Kali linux 2016.2(Rolling)中的Exploits模块详解



root@kali:~# msfconsole

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0xd34db33f
EFLAGS: 00010046
eax: 00000001 ebx: f77c8c00 ecx: 00000000 edx: f77f0001
esi: 803bf014 edi: 8023c755 ebp: 80237f84 esp: 80237f60
ds: 0018   es: 0018  ss: 0018
Process Swapper (Pid: 0, process nr: 0, stackpage=80377000)

Stack: 90909090990909090990909090

Code: 00 00 00 00 M3 T4 SP L0 1T FR 4M 3W OR K! V3 R5 I0 N4 00 00 00 00
Aiee, Killing Interrupt handler
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task!
In swapper task - not syncing

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msf > show exploits






   当我们执行 Show exploits命令后,显示3列,分别为Exploit名称    等级    描述

msf > show exploits


   Name                                                              Disclosure Date  Rank       Description
   ----                                                              ---------------  ----       -----------
   aix/local/ibstat_path                                             2013-09-24       excellent  ibstat $PATH Privilege Escalation
   aix/rpc_cmsd_opcode21                                             2009-10-07       great      AIX Calendar Manager Service Daemon (rpc.cmsd) Opcode 21 Buffer Overflow
   aix/rpc_ttdbserverd_realpath                                      2009-06-17       great      ToolTalk rpc.ttdbserverd _tt_internal_realpath Buffer Overflow (AIX)
   android/adb/adb_server_exec                                       2016-01-01       excellent  Android ADB Debug Server Remote Payload Execution
   android/browser/samsung_knox_smdm_url                             2014-11-12       excellent  Samsung Galaxy KNOX Android Browser RCE
   android/browser/stagefright_mp4_tx3g_64bit                        2015-08-13       normal     Android Stagefright MP4 tx3g Integer Overflow
   android/browser/webview_addjavascriptinterface                    2012-12-21       excellent  Android Browser and WebView addJavascriptInterface Code Execution
   android/fileformat/adobe_reader_pdf_js_interface                  2014-04-13       good       Adobe Reader for Android addJavascriptInterface Exploit
   android/local/futex_requeue                                       2014-05-03       excellent  Android 'Towelroot' Futex Requeue Kernel Exploit
   apple_ios/browser/safari_libtiff                                  2006-08-01       good       Apple iOS MobileSafari LibTIFF Buffer Overflow
   apple_ios/email/mobilemail_libtiff                                2006-08-01       good       Apple iOS MobileMail LibTIFF Buffer Overflow
   apple_ios/ssh/cydia_default_ssh                                   2007-07-02       excellent  Apple iOS Default SSH Password Vulnerability
   bsdi/softcart/mercantec_softcart                                  2004-08-19       great      Mercantec SoftCart CGI Overflow
   dialup/multi/login/manyargs                                       2001-12-12       good       System V Derived /bin/login Extraneous Arguments Buffer Overflow
   firefox/local/exec_shellcode                                      2014-03-10       normal     Firefox Exec Shellcode from Privileged Javascript Shell
   freebsd/ftp/proftp_telnet_iac                                     2010-11-01       great      ProFTPD 1.3.2rc3 - 1.3.3b Telnet IAC Buffer Overflow (FreeBSD)
   freebsd/http/watchguard_cmd_exec                                  2015-06-29       excellent  Watchguard XCS Remote Command Execution
   freebsd/local/mmap                                                2013-06-18       great      FreeBSD 9 Address Space Manipulation Privilege Escalation
   freebsd/local/watchguard_fix_corrupt_mail                         2015-06-29       manual     Watchguard XCS FixCorruptMail Local Privilege Escalation
   freebsd/misc/citrix_netscaler_soap_bof                            2014-09-22       normal     Citrix NetScaler SOAP Handler Remote Code Execution
   freebsd/samba/trans2open                                          2003-04-07       great      Samba trans2open Overflow (*BSD x86)
   freebsd/tacacs/xtacacsd_report                                    2008-01-08       average    XTACACSD report() Buffer Overflow
   freebsd/telnet/telnet_encrypt_keyid                               2011-12-23       great      FreeBSD Telnet Service Encryption Key ID Buffer Overflow
   hpux/lpd/cleanup_exec                                             2002-08-28       excellent  HP-UX LPD Command Execution
   irix/lpd/tagprinter_exec                                          2001-09-01       excellent  Irix LPD tagprinter Command Execution
   linux/antivirus/escan_password_exec                               2014-04-04       excellent  eScan Web Management Console Command Injection
   linux/browser/adobe_flashplayer_aslaunch                          2008-12-17       good       Adobe Flash Player ActionScript Launch Command Execution Vulnerability
   linux/ftp/proftp_sreplace                                         2006-11-26       great      ProFTPD 1.2 - 1.3.0 sreplace Buffer Overflow (Linux)
   linux/ftp/proftp_telnet_iac                                       2010-11-01       great      ProFTPD 1.3.2rc3 - 1.3.3b Telnet IAC Buffer Overflow (Linux)
   linux/games/ut2004_secure                                         2004-06-18       good       Unreal Tournament 2004 "secure" Overflow (Linux)
   linux/http/accellion_fta_getstatus_oauth                          2015-07-10       excellent  Accellion FTA getStatus verify_oauth_token Command Execution
   linux/http/advantech_switch_bash_env_exec                         2015-12-01       excellent  Advantech Switch Bash Environment Variable Code Injection (Shellshock)
   linux/http/airties_login_cgi_bof                                  2015-03-31       normal     Airties login-cgi Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/alcatel_omnipcx_mastercgi_exec                         2007-09-09       manual     Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise masterCGI Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/alienvault_sqli_exec                                   2014-04-24       excellent  AlienVault OSSIM SQL Injection and Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/apache_continuum_cmd_exec                              2016-04-06       excellent  Apache Continuum Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/astium_sqli_upload                                     2013-09-17       manual     Astium Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/atutor_filemanager_traversal                           2016-03-01       excellent  ATutor 2.2.1 Directory Traversal / Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/belkin_login_bof                                       2014-05-09       normal     Belkin Play N750 login.cgi Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/centreon_sqli_exec                                     2014-10-15       excellent  Centreon SQL and Command Injection
   linux/http/centreon_useralias_exec                                2016-02-26       excellent  Centreon Web Useralias Command Execution
   linux/http/cfme_manageiq_evm_upload_exec                          2013-09-04       normal     Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine 5.1 agent/linuxpkgs Path Traversal
   linux/http/ddwrt_cgibin_exec                                      2009-07-20       excellent  DD-WRT HTTP Daemon Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_authentication_cgi_bof                           2013-02-08       normal     D-Link authentication.cgi Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/dlink_command_php_exec_noauth                          2013-02-04       excellent  D-Link Devices Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_dcs931l_upload                                   2015-02-23       great      D-Link DCS-931L File Upload
   linux/http/dlink_dcs_930l_authenticated_remote_command_execution  2015-12-20       normal     D-Link DCS-930L Authenticated Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_diagnostic_exec_noauth                           2013-03-05       excellent  D-Link DIR-645 / DIR-815 diagnostic.php Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_dir300_exec_telnet                               2013-04-22       excellent  D-Link Devices Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_dir605l_captcha_bof                              2012-10-08       manual     D-Link DIR-605L Captcha Handling Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/dlink_dir615_up_exec                                   2013-02-07       excellent  D-Link DIR615h OS Command Injection
   linux/http/dlink_dspw110_cookie_noauth_exec                       2015-06-12       normal     D-Link Cookie Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_dspw215_info_cgi_bof                             2014-05-22       normal     D-Link info.cgi POST Request Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/dlink_hedwig_cgi_bof                                   2013-02-08       normal     D-Link hedwig.cgi Buffer Overflow in Cookie Header
   linux/http/dlink_hnap_bof                                         2014-05-15       normal     D-Link HNAP Request Remote Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/dlink_hnap_header_exec_noauth                          2015-02-13       normal     D-Link Devices HNAP SOAPAction-Header Command Execution
   linux/http/dlink_upnp_exec_noauth                                 2013-07-05       normal     D-Link Devices UPnP SOAP Command Execution
   linux/http/dolibarr_cmd_exec                                      2012-04-06       excellent  Dolibarr ERP/CRM Post-Auth OS Command Injection
   linux/http/dreambox_openpli_shell                                 2013-02-08       great      OpenPLI Webif Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/efw_chpasswd_exec                                      2015-06-28       normal     Endian Firewall Proxy Password Change Command Injection
   linux/http/esva_exec                                              2012-08-16       excellent  E-Mail Security Virtual Appliance learn-msg.cgi Command Injection
   linux/http/f5_icall_cmd                                           2015-09-03       excellent  F5 iControl iCall::Script Root Command Execution
   linux/http/f5_icontrol_exec                                       2013-09-17       excellent  F5 iControl Remote Root Command Execution
   linux/http/foreman_openstack_satellite_code_exec                  2013-06-06       normal     Foreman (Red Hat OpenStack/Satellite) bookmarks/create Code Injection
   linux/http/fritzbox_echo_exec                                     2014-02-11       excellent  Fritz!Box Webcm Unauthenticated Command Injection
   linux/http/gitlist_exec                                           2014-06-30       excellent  Gitlist Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/gpsd_format_string                                     2005-05-25       average    Berlios GPSD Format String Vulnerability
   linux/http/groundwork_monarch_cmd_exec                            2013-03-08       excellent  GroundWork monarch_scan.cgi OS Command Injection
   linux/http/hp_system_management                                   2012-09-01       normal     HP System Management Anonymous Access Code Execution
   linux/http/ipfire_bashbug_exec                                    2014-09-29       excellent  IPFire Bash Environment Variable Injection (Shellshock)
   linux/http/ipfire_proxy_exec                                      2016-05-04       excellent  IPFire proxy.cgi RCE
   linux/http/kaltura_unserialize_rce                                2016-03-15       excellent  Kaltura Remote PHP Code Execution
   linux/http/kloxo_sqli                                             2014-01-28       manual     Kloxo SQL Injection and Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/lifesize_uvc_ping_rce                                  2014-03-21       excellent  LifeSize UVC Authenticated RCE via Ping
   linux/http/linksys_apply_cgi                                      2005-09-13       great      Linksys WRT54 Access Point apply.cgi Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/linksys_e1500_apply_exec                               2013-02-05       excellent  Linksys E1500/E2500 apply.cgi Remote Command Injection
   linux/http/linksys_themoon_exec                                   2014-02-13       excellent  Linksys E-Series TheMoon Remote Command Injection
   linux/http/linksys_wrt110_cmd_exec                                2013-07-12       excellent  Linksys Devices pingstr Remote Command Injection
   linux/http/linksys_wrt160nv2_apply_exec                           2013-02-11       excellent  Linksys WRT160nv2 apply.cgi Remote Command Injection
   linux/http/linksys_wrt54gl_apply_exec                             2013-01-18       manual     Linksys WRT54GL apply.cgi Command Execution
   linux/http/multi_ncc_ping_exec                                    2015-02-26       normal     D-Link/TRENDnet NCC Service Command Injection
   linux/http/mutiny_frontend_upload                                 2013-05-15       excellent  Mutiny 5 Arbitrary File Upload
   linux/http/nagios_xi_chained_rce                                  2016-03-06       excellent  Nagios XI Chained Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/netgear_dgn1000b_setup_exec                            2013-02-06       excellent  Netgear DGN1000B setup.cgi Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/netgear_dgn2200b_pppoe_exec                            2013-02-15       manual     Netgear DGN2200B pppoe.cgi Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/netgear_readynas_exec                                  2013-07-12       manual     NETGEAR ReadyNAS Perl Code Evaluation
   linux/http/nginx_chunked_size                                     2013-05-07       normal     Nginx HTTP Server 1.3.9-1.4.0 Chunked Encoding Stack Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/nuuo_nvrmini_auth_rce                                  2016-08-04       excellent  NUUO NVRmini 2 / Crystal / NETGEAR ReadyNAS Surveillance Authenticated Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/nuuo_nvrmini_unauth_rce                                2016-08-04       excellent  NUUO NVRmini 2 / NETGEAR ReadyNAS Surveillance Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/op5_config_exec                                        2016-04-08       excellent  op5 v7.1.9 Configuration Command Execution
   linux/http/openfiler_networkcard_exec                             2012-09-04       excellent  Openfiler v2.x NetworkCard Command Execution
   linux/http/pandora_fms_exec                                       2014-01-29       excellent  Pandora FMS Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/pandora_fms_sqli                                       2014-02-01       excellent  Pandora FMS Default Credential / SQLi Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/peercast_url                                           2006-03-08       average    PeerCast URL Handling Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/pineapp_ldapsyncnow_exec                               2013-07-26       excellent  PineApp Mail-SeCure ldapsyncnow.php Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/pineapp_livelog_exec                                   2013-07-26       excellent  PineApp Mail-SeCure livelog.html Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/pineapp_test_li_conn_exec                              2013-07-26       excellent  PineApp Mail-SeCure test_li_connection.php Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/pineapple_bypass_cmdinject                             2015-08-01       excellent  Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Preconfiguration Command Injection
   linux/http/pineapple_preconfig_cmdinject                          2015-08-01       excellent  Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Preconfiguration Command Injection
   linux/http/piranha_passwd_exec                                    2000-04-04       excellent  RedHat Piranha Virtual Server Package passwd.php3 Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/raidsonic_nas_ib5220_exec_noauth                       2013-02-04       manual     Raidsonic NAS Devices Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/railo_cfml_rfi                                         2014-08-26       excellent  Railo Remote File Include
   linux/http/realtek_miniigd_upnp_exec_noauth                       2015-04-24       normal     Realtek SDK Miniigd UPnP SOAP Command Execution
   linux/http/riverbed_netprofiler_netexpress_exec                   2016-06-27       excellent  Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler/NetExpress Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/seagate_nas_php_exec_noauth                            2015-03-01       normal     Seagate Business NAS Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/smt_ipmi_close_window_bof                              2013-11-06       good       Supermicro Onboard IPMI close_window.cgi Buffer Overflow
   linux/http/sophos_wpa_iface_exec                                  2014-04-08       excellent  Sophos Web Protection Appliance Interface Authenticated Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/sophos_wpa_sblistpack_exec                             2013-09-06       excellent  Sophos Web Protection Appliance sblistpack Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/http/symantec_web_gateway_exec                              2012-05-17       excellent  Symantec Web Gateway ipchange.php Command Injection
   linux/http/symantec_web_gateway_file_upload                       2012-05-17       excellent  Symantec Web Gateway Arbitrary PHP File Upload Vulnerability
   linux/http/symantec_web_gateway_lfi                               2012-05-17       excellent  Symantec Web Gateway relfile File Inclusion Vulnerability
   linux/http/symantec_web_gateway_pbcontrol                         2012-07-23       excellent  Symantec Web Gateway pbcontrol.php Command Injection
   linux/http/symantec_web_gateway_restore                           2014-12-16       excellent  Symantec Web Gateway 5 restore.php Post Authentication Command Injection
   linux/http/synology_dsm_sliceupload_exec_noauth                   2013-10-31       excellent  Synology DiskStation Manager SLICEUPLOAD Remote Command Execution
   linux/http/tiki_calendar_exec                                     2016-06-06       excellent  Tiki-Wiki CMS Calendar Command Execution
   linux/http/tp_link_sc2020n_authenticated_telnet_injection         2015-12-20       normal     TP-Link SC2020n Authenticated Telnet Injection
   linux/http/vap2500_tools_command_exec                             2014-11-25       normal     Arris VAP2500 tools_command.php Command Execution
   linux/http/vcms_upload                                            2011-11-27       excellent  V-CMS PHP File Upload and Execute
   linux/http/wanem_exec                                             2012-08-12       excellent  WAN Emulator v2.3 Command Execution
   linux/http/webcalendar_settings_exec                              2012-04-23       excellent  WebCalendar 1.2.4 Pre-Auth Remote Code Injection
   linux/http/webid_converter                                        2011-07-05       excellent  WeBid converter.php Remote PHP Code Injection
   linux/http/zabbix_sqli                                            2013-09-23       excellent  Zabbix 2.0.8 SQL Injection and Remote Code Execution
   linux/http/zen_load_balancer_exec                                 2012-09-14       excellent  ZEN Load Balancer Filelog Command Execution
   linux/http/zenoss_showdaemonxmlconfig_exec                        2012-07-30       good       Zenoss 3 showDaemonXMLConfig Command Execution
   linux/ids/alienvault_centerd_soap_exec                            2014-05-05       excellent  AlienVault OSSIM av-centerd Command Injection
   linux/ids/snortbopre                                              2005-10-18       good       Snort Back Orifice Pre-Preprocessor Buffer Overflow
   linux/imap/imap_uw_lsub                                           2000-04-16       good       UoW IMAP Server LSUB Buffer Overflow
   linux/local/cron_persistence                                      1979-07-01       excellent  Cron Persistence
   linux/local/desktop_privilege_escalation                          2014-08-07       excellent  Desktop Linux Password Stealer and Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/docker_daemon_privilege_escalation                    2016-06-28       excellent  Docker Daemon Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/hp_smhstart                                           2013-03-30       normal     HP System Management Homepage Local Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/kloxo_lxsuexec                                        2012-09-18       excellent  Kloxo Local Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/netfilter_priv_esc                                    2016-06-03       good       Linux Kernel 4.6.3 Netfilter Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/overlayfs_priv_esc                                    2015-06-16       good       Overlayfs Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/pkexec                                                2011-04-01       great      Linux PolicyKit Race Condition Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/recvmmsg_priv_esc                                     2014-02-02       good       Linux Kernel 3.13.1 Recvmmsg Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/service_persistence                                   1983-01-01       excellent  Service Persistence
   linux/local/sock_sendpage                                         2009-08-13       great      Linux Kernel Sendpage Local Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/sophos_wpa_clear_keys                                 2013-09-06       excellent  Sophos Web Protection Appliance clear_keys.pl Local Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/udev_netlink                                          2009-04-16       great      Linux udev Netlink Local Privilege Escalation
   linux/local/vmware_mount                                          2013-08-22       normal     VMWare Setuid vmware-mount Unsafe popen(3)
   linux/local/zpanel_zsudo                                          2013-06-07       excellent  ZPanel zsudo Local Privilege Escalation Exploit
   linux/misc/accellion_fta_mpipe2                                   2011-02-07       excellent  Accellion FTA MPIPE2 Command Execution
   linux/misc/drb_remote_codeexec                                    2011-03-23       excellent  Distributed Ruby Send instance_eval/syscall Code Execution
   linux/misc/gld_postfix                                            2005-04-12       good       GLD (Greylisting Daemon) Postfix Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/hikvision_rtsp_bof                                     2014-11-19       normal     Hikvision DVR RTSP Request Remote Code Execution
