 8 bug (failure to launch any EXE files from a directory which is a hard link to some other directory) by resolving the hard links before launching (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Detect Windows 8 also in system info dialog (32/64)

16.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 23 (32/64) 
16.03.12 Fixed: Do not create names longer than 259 characters in multi-rename tool with LongNameCopy=3 (=long names disallowed) (32/64)
16.03.12 Added: HideRemovableNoMedia now also works in dialog "Drive not found!" (value: 2) and Search - Drives (value: 4) (32/64)
15.03.12 Fixed: Tip window with panel width percentage value was not removed when invoking the split panel from the outside (32/64)
15.03.12 Fixed: Starting totalcmd with parameter /S=L and clicking on "Cancel" kept the program running in the background (64)
15.03.12 Fixed: FTP logging not working if normal file logging was disabled (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter creating list file (e.g. %L) used with %Z within an archive returned path inside the archive twice (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter %Z%p or %Z%m used within an archive returned path without archive name (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter %Z%N, %Z%M, %Z%R or %Z%S used within an archive returned file name(s) with relative path inside the archive (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Text labels in FTP toolbar had wrong colors after turning XP background on and off in Configuration - Options - Layout, but only with drive button bar turned off (64)
13.03.12 Fixed: When renaming a file in file system plugin failed, the resulting error dialog wasn't modal (32/64)
13.03.12 Fixed: Failed to read NTFS timestamps from RAR archives (just the DOS timestamps were read), so no odd seconds were supported (64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Do not update target for each archive when packing (moving) each selected dir to a separate ZIP archive (32/64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Ctrl+F5 (reverse search direction) not working in Lister (64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Set CheckUsbHdd=0 in wincmd.ini if the check whether a harddisk is connected externally takes longer than half a second, and the user hasn't set CheckUsbHdd=1 manually (32/64)
08.03.12 Fixed: Icon thread (used to load icons and calculate dir size in background) may stop when adding files to background transfer manager (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: Unicode names in ZIP and RAR files not decoded correctly (due to bug in Free Pascal) (64)
07.03.12 Fixed: When packing each selected file/folder to a separate archive, the selection was no longer cleared after packing (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: When packing with option RemovableInTemp=1 and the user aborts the copying of the new ZIP from TEMP, allow user to continue copying. Erase partial ZIP when aborting (new zip in TEMP is not deleted) (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: Installing a plugin twice in the same session didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Wrong text color in inplace rename edit box in synchronize directories (file list text color instead of system text color) (32/64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs and compare by content could not handle names longer than 259 characters due to length limit in edit box (64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Support copying of directories with spaces at the end (32/64)

02.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 22 (32/64) 
02.03.12 Added: (Experimental) Change font for tooltips separately: wincmd.ini, resolution-specific section, FontNameTip, FontCharsetTip, FontSizeTip and FontWeightTip (TC uses the dialog box settings if these are not present) (32/64)
02.03.12 Added: Options to set format of LB_GETTEXT result (for screen readers): wincmd.ini [Configuration] GetTextMode=0: Delimiter: 0: space, 1: tab, 2=<cr> 3=<cr><lf> 4=like 2 5=like 3. 4&5 show fields with column headers (tab-separated), e.g. Name:<tab>Filename<cr>Size:<tab>10k (32/64)
01.03.12 Fixed: Inactive focus rectangle not redrawn correctly when user closes inplace rename edit box by clicking in other panel (32)
01.03.12 Fixed: When starting TC maximized, extensions could be shown attached to names by mistake because the calculation returns -1 for the name column width, which means directly after name (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Installing a plugin a second time didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: FTP: Displayed file sizes invalid (far too large) when using a template (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: When uninstalling 64-bit version, UNRAR9X.DLL from a 32-bit version in the same directory wasn't removed. Cannot remove 32-bit links because they may be pointing to a different directory (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Use timer to show inplace edit box in synchronize dirs in a similar way to the main program, otherwise double clicks do not work always (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter still selected the entire command line when it had the focus AND Ctrl was released before the Enter key (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Packer plugin configuration dialog: Show "File x not found" error when the user enters a non-existing plugin name manually (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Don't set cursor in source window when user closes inplace rename box by clicking in other panel (64)
28.02.12 Added: Log function for icon thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DebugIconThread=1 to allow test why icon extraction or dir size calculation hangs (=2 for more details) (32/64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Changed Lazarus code to draw menu bar background area correctly (just the empty area) (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Menu background was drawn incorrectly with classic theme (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Menu wasn't drawn disabled with classic theme when TC/Lister didn't have the focus (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: On some computers, changing themes causes problems with main menu bar (menu items have 0 width) -> try to call DrawMenuBar with a timer, also try normal width if theme width returns 0 (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Inplace rename edit box in sync tool was using the wrong colors (instead, use standard window text and background) (32/64)

