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This page collects good FOSS applications -- user-facing software.  Please make sure software you add has current development and user communities - any size, just current!  If software that meets this threshold later falls out of use, please keep it on the list for historical and reuse purposes, with the label (Not Current).





  • Orca - screen reader and voice access.
  • Vinix - Ubuntu optimized for visually impaired users.


  • GnuCash - personal financial management.
  • SQL-Ledger - first professional and now leading FOSS accounting app for businesses.


[edit]Association / Non-Profit Management

  • CiviCRM - first and now standard FOSS app for association management, events, campaigns.

[edit]Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • - python implementation of Douglas Hofstadter's copycat algorithm.
  • Mahout - Apache project for scalable machine learning.
  • OpenCog - concerned with generic intelligence and the inter-related cognitive processes it entails.
  • Tensorflow - Google's artificial intelligence software.
  • Torch - machine learning framework with linear algebra, neural network, and energy-based model support, and packages for audio, computer vision, images, networking, signal processing, video, and others.


  • AIPS - Astronomical Image Processing System.
  • INDI - distributed control protocol for astronomical instrumentation.
  • XmTel - telescope control software.

[edit]Audio Editing

  • Jack - audio connection.
  • Ardour - digital audio workstation.



[edit]Business Intelligence

  • Pentaho - one of the first FOSS BI systems.

[edit]CD/DVD Creation

[edit]Church Management

  • ChurchDB - management of families, integration with Google Maps.


  • Asterisk - first and now standard Voice over IP (VoIP) management system.
  • Ekiga - conferencing support.
  • [1] - Screen Sharing On The Web

[edit]Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • BRL-CAD - solid modeling, interactive geometry editing, high-performance ray-tracing for rendering and geometric analysis, image and signal-processing.
  • LibreCAD - standard open source CAD app, works with BRL-CAD.

Also see 3D modelling app "Blender" in Graphics section.

[edit]Crowd Sourcing

  • Ushahidi - dispersed information collection and mapping.

[edit]Customer Relationship Management

  • OpenCRX - with ticketing and issue management.
  • vtiger - standard FOSS fork of original SugarCRM software.


  • GNOME - most widely used Linux user interface, underlying Ubuntu.
  • KDE - second most widely used Linux user interface.

[edit]Desktop Publishing

  • SCRIBUS - standard FOSS app for magazines, bulletins, handouts, posters.

[edit]Development Environments

  • Code::Blocks - Cross platform C, C++ and Fortran IDE, extensible, and configurable.
  • Eclipse - standard FOSS integrated development environment (IDE), foundation supported by almost every major tech company, based in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Lazarus - Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE with components ready for reuse, and a form designer to easily create complex GUI's and apps.
  • MonoDevelop - Cross-platform support for quick development and porting of Microsoft C# and other .NET applications for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Qt - Cross-platform application and UI framework for C++ and QML.
  • SharpDevelop - Open source IDE for C#, VB.NET and Boo projects on Microsoft's .NET platform.

[edit]Disaster Management


  • Tickets CAD - dispatch management and tracking system.

[edit]Document Management

  • Alfresco - one of the first and most widely used doc management systems, several commercial open source components but makes the list because they converted back to the GPL License.
  • Nuxeo - standard FOSS doc management system from Europe, all FOSS components, scales from small to very large organizations..

[edit]Ebook Readers


  • oscommerce - one of the first FOSS e-commerce systems.


  • Moodle - one of the first and now most widely used FOSS education apps.
  • VUE - unique capabilites, extraordinary visual mapping tool to help organize digital resources.
  • Docear - unique solution to literature management, helps in integrating different tools/applications in single software (manages pdfs,references).

[edit]Email & Calendar

  • Evolution - widely deployed world wide by Novell in late 1990's, the standard enterprise level client.

[edit]Email Marketing

  • OpenEMM - emails and campaigns with automated opt-out compliance.

[edit]Emergency Services


  • Code-Aster - Civil and Structural Engineering finite element analysis and numeric simulation in structural mechanics.


  • Adempiere - one of the very first FOSS ERP solutions.
  • OpenERP - one of the most widely used.
  • opentaps - one of the most widely used.

[edit]File Compression

  • 7-zip - support for gzip, zip, related formats.

[edit]Flight Simulator




  • Cenon - vector graphics.
  • DIA - first FOSS template tool, occasionally useful, now superseded by LibreOffice Draw, Gimp, Inkscape, and others.
  • Gimp - standard FOSS bitmap editing application, extraordinarily powerful.
  • Krita - painting and sketching.
  • Inkscape - standard FOSS vector graphics application.
  • Diagram Designer - Simple vector graphics editor for creating flowcharts, UML class diagrams, illustrations and slide shows.


  • Graphite - scalable real-time graphing.