   linux/misc/hp_data_protector_cmd_exec                             2011-02-07       excellent  HP Data Protector 6 EXEC_CMD Remote Code Execution
   linux/misc/hp_nnmi_pmd_bof                                        2014-09-09       normal     HP Network Node Manager I PMD Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/hp_vsa_login_bof                                       2013-06-28       normal     HP StorageWorks P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance Login Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/hplip_hpssd_exec                                       2007-10-04       excellent  HPLIP hpssd.py From Address Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/misc/ib_inet_connect                                        2007-10-03       good       Borland InterBase INET_connect() Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/ib_jrd8_create_database                                2007-10-03       good       Borland InterBase jrd8_create_database() Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/ib_open_marker_file                                    2007-10-03       good       Borland InterBase open_marker_file() Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/ib_pwd_db_aliased                                      2007-10-03       good       Borland InterBase PWD_db_aliased() Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/jenkins_java_deserialize                               2015-11-18       excellent  Jenkins CLI RMI Java Deserialization Vulnerability
   linux/misc/lprng_format_string                                    2000-09-25       normal     LPRng use_syslog Remote Format String Vulnerability
   linux/misc/mongod_native_helper                                   2013-03-24       normal     MongoDB nativeHelper.apply Remote Code Execution
   linux/misc/nagios_nrpe_arguments                                  2013-02-21       excellent  Nagios Remote Plugin Executor Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/misc/netcore_udp_53413_backdoor                             2014-08-25       normal     Netcore Router Udp 53413 Backdoor
   linux/misc/netsupport_manager_agent                               2011-01-08       average    NetSupport Manager Agent Remote Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/novell_edirectory_ncp_bof                              2012-12-12       normal     Novell eDirectory 8 Buffer Overflow
   linux/misc/opennms_java_serialize                                 2014-11-19       normal     OpenNMS Java Object Unserialization Remote Code Execution
   linux/misc/sercomm_exec                                           2013-12-31       great      SerComm Device Remote Code Execution
   linux/misc/zabbix_server_exec                                     2009-09-10       excellent  Zabbix Server Arbitrary Command Execution
   linux/mysql/mysql_yassl_getname                                   2010-01-25       good       MySQL yaSSL CertDecoder::GetName Buffer Overflow
   linux/mysql/mysql_yassl_hello                                     2008-01-04       good       MySQL yaSSL SSL Hello Message Buffer Overflow
   linux/pop3/cyrus_pop3d_popsubfolders                              2006-05-21       normal     Cyrus IMAPD pop3d popsubfolders USER Buffer Overflow
   linux/postgres/postgres_payload                                   2007-06-05       excellent  PostgreSQL for Linux Payload Execution
   linux/pptp/poptop_negative_read                                   2003-04-09       great      Poptop Negative Read Overflow
   linux/proxy/squid_ntlm_authenticate                               2004-06-08       great      Squid NTLM Authenticate Overflow
   linux/samba/chain_reply                                           2010-06-16       good       Samba chain_reply Memory Corruption (Linux x86)
   linux/samba/lsa_transnames_heap                                   2007-05-14       good       Samba lsa_io_trans_names Heap Overflow
   linux/samba/setinfopolicy_heap                                    2012-04-10       normal     Samba SetInformationPolicy AuditEventsInfo Heap Overflow
   linux/samba/trans2open                                            2003-04-07       great      Samba trans2open Overflow (Linux x86)
   linux/smtp/exim4_dovecot_exec                                     2013-05-03       excellent  Exim and Dovecot Insecure Configuration Command Injection
   linux/smtp/exim_gethostbyname_bof                                 2015-01-27       great      Exim GHOST (glibc gethostbyname) Buffer Overflow
   linux/ssh/ceragon_fibeair_known_privkey                           2015-04-01       excellent  Ceragon FibeAir IP-10 SSH Private Key Exposure
   linux/ssh/exagrid_known_privkey                                   2016-04-07       excellent  ExaGrid Known SSH Key and Default Password
   linux/ssh/f5_bigip_known_privkey                                  2012-06-11       excellent  F5 BIG-IP SSH Private Key Exposure
   linux/ssh/loadbalancerorg_enterprise_known_privkey                2014-03-17       excellent  Loadbalancer.org Enterprise VA SSH Private Key Exposure
   linux/ssh/quantum_dxi_known_privkey                               2014-03-17       excellent  Quantum DXi V1000 SSH Private Key Exposure
   linux/ssh/quantum_vmpro_backdoor                                  2014-03-17       excellent  Quantum vmPRO Backdoor Command
   linux/ssh/symantec_smg_ssh                                        2012-08-27       excellent  Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 Default SSH Password Vulnerability
   linux/ssh/ubiquiti_airos_file_upload                              2016-02-13       excellent  Ubiquiti airOS Arbitrary File Upload
   linux/telnet/telnet_encrypt_keyid                                 2011-12-23       great      Linux BSD-derived Telnet Service Encryption Key ID Buffer Overflow
   linux/upnp/dlink_upnp_msearch_exec                                2013-02-01       excellent  D-Link Unauthenticated UPnP M-SEARCH Multicast Command Injection
   linux/upnp/miniupnpd_soap_bof                                     2013-03-27       normal     MiniUPnPd 1.0 Stack Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution
   mainframe/ftp/ftp_jcl_creds                                       2013-05-12       normal     FTP JCL Execution
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_hacking_team_uaf                        2015-07-06       great      Adobe Flash Player ByteArray Use After Free
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_nellymoser_bof                          2015-06-23       great      Adobe Flash Player Nellymoser Audio Decoding Buffer Overflow
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_net_connection_confusion                2015-03-12       great      Adobe Flash Player NetConnection Type Confusion
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_opaque_background_uaf                   2015-07-06       great      Adobe Flash opaqueBackground Use After Free
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_pixel_bender_bof                        2014-04-28       great      Adobe Flash Player Shader Buffer Overflow
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_shader_drawing_fill                     2015-05-12       great      Adobe Flash Player Drawing Fill Shader Memory Corruption
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_shader_job_overflow                     2015-05-12       great      Adobe Flash Player ShaderJob Buffer Overflow
   multi/browser/adobe_flash_uncompress_zlib_uaf                     2014-04-28       great      Adobe Flash Player ByteArray UncompressViaZlibVariant Use After Free
   multi/browser/firefox_escape_retval                               2009-07-13       normal     Firefox 3.5 escape() Return Value Memory Corruption
   multi/browser/firefox_pdfjs_privilege_escalation                  2015-03-31       manual     Firefox PDF.js Privileged Javascript Injection
   multi/browser/firefox_proto_crmfrequest                           2013-08-06       excellent  Firefox 5.0 - 15.0.1 __exposedProps__ XCS Code Execution
   multi/browser/firefox_proxy_prototype                             2014-01-20       manual     Firefox Proxy Prototype Privileged Javascript Injection
   multi/browser/firefox_queryinterface                              2006-02-02       normal     Firefox location.QueryInterface() Code Execution
   multi/browser/firefox_svg_plugin                                  2013-01-08       excellent  Firefox 17.0.1 Flash Privileged Code Injection
   multi/browser/firefox_tostring_console_injection                  2013-05-14       excellent  Firefox toString console.time Privileged Javascript Injection
   multi/browser/firefox_webidl_injection                            2014-03-17       excellent  Firefox WebIDL Privileged Javascript Injection
   multi/browser/firefox_xpi_bootstrapped_addon                      2007-06-27       excellent  Mozilla Firefox Bootstrapped Addon Social Engineering Code Execution
   multi/browser/itms_overflow                                       2009-06-01       great      Apple OS X iTunes 8.1.1 ITMS Overflow
   multi/browser/java_atomicreferencearray                           2012-02-14       excellent  Java AtomicReferenceArray Type Violation Vulnerability
   multi/browser/java_calendar_deserialize                           2008-12-03       excellent  Sun Java Calendar Deserialization Privilege Escalation
   multi/browser/java_getsoundbank_bof                               2009-11-04       great      Sun Java JRE getSoundbank file:// URI Buffer Overflow
   multi/browser/java_jre17_driver_manager                           2013-01-10       excellent  Java Applet Driver Manager Privileged toString() Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_exec                                     2012-08-26       excellent  Java 7 Applet Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_glassfish_averagerangestatisticimpl      2012-10-16       excellent  Java Applet AverageRangeStatisticImpl Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_jaxws                                    2012-10-16       excellent  Java Applet JAX-WS Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_jmxbean                                  2013-01-10       excellent  Java Applet JMX Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_jmxbean_2                                2013-01-19       excellent  Java Applet JMX Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_method_handle                            2012-10-16       excellent  Java Applet Method Handle Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_jre17_provider_skeleton                        2013-06-18       great      Java Applet ProviderSkeleton Insecure Invoke Method
   multi/browser/java_jre17_reflection_types                         2013-01-10       excellent  Java Applet Reflection Type Confusion Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_rhino                                          2011-10-18       excellent  Java Applet Rhino Script Engine Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_rmi_connection_impl                            2010-03-31       excellent  Java RMIConnectionImpl Deserialization Privilege Escalation
   multi/browser/java_setdifficm_bof                                 2009-11-04       great      Sun Java JRE AWT setDiffICM Buffer Overflow
   multi/browser/java_signed_applet                                  1997-02-19       excellent  Java Signed Applet Social Engineering Code Execution
   multi/browser/java_storeimagearray                                2013-08-12       great      Java storeImageArray() Invalid Array Indexing Vulnerability
   multi/browser/java_trusted_chain                                  2010-03-31       excellent  Java Statement.invoke() Trusted Method Chain Privilege Escalation
   multi/browser/java_verifier_field_access                          2012-06-06       excellent  Java Applet Field Bytecode Verifier Cache Remote Code Execution
   multi/browser/mozilla_compareto                                   2005-07-13       normal     Mozilla Suite/Firefox compareTo() Code Execution
   multi/browser/mozilla_navigatorjava                               2006-07-25       normal     Mozilla Suite/Firefox Navigator Object Code Execution
   multi/browser/opera_configoverwrite                               2007-03-05       excellent  Opera 9 Configuration Overwrite
   multi/browser/opera_historysearch                                 2008-10-23       excellent  Opera historysearch XSS
   multi/browser/qtjava_pointer                                      2007-04-23       excellent  Apple QTJava toQTPointer() Arbitrary Memory Access
   multi/elasticsearch/script_mvel_rce                               2013-12-09       excellent  ElasticSearch Dynamic Script Arbitrary Java Execution
   multi/elasticsearch/search_groovy_script                          2015-02-11       excellent  ElasticSearch Search Groovy Sandbox Bypass
   multi/fileformat/adobe_u3d_meshcont                               2009-10-13       good       Adobe U3D CLODProgressiveMeshDeclaration Array Overrun
   multi/fileformat/js_unpacker_eval_injection                       2015-02-18       excellent  Javascript Injection for Eval-based Unpackers
   multi/fileformat/maple_maplet                                     2010-04-26       excellent  Maple Maplet File Creation and Command Execution
   multi/fileformat/nodejs_js_yaml_load_code_exec                    2013-06-28       excellent  Nodejs js-yaml load() Code Execution
   multi/fileformat/peazip_command_injection                         2009-06-05       excellent  PeaZip Zip Processing Command Injection
   multi/fileformat/swagger_param_inject                             2016-06-23       excellent  JSON Swagger CodeGen Parameter Injector
   multi/ftp/pureftpd_bash_env_exec                                  2014-09-24       excellent  Pure-FTPd External Authentication Bash Environment Variable Code Injection (Shellshock)
   multi/ftp/wuftpd_site_exec_format                                 2000-06-22       great      WU-FTPD SITE EXEC/INDEX Format String Vulnerability
   multi/gdb/gdb_server_exec                                         2014-08-24       great      GDB Server Remote Payload Execution
   multi/handler                                                                      manual     Generic Payload Handler
   multi/http/activecollab_chat                                      2012-05-30       excellent  Active Collab "chat module" Remote PHP Code Injection Exploit
   multi/http/ajaxplorer_checkinstall_exec                           2010-04-04       excellent  AjaXplorer checkInstall.php Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/apache_jetspeed_file_upload                            2016-03-06       manual     Apache Jetspeed Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/apache_mod_cgi_bash_env_exec                           2014-09-24       excellent  Apache mod_cgi Bash Environment Variable Code Injection (Shellshock)
   multi/http/apache_roller_ognl_injection                           2013-10-31       excellent  Apache Roller OGNL Injection
   multi/http/apprain_upload_exec                                    2012-01-19       excellent  appRain CMF Arbitrary PHP File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/atutor_sqli                                            2016-03-01       excellent  ATutor 2.2.1 SQL Injection / Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/auxilium_upload_exec                                   2012-09-14       excellent  Auxilium RateMyPet Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/axis2_deployer                                         2010-12-30       excellent  Axis2 / SAP BusinessObjects Authenticated Code Execution (via SOAP)
   multi/http/bassmaster_js_injection                                2016-11-01       excellent  Bassmaster Batch Arbitrary JavaScript Injection Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/bolt_file_upload                                       2015-08-17       excellent  CMS Bolt File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/caidao_php_backdoor_exec                               2015-10-27       excellent  China Chopper Caidao PHP Backdoor Code Execution
   multi/http/cisco_dcnm_upload                                      2013-09-18       excellent  Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/coldfusion_rds                                         2013-08-08       great      Adobe ColdFusion 9 Administrative Login Bypass
   multi/http/cups_bash_env_exec                                     2014-09-24       excellent  CUPS Filter Bash Environment Variable Code Injection (Shellshock)
   multi/http/cuteflow_upload_exec                                   2012-07-27       excellent  CuteFlow v2.11.2 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/dexter_casinoloader_exec                               2014-02-08       excellent  Dexter (CasinoLoader) SQL Injection
   multi/http/drupal_drupageddon                                     2014-10-15       excellent  Drupal HTTP Parameter Key/Value SQL Injection
   multi/http/eaton_nsm_code_exec                                    2012-06-26       excellent  Network Shutdown Module (sort_values) Remote PHP Code Injection
   multi/http/eventlog_file_upload                                   2014-08-31       excellent  ManageEngine Eventlog Analyzer Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/extplorer_upload_exec                                  2012-12-31       excellent  eXtplorer v2.1 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/familycms_less_exec                                    2011-11-29       excellent  Family Connections less.php Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/freenas_exec_raw                                       2010-11-06       great      FreeNAS exec_raw.php Arbitrary Command Execution
   multi/http/gestioip_exec                                          2013-10-04       excellent  GestioIP Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/git_client_command_exec                                2014-12-18       excellent  Malicious Git and Mercurial HTTP Server For CVE-2014-9390
   multi/http/gitlab_shell_exec                                      2013-11-04       excellent  Gitlab-shell Code Execution
   multi/http/gitorious_graph                                        2012-01-19       excellent  Gitorious Arbitrary Command Execution
   multi/http/glassfish_deployer                                     2011-08-04       excellent  Sun/Oracle GlassFish Server Authenticated Code Execution
   multi/http/glossword_upload_exec                                  2013-02-05       excellent  Glossword v1.8.8 - 1.8.12 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/glpi_install_rce                                       2013-09-12       manual     GLPI install.php Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/horde_href_backdoor                                    2012-02-13       excellent  Horde 3.3.12 Backdoor Arbitrary PHP Code Execution
   multi/http/hp_sitescope_issuesiebelcmd                            2013-10-30       great      HP SiteScope issueSiebelCmd Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/hp_sitescope_uploadfileshandler                        2012-08-29       good       HP SiteScope Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/hp_sys_mgmt_exec                                       2013-06-11       excellent  HP System Management Homepage JustGetSNMPQueue Command Injection
   multi/http/hyperic_hq_script_console                              2013-10-10       excellent  VMware Hyperic HQ Groovy Script-Console Java Execution
   multi/http/ispconfig_php_exec                                     2013-10-30       excellent  ISPConfig Authenticated Arbitrary PHP Code Execution
   multi/http/jboss_bshdeployer                                      2010-04-26       excellent  JBoss JMX Console Beanshell Deployer WAR Upload and Deployment
   multi/http/jboss_deploymentfilerepository                         2010-04-26       excellent  JBoss Java Class DeploymentFileRepository WAR Deployment
   multi/http/jboss_invoke_deploy                                    2007-02-20       excellent  JBoss DeploymentFileRepository WAR Deployment (via JMXInvokerServlet)
   multi/http/jboss_maindeployer                                     2007-02-20       excellent  JBoss JMX Console Deployer Upload and Execute
   multi/http/jboss_seam_upload_exec                                 2010-08-05       normal     JBoss Seam 2 File Upload and Execute
   multi/http/jenkins_script_console                                 2013-01-18       good       Jenkins-CI Script-Console Java Execution
   multi/http/jira_hipchat_template                                  2015-10-28       excellent  Atlassian HipChat for Jira Plugin Velocity Template Injection
   multi/http/joomla_http_header_rce                                 2015-12-14       excellent  Joomla HTTP Header Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/kordil_edms_upload_exec                                2013-02-22       excellent  Kordil EDMS v2.2.60rc3 Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/lcms_php_exec                                          2011-03-03       excellent  LotusCMS 3.0 eval() Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/log1cms_ajax_create_folder                             2011-04-11       excellent  Log1 CMS writeInfo() PHP Code Injection
   multi/http/magento_unserialize                                    2016-05-17       excellent  Magento 2.0.6 Unserialize Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/manage_engine_dc_pmp_sqli                              2014-06-08       excellent  ManageEngine Desktop Central / Password Manager LinkViewFetchServlet.dat SQL Injection
   multi/http/manageengine_auth_upload                               2014-12-15       excellent  ManageEngine Multiple Products Authenticated File Upload
   multi/http/manageengine_sd_uploader                               2015-08-20       excellent  ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/manageengine_search_sqli                               2012-10-18       excellent  ManageEngine Security Manager Plus 5.5 Build 5505 SQL Injection
   multi/http/mantisbt_php_exec                                      2014-11-08       great      MantisBT XmlImportExport Plugin PHP Code Injection Vulnerability
   multi/http/mediawiki_thumb                                        2014-01-28       excellent  MediaWiki Thumb.php Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/metasploit_static_secret_key_base                      2016-09-15       excellent  Metasploit Web UI Static secret_key_base Value
   multi/http/metasploit_webui_console_command_execution             2016-08-23       excellent  Metasploit Web UI Diagnostic Console Command Execution
   multi/http/mma_backdoor_upload                                    2012-04-02       excellent  Th3 MMA mma.php Backdoor Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/mobilecartly_upload_exec                               2012-08-10       excellent  MobileCartly 1.0 Arbitrary File Creation Vulnerability