22.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 21 (32/64) 
22.02.12 Fixed: Unpacking from CAB file with active quick filter (Ctrl+S) could unpack some of the hidden files too (32/64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Main menu with themes turned off: Use colors COLOR_MENUTEXT and COLOR_MENUBAR instead of button colors for owner-drawn menu (flat menus only) (64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Start tcmadmin.exe with "runas" verb on Vista and newer to ensure that it's loaded with admin rights (32/64)
21.02.12 Fixed: When deleting to recycle bin with the new delete method, TC reported a non-empty directory also in case of hard links (although it would just delete the link, not the files inside) (32/64)
20.02.12 Fixed: Lister started with zero width/height if the user didn't save the size in older beta versions (64)
20.02.12 Fixed: Clear USB HDD detection cache only when receiving volume arrival or removal notifications, not on any WM_DEVICECHANGE (32/64)

17.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 20 (32/64) 
17.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content dialog not shown correctly with right to left language when starting with 2 panels above each other (64) 
16.02.12 Fixed: Move file with F6 - F2 to a directory which didn't exist yet -> focus could get lost (32)
16.02.12 Fixed: Shift+Tab in left panel with no separate tree panel -> input went to right drive list by mistake (64)
15.02.12 Fixed: TC wasn't following hard links (junctions) any more which were located on a remote network drive (32/64)
15.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Turn off drawing while pasting a large amount of data (more than 1 kByte) (32/64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Save search results: Overwriting a saved search would list the item twice if there were accents in the name (64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Only partially: Ctrl+A in command line after choosing item from auto-suggest would not select anything. Note: Due to some obscure Windows bug, the command line may be emptied by Ctrl+A (32/64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Printing and print setup not working in Lister and Print directory list when printer name contained accents (64)
14.02.12 Fixed: tcuninst.exe didn't remove the newly added unrar9x.dll (32)
10.02.12 Fixed: Internal associations and color dialogs were too small (but could be resized) (64)

10.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 19 (32/64)
10.02.12 Added: Include both new unrar.dll for Windows 2000 or newer, and unrar9x.dll for older Windows versions (32)
09.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, rename file: Select only file name if RenameSelOnlyName=1 is set (32/64)
09.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content, files > 1MB: Open file with "deny write" option to avoid problem with file mapping (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Prevent floating point exception (without using try..catch) in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Directory hotlist, add directory to submenu: Handle also malformed menus with more closing markers '--' than opening markers '-menuname' (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not open inplace rename edit box when user clicks on the other side of the same line while already renaming (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Delete empty lines at the end of a tooltip (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Small error in word wrap function used in tooltips causing word wraps at unwanted locations (32/64)
07.02.12 Added: Searching with search list in "Search in" field (e.g. @c:\path\searchfile.txt) now also accepts wildcards and regular expressions (32/64)
07.02.12 Added: FTPS: Support encrypted data connections even after CCC command (clear command channel) (32/64)
07.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Rename file by click on current file not working when files were hidden with the arrow buttons above that position (32/64)
07.02.12 Fixed: Memory leak when searching with regular expressions (32/64)
05.02.12 Added: Also show harddisks attached via firewire/IEEE1394 as external drives (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Do not follow links when searching, copying etc. if the target cannot be determined due to missing user rights (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Could not unpack from header-encrypted RAR when using wildcards other than *.* (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Increased default width of multi-rename tool a bit (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: File disappeared from list when renaming it with DrivesExportUpcase=1 and DrivesShowUpcase not set (or 0) (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Some strings were missing in English version (64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Crash in standalone sync when closing rename box with ESC (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Moving cursor over main menu item while TC was in background -> other menu items would disappear (64)