[edit]Groupware (email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks )

[edit]Health / Medical / Dental

  • GnuMED - electronic medical records.
  • OpenEHR - electronic health records.
  • OpenTox - interoperable predictive toxicology framework.
  • OSCAR - electronic medical records.
  • VistA - electronic medical records.

[edit]Human Resources (HR)

  • OrangeHRM - first FOSS HR management software.

[edit]Instant Messaging

  • Pidgin - standard FOSS app for IM, can connect to all major networks.

[edit]Inventory Management

[edit]ISP Management

  • Freeside - billing, CRM, trouble ticketing, network monitoring and provisioning for ISPs, VoIP providers and other industries.

[edit]Issue Tracking

  • Trac - standard (basic) FOSS issue tracking app, simple interface, customizable reports.

(See "Bug Tracking" software on "System Software" page for more sophisticated systems.)

[edit]Label Printing

[edit]Library Software


[edit]Mind Mapping


  • Modelio - UML, BPMN, Java, XMI, HTML, Jython modeling environment.
  • UMLet - text-based UML modeling.


  • Hugin - panorama photo stitcher.


[edit]Office Suite

[edit]Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • GOCR/JOCR - Started in 2000, JavaScript based, works with many image formats. Javascript version at GOCR.js. (GPL 2)
  • JavaOCR - suite of "pure" Java libraries with no external dependencies, small memory footprint, good for Android development. (Apache 2.0)
  • Ocrad - performs OCR based on a feature extraction method, analyze layout and identify different columns and areas of text, use stand-alone or as a module. Javascript version at Ocrad.js. (GPL 3)
  • ocropus - Python-based OCR package using recurrent neural networks, including scripts for ground truth editing and correction, measuring error rates, determining confusion matrices, and other features. (Apache 2.0)
  • OpenKM - enterprise focus with modules such as version control, metadata, workflow, search, and user collaboration. (GPL 2)
  • Tesseract - very accurate, works with Leptonica Image Processing Library in 60+ languages, developed by HP, now led by Google. (Apache 2.0)

[edit]Password Managers

  • EveryPass - a HTML5 based password manager that allows cross domain password management on modern, web enabled devices.
  • KeePass - open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and mobile devices.

[edit]PDF Viewers / Editors / Writers


  • Hugin - panoramic photo stitcher togetherer.

[edit]Point of Sale


  • Sozi - zooming presentation editor and player.

[edit]Printing 3D

[edit]Project Management

  • Planner - simple interface, Gantt charts, resource allocation, cost roll-ups, HTML export, best basic tool.
  • ProjectLibre - update of original OpenProj app, Gantt charts, resources, costing, read /write compatible with MS Project, best sophisticated tool.
  • RedMine - web-based collaboration support for project teams.

[edit]Real Estate

[edit]Reporting / Charts / Graphs

  • D3.js - JavaScript data driven documents.

[edit]Resource Management


  • Kazam - screen recording for screencasts.

[edit]Search Engine

[edit]Social Networking

[edit]Sound Editing

[edit]Survey Software

[edit]Terminal Emulation

  • PuTTY - Telnet, SSH, xterm emulator.

[edit]Timesheet & Time Tracking


  • Lyx - LaTeX based beautiful typesetting editor.
  • TeXmacs - LaTeX based beautiful typesetting editor.

[edit]Video Capture

[edit]Video Players

[edit]Video Conferencing

[edit]Video Editing

  • Avidemux - good video conversion, rotation tools.

[edit]Virtual Desktop Clients

Also see Virtual Desktop Servers.

[edit]Virtual Private Network

[edit]Virtual World / Simulator


  • OpenCV - computer vision libraries.

[edit]Voice Calling

[edit]Voice Recognition

[edit]Website Analytics

  • Analog - started in 1995, still being enhanced.
  • AWStats - started 2000, command line tool.
  • Piwik - includes marketing and related analysis.
  • W3Perl - all Perl, email and HTML and PDF reports.

[edit]Web Browser

  • Firefox - standard FOSS app until Chrome took more user share, traces lineage as a descendent of the first widespread browser Netscape.
  • Chrome - Google supported browser, very fast, portal to bring users into other (non-FOSS) Google services.

[edit]Web Conferencing

  • DimDim - one of the first FOSS conferencing apps.
  • WebHuddle - one of the first FOSS conferencing apps.

[edit]Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Drupal - most widely used FOSS content management system for complex sites, many themes and plugins.
  • Joomla - second most widely used FOSS content management system.

[edit]Website Development

  • Amaya - original browser supported by creator of web, Tim Berners-Lee, with his vision of always being able to both view and edit any page in the same app.
  • WordPress - standard and most widely used FOSS website software, large set of templates, support for blogging, discussions, forums.


  • MediaWiki - original and same software that runs Wikipedia.


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