   multi/http/moodle_cmd_exec                                        2013-10-30       good       Moodle Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/movabletype_upgrade_exec                               2013-01-07       normal     Movable Type 4.2x, 4.3x Web Upgrade Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/mutiny_subnetmask_exec                                 2012-10-22       excellent  Mutiny Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/nas4free_php_exec                                      2013-10-30       great      NAS4Free Arbitrary Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/netwin_surgeftp_exec                                   2012-12-06       good       Netwin SurgeFTP Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/nibbleblog_file_upload                                 2015-09-01       excellent  Nibbleblog File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/novell_servicedesk_rce                                 2016-03-30       excellent  Novell ServiceDesk Authenticated File Upload
   multi/http/op5_license                                            2012-01-05       excellent  OP5 license.php Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/op5_welcome                                            2012-01-05       excellent  OP5 welcome Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/openfire_auth_bypass                                   2008-11-10       excellent  Openfire Admin Console Authentication Bypass
   multi/http/openmediavault_cmd_exec                                2013-10-30       excellent  OpenMediaVault Cron Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/openx_backdoor_php                                     2013-08-07       excellent  OpenX Backdoor PHP Code Execution
   multi/http/opmanager_socialit_file_upload                         2014-09-27       excellent  ManageEngine OpManager and Social IT Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/oracle_ats_file_upload                                 2016-01-20       excellent  Oracle ATS Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/oracle_reports_rce                                     2014-01-15       great      Oracle Forms and Reports Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/pandora_upload_exec                                    2010-11-30       excellent  Pandora FMS v3.1 Auth Bypass and Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/phoenix_exec                                           2016-07-01       excellent  Phoenix Exploit Kit Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/php_cgi_arg_injection                                  2012-05-03       excellent  PHP CGI Argument Injection
   multi/http/php_utility_belt_rce                                   2015-12-08       excellent  PHP Utility Belt Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/php_volunteer_upload_exec                              2012-05-28       excellent  PHP Volunteer Management System v1.0.2 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/phpfilemanager_rce                                     2015-08-28       excellent  phpFileManager 0.9.8 Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/phpldapadmin_query_engine                              2011-10-24       excellent  phpLDAPadmin query_engine Remote PHP Code Injection
   multi/http/phpmoadmin_exec                                        2015-03-03       excellent  PHPMoAdmin 1.1.2 Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/phpmyadmin_3522_backdoor                               2012-09-25       normal     phpMyAdmin server_sync.php Backdoor
   multi/http/phpmyadmin_preg_replace                                2013-04-25       excellent  phpMyAdmin Authenticated Remote Code Execution via preg_replace()
   multi/http/phpscheduleit_start_date                               2008-10-01       excellent  phpScheduleIt PHP reserve.php start_date Parameter Arbitrary Code Injection
   multi/http/phptax_exec                                            2012-10-08       excellent  PhpTax pfilez Parameter Exec Remote Code Injection
   multi/http/phpwiki_ploticus_exec                                  2014-09-11       excellent  Phpwiki Ploticus Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/plone_popen2                                           2011-10-04       excellent  Plone and Zope XMLTools Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/pmwiki_pagelist                                        2011-11-09       excellent  PmWiki pagelist.php Remote PHP Code Injection Exploit
   multi/http/polarcms_upload_exec                                   2012-01-21       excellent  PolarBear CMS PHP File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/processmaker_exec                                      2013-10-24       excellent  ProcessMaker Open Source Authenticated PHP Code Execution
   multi/http/qdpm_upload_exec                                       2012-06-14       excellent  qdPM v7 Arbitrary PHP File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/rails_actionpack_inline_exec                           2016-03-01       excellent  Ruby on Rails ActionPack Inline ERB Code Execution
   multi/http/rails_dynamic_render_code_exec                         2016-10-16       excellent  Ruby on Rails Dynamic Render File Upload Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/rails_json_yaml_code_exec                              2013-01-28       excellent  Ruby on Rails JSON Processor YAML Deserialization Code Execution
   multi/http/rails_secret_deserialization                           2013-04-11       excellent  Ruby on Rails Known Secret Session Cookie Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/rails_web_console_v2_code_exec                         2015-06-16       excellent  Ruby on Rails Web Console (v2) Whitelist Bypass Code Execution
   multi/http/rails_xml_yaml_code_exec                               2013-01-07       excellent  Ruby on Rails XML Processor YAML Deserialization Code Execution
   multi/http/rocket_servergraph_file_requestor_rce                  2013-10-30       great      Rocket Servergraph Admin Center fileRequestor Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/sflog_upload_exec                                      2012-07-06       excellent  Sflog! CMS 1.0 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/simple_backdoors_exec                                  2015-09-08       excellent  Simple Backdoor Shell Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/sit_file_upload                                        2011-11-10       excellent  Support Incident Tracker Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/snortreport_exec                                       2011-09-19       excellent  Snortreport nmap.php/nbtscan.php Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/solarwinds_store_manager_auth_filter                   2014-08-19       excellent  SolarWinds Storage Manager Authentication Bypass
   multi/http/sonicwall_gms_upload                                   2012-01-17       excellent  SonicWALL GMS 6 Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/sonicwall_scrutinizer_methoddetail_sqli                2014-07-24       excellent  Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer 11.01 methodDetail SQL Injection
   multi/http/splunk_mappy_exec                                      2011-12-12       excellent  Splunk Search Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/splunk_upload_app_exec                                 2012-09-27       good       Splunk Custom App Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/spree_search_exec                                      2011-10-05       excellent  Spreecommerce 0.60.1 Arbitrary Command Execution
   multi/http/spree_searchlogic_exec                                 2011-04-19       excellent  Spreecommerce Arbitrary Command Execution
   multi/http/struts_code_exec                                       2010-07-13       good       Apache Struts Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/struts_code_exec_classloader                           2014-03-06       manual     Apache Struts ClassLoader Manipulation Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/struts_code_exec_exception_delegator                   2012-01-06       excellent  Apache Struts Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/struts_code_exec_parameters                            2011-10-01       excellent  Apache Struts ParametersInterceptor Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/struts_default_action_mapper                           2013-07-02       excellent  Apache Struts 2 DefaultActionMapper Prefixes OGNL Code Execution
   multi/http/struts_dev_mode                                        2012-01-06       excellent  Apache Struts 2 Developer Mode OGNL Execution
   multi/http/struts_dmi_exec                                        2016-04-27       excellent  Apache Struts Dynamic Method Invocation Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/struts_dmi_rest_exec                                   2016-06-01       excellent  Apache Struts REST Plugin With Dynamic Method Invocation Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/struts_include_params                                  2013-05-24       great      Apache Struts includeParams Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/stunshell_eval                                         2013-03-23       great      STUNSHELL Web Shell Remote PHP Code Execution
   multi/http/stunshell_exec                                         2013-03-23       great      STUNSHELL Web Shell Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/sun_jsws_dav_options                                   2010-01-20       great      Sun Java System Web Server WebDAV OPTIONS Buffer Overflow
   multi/http/sysaid_auth_file_upload                                2015-06-03       excellent  SysAid Help Desk Administrator Portal Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/sysaid_rdslogs_file_upload                             2015-06-03       excellent  SysAid Help Desk 'rdslogs' Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/testlink_upload_exec                                   2012-08-13       excellent  TestLink v1.9.3 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
   multi/http/tomcat_mgr_deploy                                      2009-11-09       excellent  Apache Tomcat Manager Application Deployer Authenticated Code Execution
   multi/http/tomcat_mgr_upload                                      2009-11-09       excellent  Apache Tomcat Manager Authenticated Upload Code Execution
   multi/http/traq_plugin_exec                                       2011-12-12       excellent  Traq admincp/common.php Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/uptime_file_upload_1                                   2013-11-19       excellent  Idera Up.Time Monitoring Station 7.0 post2file.php Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/uptime_file_upload_2                                   2013-11-18       normal     Idera Up.Time Monitoring Station 7.4 post2file.php Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/v0pcr3w_exec                                           2013-03-23       great      v0pCr3w Web Shell Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/vbseo_proc_deutf                                       2012-01-23       excellent  vBSEO proc_deutf() Remote PHP Code Injection
   multi/http/vbulletin_unserialize                                  2015-11-04       excellent  vBulletin 5.1.2 Unserialize Code Execution
   multi/http/visual_mining_netcharts_upload                         2014-11-03       excellent  Visual Mining NetCharts Server Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/vtiger_install_rce                                     2014-03-05       manual     Vtiger Install Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/vtiger_php_exec                                        2013-10-30       excellent  vTigerCRM v5.4.0/v5.3.0 Authenticated Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/vtiger_soap_upload                                     2013-03-26       excellent  vTiger CRM SOAP AddEmailAttachment Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/webnms_file_upload                                     2016-07-04       excellent  WebNMS Framework Server Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/webpagetest_upload_exec                                2012-07-13       excellent  WebPageTest Arbitrary PHP File Upload
   multi/http/werkzeug_debug_rce                                     2015-06-28       excellent  Werkzeug Debug Shell Command Execution
   multi/http/wikka_spam_exec                                        2011-11-30       excellent  WikkaWiki 1.3.2 Spam Logging PHP Injection
   multi/http/x7chat2_php_exec                                       2014-10-27       excellent  X7 Chat 2.0.5 lib/message.php preg_replace() PHP Code Execution
   multi/http/zabbix_script_exec                                     2013-10-30       excellent  Zabbix Authenticated Remote Command Execution
   multi/http/zemra_panel_rce                                        2012-06-28       excellent  Zemra Botnet CnC Web Panel Remote Code Execution
   multi/http/zenworks_configuration_management_upload               2015-04-07       excellent  Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Arbitrary File Upload
   multi/http/zenworks_control_center_upload                         2013-03-22       great      Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Remote Execution
   multi/http/zpanel_information_disclosure_rce                      2014-01-30       normal     Zpanel Remote Unauthenticated RCE
   multi/ids/snort_dce_rpc                                           2007-02-19       good       Snort 2 DCE/RPC Preprocessor Buffer Overflow
   multi/local/allwinner_backdoor                                    2016-04-30       excellent  Allwinner 3.4 Legacy Kernel Local Privilege Escalation
   multi/misc/arkeia_agent_exec                                      2015-07-10       great      Western Digital Arkeia Remote Code Execution
   multi/misc/batik_svg_java                                         2012-05-11       excellent  Squiggle 1.7 SVG Browser Java Code Execution
   multi/misc/hp_data_protector_exec_integutil                       2014-10-02       great      HP Data Protector EXEC_INTEGUTIL Remote Code Execution
   multi/misc/hp_vsa_exec                                            2011-11-11       excellent  HP StorageWorks P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance Command Execution
   multi/misc/indesign_server_soap                                   2012-11-11       excellent  Adobe IndesignServer 5.5 SOAP Server Arbitrary Script Execution
   multi/misc/java_jdwp_debugger                                     2010-03-12       good       Java Debug Wire Protocol Remote Code Execution
   multi/misc/java_jmx_server                                        2013-05-22       excellent  Java JMX Server Insecure Configuration Java Code Execution
   multi/misc/java_rmi_server                                        2011-10-15       excellent  Java RMI Server Insecure Default Configuration Java Code Execution

multi/misc/legend_bot_exec 2015-04-27 excellent Legend Perl IRC Bot Remote Code Execution
multi/misc/openview_omniback_exec 2001-02-28 excellent HP OpenView OmniBack II Command Execution
multi/misc/pbot_exec 2009-11-02 excellent PHP IRC Bot pbot eval() Remote Code Execution
multi/misc/persistent_hpca_radexec_exec 2014-01-02 great HP Client Automation Command Injection
multi/misc/ra1nx_pubcall_exec 2013-03-24 great Ra1NX PHP Bot PubCall Authentication Bypass Remote Code Execution
multi/misc/veritas_netbackup_cmdexec 2004-10-21 excellent VERITAS NetBackup Remote Command Execution
multi/misc/w3tw0rk_exec 2015-06-04 excellent w3tw0rk / Pitbul IRC Bot Remote Code Execution
multi/misc/wireshark_lwres_getaddrbyname 2010-01-27 great Wireshark LWRES Dissector getaddrsbyname_request Buffer Overflow
multi/misc/wireshark_lwres_getaddrbyname_loop 2010-01-27 great Wireshark LWRES Dissector getaddrsbyname_request Buffer Overflow (loop)
multi/misc/xdh_x_exec 2015-12-04 excellent Xdh / LinuxNet Perlbot / fBot IRC Bot Remote Code Execution
multi/misc/zend_java_bridge 2011-03-28 great Zend Server Java Bridge Arbitrary Java Code Execution
multi/ntp/ntp_overflow 2001-04-04 good NTP Daemon readvar Buffer Overflow
multi/php/php_unserialize_zval_cookie 2007-03-04 average PHP 4 unserialize() ZVAL Reference Counter Overflow (Cookie)
multi/postgres/postgres_createlang 2016-01-01 good PostgreSQL CREATE LANGUAGE Execution
multi/realserver/describe 2002-12-20 great RealServer Describe Buffer Overflow
multi/samba/nttrans 2003-04-07 average Samba 2.2.2 - 2.2.6 nttrans Buffer Overflow
multi/samba/usermap_script 2007-05-14 excellent Samba "username map script" Command Execution
multi/sap/sap_mgmt_con_osexec_payload 2011-03-08 excellent SAP Management Console OSExecute Payload Execution
multi/sap/sap_soap_rfc_sxpg_call_system_exec 2013-03-26 great SAP SOAP RFC SXPG_CALL_SYSTEM Remote Command Execution
multi/sap/sap_soap_rfc_sxpg_command_exec 2012-05-08 great SAP SOAP RFC SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE Remote Command Execution
multi/script/web_delivery 2013-07-19 manual Script Web Delivery
multi/ssh/sshexec 1999-01-01 manual SSH User Code Execution
multi/svn/svnserve_date 2004-05-19 average Subversion Date Svnserve
multi/upnp/libupnp_ssdp_overflow 2013-01-29 normal Portable UPnP SDK unique_service_name() Remote Code Execution
multi/vnc/vnc_keyboard_exec 2015-07-10 great VNC Keyboard Remote Code Execution
multi/vpn/tincd_bof 2013-04-22 average Tincd Post-Authentication Remote TCP Stack Buffer Overflow
multi/wyse/hagent_untrusted_hsdata 2009-07-10 excellent Wyse Rapport Hagent Fake Hserver Command Execution
netware/smb/lsass_cifs 2007-01-21 average Novell NetWare LSASS CIFS.NLM Driver Stack Buffer Overflow
netware/sunrpc/pkernel_callit 2009-09-30 good NetWare 6.5 SunRPC Portmapper CALLIT Stack Buffer Overflow
osx/afp/loginext 2004-05-03 average AppleFileServer LoginExt PathName Overflow
osx/arkeia/type77 2005-02-18 average Arkeia Backup Client Type 77 Overflow (Mac OS X)
osx/browser/mozilla_mchannel 2011-05-10 normal Mozilla Firefox 3.6.16 mChannel Use-After-Free
osx/browser/safari_file_policy 2011-10-12 normal Apple Safari file:// Arbitrary Code Execution
osx/browser/safari_metadata_archive 2006-02-21 excellent Safari Archive Metadata Command Execution
osx/browser/safari_user_assisted_applescript_exec 2015-10-16 manual Safari User-Assisted Applescript Exec Attack
osx/browser/safari_user_assisted_download_launch 2014-03-10 manual Safari User-Assisted Download and Run Attack
osx/browser/software_update 2007-12-17 excellent Apple OS X Software Update Command Execution
osx/email/mailapp_image_exec 2006-03-01 manual Mail.app Image Attachment Command Execution
osx/ftp/webstar_ftp_user 2004-07-13 average WebSTAR FTP Server USER Overflow
osx/http/evocam_webserver 2010-06-01 average MacOS X EvoCam HTTP GET Buffer Overflow
osx/local/dyld_print_to_file_root 2015-07-21 great Apple OS X DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE Privilege Escalation
osx/local/iokit_keyboard_root 2014-09-24 manual Mac OS X IOKit Keyboard Driver Root Privilege Escalation
osx/local/nfs_mount_root 2014-04-11 normal Mac OS X NFS Mount Privilege Escalation Exploit
osx/local/persistence 2012-04-01 excellent Mac OS X Persistent Payload Installer
osx/local/rootpipe 2015-04-09 great Apple OS X Rootpipe Privilege Escalation
osx/local/rootpipe_entitlements 2015-07-01 great Apple OS X Entitlements Rootpipe Privilege Escalation
osx/local/rsh_libmalloc 2015-10-01 normal Mac OS X 10.9.5 / 10.10.5 - rsh/libmalloc Privilege Escalation
osx/local/setuid_tunnelblick 2012-08-11 excellent Setuid Tunnelblick Privilege Escalation
osx/local/setuid_viscosity 2012-08-12 excellent Viscosity setuid-set ViscosityHelper Privilege Escalation
osx/local/sudo_password_bypass 2013-02-28 normal Mac OS X Sudo Password Bypass
osx/local/tpwn 2015-08-16 normal Mac OS X "tpwn" Privilege Escalation
osx/local/vmware_bash_function_root 2014-09-24 normal OS X VMWare Fusion Privilege Escalation via Bash Environment Code Injection (Shellshock)
osx/mdns/upnp_location 2007-05-25 average Mac OS X mDNSResponder UPnP Location Overflow
osx/misc/ufo_ai 2009-10-28 average UFO: Alien Invasion IRC Client Buffer Overflow
osx/rtsp/quicktime_rtsp_content_type 2007-11-23 average MacOS X QuickTime RTSP Content-Type Overflow
osx/samba/lsa_transnames_heap 2007-05-14 average Samba lsa_io_trans_names Heap Overflow
osx/samba/trans2open 2003-04-07 great Samba trans2open Overflow (Mac OS X PPC)
solaris/dtspcd/heap_noir 2002-07-10 great Solaris dtspcd Heap Overflow
solaris/lpd/sendmail_exec 2001-08-31 excellent Solaris LPD Command Execution
solaris/samba/lsa_transnames_heap 2007-05-14 average Samba lsa_io_trans_names Heap Overflow
solaris/samba/trans2open 2003-04-07 great Samba trans2open Overflow (Solaris SPARC)
solaris/sunrpc/sadmind_adm_build_path 2008-10-14 great Sun Solaris sadmind adm_build_path() Buffer Overflow
solaris/sunrpc/sadmind_exec 2003-09-13 excellent Solaris sadmind Command Execution
solaris/sunrpc/ypupdated_exec 1994-12-12 excellent Solaris ypupdated Command Execution
solaris/telnet/fuser 2007-02-12 excellent Sun Solaris Telnet Remote Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
solaris/telnet/ttyprompt 2002-01-18 excellent Solaris in.telnetd TTYPROMPT Buffer Overflow
unix/dhcp/bash_environment 2014-09-24 excellent Dhclient Bash Environment Variable Injection (Shellshock)
unix/fileformat/imagemagick_delegate 2016-05-03 excellent ImageMagick Delegate Arbitrary Command Execution
unix/ftp/proftpd_133c_backdoor 2010-12-02 excellent ProFTPD-1.3.3c Backdoor Command Execution
unix/ftp/proftpd_modcopy_exec 2015-04-22 excellent ProFTPD 1.3.5 Mod_Copy Command Execution
unix/ftp/vsftpd_234_backdoor 2011-07-03 excellent VSFTPD v2.3.4 Backdoor Command Execution
unix/http/contentkeeperweb_mimencode 2009-02-25 excellent ContentKeeper Web Remote Command Execution
unix/http/ctek_skyrouter 2011-09-08 average CTEK SkyRouter 4200 and 4300 Command Execution
unix/http/dell_kace_k1000_upload 2014-03-07 excellent Dell KACE K1000 File Upload
unix/http/freepbx_callmenum 2012-03-20 manual FreePBX 2.10.0 / 2.9.0 callmenum Remote Code Execution
unix/http/lifesize_room 2011-07-13 excellent LifeSize Room Command Injection
unix/http/twiki_debug_plugins 2014-10-09 excellent TWiki Debugenableplugins Remote Code Execution
unix/http/vmturbo_vmtadmin_exec_noauth 2014-06-25 excellent VMTurbo Operations Manager vmtadmin.cgi Remote Command Execution
unix/irc/unreal_ircd_3281_backdoor 2010-06-12 excellent UnrealIRCD Backdoor Command Execution
unix/local/chkrootkit 2014-06-04 manual Chkrootkit Local Privilege Escalation
unix/local/exim_perl_startup 2016-03-10 excellent Exim "perl_startup" Privilege Escalation
unix/local/netbsd_mail_local 2016-07-07 excellent NetBSD mail.local Privilege Escalation
unix/local/setuid_nmap 2012-07-19 excellent Setuid Nmap Exploit