03.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 18 (32/64)
03.02.12 Fixed: Start minimized with position saved as maximized, restore -> right panel height may be wrong (64)
02.02.12 Fixed: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Error when clicking on "Add" more than 6 times (problem with subclassing of dialog controls) (64)
02.02.12 Fixed: Button bar: Use same code to get icon for button when adding it via "Change >>" button as when using drag&drop, also add double quotes if necessary (32/64)
02.02.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Make Search&Replace groupbox a bit wider than the name groupbox, so the beginning of the "Subst" option is visible by default (32/64)
02.02.12 Fixed: F3 on some JPG images opened empty lister on Windows XP, use timer to force refresh (32/64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Error reading external .dbg files to analyze debug logs sent by users (64)
01.02.12 Fixed: When adding items to submenu in directory hotlist, use ANSI functions to move entries if the ini is ANSI (32/64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Closing various dialogs (e.g. date/time choose form) could bring other programs to the foreground (Lazarus problem not calling inherited form methods) (64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Nag screen was resizable (64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Disable button for list of saved settings (and F2) while a comparison is in progress (32/64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Main menu: Increased distance between command and hotkey a bit when there are no separators (32/64)
29.01.12 Fixed: TC would sometimes change to drive C: when removing a device of type PORT, not only in case of a harddisk (32/64)
29.01.12 Fixed: Updated unrar64.dll to latest version. Can't update 32-bit unrar.dll because it no longer supports Windows 9x/ME/2000 (64)
26.01.12 Fixed: When changing the sort order in thumbnails view, the cursor didn't scroll into view when in the first row (32/64)
26.01.12 Fixed: FTP connection details: Also keep surrounding single quotes around remote directory if user enters them (32/64)
26.01.12 Added: CheckUsbHdd=1 in wincmd.ini [Configuration]: Turn on/off check whether a harddisk is connected via USB, and show it with different icon (32/64)
26.01.12 Fixed: Cache check whether a harddisk is connected via USB (for different icon) to speed up opening of drive dropdown combobox (32/64)
26.01.12 Added: InplaceRenameSync=1 in wincmd.ini [Configuration]: Turn inplace rename in sync by left clicking on/off (32/64)
25.01.12 Added: Rename files directly in synchronize dirs (currently only in the file system), Hotkey: F6 and Shift+F6 (32/64)
25.01.12 Fixed: Right to left text in file names not shown correctly in print preview (32/64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Make sure the right drive buttonbar isn't created twice when turning it on (due to resizing problems) (64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Do not show warning "Files modified" twice if the file was modified again while the dialog was shown (32/64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Dropdown menu with list of submenus was shown too high (64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Main menu bar text wasn't grayed out when the window didn't have the focus with menu bar theme turned off (64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Select files ("+" key): When clicking on the "Define" button, a selected filter name was passed incorrectly to the opening dialog when containing accents (64)
23.01.12 Fixed: Support FTP command CCC in connection settings (send commands) to switch to clear after login, e.g. for NAT support (32/64)

22.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 17a (32/64)
22.01.12 Fixed: Explicitly adjust header widths on restore if the screen resolution was changed while TC was minimized (64)
22.01.12 Fixed: Colors were saved incorrectly (due to bug in Lazarus str() function) (64)
22.01.12 Fixed: Adding item to directory hotlist: Selecting submenu not working when opening the submenu twice (32)
22.01.12 Fixed: Adding item to directory hotlist submenu or removing any item could remove all remaining items too (32/64)

20.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 17 (32/64)
20.01.12 Added: Let the user change more colors in Configuration - Options - Color (32/64)
20.01.12 Fixed: When copying in background, show user account control (UAC) dialog on the main form, otherwise we just get a blinking icon in the taskbar (32/64)
19.01.12 Fixed: When copying comments with files, the descript.ion file could get additional blank lines (already in TC 7.56) (32/64)
19.01.12 Added: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Option to add a new entry directly to a submenu of the list. Will be added at the end of the list, but before any contained submenu (32/64)
19.01.12 Added: Search function: When restoring the last search result, also restore the cursor position and top index in the list (32/64)
19.01.12 Added: Show harddisks connected via USB with removable disk icon, just like USB sticks (32/64)
18.01.12 Fixed: When copying folders with admin rights where the number+size couldn't be determined, show number of copied files and bytes without the totals (32/64)
18.01.12 Fixed: Starting TC minimized with position stored as maximized -> window was completely empty, except for the menu bar (64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Main menu bar text wasn't greyed out when the window didn't have the focus (64)
17.01.12 Fixed: ActiveRight=1 not working with both command line and drive comboboxes disabled (64)
17.01.12 Added: Copy function: Show warning at the end if some directories couldn't be opened for copying (32/64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Copy function: Number of files/folders to copy was incorrect if the directory size had been calculated before opening the F5 copy dialog (e.g. with spacebar) (32/64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter selected the entire command line, but only when it had the focus (64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Search function: Infinite loop detection (due to junctions) not working when searching for e.g. xyz (but worked for e.g. *.xyz) (32/64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Multimedia buttons like "Mute" were passed twice to Windows when the 64-bit version was in the foreground (64)
17.01.12 Added: Show special warning when user tries to install a 32-bit plugin in Total Commander 64-bit (64)

13.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 16 (32/64)
13.01.12 Fixed: Alt+F1/F2 drive combobox: Don't use user-defined background color for closed combobox on Windows Vista/7 (64)
13.01.12 Fixed: Get symbolic link target: Support also links of type IO_REPARSE_TAG_SYMLINK, not only IO_REPARSE_TAG_MOUNT_POINT (32/64)
12.01.12 Fixed: Directory lists with more than 65535 items could not be scrolled by dragging the scrollbar (32/64)
12.01.12 Added: Hints in multi-rename tool for options 1x and [E] (only shown when translation exists) (32/64)
12.01.12 Added: Allow to translate new media audio remote menu (32/64)
12.01.12 Fixed: Problem with focus following the mouse cursor in internal associations dialog -> use PostMessage for child dialog (64)
11.01.12 Added: Change attributes: F2 Load/Save combobox: Set width to longest string if more than combobox width (32/64)
11.01.12 Fixed: Quick view (Ctrl+Q) in temporary panel: Only reload preview if the link target actually changed (32/64)
11.01.12 Fixed: Could not scroll through dropdown combobox list with cursor keys if the list contained the same line twice - it always jumped back to the first of the two (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Inplace rename: option "Select only the file name when renaming" still not working when user pressed ENTER to invoke it (e.g. command line, context menu or button bar with keyboard) (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Create dir in ZIP: Cursor wasn't placed on directory when creating dir in right panel (32/64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Command line dropdown list did not use the correct colors when user defined different list color (Bug in Lazarus) (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Command line dropdown list had only 8 visible entries instead of 20 (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Moving cursor over current path with breadcrumb bar turned off could make font darker (due to font smoothing) (64)

06.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 15 (32/64)
06.01.12 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyDirsAsAdmin=1: When a directory cannot be copied, then: 0: skip it, 1: ask user, 2: always try as administrator (32/64)
06.01.12 Added: Copy function: Show error when a directory cannot be entered, allow to use "As admin" and "All as admin" functions (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: Search function: Infinite loop detection was not working (it worked in other functions like "calculate occupied space") (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: cd c:\path\ did not place cursor on "" if the file wasn't a valid archive although it had an archive extension (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: Internal ZIP and TAR packer: Do not stop packing when moving files to archives, one archive per file/folder, and at least one file is write protected. Instead, report error after packing all files (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: When minimizing and restoring TC while the cursor was on the last file, the last line became only partially visible (64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Menu hotkeys displayed in the main menu could be slightly cut on Windows Vista/7 (where they are right-aligned) (32/64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Reduced flickering when loading Lister (caused by ShowInTaskbar:=stAlways) (64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Inplace rename: option "Select only the file name when renaming" not working when invoked via right click menu or command cm_renameonly - use a timer because something(?) is re-selecting the entire name (64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Try not to handle mouse move messages while context menu is open (problem only affects tablet PCs with SingleClickStart mode - untested) (32/64)
29.12.11 Fixed: FTP connection details: Keep surrounding quotes around remote directory if user enters them (32/64)
29.12.11 Fixed: Default beep when closing master password dialog with ENTER also when secure input was disabled (64)
29.12.11 Fixed: Always release mouse capture when moving mouse over list window while left button not pressed, otherwise clicking in other panel may fail (64)