unix/misc/distcc_exec 2002-02-01 excellent DistCC Daemon Command Execution
unix/misc/psh_auth_bypass 2013-01-18 normal Polycom Command Shell Authorization Bypass
unix/misc/qnx_qconn_exec 2012-09-04 excellent QNX QCONN Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
unix/misc/spamassassin_exec 2006-06-06 excellent SpamAssassin spamd Remote Command Execution
unix/misc/xerox_mfp 2012-03-07 good Xerox Multifunction Printers (MFP) "Patch" DLM Vulnerability
unix/misc/zabbix_agent_exec 2009-09-10 excellent Zabbix Agent net.tcp.listen Command Injection
unix/smtp/clamav_milter_blackhole 2007-08-24 excellent ClamAV Milter Blackhole-Mode Remote Code Execution
unix/smtp/exim4_string_format 2010-12-07 excellent Exim4 string_format Function Heap Buffer Overflow
unix/ssh/array_vxag_vapv_privkey_privesc 2014-02-03 excellent Array Networks vAPV and vxAG Private Key Privilege Escalation Code Execution
unix/ssh/tectia_passwd_changereq 2012-12-01 excellent Tectia SSH USERAUTH Change Request Password Reset Vulnerability
unix/webapp/actualanalyzer_ant_cookie_exec 2014-08-28 excellent ActualAnalyzer 'ant' Cookie Command Execution
unix/webapp/arkeia_upload_exec 2013-09-16 excellent Western Digital Arkeia Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/awstats_configdir_exec 2005-01-15 excellent AWStats configdir Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/awstats_migrate_exec 2006-05-04 excellent AWStats migrate Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/awstatstotals_multisort 2008-08-26 excellent AWStats Totals multisort Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/barracuda_img_exec 2005-09-01 excellent Barracuda IMG.PL Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/base_qry_common 2008-06-14 excellent BASE base_qry_common Remote File Include
unix/webapp/basilic_diff_exec 2012-06-28 excellent Basilic 1.5.14 diff.php Arbitrary Command Execution
unix/webapp/cacti_graphimage_exec 2005-01-15 excellent Cacti graph_view.php Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/cakephp_cache_corruption 2010-11-15 excellent CakePHP Cache Corruption Code Execution
unix/webapp/carberp_backdoor_exec 2013-06-28 great Carberp Web Panel C2 Backdoor Remote PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/citrix_access_gateway_exec 2010-12-21 excellent Citrix Access Gateway Command Execution
unix/webapp/clipbucket_upload_exec 2013-10-04 excellent ClipBucket Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/coppermine_piceditor 2008-01-30 excellent Coppermine Photo Gallery picEditor.php Command Execution
unix/webapp/datalife_preview_exec 2013-01-28 excellent DataLife Engine preview.php PHP Code Injection
unix/webapp/dogfood_spell_exec 2009-03-03 excellent Dogfood CRM spell.php Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/drupal_coder_exec 2016-07-13 excellent Drupal CODER Module Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/drupal_restws_exec 2016-07-13 excellent Drupal RESTWS Module Remote PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/egallery_upload_exec 2012-07-08 excellent EGallery PHP File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/flashchat_upload_exec 2013-10-04 excellent FlashChat Arbitrary File Upload
unix/webapp/foswiki_maketext 2012-12-03 excellent Foswiki MAKETEXT Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/freepbx_config_exec 2014-03-21 excellent FreePBX config.php Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/generic_exec 1993-11-14 excellent Generic Web Application Unix Command Execution
unix/webapp/get_simple_cms_upload_exec 2014-01-04 excellent GetSimpleCMS PHP File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/google_proxystylesheet_exec 2005-08-16 excellent Google Appliance ProxyStyleSheet Command Execution
unix/webapp/graphite_pickle_exec 2013-08-20 excellent Graphite Web Unsafe Pickle Handling
unix/webapp/guestbook_ssi_exec 1999-11-05 excellent Matt Wright guestbook.pl Arbitrary Command Execution
unix/webapp/hastymail_exec 2011-11-22 excellent Hastymail 2.1.1 RC1 Command Injection
unix/webapp/havalite_upload_exec 2013-06-17 excellent Havalite CMS Arbitary File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/horde_unserialize_exec 2013-06-27 excellent Horde Framework Unserialize PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/hybridauth_install_php_exec 2014-08-04 manual HybridAuth install.php PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/instantcms_exec 2013-06-26 excellent InstantCMS 1.6 Remote PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/invision_pboard_unserialize_exec 2012-10-25 excellent Invision IP.Board unserialize() PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/joomla_akeeba_unserialize 2014-09-29 excellent Joomla Akeeba Kickstart Unserialize Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/joomla_comjce_imgmanager 2012-08-02 excellent Joomla Component JCE File Upload Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/joomla_contenthistory_sqli_rce 2015-10-23 excellent Joomla Content History SQLi Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/joomla_media_upload_exec 2013-08-01 excellent Joomla Media Manager File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/joomla_tinybrowser 2009-07-22 excellent Joomla 1.5.12 TinyBrowser File Upload Code Execution
unix/webapp/kimai_sqli 2013-05-21 average Kimai v0.9.2 'db_restore.php' SQL Injection
unix/webapp/libretto_upload_exec 2013-06-14 excellent LibrettoCMS File Manager Arbitary File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/maarch_letterbox_file_upload 2015-02-11 excellent Maarch LetterBox Unrestricted File Upload
unix/webapp/mambo_cache_lite 2008-06-14 excellent Mambo Cache_Lite Class mosConfig_absolute_path Remote File Include
unix/webapp/mitel_awc_exec 2010-12-12 excellent Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing Command Injection
unix/webapp/moinmoin_twikidraw 2012-12-30 manual MoinMoin twikidraw Action Traversal File Upload
unix/webapp/mybb_backdoor 2011-10-06 excellent myBB 1.6.4 Backdoor Arbitrary Command Execution
unix/webapp/nagios3_history_cgi 2012-12-09 great Nagios3 history.cgi Host Command Execution
unix/webapp/nagios3_statuswml_ping 2009-06-22 excellent Nagios3 statuswml.cgi Ping Command Execution
unix/webapp/nagios_graph_explorer 2012-11-30 excellent Nagios XI Network Monitor Graph Explorer Component Command Injection
unix/webapp/narcissus_backend_exec 2012-11-14 excellent Narcissus Image Configuration Passthru Vulnerability
unix/webapp/open_flash_chart_upload_exec 2009-12-14 great Open Flash Chart v2 Arbitrary File Upload
unix/webapp/openemr_sqli_privesc_upload 2013-09-16 excellent OpenEMR 4.1.1 Patch 14 SQLi Privilege Escalation Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/openemr_upload_exec 2013-02-13 excellent OpenEMR PHP File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/opensis_modname_exec 2012-12-04 excellent OpenSIS 'modname' PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/openview_connectednodes_exec 2005-08-25 excellent HP Openview connectedNodes.ovpl Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/openx_banner_edit 2009-11-24 excellent OpenX banner-edit.php File Upload PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/oracle_vm_agent_utl 2010-10-12 excellent Oracle VM Server Virtual Server Agent Command Injection
unix/webapp/oscommerce_filemanager 2009-08-31 excellent osCommerce 2.2 Arbitrary PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/pajax_remote_exec 2006-03-30 excellent PAJAX Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/php_charts_exec 2013-01-16 excellent PHP-Charts v1.0 PHP Code Execution Vulnerability
unix/webapp/php_eval 2008-10-13 manual Generic PHP Code Evaluation
unix/webapp/php_include 2006-12-17 normal PHP Remote File Include Generic Code Execution
unix/webapp/php_vbulletin_template 2005-02-25 excellent vBulletin misc.php Template Name Arbitrary Code Execution
unix/webapp/php_xmlrpc_eval 2005-06-29 excellent PHP XML-RPC Arbitrary Code Execution
unix/webapp/phpbb_highlight 2004-11-12 excellent phpBB viewtopic.php Arbitrary Code Execution
unix/webapp/phpmyadmin_config 2009-03-24 excellent PhpMyAdmin Config File Code Injection
unix/webapp/projectpier_upload_exec 2012-10-08 excellent Project Pier Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/projectsend_upload_exec 2014-12-02 excellent ProjectSend Arbitrary File Upload
unix/webapp/qtss_parse_xml_exec 2003-02-24 excellent QuickTime Streaming Server parse_xml.cgi Remote Execution
unix/webapp/redmine_scm_exec 2010-12-19 excellent Redmine SCM Repository Arbitrary Command Execution
unix/webapp/seportal_sqli_exec 2014-03-20 excellent SePortal SQLi Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/simple_e_document_upload_exec 2014-01-23 excellent Simple E-Document Arbitrary File Upload
unix/webapp/sixapart_movabletype_storable_exec 2015-02-11 good SixApart MovableType Storable Perl Code Execution
unix/webapp/skybluecanvas_exec 2014-01-28 excellent SkyBlueCanvas CMS Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/sphpblog_file_upload 2005-08-25 excellent Simple PHP Blog Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/spip_connect_exec 2012-07-04 normal SPIP connect Parameter PHP Injection
unix/webapp/squash_yaml_exec 2013-08-06 excellent Squash YAML Code Execution
unix/webapp/squirrelmail_pgp_plugin 2007-07-09 manual SquirrelMail PGP Plugin Command Execution (SMTP)
unix/webapp/sugarcrm_rest_unserialize_exec 2016-06-23 excellent SugarCRM REST Unserialize PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/sugarcrm_unserialize_exec 2012-06-23 excellent SugarCRM unserialize() PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/tikiwiki_graph_formula_exec 2007-10-10 excellent TikiWiki tiki-graph_formula Remote PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/tikiwiki_jhot_exec 2006-09-02 excellent TikiWiki jhot Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/tikiwiki_unserialize_exec 2012-07-04 excellent Tiki Wiki unserialize() PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/tikiwiki_upload_exec 2016-07-11 excellent Tiki Wiki Unauthenticated File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/trixbox_langchoice 2008-07-09 manual Trixbox langChoice PHP Local File Inclusion
unix/webapp/tuleap_unserialize_exec 2014-11-27 excellent Tuleap PHP Unserialize Code Execution
unix/webapp/twiki_history 2005-09-14 excellent TWiki History TWikiUsers rev Parameter Command Execution
unix/webapp/twiki_maketext 2012-12-15 excellent TWiki MAKETEXT Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/twiki_search 2004-10-01 excellent TWiki Search Function Arbitrary Command Execution
unix/webapp/vbulletin_vote_sqli_exec 2013-03-25 excellent vBulletin index.php/ajax/api/reputation/vote nodeid Parameter SQL Injection
unix/webapp/vicidial_manager_send_cmd_exec 2013-10-23 excellent VICIdial Manager Send OS Command Injection
unix/webapp/webmin_show_cgi_exec 2012-09-06 excellent Webmin /file/show.cgi Remote Command Execution
unix/webapp/webtester_exec 2013-10-17 excellent WebTester 5.x Command Execution
unix/webapp/wp_admin_shell_upload 2015-02-21 excellent WordPress Admin Shell Upload
unix/webapp/wp_advanced_custom_fields_exec 2012-11-14 excellent WordPress Plugin Advanced Custom Fields Remote File Inclusion
unix/webapp/wp_ajax_load_more_file_upload 2015-10-10 excellent Wordpress Ajax Load More PHP Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_asset_manager_upload_exec 2012-05-26 excellent WordPress Asset-Manager PHP File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_creativecontactform_file_upload 2014-10-22 excellent Wordpress Creative Contact Form Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_downloadmanager_upload 2014-12-03 excellent Wordpress Download Manager (download-manager) Unauthenticated File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_easycart_unrestricted_file_upload 2015-01-08 excellent WordPress WP EasyCart Unrestricted File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_foxypress_upload 2012-06-05 excellent WordPress Plugin Foxypress uploadify.php Arbitrary Code Execution
unix/webapp/wp_frontend_editor_file_upload 2012-07-04 excellent Wordpress Front-end Editor File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_google_document_embedder_exec 2013-01-03 normal WordPress Plugin Google Document Embedder Arbitrary File Disclosure
unix/webapp/wp_holding_pattern_file_upload 2015-02-11 excellent WordPress Holding Pattern Theme Arbitrary File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_inboundio_marketing_file_upload 2015-03-24 excellent Wordpress InBoundio Marketing PHP Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_infusionsoft_upload 2014-09-25 excellent Wordpress InfusionSoft Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_lastpost_exec 2005-08-09 excellent WordPress cache_lastpostdate Arbitrary Code Execution
unix/webapp/wp_ninja_forms_unauthenticated_file_upload 2016-05-04 excellent WordPress Ninja Forms Unauthenticated File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_nmediawebsite_file_upload 2015-04-12 excellent Wordpress N-Media Website Contact Form Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_optimizepress_upload 2013-11-29 normal WordPress OptimizePress Theme File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_photo_gallery_unrestricted_file_upload 2014-11-11 excellent WordPress Photo Gallery Unrestricted File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_pixabay_images_upload 2015-01-19 excellent WordPress Pixabay Images PHP Code Upload
unix/webapp/wp_platform_exec 2015-01-21 excellent WordPress Platform Theme File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_property_upload_exec 2012-03-26 excellent WordPress WP-Property PHP File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_reflexgallery_file_upload 2012-12-30 excellent Wordpress Reflex Gallery Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_revslider_upload_execute 2014-11-26 excellent WordPress RevSlider File Upload and Execute Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_slideshowgallery_upload 2014-08-28 excellent Wordpress SlideShow Gallery Authenticated File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_symposium_shell_upload 2014-12-11 excellent WordPress WP Symposium 14.11 Shell Upload
unix/webapp/wp_total_cache_exec 2013-04-17 excellent WordPress W3 Total Cache PHP Code Execution
unix/webapp/wp_worktheflow_upload 2015-03-14 excellent Wordpress Work The Flow Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_wpshop_ecommerce_file_upload 2015-03-09 excellent WordPress WPshop eCommerce Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/wp_wptouch_file_upload 2014-07-14 excellent Wordpress WPTouch Authenticated File Upload
unix/webapp/wp_wysija_newsletters_upload 2014-07-01 excellent Wordpress MailPoet Newsletters (wysija-newsletters) Unauthenticated File Upload
unix/webapp/xoda_file_upload 2012-08-21 excellent XODA 0.4.5 Arbitrary PHP File Upload Vulnerability
unix/webapp/zeroshell_exec 2013-09-22 excellent ZeroShell Remote Code Execution
unix/webapp/zimbra_lfi 2013-12-06 excellent Zimbra Collaboration Server LFI
unix/webapp/zoneminder_packagecontrol_exec 2013-01-22 excellent ZoneMinder Video Server packageControl Command Execution
unix/webapp/zpanel_username_exec 2013-06-07 excellent ZPanel htpasswd Module Username Command Execution
unix/x11/x11_keyboard_exec 2015-07-10 excellent X11 Keyboard Command Injection
windows/antivirus/ams_hndlrsvc 2010-07-26 excellent Symantec System Center Alert Management System (hndlrsvc.exe) Arbitrary Command Execution
windows/antivirus/ams_xfr 2009-04-28 excellent Symantec System Center Alert Management System (xfr.exe) Arbitrary Command Execution
windows/antivirus/symantec_endpoint_manager_rce 2014-02-24 excellent Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager /servlet/ConsoleServlet Remote Command Execution
windows/antivirus/symantec_iao 2009-04-28 good Symantec Alert Management System Intel Alert Originator Service Buffer Overflow
windows/antivirus/symantec_rtvscan 2006-05-24 good Symantec Remote Management Buffer Overflow
windows/antivirus/symantec_workspace_streaming_exec 2014-05-12 excellent Symantec Workspace Streaming ManagementAgentServer.putFile XMLRPC Request Arbitrary File Upload
windows/antivirus/trendmicro_serverprotect 2007-02-20 good Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.58 Buffer Overflow
windows/antivirus/trendmicro_serverprotect_createbinding 2007-05-07 good Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.58 CreateBinding() Buffer Overflow
windows/antivirus/trendmicro_serverprotect_earthagent 2007-05-07 good Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.58 EarthAgent.EXE Buffer Overflow
windows/arkeia/type77 2005-02-18 good Arkeia Backup Client Type 77 Overflow (Win32)
windows/backdoor/energizer_duo_payload 2010-03-05 excellent Energizer DUO USB Battery Charger Arucer.dll Trojan Code Execution
windows/backupexec/name_service 2004-12-16 average Veritas Backup Exec Name Service Overflow
windows/backupexec/remote_agent 2005-06-22 great Veritas Backup Exec Windows Remote Agent Overflow
windows/brightstor/ca_arcserve_342 2008-10-09 average Computer Associates ARCserve REPORTREMOTEEXECUTECML Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/discovery_tcp 2005-02-14 average CA BrightStor Discovery Service TCP Overflow
windows/brightstor/discovery_udp 2004-12-20 average CA BrightStor Discovery Service Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/etrust_itm_alert 2008-04-04 average Computer Associates Alert Notification Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/hsmserver 2007-09-27 great CA BrightStor HSM Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/lgserver 2007-01-31 average CA BrightStor ARCserve for Laptops and Desktops LGServer Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/lgserver_multi 2007-06-06 average CA BrightStor ARCserve for Laptops and Desktops LGServer Multiple Commands Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/lgserver_rxrlogin 2007-06-06 average CA BrightStor ARCserve for Laptops and Desktops LGServer Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/lgserver_rxssetdatagrowthscheduleandfilter 2007-06-06 average CA BrightStor ARCserve for Laptops and Desktops LGServer rxsSetDataGrowthScheduleAndFilter Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/lgserver_rxsuselicenseini 2007-06-06 average CA BrightStor ARCserve for Laptops and Desktops LGServer Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/license_gcr 2005-03-02 average CA BrightStor ARCserve License Service GCR NETWORK Buffer Overflow

windows/brightstor/mediasrv_sunrpc 2007-04-25 average CA BrightStor ArcServe Media Service Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/message_engine 2007-01-11 average CA BrightStor ARCserve Message Engine Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/message_engine_72 2010-10-04 average CA BrightStor ARCserve Message Engine 0x72 Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/message_engine_heap 2006-10-05 average CA BrightStor ARCserve Message Engine Heap Overflow
windows/brightstor/sql_agent 2005-08-02 average CA BrightStor Agent for Microsoft SQL Overflow
windows/brightstor/tape_engine 2006-11-21 average CA BrightStor ARCserve Tape Engine Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/tape_engine_0x8a 2010-10-04 average CA BrightStor ARCserve Tape Engine 0x8A Buffer Overflow
windows/brightstor/universal_agent 2005-04-11 average CA BrightStor Universal Agent Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_cooltype_sing 2010-09-07 great Adobe CoolType SING Table "uniqueName" Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_avm2 2014-02-05 normal Adobe Flash Player Integer Underflow Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/adobe_flash_casi32_int_overflow 2014-10-14 great Adobe Flash Player casi32 Integer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_copy_pixels_to_byte_array 2014-09-23 great Adobe Flash Player copyPixelsToByteArray Method Integer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_domain_memory_uaf 2014-04-14 great Adobe Flash Player domainMemory ByteArray Use After Free
windows/browser/adobe_flash_filters_type_confusion 2013-12-10 normal Adobe Flash Player Type Confusion Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/adobe_flash_mp4_cprt 2012-02-15 normal Adobe Flash Player MP4 'cprt' Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_otf_font 2012-08-09 normal Adobe Flash Player 11.3 Kern Table Parsing Integer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_pcre 2014-11-25 normal Adobe Flash Player PCRE Regex Vulnerability
windows/browser/adobe_flash_regex_value 2013-02-08 normal Adobe Flash Player Regular Expression Heap Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_rtmp 2012-05-04 normal Adobe Flash Player Object Type Confusion
windows/browser/adobe_flash_sps 2011-08-09 normal Adobe Flash Player MP4 SequenceParameterSetNALUnit Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_flash_uncompress_zlib_uninitialized 2014-11-11 good Adobe Flash Player UncompressViaZlibVariant Uninitialized Memory
windows/browser/adobe_flash_worker_byte_array_uaf 2015-02-02 great Adobe Flash Player ByteArray With Workers Use After Free
windows/browser/adobe_flashplayer_arrayindexing 2012-06-21 great Adobe Flash Player AVM Verification Logic Array Indexing Code Execution
windows/browser/adobe_flashplayer_avm 2011-03-15 good Adobe Flash Player AVM Bytecode Verification Vulnerability
windows/browser/adobe_flashplayer_flash10o 2011-04-11 normal Adobe Flash Player SWF Memory Corruption Vulnerability
windows/browser/adobe_flashplayer_newfunction 2010-06-04 normal Adobe Flash Player "newfunction" Invalid Pointer Use
windows/browser/adobe_flatedecode_predictor02 2009-10-08 good Adobe FlateDecode Stream Predictor 02 Integer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_geticon 2009-03-24 good Adobe Collab.getIcon() Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/adobe_jbig2decode 2009-02-19 good Adobe JBIG2Decode Heap Corruption
windows/browser/adobe_media_newplayer 2009-12-14 good Adobe Doc.media.newPlayer Use After Free Vulnerability
windows/browser/adobe_shockwave_rcsl_corruption 2010-10-21 normal Adobe Shockwave rcsL Memory Corruption
windows/browser/adobe_toolbutton 2013-08-08 normal Adobe Reader ToolButton Use After Free
windows/browser/adobe_utilprintf 2008-02-08 good Adobe util.printf() Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/advantech_webaccess_dvs_getcolor 2014-07-17 normal Advantech WebAccess dvs.ocx GetColor Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/aim_goaway 2004-08-09 great AOL Instant Messenger goaway Overflow
windows/browser/aladdin_choosefilepath_bof 2012-04-01 normal Aladdin Knowledge System Ltd ChooseFilePath Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/amaya_bdo 2009-01-28 normal Amaya Browser v11.0 'bdo' Tag Overflow
windows/browser/aol_ampx_convertfile 2009-05-19 normal AOL Radio AmpX ActiveX Control ConvertFile() Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/aol_icq_downloadagent 2006-11-06 excellent America Online ICQ ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download and Execute