23.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 14 (32/64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Beep when starting TC again with option "only one instance" (64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Resizing TC with active thumbnails view could put cursor on a different file (32)
23.12.11 Fixed: Starting TC with parameter /S=L:Ppluginname didn't find the plugin if its name was stored as pluginname.wlx64 instead of pluginname.wlx in wincmd.ini (64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Double quotes around names were not preserved in UTF-16 Unicode ini files (32/64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Copy+Paste in button bar not working with Unicode if the bar file was UTF-16 Unicode (32/64)
22.12.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Dialog would react to ENTER also after closing "Wait for external compare tool" dialog (64)
22.12.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: Faster deletion to recycle bin on Vista/7 by deleting each directory as a whole instead of each file (32/64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Inplace edit not closing when clicking on file outside of the edit box after using inplace path edit once (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connect dialog: Increase redraw speed when clicking on entries in the list (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connect dialog: Enable double buffering when drawing the list to reduce flickering when themes are disabled (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Could no longer run TC minimized (bug in Lazarus) (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Remove selection from a file, then use quick search (quick filter off) -> the previously unselected file appeared selected (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Master password input dialog: ENTER key was seen as a character when not using the secure input method (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Lister: "Go to %" could only be reached with Alt+%, no longer with % only (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Lister: Search dialog controls overlapping in Windows classic theme (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Percentage in tooltip wrong (fractional value only) when moving the splitter between the two panels with Shift pressed (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Moving the splitter between the two panels moved the caret (keyboard cursor) to the right panel even when the left panel wasn't too thin (32/64)
18.12.11 Fixed: Dir tabs: Tab tooltip (hint window) could be shown for hidden tabs outside of the TC main window (32/64)
18.12.11 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Icons: Draw frame around sample manually because it's not drawn by Lazarus (64)

16.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 13 (32/64)
16.12.11 Fixed: Column widths wrong when changing the screen resolution while TC is minimized (64)
16.12.11 Fixed: Background button was shown for some packer plugins even if they didn't support background unpacking, as long as the plugin was never used for packing (32/64)
15.12.11 Fixed: Shift+Click after selecting with Insert would select the wrong range (64)
15.12.11 Fixed: F5-F2 copy in background: Show the warning dialog when appending a file to another as child of the main form so it's not hidden behind it (32/64)
15.12.11 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Icons: Sample icon wasn't visible initially (64)
15.12.11 Added: Multi-rename tool: F2 Load/Save combobox: Set width to longest string if more than combobox width (32/64)
15.12.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: F2 shows list of saved synchronize options (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Virtual drives did not show up in the breadcrumb bar (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: "Select all" function (to select text in edit boxes) not working on some Asian windows versions (Lazarus problem) (64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Side scrolling custom columns view: Distorted display of inactive focus rectangle (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Hide inplace rename box when scrolling vertically in the file panel surrounding it (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: DEL/F8 on [..] updir items caused error "No files selected" twice on Windows Vista/7 (only if VistaDelete not disabled) (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Hide filter symbol as soon as a new comparison starts (32/64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Dialogs were mirrored on Hebrew or Arabic windows even when using English language due to change in Lazarus (64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Selecting files with Shift+Click could select wrong range immediately after F5 copy operation (32/64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Ignore NethoodStyle option on Windows versions older than Vista, it doesn't work (32/64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar was causing again icons in the task bar (64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Ctrl+F dialog: First item in list was selected in addition to item under cursor (64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Various index out of bounds errors in listboxes due to Lazarus update (64)

09.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 12 (32/64)
09.12.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NethoodStyle=0..2 set style of Network Neighborhood: 0=Windows-Standard, 1=additional XP-style subfolder, 2=only XP-style (32/64)
09.12.11 Fixed: Still some mouse cursor flickering when comparing two archives by content in synchronize dirs (32/64)
09.12.11 Fixed: Show warning about non-empty folders also when deleting to recycle bin with VistaDelete=1 (this shows all warnings BEFORE actually deleting anything) (32/64)
08.12.11 Added: Installer can now be set to install TC invisibly (e.g. from some init script): install.inf [auto], auto=1 and hidden=1 (32/64)
07.12.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MediaRemote=1 use windows media remote to control TC (default: 0): Cursor+OK as usual, <- Backspace, i directory hotlist, >| Tab, |< Ctrl+Tab, Play/Pause Command menu, Stop ESC in dialogs, select file in lists (32/64) 
07.12.11 Fixed: Disabled UC2 packer because it's not available in 32-bit or 64-bit, so it cannot be run on 64-bit Windows (32bit on Win64/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Problems showing inplace rename when separate tree visible (32bit: Only when moving window outside the screen and back) (32/64)
07.12.11 Added: When auto-installing a plugin with translated description, support also other codepages than the current user codepage (32/64)
07.12.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareDeleteBak=1: Delete .bak files when closing "Compare by content". Note that only the last created .bak file for each side is deleted (32/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Show again also files in auto-complete list if only one file is selected for copying (32/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Unloading tcunzl64.dll before stopping icon extraction seem to have caused crashes on some user's computers (64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Quick search with Alt+Letters: Menu items directly on the menu bar would still be executed if the hotkey matched (64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Main window: Ignore the font script (e.g. Cyrillic) chosen by the user on NT-based systems, use DEFAULT_CHARSET because it's Unicode anyway (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Option <Default> did not reset the checkboxes "1x" (only once) and "[E]" (also in extension) (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: FTP upload: TC could try to resume upload although the user chose "overwrite", if the connection was lost before the upload started (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: Inplace rename confirmation button disappeared when the cursor was at the right edge and the user pressed cursor right (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: cm_EditPath, Encode file ,Synchronize dirs: Do not start operation on ENTER in auto-complete dropdown list (64)
06.12.11 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] PreferIPv6=2 tries the server addresses in the order the name server sends them (IPv4 and IPv6 mixed) (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: Quick search: Cursor was no longer placed at the end when re-opening an active quick filter (32)
04.12.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: ENTER on "F2 Background" button had same effect as ENTER on OK button (64)
04.12.11 Added: Switched to new Lazarus build with fpc 2.5.1 - may cause various incompatibility problems, please test thoroughly! (64)