windows/browser/apple_itunes_playlist 2005-01-11 normal Apple ITunes 4.7 Playlist Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/apple_quicktime_marshaled_punk 2010-08-30 great Apple QuickTime 7.6.7 _Marshaled_pUnk Code Execution
windows/browser/apple_quicktime_mime_type 2012-11-07 normal Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 MIME Type Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/apple_quicktime_rdrf 2013-05-22 normal Apple Quicktime 7 Invalid Atom Length Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/apple_quicktime_rtsp 2007-01-01 normal Apple QuickTime 7.1.3 RTSP URI Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/apple_quicktime_smil_debug 2010-08-12 good Apple QuickTime 7.6.6 Invalid SMIL URI Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/apple_quicktime_texml_font_table 2012-11-07 normal Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 TeXML Style Element font-table Field Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ask_shortformat 2007-09-24 normal Ask.com Toolbar askBar.dll ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/asus_net4switch_ipswcom 2012-02-17 normal ASUS Net4Switch ipswcom.dll ActiveX Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/athocgov_completeinstallation 2008-02-15 normal AtHocGov IWSAlerts ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/autodesk_idrop 2009-04-02 normal Autodesk IDrop ActiveX Control Heap Memory Corruption
windows/browser/aventail_epi_activex 2010-08-19 normal SonicWALL Aventail epi.dll AuthCredential Format String
windows/browser/awingsoft_web3d_bof 2009-07-10 average AwingSoft Winds3D Player SceneURL Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/awingsoft_winds3d_sceneurl 2009-11-14 excellent AwingSoft Winds3D Player 3.5 SceneURL Download and Execute
windows/browser/baofeng_storm_onbeforevideodownload 2009-04-30 normal BaoFeng Storm mps.dll ActiveX OnBeforeVideoDownload Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/barcode_ax49 2007-06-22 normal RKD Software BarCodeAx.dll v4.9 ActiveX Remote Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/blackice_downloadimagefileurl 2008-06-05 excellent Black Ice Cover Page ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download
windows/browser/c6_messenger_downloaderactivex 2008-06-03 excellent Icona SpA C6 Messenger DownloaderActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download and Execute
windows/browser/ca_brightstor_addcolumn 2008-03-16 normal CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup AddColumn() ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/chilkat_crypt_writefile 2008-11-03 excellent Chilkat Crypt ActiveX WriteFile Unsafe Method
windows/browser/cisco_anyconnect_exec 2011-06-01 excellent Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client ActiveX URL Property Download and Execute
windows/browser/cisco_playerpt_setsource 2012-03-22 normal Cisco Linksys PlayerPT ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/cisco_playerpt_setsource_surl 2012-07-17 normal Cisco Linksys PlayerPT ActiveX Control SetSource sURL Argument Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/citrix_gateway_actx 2011-07-14 normal Citrix Gateway ActiveX Control Stack Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
windows/browser/clear_quest_cqole 2012-05-19 normal IBM Rational ClearQuest CQOle Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/communicrypt_mail_activex 2010-05-19 great CommuniCrypt Mail 1.16 SMTP ActiveX Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/creative_software_cachefolder 2008-05-28 normal Creative Software AutoUpdate Engine ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/crystal_reports_printcontrol 2010-12-14 normal Crystal Reports CrystalPrintControl ActiveX ServerResourceVersion Property Overflow
windows/browser/dell_webcam_crazytalk 2012-03-19 normal Dell Webcam CrazyTalk ActiveX BackImage Vulnerability
windows/browser/dxstudio_player_exec 2009-06-09 excellent Worldweaver DX Studio Player shell.execute() Command Execution
windows/browser/ea_checkrequirements 2007-10-08 normal Electronic Arts SnoopyCtrl ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ebook_flipviewer_fviewerloading 2007-06-06 normal FlipViewer FViewerLoading ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/enjoysapgui_comp_download 2009-04-15 excellent EnjoySAP SAP GUI ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download
windows/browser/enjoysapgui_preparetoposthtml 2007-07-05 normal EnjoySAP SAP GUI ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/facebook_extractiptc 2008-01-31 normal Facebook Photo Uploader 4 ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/foxit_reader_plugin_url_bof 2013-01-07 normal Foxit Reader Plugin URL Processing Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/getgodm_http_response_bof 2014-03-09 normal GetGo Download Manager HTTP Response Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/gom_openurl 2007-10-27 normal GOM Player ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/greendam_url 2009-06-11 normal Green Dam URL Processing Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/honeywell_hscremotedeploy_exec 2013-02-22 excellent Honeywell HSC Remote Deployer ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/honeywell_tema_exec 2011-10-20 excellent Honeywell Tema Remote Installer ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/hp_alm_xgo_setshapenodetype_exec 2012-08-29 normal HP Application Lifecycle Management XGO.ocx ActiveX SetShapeNodeType() Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/hp_easy_printer_care_xmlcachemgr 2012-01-11 great HP Easy Printer Care XMLCacheMgr Class ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/hp_easy_printer_care_xmlsimpleaccessor 2011-08-16 great HP Easy Printer Care XMLSimpleAccessor Class ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/hp_loadrunner_addfile 2008-01-25 normal Persits XUpload ActiveX AddFile Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/hp_loadrunner_addfolder 2007-12-25 good HP LoadRunner 9.0 ActiveX AddFolder Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/hp_loadrunner_writefilebinary 2013-07-24 normal HP LoadRunner lrFileIOService ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/hp_loadrunner_writefilestring 2013-07-24 normal HP LoadRunner lrFileIOService ActiveX WriteFileString Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/hpmqc_progcolor 2007-04-04 normal HP Mercury Quality Center ActiveX Control ProgColor Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/hyleos_chemviewx_activex 2010-02-10 good Hyleos ChemView ActiveX Control Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ibm_spss_c1sizer 2013-04-26 normal IBM SPSS SamplePower C1Tab ActiveX Heap Overflow
windows/browser/ibm_tivoli_pme_activex_bof 2012-03-01 normal IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express for Software Distribution Isig.isigCtl.1 ActiveX RunAndUploadFile() Method Overflow
windows/browser/ibmegath_getxmlvalue 2009-03-24 normal IBM Access Support ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ibmlotusdomino_dwa_uploadmodule 2007-12-20 normal IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Upload Module Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ie_cbutton_uaf 2012-12-27 normal MS13-008 Microsoft Internet Explorer CButton Object Use-After-Free Vulnerability
windows/browser/ie_cgenericelement_uaf 2013-05-03 good MS13-038 Microsoft Internet Explorer CGenericElement Object Use-After-Free Vulnerability
windows/browser/ie_createobject 2006-04-11 excellent MS06-014 Microsoft Internet Explorer COM CreateObject Code Execution
windows/browser/ie_execcommand_uaf 2012-09-14 good MS12-063 Microsoft Internet Explorer execCommand Use-After-Free Vulnerability 
windows/browser/ie_iscomponentinstalled 2006-02-24 normal Microsoft Internet Explorer isComponentInstalled Overflow
windows/browser/ie_setmousecapture_uaf 2013-09-17 normal MS13-080 Microsoft Internet Explorer SetMouseCapture Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ie_unsafe_scripting 2010-09-20 manual Microsoft Internet Explorer Unsafe Scripting Misconfiguration
windows/browser/imgeviewer_tifmergemultifiles 2010-03-03 normal Viscom Image Viewer CP Pro 8.0/Gold 6.0 ActiveX Control
windows/browser/indusoft_issymbol_internationalseparator 2012-04-28 normal InduSoft Web Studio ISSymbol.ocx InternationalSeparator() Heap Overflow
windows/browser/inotes_dwa85w_bof 2012-06-01 normal IBM Lotus iNotes dwa85W ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/intrust_annotatex_add 2012-03-28 average Quest InTrust Annotation Objects Uninitialized Pointer
windows/browser/java_basicservice_impl 2010-10-12 excellent Sun Java Web Start BasicServiceImpl Code Execution
windows/browser/java_cmm 2013-03-01 normal Java CMM Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/java_codebase_trust 2011-02-15 excellent Sun Java Applet2ClassLoader Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/java_docbase_bof 2010-10-12 great Sun Java Runtime New Plugin docbase Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/java_mixer_sequencer 2010-03-30 great Java MixerSequencer Object GM_Song Structure Handling Vulnerability
windows/browser/java_ws_arginject_altjvm 2010-04-09 excellent Sun Java Web Start Plugin Command Line Argument Injection
windows/browser/java_ws_double_quote 2012-10-16 excellent Sun Java Web Start Double Quote Injection
windows/browser/java_ws_vmargs 2012-02-14 excellent Sun Java Web Start Plugin Command Line Argument Injection
windows/browser/juniper_sslvpn_ive_setupdll 2006-04-26 normal Juniper SSL-VPN IVE JuniperSetupDLL.dll ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/kazaa_altnet_heap 2007-10-03 normal Kazaa Altnet Download Manager ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/keyhelp_launchtripane_exec 2012-06-26 excellent KeyHelp ActiveX LaunchTriPane Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
windows/browser/logitechvideocall_start 2007-05-31 normal Logitech VideoCall ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/lpviewer_url 2008-10-06 normal iseemedia / Roxio / MGI Software LPViewer ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/macrovision_downloadandexecute 2007-10-31 normal Macrovision InstallShield Update Service Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/macrovision_unsafe 2007-10-20 excellent Macrovision InstallShield Update Service ActiveX Unsafe Method
windows/browser/malwarebytes_update_exec 2014-12-16 good Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit Update Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/maxthon_history_xcs 2012-11-26 excellent Maxthon3 about:history XCS Trusted Zone Code Execution
windows/browser/mcafee_mcsubmgr_vsprintf 2006-08-01 normal McAfee Subscription Manager Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/mcafee_mvt_exec 2012-04-30 excellent McAfee Virtual Technician MVTControl GetObject Vulnerability
windows/browser/mcafeevisualtrace_tracetarget 2007-07-07 normal McAfee Visual Trace ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/mirc_irc_url 2003-10-13 normal mIRC IRC URL Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/mozilla_attribchildremoved 2011-12-06 average Firefox 8/9 AttributeChildRemoved() Use-After-Free
windows/browser/mozilla_firefox_onreadystatechange 2013-06-25 normal Firefox onreadystatechange Event DocumentViewerImpl Use After Free
windows/browser/mozilla_firefox_xmlserializer 2013-01-08 normal Firefox XMLSerializer Use After Free
windows/browser/mozilla_interleaved_write 2010-10-25 normal Mozilla Firefox Interleaved document.write/appendChild Memory Corruption
windows/browser/mozilla_mchannel 2011-05-10 normal Mozilla Firefox 3.6.16 mChannel Use-After-Free Vulnerability
windows/browser/mozilla_nssvgvalue 2011-12-06 average Firefox nsSVGValue Out-of-Bounds Access Vulnerability
windows/browser/mozilla_nstreerange 2011-02-02 normal Mozilla Firefox "nsTreeRange" Dangling Pointer Vulnerability
windows/browser/mozilla_reduceright 2011-06-21 normal Mozilla Firefox Array.reduceRight() Integer Overflow
windows/browser/ms03_020_ie_objecttype 2003-06-04 normal MS03-020 Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Type
windows/browser/ms05_054_onload 2005-11-21 normal MS05-054 Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript OnLoad Handler Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/ms06_001_wmf_setabortproc 2005-12-27 great Windows XP/2003/Vista Metafile Escape() SetAbortProc Code Execution
windows/browser/ms06_013_createtextrange 2006-03-19 normal MS06-013 Microsoft Internet Explorer createTextRange() Code Execution
windows/browser/ms06_055_vml_method 2006-09-19 normal MS06-055 Microsoft Internet Explorer VML Fill Method Code Execution
windows/browser/ms06_057_webview_setslice 2006-07-17 normal MS06-057 Microsoft Internet Explorer WebViewFolderIcon setSlice() Overflow
windows/browser/ms06_067_keyframe 2006-11-14 normal MS06-067 Microsoft Internet Explorer Daxctle.OCX KeyFrame Method Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
windows/browser/ms06_071_xml_core 2006-10-10 normal MS06-071 Microsoft Internet Explorer XML Core Services HTTP Request Handling
windows/browser/ms07_017_ani_loadimage_chunksize 2007-03-28 great Windows ANI LoadAniIcon() Chunk Size Stack Buffer Overflow (HTTP)
windows/browser/ms08_041_snapshotviewer 2008-07-07 excellent Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download
windows/browser/ms08_053_mediaencoder 2008-09-09 normal Windows Media Encoder 9 wmex.dll ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ms08_070_visual_studio_msmask 2008-08-13 normal Microsoft Visual Studio Mdmask32.ocx ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ms08_078_xml_corruption 2008-12-07 normal MS08-078 Microsoft Internet Explorer Data Binding Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms09_002_memory_corruption 2009-02-10 normal MS09-002 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 CFunctionPointer Uninitialized Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms09_043_owc_htmlurl 2009-08-11 normal Microsoft OWC Spreadsheet HTMLURL Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ms09_043_owc_msdso 2009-07-13 normal Microsoft OWC Spreadsheet msDataSourceObject Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms09_072_style_object 2009-11-20 normal MS09-072 Microsoft Internet Explorer Style getElementsByTagName Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms10_002_aurora 2010-01-14 normal MS10-002 Microsoft Internet Explorer "Aurora" Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms10_002_ie_object 2010-01-21 normal MS10-002 Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Memory Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms10_018_ie_behaviors 2010-03-09 good MS10-018 Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Behaviors Use After Free
windows/browser/ms10_018_ie_tabular_activex 2010-03-09 good MS10-018 Microsoft Internet Explorer Tabular Data Control ActiveX Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms10_022_ie_vbscript_winhlp32 2010-02-26 great MS10-022 Microsoft Internet Explorer Winhlp32.exe MsgBox Code Execution
windows/browser/ms10_026_avi_nsamplespersec 2010-04-13 normal MS10-026 Microsoft MPEG Layer-3 Audio Stack Based Overflow
windows/browser/ms10_042_helpctr_xss_cmd_exec 2010-06-09 excellent Microsoft Help Center XSS and Command Execution
windows/browser/ms10_046_shortcut_icon_dllloader 2010-07-16 excellent Microsoft Windows Shell LNK Code Execution
windows/browser/ms10_090_ie_css_clip 2010-11-03 good MS10-090 Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS SetUserClip Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms11_003_ie_css_import 2010-11-29 good MS11-003 Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Recursive Import Use After Free
windows/browser/ms11_050_mshtml_cobjectelement 2011-06-16 normal MS11-050 IE mshtml!CObjectElement Use After Free
windows/browser/ms11_081_option 2012-10-11 normal MS11-081 Microsoft Internet Explorer Option Element Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms11_093_ole32 2011-12-13 normal MS11-093 Microsoft Windows OLE Object File Handling Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/ms12_004_midi 2012-01-10 normal MS12-004 midiOutPlayNextPolyEvent Heap Overflow
windows/browser/ms12_037_ie_colspan 2012-06-12 normal MS12-037 Microsoft Internet Explorer Fixed Table Col Span Heap Overflow
windows/browser/ms12_037_same_id 2012-06-12 normal MS12-037 Microsoft Internet Explorer Same ID Property Deleted Object Handling Memory Corruption
windows/browser/ms13_009_ie_slayoutrun_uaf 2013-02-13 average MS13-009 Microsoft Internet Explorer SLayoutRun Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms13_022_silverlight_script_object 2013-03-12 normal MS13-022 Microsoft Silverlight ScriptObject Unsafe Memory Access
windows/browser/ms13_037_svg_dashstyle 2013-03-06 normal MS13-037 Microsoft Internet Explorer COALineDashStyleArray Integer Overflow
windows/browser/ms13_055_canchor 2013-07-09 normal MS13-055 Microsoft Internet Explorer CAnchorElement Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms13_059_cflatmarkuppointer 2013-06-27 normal MS13-059 Microsoft Internet Explorer CFlatMarkupPointer Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms13_069_caret 2013-09-10 normal MS13-069 Microsoft Internet Explorer CCaret Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms13_080_cdisplaypointer 2013-10-08 normal MS13-080 Microsoft Internet Explorer CDisplayPointer Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms13_090_cardspacesigninhelper 2013-11-08 normal MS13-090 CardSpaceClaimCollection ActiveX Integer Underflow
windows/browser/ms14_012_cmarkup_uaf 2014-02-13 normal MS14-012 Microsoft Internet Explorer CMarkup Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms14_012_textrange 2014-03-11 normal MS14-012 Microsoft Internet Explorer TextRange Use-After-Free
windows/browser/ms14_064_ole_code_execution 2014-11-13 good MS14-064 Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows OLE Automation Array Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/ms16_051_vbscript 2016-05-10 normal Internet Explorer 11 VBScript Engine Memory Corruption
windows/browser/msvidctl_mpeg2 2009-07-05 normal Microsoft DirectShow (msvidctl.dll) MPEG-2 Memory Corruption
windows/browser/mswhale_checkforupdates 2009-04-15 normal Microsoft Whale Intelligent Application Gateway ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/msxml_get_definition_code_exec 2012-06-12 good MS12-043 Microsoft XML Core Services MSXML Uninitialized Memory Corruption
windows/browser/nctaudiofile2_setformatlikesample 2007-01-24 normal NCTAudioFile2 v2.x ActiveX Control SetFormatLikeSample() Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/nis2004_antispam 2004-03-19 normal Norton AntiSpam 2004 SymSpamHelper ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/nis2004_get 2007-05-16 normal Symantec Norton Internet Security 2004 ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/notes_handler_cmdinject 2012-06-18 excellent IBM Lotus Notes Client URL Handler Command Injection
windows/browser/novell_groupwise_gwcls1_actvx 2013-01-30 normal Novell GroupWise Client gwcls1.dll ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/novelliprint_callbackurl 2010-08-20 normal Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control call-back-url Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/novelliprint_datetime 2009-12-08 great Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Date/Time Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/novelliprint_executerequest 2008-02-22 normal Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control ExecuteRequest Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/novelliprint_executerequest_dbg 2010-08-04 normal Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control ExecuteRequest debug Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/novelliprint_getdriversettings 2008-06-16 normal Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/novelliprint_getdriversettings_2 2010-11-15 normal Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/novelliprint_target_frame 2009-12-08 great Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control target-frame Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ntr_activex_check_bof 2012-01-11 normal NTR ActiveX Control Check() Method Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ntr_activex_stopmodule 2012-01-11 normal NTR ActiveX Control StopModule() Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/oracle_autovue_setmarkupmode 2012-04-18 normal Oracle AutoVue ActiveX Control SetMarkupMode Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/oracle_dc_submittoexpress 2009-08-28 normal Oracle Document Capture 10g ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/oracle_webcenter_checkoutandopen 2013-04-16 excellent Oracle WebCenter Content CheckOutAndOpen.dll ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/orbit_connecting 2009-02-03 normal Orbit Downloader Connecting Log Creation Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ovftool_format_string 2012-11-08 normal VMWare OVF Tools Format String Vulnerability
windows/browser/pcvue_func 2011-10-05 average PcVue 10.0 SV.UIGrdCtrl.1 'LoadObject()/SaveObject()' Trusted DWORD Vulnerability
windows/browser/persits_xupload_traversal 2009-09-29 excellent Persits XUpload ActiveX MakeHttpRequest Directory Traversal
windows/browser/quickr_qp2_bof 2012-05-23 normal IBM Lotus QuickR qp2 ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/real_arcade_installerdlg 2011-04-03 normal Real Networks Arcade Games StubbyUtil.ProcessMgr ActiveX Arbitrary Code Execution
windows/browser/realplayer_cdda_uri 2010-11-15 normal RealNetworks RealPlayer CDDA URI Initialization Vulnerability
windows/browser/realplayer_console 2008-03-08 normal RealPlayer rmoc3260.dll ActiveX Control Heap Corruption
windows/browser/realplayer_import 2007-10-18 normal RealPlayer ierpplug.dll ActiveX Control Playlist Name Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/realplayer_qcp 2011-08-16 average RealNetworks Realplayer QCP Parsing Heap Overflow
windows/browser/realplayer_smil 2005-03-01 normal RealNetworks RealPlayer SMIL Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/roxio_cineplayer 2007-04-11 normal Roxio CinePlayer ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/safari_xslt_output 2011-07-20 excellent Apple Safari Webkit libxslt Arbitrary File Creation
windows/browser/samsung_neti_wiewer_backuptoavi_bof 2012-04-21 normal Samsung NET-i Viewer Multiple ActiveX BackupToAvi() Remote Overflow
windows/browser/samsung_security_manager_put 2016-08-05 excellent Samsung Security Manager 1.4 ActiveMQ Broker Service PUT Method Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/sapgui_saveviewtosessionfile 2009-03-31 normal SAP AG SAPgui EAI WebViewer3D Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/siemens_solid_edge_selistctrlx 2013-05-26 normal Siemens Solid Edge ST4 SEListCtrlX ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/softartisans_getdrivename 2008-08-25 normal SoftArtisans XFile FileManager ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/sonicwall_addrouteentry 2007-11-01 normal SonicWall SSL-VPN NetExtender ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/symantec_altirisdeployment_downloadandinstall 2009-09-09 excellent Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download and Execute