02.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 11 (32/64)
02.12.11 Added: (Experimental) On Windows Vista and newer, show subfolder in Network Neighborhood with "Entire Network" (as on Windows XP - doesn't seem to contain anything on some systems) (32/64)
01.12.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: In the footer, show number of displayed AND total files when a filter is used, otherwise just one number as before (32/64)
01.12.11 Fixed: Problem with selecting partial name in Chinese file names (e.g. F5-F5 or Shift+F6-Shift+F6) (64)
01.12.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Show group boxes right-aligned too, e.g. in main configuration dialog (32)
01.12.11 Fixed: Could no longer pass parameters to external unpacker by giving them after the target path, e.g. c:\target -kb or "c:\target -path" -kb (32/64)
30.11.11 Added: InplaceOkButton=2 shows confirm button to the left of the edit box, where the icon is normally shown (32/64)
30.11.11 Fixed: Color filters without a "_SearchFor" entry no longer worked in beta 10 (32/64)
30.11.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Some controls were misaligned in the search dialog (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Only show folders in auto-complete suggestions, because the sort order couldn't be fixed (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Using Home/End/Cursor left/right with cursor enabled could leave remainders of the cursor in the text when the window itself was scrolled (64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Show inactive text cursor also in active window during search and other dialogs (but not when showing the copy progress dialog) (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Exif rotation incorrect for rotation flag 5 and 7 (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Crash viewing bitmap file with RLE4 compression (Lazarus bug) -> use GDI+ to load all bitmaps (64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Jump to bookmark in html when loading not working if the html file was UTF-8 encoded (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: ENTER key no longer worked in synchronize dirs result list (64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content of large binary files: Avoid that the window freezes after a few seconds, causing the progress bar to stop. Note that binary compare only counts the differences! (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Inplace rename box width incorrect for folders when using Russian user interface (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Moving separator to 0% while cursor in left panel -> put cursor in right panel (32/64)
27.11.11 Added: Do not move TC to the tray when the user minimizes it via task manager and there is a popup window open in TC (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: While comparing archives by content, show cursor with wait with busy sign beside it instead of switching between cursor and busy sign (when unpacking) (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: FTP upload many small files, or delete files - progress bar and names were shown only rarely, because winsock called the callback function less often than in 32-bit (64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Drag file to breadcrumb bar dropdown list always copied the file, even when shift was pressed (64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Inactive cursor had white lines between the dashes instead of the background color (visible e.g. when using a black file list background) (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Trying to get floppy drive type may fail with ERROR_MEDIA_CHANGED when a floppy is in the drive -> just call the function a second time (32/64)