windows/browser/symantec_altirisdeployment_runcmd 2009-11-04 normal Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/symantec_appstream_unsafe 2009-01-15 excellent Symantec AppStream LaunchObj ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download and Execute
windows/browser/symantec_backupexec_pvcalendar 2008-02-28 normal Symantec BackupExec Calendar Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/symantec_consoleutilities_browseandsavefile 2009-11-02 normal Symantec ConsoleUtilities ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/synactis_connecttosynactis_bof 2013-05-30 normal Synactis PDF In-The-Box ConnectToSynactic Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/systemrequirementslab_unsafe 2008-10-16 excellent Husdawg, LLC. System Requirements Lab ActiveX Unsafe Method
windows/browser/teechart_pro 2011-08-11 normal TeeChart Professional ActiveX Control Trusted Integer Dereference
windows/browser/tom_sawyer_tsgetx71ex552 2011-05-03 normal Tom Sawyer Software GET Extension Factory Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/trendmicro_extsetowner 2010-08-25 normal Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 ActiveX extSetOwner() Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/trendmicro_officescan 2007-02-12 normal Trend Micro OfficeScan Client ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/tumbleweed_filetransfer 2008-04-07 great Tumbleweed FileTransfer vcst_eu.dll ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ubisoft_uplay_cmd_exec 2012-07-29 normal Ubisoft uplay 2.0.3 ActiveX Control Arbitrary Code Execution
windows/browser/ultramjcam_openfiledig_bof 2012-03-28 normal TRENDnet SecurView Internet Camera UltraMJCam OpenFileDlg Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/ultraoffice_httpupload 2008-08-27 good Ultra Shareware Office Control ActiveX HttpUpload Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/verypdf_pdfview 2008-06-16 normal VeryPDF PDFView OCX ActiveX OpenPDF Heap Overflow
windows/browser/viscom_movieplayer_drawtext 2010-01-12 normal Viscom Software Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX 6.8
windows/browser/vlc_amv 2011-03-23 good VLC AMV Dangling Pointer Vulnerability
windows/browser/vlc_mms_bof 2012-03-15 normal VLC MMS Stream Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/webdav_dll_hijacker 2010-08-18 manual WebDAV Application DLL Hijacker
windows/browser/webex_ucf_newobject 2008-08-06 good WebEx UCF atucfobj.dll ActiveX NewObject Method Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/wellintech_kingscada_kxclientdownload 2014-01-14 good KingScada kxClientDownload.ocx ActiveX Remote Code Execution
windows/browser/winamp_playlist_unc 2006-01-29 great Winamp Playlist UNC Path Computer Name Overflow
windows/browser/winamp_ultravox 2008-01-18 normal Winamp Ultravox Streaming Metadata (in_mp3.dll) Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/windvd7_applicationtype 2007-03-20 normal WinDVD7 IASystemInfo.DLL ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/winzip_fileview 2007-11-02 normal WinZip FileView (WZFILEVIEW.FileViewCtrl.61) ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/wmi_admintools 2010-12-21 great Microsoft WMI Administration Tools ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/x360_video_player_set_text_bof 2015-01-30 normal X360 VideoPlayer ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/xmplay_asx 2006-11-21 good XMPlay (ASX Filename) Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/yahoomessenger_fvcom 2007-08-30 normal Yahoo! Messenger YVerInfo.dll ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/yahoomessenger_server 2007-06-05 good Yahoo! Messenger ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/browser/zenturiprogramchecker_unsafe 2007-05-29 excellent Zenturi ProgramChecker ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download
windows/browser/zenworks_helplauncher_exec 2011-10-19 normal AdminStudio LaunchHelp.dll ActiveX Arbitrary Code Execution
windows/dcerpc/ms03_026_dcom 2003-07-16 great MS03-026 Microsoft RPC DCOM Interface Overflow
windows/dcerpc/ms05_017_msmq 2005-04-12 good MS05-017 Microsoft Message Queueing Service Path Overflow
windows/dcerpc/ms07_029_msdns_zonename 2007-04-12 great MS07-029 Microsoft DNS RPC Service extractQuotedChar() Overflow (TCP)
windows/dcerpc/ms07_065_msmq 2007-12-11 good MS07-065 Microsoft Message Queueing Service DNS Name Path Overflow
windows/email/ms07_017_ani_loadimage_chunksize 2007-03-28 great Windows ANI LoadAniIcon() Chunk Size Stack Buffer Overflow (SMTP)
windows/email/ms10_045_outlook_ref_only 2010-06-01 excellent Outlook ATTACH_BY_REF_ONLY File Execution
windows/email/ms10_045_outlook_ref_resolve 2010-06-01 excellent Outlook ATTACH_BY_REF_RESOLVE File Execution
windows/emc/alphastor_agent 2008-05-27 great EMC AlphaStor Agent Buffer Overflow
windows/emc/alphastor_device_manager_exec 2013-01-18 excellent EMC AlphaStor Device Manager Opcode 0x75 Command Injection
windows/emc/networker_format_string 2012-08-29 normal EMC Networker Format String
windows/emc/replication_manager_exec 2011-02-07 great EMC Replication Manager Command Execution
windows/fileformat/a_pdf_wav_to_mp3 2010-08-17 normal A-PDF WAV to MP3 v1.0.0 Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/abbs_amp_lst 2013-06-30 normal ABBS Audio Media Player .LST Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/acdsee_fotoslate_string 2011-09-12 good ACDSee FotoSlate PLP File id Parameter Overflow
windows/fileformat/acdsee_xpm 2007-11-23 good ACDSee XPM File Section Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/actfax_import_users_bof 2012-08-28 normal ActiveFax (ActFax) 4.3 Client Importer Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/activepdf_webgrabber 2008-08-26 low activePDF WebGrabber ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/adobe_collectemailinfo 2008-02-08 good Adobe Collab.collectEmailInfo() Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/adobe_cooltype_sing 2010-09-07 great Adobe CoolType SING Table "uniqueName" Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/adobe_flashplayer_button 2010-10-28 normal Adobe Flash Player "Button" Remote Code Execution
windows/fileformat/adobe_flashplayer_newfunction 2010-06-04 normal Adobe Flash Player "newfunction" Invalid Pointer Use
windows/fileformat/adobe_flatedecode_predictor02 2009-10-08 good Adobe FlateDecode Stream Predictor 02 Integer Overflow
windows/fileformat/adobe_geticon 2009-03-24 good Adobe Collab.getIcon() Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/adobe_illustrator_v14_eps 2009-12-03 great Adobe Illustrator CS4 v14.0.0
windows/fileformat/adobe_jbig2decode 2009-02-19 good Adobe JBIG2Decode Memory Corruption
windows/fileformat/adobe_libtiff 2010-02-16 good Adobe Acrobat Bundled LibTIFF Integer Overflow
windows/fileformat/adobe_media_newplayer 2009-12-14 good Adobe Doc.media.newPlayer Use After Free Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/adobe_pdf_embedded_exe 2010-03-29 excellent Adobe PDF Embedded EXE Social Engineering
windows/fileformat/adobe_pdf_embedded_exe_nojs 2010-03-29 excellent Adobe PDF Escape EXE Social Engineering (No JavaScript)
windows/fileformat/adobe_reader_u3d 2011-12-06 average Adobe Reader U3D Memory Corruption Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/adobe_toolbutton 2013-08-08 normal Adobe Reader ToolButton Use After Free
windows/fileformat/adobe_u3d_meshdecl 2009-10-13 good Adobe U3D CLODProgressiveMeshDeclaration Array Overrun
windows/fileformat/adobe_utilprintf 2008-02-08 good Adobe util.printf() Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/allplayer_m3u_bof 2013-10-09 normal ALLPlayer M3U Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/altap_salamander_pdb 2007-06-19 good Altap Salamander 2.5 PE Viewer Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/aol_desktop_linktag 2011-01-31 normal AOL Desktop 9.6 RTX Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/aol_phobos_bof 2010-01-20 average AOL 9.5 Phobos.Playlist Import() Stack-based Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/apple_quicktime_pnsize 2011-08-08 good Apple QuickTime PICT PnSize Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/apple_quicktime_rdrf 2013-05-22 normal Apple Quicktime 7 Invalid Atom Length Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/apple_quicktime_texml 2012-05-15 normal Apple QuickTime TeXML Style Element Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/audio_coder_m3u 2013-05-01 normal AudioCoder .M3U Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/audio_wkstn_pls 2009-12-08 good Audio Workstation pls Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/audiotran_pls 2010-01-09 good Audiotran 1.4.1 (PLS File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/audiotran_pls_1424 2010-09-09 good Audiotran PLS File Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/aviosoft_plf_buf 2011-11-09 good Aviosoft Digital TV Player Professional 1.0 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/bacnet_csv 2010-09-16 good BACnet OPC Client Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/beetel_netconfig_ini_bof 2013-10-12 normal Beetel Connection Manager NetConfig.ini Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/blazedvd_hdtv_bof 2012-04-03 normal BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro v6.6 Filename Handling Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/blazedvd_plf 2009-08-03 good BlazeDVD 6.1 PLF Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/bpftp_client_bps_bof 2014-07-24 normal BulletProof FTP Client BPS Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/bsplayer_m3u 2010-01-07 normal BS.Player 2.57 Buffer Overflow (Unicode SEH)
windows/fileformat/ca_cab 2007-06-05 good CA Antivirus Engine CAB Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/cain_abel_4918_rdp 2008-11-30 good Cain and Abel RDP Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ccmplayer_m3u_bof 2011-11-30 good CCMPlayer 1.5 m3u Playlist Stack Based Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/chasys_draw_ies_bmp_bof 2013-07-26 normal Chasys Draw IES Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/coolpdf_image_stream_bof 2013-01-18 normal Cool PDF Image Stream Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/corelpdf_fusion_bof 2013-07-08 normal Corel PDF Fusion Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/csound_getnum_bof 2012-02-23 normal Csound hetro File Handling Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/cutezip_bof 2011-02-12 normal GlobalSCAPE CuteZIP Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/cyberlink_p2g_bof 2011-09-12 great CyberLink Power2Go name Attribute (p2g) Stack Buffer Overflow Exploit
windows/fileformat/cytel_studio_cy3 2011-10-02 good Cytel Studio 9.0 (CY3 File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/deepburner_path 2006-12-19 great AstonSoft DeepBurner (DBR File) Path Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/destinymediaplayer16 2009-01-03 good Destiny Media Player 1.61 PLS M3U Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/digital_music_pad_pls 2010-09-17 normal Digital Music Pad Version Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/djstudio_pls_bof 2009-12-30 normal DJ Studio Pro 5.1 .pls Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/djvu_imageurl 2008-10-30 low DjVu DjVu_ActiveX_MSOffice.dll ActiveX ComponentBuffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/dvdx_plf_bof 2007-06-02 normal DVD X Player 5.5 .plf PlayList Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/easycdda_pls_bof 2010-06-07 normal Easy CD-DA Recorder PLS Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/emc_appextender_keyworks 2009-09-29 average EMC ApplicationXtender (KeyWorks) ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow

windows/fileformat/erdas_er_viewer_bof 2013-04-23 normal ERS Viewer 2011 ERS File Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/erdas_er_viewer_rf_report_error 2013-05-23 normal ERS Viewer 2013 ERS File Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/esignal_styletemplate_bof 2011-09-06 normal eSignal and eSignal Pro File Parsing Buffer Overflow in QUO
windows/fileformat/etrust_pestscan 2009-11-02 average CA eTrust PestPatrol ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ezip_wizard_bof 2009-03-09 good eZip Wizard 3.0 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/fatplayer_wav 2010-10-18 normal Fat Player Media Player 0.6b0 Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/fdm_torrent 2009-02-02 good Free Download Manager Torrent Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/feeddemon_opml 2009-02-09 great FeedDemon Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/foxit_reader_filewrite 2011-03-05 normal Foxit PDF Reader 4.2 Javascript File Write
windows/fileformat/foxit_reader_launch 2009-03-09 good Foxit Reader 3.0 Open Execute Action Stack Based Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/foxit_title_bof 2010-11-13 great Foxit PDF Reader v4.1.1 Title Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/free_mp3_ripper_wav 2011-08-27 great Free MP3 CD Ripper 1.1 WAV File Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/galan_fileformat_bof 2009-12-07 normal gAlan 0.2.1 Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/gsm_sim 2010-07-07 normal GSM SIM Editor 5.15 Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/gta_samp 2011-09-18 normal GTA SA-MP server.cfg Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/hhw_hhp_compiledfile_bof 2006-02-06 good HTML Help Workshop 4.74 (hhp Project File) Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/hhw_hhp_contentfile_bof 2006-02-06 good HTML Help Workshop 4.74 (hhp Project File) Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/hhw_hhp_indexfile_bof 2009-01-17 good HTML Help Workshop 4.74 (hhp Project File) Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/homm3_h3m 2015-07-29 normal Heroes of Might and Magic III .h3m Map file Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ht_mp3player_ht3_bof 2009-06-29 good HT-MP3Player 1.0 HT3 File Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ibm_forms_viewer_fontname 2013-12-05 normal IBM Forms Viewer Unicode Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ibm_pcm_ws 2012-02-28 great IBM Personal Communications iSeries Access WorkStation 5.9 Profile
windows/fileformat/icofx_bof 2013-12-10 normal IcoFX Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ideal_migration_ipj 2009-12-05 great PointDev IDEAL Migration Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/iftp_schedule_bof 2014-11-06 normal i-FTP Schedule Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/irfanview_jpeg2000_bof 2012-01-16 normal Irfanview JPEG2000 jp2 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ispvm_xcf_ispxcf 2012-05-16 normal Lattice Semiconductor ispVM System XCF File Handling Overflow
windows/fileformat/kingview_kingmess_kvl 2012-11-20 normal KingView Log File Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/lattice_pac_bof 2012-05-16 normal Lattice Semiconductor PAC-Designer 6.21 Symbol Value Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/lotusnotes_lzh 2011-05-24 good Lotus Notes 8.0.x - 8.5.2 FP2 - Autonomy Keyview (.lzh Attachment)
windows/fileformat/magix_musikmaker_16_mmm 2011-04-26 good Magix Musik Maker 16 .mmm Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mcafee_hercules_deletesnapshot 2008-08-04 low McAfee Remediation Client ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mcafee_showreport_exec 2012-01-12 normal McAfee SaaS MyCioScan ShowReport Remote Command Execution
windows/fileformat/mediacoder_m3u 2013-06-24 normal MediaCoder .M3U Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mediajukebox 2009-07-01 normal Media Jukebox 8.0.400 Buffer Overflow (SEH)
windows/fileformat/microp_mppl 2010-08-23 great MicroP (MPPL File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/millenium_mp3_pls 2009-07-30 great Millenium MP3 Studio 2.0 (PLS File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mini_stream_pls_bof 2010-07-16 great Mini-Stream RM-MP3 Converter v3.1.2.1 PLS File Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mjm_coreplayer2011_s3m 2011-04-30 good MJM Core Player 2011 .s3m Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mjm_quickplayer_s3m 2011-04-30 good MJM QuickPlayer 1.00 Beta 60a / QuickPlayer 2010 .s3m Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/moxa_mediadbplayback 2010-10-19 average MOXA MediaDBPlayback ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mplayer_m3u_bof 2011-03-19 average MPlayer Lite M3U Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mplayer_sami_bof 2011-05-19 normal MPlayer SAMI Subtitle File Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ms09_067_excel_featheader 2009-11-10 good MS09-067 Microsoft Excel Malformed FEATHEADER Record Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/ms10_004_textbytesatom 2010-02-09 good MS10-004 Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer TextBytesAtom Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ms10_038_excel_obj_bof 2010-06-08 normal MS11-038 Microsoft Office Excel Malformed OBJ Record Handling Overflow
windows/fileformat/ms10_087_rtf_pfragments_bof 2010-11-09 great MS10-087 Microsoft Word RTF pFragments Stack Buffer Overflow (File Format)
windows/fileformat/ms11_006_createsizeddibsection 2010-12-15 great MS11-006 Microsoft Windows CreateSizedDIBSECTION Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ms11_021_xlb_bof 2011-08-09 normal MS11-021 Microsoft Office 2007 Excel .xlb Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ms12_005 2012-01-10 excellent MS12-005 Microsoft Office ClickOnce Unsafe Object Package Handling Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/ms12_027_mscomctl_bof 2012-04-10 average MS12-027 MSCOMCTL ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ms13_071_theme 2013-09-10 excellent MS13-071 Microsoft Windows Theme File Handling Arbitrary Code Execution
windows/fileformat/ms14_017_rtf 2014-04-01 normal MS14-017 Microsoft Word RTF Object Confusion
windows/fileformat/ms14_060_sandworm 2014-10-14 excellent MS14-060 Microsoft Windows OLE Package Manager Code Execution
windows/fileformat/ms14_064_packager_python 2014-11-12 excellent MS14-064 Microsoft Windows OLE Package Manager Code Execution Through Python
windows/fileformat/ms14_064_packager_run_as_admin 2014-10-21 excellent MS14-064 Microsoft Windows OLE Package Manager Code Execution
windows/fileformat/ms15_020_shortcut_icon_dllloader 2015-03-10 excellent Microsoft Windows Shell LNK Code Execution
windows/fileformat/ms15_100_mcl_exe 2015-09-08 excellent MS15-100 Microsoft Windows Media Center MCL Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/ms_visual_basic_vbp 2007-09-04 good Microsoft Visual Basic VBP Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/mswin_tiff_overflow 2013-11-05 average MS13-096 Microsoft Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Integer Overflow
windows/fileformat/msworks_wkspictureinterface 2008-11-28 low Microsoft Works 7 WkImgSrv.dll WKsPictureInterface() ActiveX Code Execution
windows/fileformat/mymp3player_m3u 2010-03-18 good Steinberg MyMP3Player 3.0 Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/netop 2011-04-28 normal NetOp Remote Control Client 9.5 Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/nuance_pdf_launch_overflow 2010-10-08 great Nuance PDF Reader v6.0 Launch Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/office_ole_multiple_dll_hijack 2015-12-08 normal Office OLE Multiple DLL Side Loading Vulnerabilities
windows/fileformat/openoffice_ole 2008-04-17 normal OpenOffice OLE Importer DocumentSummaryInformation Stream Handling Overflow
windows/fileformat/orbit_download_failed_bof 2008-04-03 normal Orbit Downloader URL Unicode Conversion Overflow
windows/fileformat/orbital_viewer_orb 2010-02-27 great Orbital Viewer ORB File Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ovf_format_string 2012-11-08 normal VMWare OVF Tools Format String Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/proshow_cellimage_bof 2009-08-20 great ProShow Gold v4.0.2549 (PSH File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/proshow_load_bof 2012-06-06 normal Photodex ProShow Producer 5.0.3256 load File Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/publishit_pui 2014-02-05 normal Publish-It PUI Buffer Overflow (SEH)
windows/fileformat/real_networks_netzip_bof 2011-01-30 good Real Networks Netzip Classic 7.5.1 86 File Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/real_player_url_property_bof 2012-12-14 normal RealPlayer RealMedia File Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/realplayer_ver_attribute_bof 2013-12-20 normal RealNetworks RealPlayer Version Attribute Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/safenet_softremote_groupname 2009-10-30 good SafeNet SoftRemote GROUPNAME Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/sascam_get 2008-12-29 low SasCam Webcam Server v.2.6.5 Get() Method Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/scadaphone_zip 2011-09-12 good ScadaTEC ScadaPhone Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/shadow_stream_recorder_bof 2010-03-29 normal Shadow Stream Recorder Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/somplplayer_m3u 2010-01-22 great S.O.M.P.L 1.0 Player Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/subtitle_processor_m3u_bof 2011-04-26 normal Subtitle Processor 7.7.1 .M3U SEH Unicode Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/tfm_mmplayer_m3u_ppl_bof 2012-03-23 good TFM MMPlayer (m3u/ppl File) Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/total_video_player_ini_bof 2013-11-24 normal Total Video Player 1.3.1 (Settings.ini) - SEH Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/tugzip 2008-10-28 good TugZip 3.5 Zip File Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/ultraiso_ccd 2009-04-03 great UltraISO CCD File Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ultraiso_cue 2007-05-24 great UltraISO CUE File Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/ursoft_w32dasm 2005-01-24 good URSoft W32Dasm Disassembler Function Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/varicad_dwb 2010-03-17 great VariCAD 2010-2.05 EN (DWB File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/videocharge_studio 2013-10-27 normal VideoCharge Studio Buffer Overflow (SEH)
windows/fileformat/videolan_tivo 2008-10-22 good VideoLAN VLC TiVo Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/videospirit_visprj 2011-04-11 good VeryTools Video Spirit Pro
windows/fileformat/visio_dxf_bof 2010-05-04 good Microsoft Office Visio VISIODWG.DLL DXF File Handling Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/visiwave_vwr_type 2011-05-20 great VisiWave VWR File Parsing Vulnerability
windows/fileformat/vlc_modplug_s3m 2011-04-07 average VideoLAN VLC ModPlug ReadS3M Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/vlc_realtext 2008-11-05 good VLC Media Player RealText Subtitle Overflow
windows/fileformat/vlc_smb_uri 2009-06-24 great VideoLAN Client (VLC) Win32 smb:// URI Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/vlc_webm 2011-01-31 good VideoLAN VLC MKV Memory Corruption
windows/fileformat/vuplayer_cue 2009-08-18 good VUPlayer CUE Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/vuplayer_m3u 2009-08-18 good VUPlayer M3U Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/watermark_master 2013-11-01 normal Watermark Master Buffer Overflow (SEH)
windows/fileformat/winamp_maki_bof 2009-05-20 normal Winamp MAKI Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/winrar_name_spoofing 2009-09-28 excellent WinRAR Filename Spoofing
windows/fileformat/wireshark_mpeg_overflow 2014-03-20 good Wireshark wiretap/mpeg.c Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/wireshark_packet_dect 2011-04-18 good Wireshark packet-dect.c Stack Buffer Overflow (local)
windows/fileformat/wm_downloader_m3u 2010-07-28 normal WM Downloader Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/xenorate_xpl_bof 2009-08-19 great Xenorate 2.50 (.xpl) Universal Local Buffer Overflow (SEH)
windows/fileformat/xion_m3u_sehbof 2010-11-23 great Xion Audio Player 1.0.126 Unicode Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/xradio_xrl_sehbof 2011-02-08 normal xRadio 0.95b Buffer Overflow
windows/fileformat/zinfaudioplayer221_pls 2004-09-24 good Zinf Audio Player 2.2.1 (PLS File) Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/firewall/blackice_pam_icq 2004-03-18 great ISS PAM.dll ICQ Parser Buffer Overflow
windows/firewall/kerio_auth 2003-04-28 average Kerio Firewall 2.1.4 Authentication Packet Overflow
windows/ftp/32bitftp_list_reply 2010-10-12 good 32bit FTP Client Stack Buffer Overflow 
windows/ftp/3cdaemon_ftp_user 2005-01-04 average 3Com 3CDaemon 2.0 FTP Username Overflow
windows/ftp/aasync_list_reply 2010-10-12 good AASync v2.2.1.0 (Win32) Stack Buffer Overflow (LIST)
windows/ftp/ability_server_stor 2004-10-22 normal Ability Server 2.34 STOR Command Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/absolute_ftp_list_bof 2011-11-09 normal AbsoluteFTP 1.9.6 - 2.2.10 LIST Command Remote Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/bison_ftp_bof 2011-08-07 normal BisonWare BisonFTP Server Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/cesarftp_mkd 2006-06-12 average Cesar FTP 0.99g MKD Command Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/comsnd_ftpd_fmtstr 2012-06-08 good ComSndFTP v1.3.7 Beta USER Format String (Write4) Vulnerability
windows/ftp/dreamftp_format 2004-03-03 good BolinTech Dream FTP Server 1.02 Format String
windows/ftp/easyfilesharing_pass 2006-07-31 average Easy File Sharing FTP Server 2.0 PASS Overflow
windows/ftp/easyftp_cwd_fixret 2010-02-16 great EasyFTP Server CWD Command Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/easyftp_list_fixret 2010-07-05 great EasyFTP Server LIST Command Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/easyftp_mkd_fixret 2010-04-04 great EasyFTP Server MKD Command Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/filecopa_list_overflow 2006-07-19 average FileCopa FTP Server Pre 18 Jul Version
windows/ftp/filewrangler_list_reply 2010-10-12 good FileWrangler 5.30 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/freefloatftp_user 2012-06-12 normal Free Float FTP Server USER Command Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/freefloatftp_wbem 2012-12-07 excellent FreeFloat FTP Server Arbitrary File Upload
windows/ftp/freeftpd_pass 2013-08-20 normal freeFTPd PASS Command Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/freeftpd_user 2005-11-16 average freeFTPd 1.0 Username Overflow
windows/ftp/ftpgetter_pwd_reply 2010-10-12 good FTPGetter Standard v3.55.0.05 Stack Buffer Overflow (PWD)
windows/ftp/ftppad_list_reply 2010-10-12 good FTPPad 1.2.0 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/ftpshell51_pwd_reply 2010-10-12 good FTPShell 5.1 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/ftpsynch_list_reply 2010-10-12 good FTP Synchronizer Professional Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/gekkomgr_list_reply 2010-10-12 good Gekko Manager FTP Client Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/globalscapeftp_input 2005-05-01 great GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server Input Overflow
windows/ftp/goldenftp_pass_bof 2011-01-23 average GoldenFTP PASS Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/httpdx_tolog_format 2009-11-17 great HTTPDX tolog() Function Format String Vulnerability
windows/ftp/kmftp_utility_cwd 2015-08-23 normal Konica Minolta FTP Utility 1.00 Post Auth CWD Command SEH Overflow
windows/ftp/leapftp_list_reply 2010-10-12 good LeapFTP 3.0.1 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/leapftp_pasv_reply 2003-06-09 normal LeapWare LeapFTP v2.7.3.600 PASV Reply Client Overflow
windows/ftp/ms09_053_ftpd_nlst 2009-08-31 great MS09-053 Microsoft IIS FTP Server NLST Response Overflow
windows/ftp/netterm_netftpd_user 2005-04-26 great NetTerm NetFTPD USER Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/odin_list_reply 2010-10-12 good Odin Secure FTP 4.1 Stack Buffer Overflow (LIST)
windows/ftp/open_ftpd_wbem 2012-06-18 excellent Open-FTPD 1.2 Arbitrary File Upload
windows/ftp/oracle9i_xdb_ftp_pass 2003-08-18 great Oracle 9i XDB FTP PASS Overflow (win32)
windows/ftp/oracle9i_xdb_ftp_unlock 2003-08-18 great Oracle 9i XDB FTP UNLOCK Overflow (win32)
windows/ftp/pcman_put 2015-08-07 normal PCMAN FTP Server Buffer Overflow - PUT Command
windows/ftp/pcman_stor 2013-06-27 normal PCMAN FTP Server Post-Authentication STOR Command Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/proftp_banner 2009-08-25 normal ProFTP 2.9 Banner Remote Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/quickshare_traversal_write 2011-02-03 excellent QuickShare File Server 1.2.1 Directory Traversal Vulnerability
windows/ftp/ricoh_dl_bof 2012-03-01 normal Ricoh DC DL-10 SR10 FTP USER Command Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/sami_ftpd_list 2013-02-27 low Sami FTP Server LIST Command Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/sami_ftpd_user 2006-01-24 normal KarjaSoft Sami FTP Server v2.02 USER Overflow
windows/ftp/sasser_ftpd_port 2004-05-10 average Sasser Worm avserve FTP PORT Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/scriptftp_list 2011-10-12 good ScriptFTP LIST Remote Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/seagull_list_reply 2010-10-12 good Seagull FTP v3.3 Build 409 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/servu_chmod 2004-12-31 normal Serv-U FTP Server Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/servu_mdtm 2004-02-26 good Serv-U FTPD MDTM Overflow
windows/ftp/slimftpd_list_concat 2005-07-21 great SlimFTPd LIST Concatenation Overflow
windows/ftp/trellian_client_pasv 2010-04-11 normal Trellian FTP Client 3.01 PASV Remote Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/turboftp_port 2012-10-03 great Turbo FTP Server 1.30.823 PORT Overflow
windows/ftp/vermillion_ftpd_port 2009-09-23 great Vermillion FTP Daemon PORT Command Memory Corruption
windows/ftp/warftpd_165_pass 1998-03-19 average War-FTPD 1.65 Password Overflow
windows/ftp/warftpd_165_user 1998-03-19 average War-FTPD 1.65 Username Overflow
windows/ftp/wftpd_size 2006-08-23 average Texas Imperial Software WFTPD 3.23 SIZE Overflow
windows/ftp/wing_ftp_admin_exec 2014-06-19 normal Wing FTP Server Authenticated Command Execution
windows/ftp/wsftp_server_503_mkd 2004-11-29 great WS-FTP Server 5.03 MKD Overflow
windows/ftp/wsftp_server_505_xmd5 2006-09-14 average Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 5.05 XMD5 Overflow
windows/ftp/xftp_client_pwd 2010-04-22 normal Xftp FTP Client 3.0 PWD Remote Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/xlink_client 2009-10-03 normal Xlink FTP Client Buffer Overflow
windows/ftp/xlink_server 2009-10-03 good Xlink FTP Server Buffer Overflow
windows/games/mohaa_getinfo 2004-07-17 great Medal of Honor Allied Assault getinfo Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/games/racer_503beta5 2008-08-10 great Racer v0.5.3 Beta 5 Buffer Overflow
windows/games/ut2004_secure 2004-06-18 good Unreal Tournament 2004 "secure" Overflow (Win32)
windows/http/adobe_robohelper_authbypass 2009-09-23 excellent Adobe RoboHelp Server 8 Arbitrary File Upload and Execute
windows/http/altn_securitygateway 2008-06-02 average Alt-N SecurityGateway username Buffer Overflow
windows/http/altn_webadmin 2003-06-24 average Alt-N WebAdmin USER Buffer Overflow
windows/http/amlibweb_webquerydll_app 2010-08-03 normal Amlibweb NetOpacs webquery.dll Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/apache_chunked 2002-06-19 good Apache Win32 Chunked Encoding
windows/http/apache_mod_rewrite_ldap 2006-07-28 great Apache Module mod_rewrite LDAP Protocol Buffer Overflow
windows/http/apache_modjk_overflow 2007-03-02 great Apache mod_jk 1.2.20 Buffer Overflow
windows/http/avaya_ccr_imageupload_exec 2012-06-28 excellent Avaya IP Office Customer Call Reporter ImageUpload.ashx Remote Command Execution
windows/http/badblue_ext_overflow 2003-04-20 great BadBlue 2.5 EXT.dll Buffer Overflow
windows/http/badblue_passthru 2007-12-10 great BadBlue 2.72b PassThru Buffer Overflow
windows/http/bea_weblogic_jsessionid 2009-01-13 good BEA WebLogic JSESSIONID Cookie Value Overflow
windows/http/bea_weblogic_post_bof 2008-07-17 great Oracle Weblogic Apache Connector POST Request Buffer Overflow
windows/http/bea_weblogic_transfer_encoding 2008-09-09 great BEA Weblogic Transfer-Encoding Buffer Overflow
windows/http/belkin_bulldog 2009-03-08 average Belkin Bulldog Plus Web Service Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ca_arcserve_rpc_authbypass 2011-07-25 excellent CA Arcserve D2D GWT RPC Credential Information Disclosure
windows/http/ca_igateway_debug 2005-10-06 average CA iTechnology iGateway Debug Mode Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ca_totaldefense_regeneratereports 2011-04-13 excellent CA Total Defense Suite reGenerateReports Stored Procedure SQL Injection
windows/http/cogent_datahub_command 2014-04-29 manual Cogent DataHub Command Injection
windows/http/cogent_datahub_request_headers_bof 2013-07-26 normal Cogent DataHub HTTP Server Buffer Overflow
windows/http/coldfusion_fckeditor 2009-07-03 excellent ColdFusion 8.0.1 Arbitrary File Upload and Execute
windows/http/cyclope_ess_sqli 2012-08-08 excellent Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution v6 SQL Injection
windows/http/desktopcentral_file_upload 2013-11-11 excellent ManageEngine Desktop Central AgentLogUpload Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/desktopcentral_statusupdate_upload 2014-08-31 excellent ManageEngine Desktop Central StatusUpdate Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/easyfilesharing_seh 2015-12-02 normal Easy File Sharing HTTP Server 7.2 SEH Overflow
windows/http/easyftp_list 2010-02-18 great EasyFTP Server list.html path Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/edirectory_host 2006-10-21 great Novell eDirectory NDS Server Host Header Overflow
windows/http/edirectory_imonitor 2005-08-11 great eDirectory 8.7.3 iMonitor Remote Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/efs_easychatserver_username 2007-08-14 great EFS Easy Chat Server Authentication Request Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/http/efs_fmws_userid_bof 2014-05-20 normal Easy File Management Web Server Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ektron_xslt_exec 2012-10-16 excellent Ektron 8.02 XSLT Transform Remote Code Execution
windows/http/ericom_access_now_bof 2014-06-02 normal Ericom AccessNow Server Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ezserver_http 2012-06-18 excellent EZHomeTech EzServer Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
windows/http/fdm_auth_header 2009-02-02 great Free Download Manager Remote Control Server Buffer Overflow
windows/http/generic_http_dll_injection 2015-03-04 manual Generic Web Application DLL Injection
windows/http/hp_autopass_license_traversal 2014-01-10 great HP AutoPass License Server File Upload
windows/http/hp_imc_bims_upload 2013-10-08 excellent HP Intelligent Management Center BIMS UploadServlet Directory Traversal
windows/http/hp_imc_mibfileupload 2013-03-07 great HP Intelligent Management Center Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/hp_loadrunner_copyfiletoserver 2013-10-30 excellent HP LoadRunner EmulationAdmin Web Service Directory Traversal
windows/http/hp_mpa_job_acct 2011-12-21 excellent HP Managed Printing Administration jobAcct Remote Command Execution
windows/http/hp_nnm_getnnmdata_hostname 2010-05-11 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager getnnmdata.exe (Hostname) CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_getnnmdata_icount 2010-05-11 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager getnnmdata.exe (ICount) CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_getnnmdata_maxage 2010-05-11 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager getnnmdata.exe (MaxAge) CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_nnmrptconfig_nameparams 2011-01-10 normal HP OpenView NNM nnmRptConfig nameParams Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_nnmrptconfig_schdparams 2011-01-10 normal HP OpenView NNM nnmRptConfig.exe schdParams Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_openview5 2007-12-06 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager OpenView5.exe CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_ovalarm_lang 2009-12-09 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovalarm.exe CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_ovas 2008-04-02 good HP OpenView NNM 7.53, 7.51 OVAS.EXE Pre-Authentication Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_ovbuildpath_textfile 2011-11-01 normal HP OpenView Network Node Manager ov.dll _OVBuildPath Buffer Overflow

windows/http/hp_nnm_ovwebhelp 2009-12-09 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager OvWebHelp.exe CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_ovwebsnmpsrv_main 2010-06-16 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovwebsnmpsrv.exe main Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_ovwebsnmpsrv_ovutil 2010-06-16 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovwebsnmpsrv.exe ovutil Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_ovwebsnmpsrv_uro 2010-06-08 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovwebsnmpsrv.exe Unrecognized Option Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_snmp 2009-12-09 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager Snmp.exe CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_snmpviewer_actapp 2010-05-11 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager snmpviewer.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_toolbar_01 2009-01-07 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager Toolbar.exe CGI Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_toolbar_02 2009-01-21 normal HP OpenView Network Node Manager Toolbar.exe CGI Cookie Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_webappmon_execvp 2010-07-20 great HP OpenView Network Node Manager execvp_nc Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_nnm_webappmon_ovjavalocale 2010-08-03 great HP NNM CGI webappmon.exe OvJavaLocale Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_openview_insight_backdoor 2011-01-31 excellent HP OpenView Performance Insight Server Backdoor Account Code Execution
windows/http/hp_pcm_snac_update_certificates 2013-09-09 excellent HP ProCurve Manager SNAC UpdateCertificatesServlet File Upload
windows/http/hp_pcm_snac_update_domain 2013-09-09 excellent HP ProCurve Manager SNAC UpdateDomainControllerServlet File Upload
windows/http/hp_power_manager_filename 2011-10-19 normal HP Power Manager 'formExportDataLogs' Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_power_manager_login 2009-11-04 average Hewlett-Packard Power Manager Administration Buffer Overflow
windows/http/hp_sitescope_dns_tool 2015-10-09 good HP SiteScope DNS Tool Command Injection
windows/http/hp_sitescope_runomagentcommand 2013-07-29 manual HP SiteScope Remote Code Execution
windows/http/httpdx_handlepeer 2009-10-08 great HTTPDX h_handlepeer() Function Buffer Overflow
windows/http/httpdx_tolog_format 2009-11-17 great HTTPDX tolog() Function Format String Vulnerability
windows/http/ia_webmail 2003-11-03 average IA WebMail 3.x Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ibm_tivoli_endpoint_bof 2011-05-31 good IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager POST Query Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ibm_tpmfosd_overflow 2007-05-02 good IBM TPM for OS Deployment 5.1.0.x rembo.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ibm_tsm_cad_header 2007-09-24 good IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express CAD Service Buffer Overflow
windows/http/icecast_header 2004-09-28 great Icecast Header Overwrite
windows/http/integard_password_bof 2010-09-07 great Race River Integard Home/Pro LoginAdmin Password Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/intersystems_cache 2009-09-29 great InterSystems Cache UtilConfigHome.csp Argument Buffer Overflow
windows/http/intrasrv_bof 2013-05-30 manual Intrasrv 1.0 Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ipswitch_wug_maincfgret 2004-08-25 great Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 8.03 Buffer Overflow
windows/http/jira_collector_traversal 2014-02-26 normal JIRA Issues Collector Directory Traversal
windows/http/kaseya_uploader 2015-09-23 excellent Kaseya VSA uploader.aspx Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/kaseya_uploadimage_file_upload 2013-11-11 excellent Kaseya uploadImage Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/kolibri_http 2010-12-26 good Kolibri HTTP Server HEAD Buffer Overflow
windows/http/landesk_thinkmanagement_upload_asp 2012-02-15 excellent LANDesk Lenovo ThinkManagement Console Remote Command Execution
windows/http/lexmark_markvision_gfd_upload 2014-12-09 excellent Lexmark MarkVision Enterprise Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/mailenable_auth_header 2005-04-24 great MailEnable Authorization Header Buffer Overflow
windows/http/manage_engine_opmanager_rce 2015-09-14 manual ManageEngine OpManager Remote Code Execution
windows/http/manageengine_apps_mngr 2011-04-08 average ManageEngine Applications Manager Authenticated Code Execution
windows/http/manageengine_connectionid_write 2015-12-14 excellent ManageEngine Desktop Central 9 FileUploadServlet ConnectionId Vulnerability
windows/http/maxdb_webdbm_database 2006-08-29 good MaxDB WebDBM Database Parameter Overflow
windows/http/maxdb_webdbm_get_overflow 2005-04-26 good MaxDB WebDBM GET Buffer Overflow
windows/http/mcafee_epolicy_source 2006-07-17 average McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator / ProtectionPilot Overflow
windows/http/mdaemon_worldclient_form2raw 2003-12-29 great MDaemon WorldClient form2raw.cgi Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/minishare_get_overflow 2004-11-07 average Minishare 1.4.1 Buffer Overflow
windows/http/miniweb_upload_wbem 2013-04-09 excellent MiniWeb (Build 300) Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/navicopa_get_overflow 2006-09-28 great NaviCOPA 2.0.1 URL Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/http/netdecision_http_bof 2012-02-24 normal NetDecision 4.5.1 HTTP Server Buffer Overflow
windows/http/netgear_nms_rce 2016-02-04 excellent NETGEAR ProSafe Network Management System 300 Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/novell_imanager_upload 2010-10-01 excellent Novell iManager getMultiPartParameters Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/novell_mdm_lfi 2013-03-13 normal Novell Zenworks Mobile Managment MDM.php Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
windows/http/novell_messenger_acceptlang 2006-04-13 average Novell Messenger Server 2.0 Accept-Language Overflow
windows/http/nowsms 2008-02-19 good Now SMS/MMS Gateway Buffer Overflow
windows/http/oracle9i_xdb_pass 2003-08-18 great Oracle 9i XDB HTTP PASS Overflow (win32)
windows/http/oracle_beehive_evaluation 2010-06-09 excellent Oracle BeeHive 2 voice-servlet processEvaluation() Vulnerability
windows/http/oracle_beehive_prepareaudiotoplay 2015-11-10 excellent Oracle BeeHive 2 voice-servlet prepareAudioToPlay() Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/oracle_btm_writetofile 2012-08-07 excellent Oracle Business Transaction Management FlashTunnelService Remote Code Execution
windows/http/oracle_endeca_exec 2013-07-16 excellent Oracle Endeca Server Remote Command Execution
windows/http/oracle_event_processing_upload 2014-04-21 excellent Oracle Event Processing FileUploadServlet Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/osb_uname_jlist 2010-07-13 excellent Oracle Secure Backup Authentication Bypass/Command Injection Vulnerability
windows/http/peercast_url 2006-03-08 average PeerCast URL Handling Buffer Overflow
windows/http/php_apache_request_headers_bof 2012-05-08 normal PHP apache_request_headers Function Buffer Overflow
windows/http/privatewire_gateway 2006-06-26 average Private Wire Gateway Buffer Overflow
windows/http/psoproxy91_overflow 2004-02-20 average PSO Proxy v0.91 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/rabidhamster_r4_log 2012-02-09 normal RabidHamster R4 Log Entry sprintf() Buffer Overflow
windows/http/rejetto_hfs_exec 2014-09-11 excellent Rejetto HttpFileServer Remote Command Execution
windows/http/sambar6_search_results 2003-06-21 normal Sambar 6 Search Results Buffer Overflow
windows/http/sap_configservlet_exec_noauth 2012-11-01 great SAP ConfigServlet Remote Code Execution
windows/http/sap_host_control_cmd_exec 2012-08-14 average SAP NetWeaver HostControl Command Injection
windows/http/sapdb_webtools 2007-07-05 great SAP DB 7.4 WebTools Buffer Overflow
windows/http/savant_31_overflow 2002-09-10 great Savant 3.1 Web Server Overflow
windows/http/sepm_auth_bypass_rce 2015-07-31 excellent Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Authentication Bypass and Code Execution
windows/http/servu_session_cookie 2009-11-01 good Rhinosoft Serv-U Session Cookie Buffer Overflow
windows/http/shoutcast_format 2004-12-23 average SHOUTcast DNAS/win32 1.9.4 File Request Format String Overflow
windows/http/shttpd_post 2006-10-06 average SHTTPD URI-Encoded POST Request Overflow
windows/http/solarwinds_fsm_userlogin 2015-03-13 excellent Solarwinds Firewall Security Manager 6.6.5 Client Session Handling Vulnerability
windows/http/solarwinds_storage_manager_sql 2011-12-07 excellent Solarwinds Storage Manager 5.1.0 SQL Injection
windows/http/sonicwall_scrutinizer_sqli 2012-07-22 excellent Dell SonicWALL (Plixer) Scrutinizer 9 SQL Injection
windows/http/steamcast_useragent 2008-01-24 average Streamcast HTTP User-Agent Buffer Overflow
windows/http/sws_connection_bof 2012-07-20 normal Simple Web Server Connection Header Buffer Overflow
windows/http/sybase_easerver 2005-07-25 average Sybase EAServer 5.2 Remote Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/sysax_create_folder 2012-07-29 normal Sysax Multi Server 5.64 Create Folder Buffer Overflow