25.11.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 10 (32/64)
25.11.11 Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='G'+256*'W': Same as with 'G'+256*'A', but data is returned as UTF-16 Unicode. dwData of return is 'R'+256*'W' (32/64)
25.11.11 Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='G'+256*'A' and lpData pointing to command to get back WM_COPYDATA with various info. Supported commands A: Active side (returns L or R), or two byte command: first byte: L=left, R=right, S=source, T=target. Second byte: P=current path, C=list count, I=caret index, N=name of file under caret. dwData of return is 'R'+256*'A' (32/64)
25.11.11 Added: New environment variable %COMMANDER_EXE% pointing to the Total Commander program (totalcmd.exe or totalcmd64.exe) (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: FTP, delete connection: Function wanted to delete also the item below the deleted one (64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Footer not updated in the following special case: Brief view, Cursor down, Ctrl+A, Insert, Ctrl+Num+"-", Cursor up (64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Log file rotation by date (daily after midnight) not working (64)
23.11.11 Added: When dragging mail from Outlook to TC, and a mail with the same name existed, TC only offered to retry or abort (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Press ENTER in autocomplete dropdown list in various dialogs (e.g. change button bar) -> dialog was closed (64)
23.11.11 Added: Allow to use 64-bit plugins also when the wincmd.ini is read only, so the [???64] sections cannot be written (64)
23.11.11 Added: Start TC with a larger default size if the size wasn't saved, make sure the window isn't partially hidden by the task bar (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: TC could crash on Windows XP with cleartype enabled (64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Icons of file system plugins not loaded if the path to the plugin contained an environment variable (64)
23.11.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlwaysAsAdmin=1: Once the user has confirmed any operation with "All as administrator", this is applied to all other file operations too until tcmadmin is unloaded (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with Alt+F9 to a protected folder not working with option "Unpack each archive to a separate subdir" (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with Alt+F9 to a protected folder created one progress dialog per file, didn't remove them all (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Last used packer was not read from ini value LastUsedPacker when packing files from one archive into another (64)
22.11.11 Fixed: Closing standalone synchronize dialog could sometimes take more than a second (64)
22.11.11 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: F2 list was not sorted by name (64)
22.11.11 Added: Alt+F10 tree: If TreeFileLocation isn't set, save the tree in the same location as the thumbnail cache in the following cases: 1. network shares, 2. the drive containing the windows directory (revert to default with TreeFileLocation=%R%treeinfo.wc) (32/64)
22.11.11 Added: Find files, load/save search: Put character '>' in "Search for" or "Search in" box and save the search -> when loading, the field with this character is NOT loaded (32/64)
22.11.11 Added: Alt+F3 or F4: If the editor isn't found, show the name of the program which isn't found (32/64)
22.11.11 Added: Verify CRC checksums: Allows to check the checksum of a single file by putting the checksum in the clipboard and using Files - Check CRC checksums with the file to be checked (32/64)
21.11.11 Fixed: ESC or clicking outside inplace rename box renamed the file anyway (64)
21.11.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] InplaceOkButton=0 turns off the button to confirm the inplace rename (32/64)
20.11.11 Added: Show button to the right of the inplace rename edit box to confirm the renaming with the mouse (32/64)
20.11.11 Added: Lister: Jump to bookmark in html when loading from command line e.g. TOTALCMD.EXE /S=L:T5 file.html#bookmark (32/64)
20.11.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: Show number of filtered out files in the footer (right side) with filter icon (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: New internal command cm_100Percent to show one panel at full width (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: Support SSL-encrypted ftp server to server transfers by sending the server the SSCN ON command if the server reports it via FEAT, otherwise try CPSV (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: Connect to FTP or HTTP: Always try all IP addresses as long as connections fail. By default, this will now also support IPv6 on Windows Vista/7 (turn off with PreferIPv6=-2) (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: Support environment variables also in ignore list (32/64)
16.11.11 Fixed: FTP, add new connection: Connection not added when closing dialog with ENTER (64)
16.11.11 Fixed: Default beep when closing command browser with ENTER or ESC with cursor in search box (64)
16.11.11 Fixed: The position of the command browser (e.g. when clicking on magnifying glass icon in "Change button bar") was not remembered (64)
16.11.11 Fixed: XP only: With InactiveFocus=1, starting quick search with search dialog could leave behind an inactive cursor (32)
16.11.11 Fixed: Totalcmd crashing on ReactOS (reason: problems with ANSI calls to Unicode combobox) (32)
16.11.11 Added: Lister (F3): Use Irfanview/Xnview to load internally supported image type (e.g. *.bmp, *.jpg) if it is listed in IViewAdditionalTypes variable (32/64)
15.11.11 Fixed: Tab key not working in dialog box "Verify Checksums" to switch to up/down button (64)
15.11.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Lister] AutoRotate=0 turns off automatic rotation of JPG images according to the EXIF orientation value (32/64)
15.11.11 Added: Compare by content: Show compare progress bar and percent done in footer (32/64)
15.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Increase load speed (slowdown caused by try..except block) (64)
15.11.11 Fixed: Numerical values from wincmd.ini were not read if there was text behind them, e.g. comments in the form ;this is a comment (reason: bug in Lazarus function val) (64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: "Copy to clipboard" in ANSI text not working (64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: End key in large images (>1000 pixels high) didn't jump to the very bottom (32/64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Memory leak loading images via GDI+ (32)
13.11.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Comments of folders were not deleted with the folders (when option to copy comments with files was set) (32/64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Shift+F6 rename in full view: Edit box had wrong width when not using the default (show as bytes) for the size column (32/64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: F5 key was handled twice, once by the menu hotkey, and again by onKeyDown (64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Pressing TAB in auto-complete window selected first item from the list even if none was selected (or the next item if one was selected) (64)

11.11.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 9 (32/64)
11.11.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Do not start operation when clicking on an item in auto-complete (64)
11.11.11 Fixed: Command line: Do not execute it when clicking on an item in auto-complete (32/64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Wrong progress shown when copying a folder where the size shows a question mark (=counting folder size with Alt+Shift+Enter) (32/64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment: Confirming new comment with Ctrl+Enter added line break at the end of the comment (64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Selecting text by double click not working correctly in Unicode file without BOM (32/64)
10.11.11 Added: (experimental) Compare by content: support files >2 GB (64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Master password input: Turning off secure input mode now also allows to input passwords via IME (e.g. Korean) - this is not supported in secure mode (32/64)
09.11.11 Fixed: Master password input: Clear the typed character before calling CallNextHookEx (older versions didn't call CallNextHookEx, but Windows did, so other programs cou
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