windows/http/trackercam_phparg_overflow 2005-02-18 average TrackerCam PHP Argument Buffer Overflow
windows/http/trackit_file_upload 2014-10-07 excellent Numara / BMC Track-It! FileStorageService Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/trendmicro_officescan 2007-06-28 good Trend Micro OfficeScan Remote Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/ultraminihttp_bof 2013-07-10 normal Ultra Mini HTTPD Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/http/umbraco_upload_aspx 2012-06-28 excellent Umbraco CMS Remote Command Execution
windows/http/vmware_vcenter_chargeback_upload 2013-05-15 excellent VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager ImageUploadServlet Arbitrary File Upload
windows/http/webster_http 2002-12-02 average Webster HTTP Server GET Buffer Overflow
windows/http/xampp_webdav_upload_php 2012-01-14 excellent XAMPP WebDAV PHP Upload
windows/http/xitami_if_mod_since 2007-09-24 average Xitami 2.5c2 Web Server If-Modified-Since Overflow
windows/http/zenworks_assetmgmt_uploadservlet 2011-11-02 excellent Novell ZENworks Asset Management Remote Execution
windows/http/zenworks_uploadservlet 2010-03-30 excellent Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Remote Execution
windows/iis/iis_webdav_upload_asp 1994-01-01 excellent Microsoft IIS WebDAV Write Access Code Execution
windows/iis/ms01_023_printer 2001-05-01 good MS01-023 Microsoft IIS 5.0 Printer Host Header Overflow
windows/iis/ms01_026_dbldecode 2001-05-15 excellent MS01-026 Microsoft IIS/PWS CGI Filename Double Decode Command Execution
windows/iis/ms01_033_idq 2001-06-18 good MS01-033 Microsoft IIS 5.0 IDQ Path Overflow
windows/iis/ms02_018_htr 2002-04-10 good MS02-018 Microsoft IIS 4.0 .HTR Path Overflow
windows/iis/ms02_065_msadc 2002-11-20 normal MS02-065 Microsoft IIS MDAC msadcs.dll RDS DataStub Content-Type Overflow
windows/iis/ms03_007_ntdll_webdav 2003-05-30 great MS03-007 Microsoft IIS 5.0 WebDAV ntdll.dll Path Overflow
windows/iis/msadc 1998-07-17 excellent MS99-025 Microsoft IIS MDAC msadcs.dll RDS Arbitrary Remote Command Execution
windows/imap/eudora_list 2005-12-20 great Qualcomm WorldMail 3.0 IMAPD LIST Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/imail_delete 2004-11-12 average IMail IMAP4D Delete Overflow
windows/imap/ipswitch_search 2007-07-18 average Ipswitch IMail IMAP SEARCH Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mailenable_login 2006-12-11 great MailEnable IMAPD (2.34/2.35) Login Request Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mailenable_status 2005-07-13 great MailEnable IMAPD (1.54) STATUS Request Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mailenable_w3c_select 2005-10-03 great MailEnable IMAPD W3C Logging Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mdaemon_cram_md5 2004-11-12 great Mdaemon 8.0.3 IMAPD CRAM-MD5 Authentication Overflow
windows/imap/mdaemon_fetch 2008-03-13 great MDaemon 9.6.4 IMAPD FETCH Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mercur_imap_select_overflow 2006-03-17 average Mercur v5.0 IMAP SP3 SELECT Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mercur_login 2006-03-17 average Mercur Messaging 2005 IMAP Login Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mercury_login 2007-03-06 average Mercury/32 LOGIN Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/mercury_rename 2004-11-29 average Mercury/32 v4.01a IMAP RENAME Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/novell_netmail_append 2006-12-23 average Novell NetMail IMAP APPEND Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/novell_netmail_auth 2007-01-07 average Novell NetMail IMAP AUTHENTICATE Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/novell_netmail_status 2005-11-18 average Novell NetMail IMAP STATUS Buffer Overflow
windows/imap/novell_netmail_subscribe 2006-12-23 average Novell NetMail IMAP SUBSCRIBE Buffer Overflow
windows/isapi/ms00_094_pbserver 2000-12-04 good MS00-094 Microsoft IIS Phone Book Service Overflow
windows/isapi/ms03_022_nsiislog_post 2003-06-25 good MS03-022 Microsoft IIS ISAPI nsiislog.dll ISAPI POST Overflow
windows/isapi/ms03_051_fp30reg_chunked 2003-11-11 good MS03-051 Microsoft IIS ISAPI FrontPage fp30reg.dll Chunked Overflow
windows/isapi/rsa_webagent_redirect 2005-10-21 good Microsoft IIS ISAPI RSA WebAgent Redirect Overflow
windows/isapi/w3who_query 2004-12-06 good Microsoft IIS ISAPI w3who.dll Query String Overflow
windows/ldap/imail_thc 2004-02-17 average IMail LDAP Service Buffer Overflow
windows/ldap/pgp_keyserver7 2001-07-16 good Network Associates PGP KeyServer 7 LDAP Buffer Overflow
windows/license/calicclnt_getconfig 2005-03-02 average Computer Associates License Client GETCONFIG Overflow
windows/license/calicserv_getconfig 2005-03-02 normal Computer Associates License Server GETCONFIG Overflow
windows/license/flexnet_lmgrd_bof 2012-03-23 normal FlexNet License Server Manager lmgrd Buffer Overflow
windows/license/sentinel_lm7_udp 2005-03-07 average SentinelLM UDP Buffer Overflow
windows/local/adobe_sandbox_adobecollabsync 2013-05-14 great AdobeCollabSync Buffer Overflow Adobe Reader X Sandbox Bypass
windows/local/agnitum_outpost_acs 2013-08-02 excellent Agnitum Outpost Internet Security Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/always_install_elevated 2010-03-18 excellent Windows AlwaysInstallElevated MSI
windows/local/applocker_bypass 2015-08-03 excellent AppLocker Execution Prevention Bypass
windows/local/ask 2012-01-03 excellent Windows Escalate UAC Execute RunAs
windows/local/bthpan 2014-07-18 average MS14-062 Microsoft Bluetooth Personal Area Networking (BthPan.sys) Privilege Escalation
windows/local/bypassuac 2010-12-31 excellent Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass
windows/local/bypassuac_injection 2010-12-31 excellent Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass (In Memory Injection)
windows/local/bypassuac_vbs 2015-08-22 excellent Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass (ScriptHost Vulnerability)
windows/local/capcom_sys_exec 1999-01-01 normal Windows Capcom.sys Kernel Execution Exploit (x64 only)
windows/local/current_user_psexec 1999-01-01 excellent PsExec via Current User Token
windows/local/ikeext_service 2012-10-09 good IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keyring Modules Service (IKEEXT) Missing DLL
windows/local/ipass_launch_app 2015-03-12 excellent iPass Mobile Client Service Privilege Escalation
windows/local/lenovo_systemupdate 2015-04-12 excellent Lenovo System Update Privilege Escalation
windows/local/mqac_write 2014-07-22 average MQAC.sys Arbitrary Write Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ms10_015_kitrap0d 2010-01-19 great Windows SYSTEM Escalation via KiTrap0D
windows/local/ms10_092_schelevator 2010-09-13 excellent Windows Escalate Task Scheduler XML Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ms11_080_afdjoinleaf 2011-11-30 average MS11-080 AfdJoinLeaf Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ms13_005_hwnd_broadcast 2012-11-27 excellent MS13-005 HWND_BROADCAST Low to Medium Integrity Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ms13_053_schlamperei 2013-12-01 average Windows NTUserMessageCall Win32k Kernel Pool Overflow (Schlamperei)
windows/local/ms13_081_track_popup_menu 2013-10-08 average Windows TrackPopupMenuEx Win32k NULL Page
windows/local/ms13_097_ie_registry_symlink 2013-12-10 great MS13-097 Registry Symlink IE Sandbox Escape
windows/local/ms14_009_ie_dfsvc 2014-02-11 great MS14-009 .NET Deployment Service IE Sandbox Escape
windows/local/ms14_058_track_popup_menu 2014-10-14 normal Windows TrackPopupMenu Win32k NULL Pointer Dereference
windows/local/ms14_070_tcpip_ioctl 2014-11-11 average MS14-070 Windows tcpip!SetAddrOptions NULL Pointer Dereference
windows/local/ms15_004_tswbproxy 2015-01-13 good MS15-004 Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Proxy IE Sandbox Escape
windows/local/ms15_051_client_copy_image 2015-05-12 normal Windows ClientCopyImage Win32k Exploit
windows/local/ms15_078_atmfd_bof 2015-07-11 manual MS15-078 Microsoft Windows Font Driver Buffer Overflow
windows/local/ms16_016_webdav 2016-02-09 excellent MS16-016 mrxdav.sys WebDav Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ms16_032_secondary_logon_handle_privesc 2016-03-21 normal MS16-032 Secondary Logon Handle Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ms_ndproxy 2013-11-27 average MS14-002 Microsoft Windows ndproxy.sys Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/novell_client_nicm 2013-05-22 average Novell Client 2 SP3 nicm.sys Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/novell_client_nwfs 2008-06-26 average Novell Client 4.91 SP4 nwfs.sys Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ntapphelpcachecontrol 2014-09-30 normal MS15-001 Microsoft Windows NtApphelpCacheControl Improper Authorization Check
windows/local/nvidia_nvsvc 2012-12-25 average Nvidia (nvsvc) Display Driver Service Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/panda_psevents 2016-06-27 excellent Panda Security PSEvents Privilege Escalation
windows/local/payload_inject 2011-10-12 excellent Windows Manage Memory Payload Injection
windows/local/persistence 2011-10-19 excellent Windows Persistent Registry Startup Payload Installer
windows/local/powershell_cmd_upgrade 1999-01-01 excellent Windows Command Shell Upgrade (Powershell)
windows/local/powershell_remoting 1999-01-01 excellent Powershell Remoting Remote Command Execution
windows/local/ppr_flatten_rec 2013-05-15 average Windows EPATHOBJ::pprFlattenRec Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/ps_persist 2012-08-14 excellent Powershell Payload Execution
windows/local/pxeexploit 2011-08-05 excellent PXE Exploit Server
windows/local/registry_persistence 2015-07-01 excellent Windows Registry Only Persistence
windows/local/run_as 1999-01-01 normal Windows Run Command As User
windows/local/s4u_persistence 2013-01-02 excellent Windows Manage User Level Persistent Payload Installer
windows/local/service_permissions 2012-10-15 great Windows Escalate Service Permissions Local Privilege Escalation
windows/local/trusted_service_path 2001-10-25 excellent Windows Service Trusted Path Privilege Escalation
windows/local/virtual_box_guest_additions 2014-07-15 average VirtualBox Guest Additions VBoxGuest.sys Privilege Escalation
windows/local/virtual_box_opengl_escape 2014-03-11 average VirtualBox 3D Acceleration Virtual Machine Escape
windows/local/vss_persistence 2011-10-21 excellent Persistent Payload in Windows Volume Shadow Copy
windows/local/wmi 1999-01-01 excellent Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Remote Command Execution
windows/lotus/domino_http_accept_language 2008-05-20 average IBM Lotus Domino Web Server Accept-Language Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/lotus/domino_icalendar_organizer 2010-09-14 normal IBM Lotus Domino iCalendar MAILTO Buffer Overflow
windows/lotus/domino_sametime_stmux 2008-05-21 average IBM Lotus Domino Sametime STMux.exe Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/lotus/lotusnotes_lzh 2011-05-24 normal Lotus Notes 8.0.x - 8.5.2 FP2 - Autonomy Keyview (.lzh Attachment)
windows/lpd/hummingbird_exceed 2005-05-27 average Hummingbird Connectivity 10 SP5 LPD Buffer Overflow
windows/lpd/niprint 2003-11-05 good NIPrint LPD Request Overflow
windows/lpd/saplpd 2008-02-04 good SAP SAPLPD 6.28 Buffer Overflow
windows/lpd/wincomlpd_admin 2008-02-04 good WinComLPD Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/achat_bof 2014-12-18 normal Achat Unicode SEH Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/actfax_raw_server_bof 2013-02-05 normal ActFax 5.01 RAW Server Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/agentxpp_receive_agentx 2010-04-16 good AgentX++ Master AgentX::receive_agentx Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/allmediaserver_bof 2012-07-04 normal ALLMediaServer 0.8 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/altiris_ds_sqli 2008-05-15 normal Symantec Altiris DS SQL Injection
windows/misc/apple_quicktime_rtsp_response 2007-11-23 normal Apple QuickTime 7.3 RTSP Response Header Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/asus_dpcproxy_overflow 2008-03-21 average Asus Dpcproxy Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/avaya_winpmd_unihostrouter 2011-05-23 normal Avaya WinPMD UniteHostRouter Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/avidphoneticindexer 2011-11-29 normal Avid Media Composer 5.5 - Avid Phonetic Indexer Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bakbone_netvault_heap 2005-04-01 average BakBone NetVault Remote Heap Overflow
windows/misc/bcaaa_bof 2011-04-04 good Blue Coat Authentication and Authorization Agent (BCAAA) 5 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bigant_server 2008-04-15 average BigAnt Server 2.2 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bigant_server_250 2008-04-15 great BigAnt Server 2.50 SP1 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bigant_server_dupf_upload 2013-01-09 excellent BigAnt Server DUPF Command Arbitrary File Upload
windows/misc/bigant_server_sch_dupf_bof 2013-01-09 normal BigAnt Server 2 SCH And DUPF Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bigant_server_usv 2009-12-29 great BigAnt Server 2.52 USV Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bomberclone_overflow 2006-02-16 average Bomberclone 0.11.6 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/bopup_comm 2009-06-18 good Bopup Communications Server Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/borland_interbase 2007-07-24 average Borland Interbase Create-Request Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/borland_starteam 2008-04-02 average Borland CaliberRM StarTeam Multicast Service Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/citrix_streamprocess 2011-01-20 good Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 streamprocess.exe Buffer Overflow

windows/misc/citrix_streamprocess_data_msg 2011-11-04 normal Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1 Streamprocess Opcode 0x40020000 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/citrix_streamprocess_get_boot_record_request 2011-11-04 normal Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1 Streamprocess Opcode 0x40020004 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/citrix_streamprocess_get_footer 2011-11-04 normal Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1 Streamprocess Opcode 0x40020002 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/citrix_streamprocess_get_objects 2011-11-04 normal Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1 Streamprocess Opcode 0x40020006 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/doubletake 2008-06-04 average DoubleTake/HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring Service Authentication Overflow
windows/misc/eiqnetworks_esa 2006-07-24 average eIQNetworks ESA License Manager LICMGR_ADDLICENSE Overflow
windows/misc/eiqnetworks_esa_topology 2006-07-25 average eIQNetworks ESA Topology DELETEDEVICE Overflow
windows/misc/enterasys_netsight_syslog_bof 2011-12-19 normal Enterasys NetSight nssyslogd.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/eureka_mail_err 2009-10-22 normal Eureka Email 2.2q ERR Remote Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/fb_cnct_group 2013-01-31 normal Firebird Relational Database CNCT Group Number Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/fb_isc_attach_database 2007-10-03 average Firebird Relational Database isc_attach_database() Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/fb_isc_create_database 2007-10-03 average Firebird Relational Database isc_create_database() Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/fb_svc_attach 2007-10-03 average Firebird Relational Database SVC_attach() Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/gimp_script_fu 2012-05-18 normal GIMP script-fu Server Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_cmd_exec 2014-11-02 excellent HP Data Protector 8.10 Remote Command Execution
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_crs 2013-06-03 normal HP Data Protector Cell Request Service Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_dtbclslogin 2010-09-09 normal HP Data Protector DtbClsLogin Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_encrypted_comms 2016-04-18 normal HP Data Protector Encrypted Communication Remote Command Execution
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_exec_bar 2014-01-02 excellent HP Data Protector Backup Client Service Remote Code Execution
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_install_service 2011-11-02 excellent HP Data Protector 6.10/6.11/6.20 Install Service
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_new_folder 2012-03-12 normal HP Data Protector Create New Folder Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_dataprotector_traversal 2014-01-02 great HP Data Protector Backup Client Service Directory Traversal
windows/misc/hp_imc_uam 2012-08-29 normal HP Intelligent Management Center UAM Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_loadrunner_magentproc 2013-07-27 normal HP LoadRunner magentproc.exe Overflow
windows/misc/hp_magentservice 2012-01-12 average HP Diagnostics Server magentservice.exe Overflow
windows/misc/hp_omniinet_1 2009-12-17 great HP OmniInet.exe MSG_PROTOCOL Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_omniinet_2 2009-12-17 great HP OmniInet.exe MSG_PROTOCOL Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_omniinet_3 2011-06-29 great HP OmniInet.exe Opcode 27 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_omniinet_4 2011-06-29 good HP OmniInet.exe Opcode 20 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_operations_agent_coda_34 2012-07-09 normal HP Operations Agent Opcode coda.exe 0x34 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_operations_agent_coda_8c 2012-07-09 normal HP Operations Agent Opcode coda.exe 0x8c Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hp_ovtrace 2007-08-09 average HP OpenView Operations OVTrace Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/hta_server 2016-10-06 manual HTA Web Server
windows/misc/ib_isc_attach_database 2007-10-03 good Borland InterBase isc_attach_database() Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ib_isc_create_database 2007-10-03 good Borland InterBase isc_create_database() Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ib_svc_attach 2007-10-03 good Borland InterBase SVC_attach() Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ibm_cognos_tm1admsd_bof 2012-04-02 normal IBM Cognos tm1admsd.exe Overflow
windows/misc/ibm_director_cim_dllinject 2009-03-10 excellent IBM System Director Agent DLL Injection
windows/misc/ibm_tsm_cad_ping 2009-11-04 good IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express CAD Service Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ibm_tsm_rca_dicugetidentify 2009-11-04 great IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express RCA Service Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/itunes_extm3u_bof 2012-06-21 normal Apple iTunes 10 Extended M3U Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/landesk_aolnsrvr 2007-04-13 average LANDesk Management Suite 8.7 Alert Service Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/lianja_db_net 2013-05-22 normal Lianja SQL 1.0.0RC5.1 db_netserver Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/manageengine_eventlog_analyzer_rce 2015-07-11 manual ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Remote Code Execution
windows/misc/mercury_phonebook 2005-12-19 average Mercury/32 PH Server Module Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/mini_stream 2009-12-25 normal Mini-Stream Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/mirc_privmsg_server 2008-10-02 normal mIRC PRIVMSG Handling Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ms07_064_sami 2007-12-11 normal MS07-064 Microsoft DirectX DirectShow SAMI Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ms10_104_sharepoint 2010-12-14 excellent MS10-104 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Remote Code Execution
windows/misc/netcat110_nt 2004-12-27 great Netcat v1.10 NT Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/nettransport 2010-01-02 normal NetTransport Download Manager 2.90.510 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/nvidia_mental_ray 2013-12-10 excellent Nvidia Mental Ray Satellite Service Arbitrary DLL Injection
windows/misc/poisonivy_21x_bof 2016-06-03 normal Poison Ivy 2.1.x C2 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/poisonivy_bof 2012-06-24 normal Poison Ivy Server Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/poppeeper_date 2009-02-27 normal POP Peeper v3.4 DATE Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/poppeeper_uidl 2009-02-27 normal POP Peeper v3.4 UIDL Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/realtek_playlist 2008-12-16 great Realtek Media Player Playlist Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/regsvr32_applocker_bypass_server 2016-04-19 manual Regsvr32.exe (.sct) Application Whitelisting Bypass Server
windows/misc/sap_2005_license 2009-08-01 great SAP Business One License Manager 2005 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/sap_netweaver_dispatcher 2012-05-08 normal SAP NetWeaver Dispatcher DiagTraceR3Info Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/shixxnote_font 2004-10-04 great ShixxNOTE 6.net Font Field Overflow
windows/misc/solidworks_workgroup_pdmwservice_file_write 2014-02-22 good SolidWorks Workgroup PDM 2014 pdmwService.exe Arbitrary File Write
windows/misc/splayer_content_type 2011-05-04 normal SPlayer 3.7 Content-Type Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/stream_down_bof 2011-12-27 good CoCSoft StreamDown 6.8.0 Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/talkative_response 2009-03-17 normal Talkative IRC v0.4.4.16 Response Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/tiny_identd_overflow 2007-05-14 average TinyIdentD 2.2 Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/trendmicro_cmdprocessor_addtask 2011-12-07 good TrendMicro Control Manger CmdProcessor.exe Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/ufo_ai 2009-10-28 average UFO: Alien Invasion IRC Client Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/vmhgfs_webdav_dll_sideload 2016-08-05 normal DLL Side Loading Vulnerability in VMware Host Guest Client Redirector
windows/misc/windows_rsh 2007-07-24 average Windows RSH Daemon Buffer Overflow
windows/misc/wireshark_lua 2011-07-18 excellent Wireshark console.lua Pre-Loading Script Execution
windows/misc/wireshark_packet_dect 2011-04-18 good Wireshark packet-dect.c Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/mmsp/ms10_025_wmss_connect_funnel 2010-04-13 great Windows Media Services ConnectFunnel Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/motorola/timbuktu_fileupload 2008-05-10 excellent Timbuktu Pro Directory Traversal/File Upload
windows/mssql/lyris_listmanager_weak_pass 2005-12-08 excellent Lyris ListManager MSDE Weak sa Password
windows/mssql/ms02_039_slammer 2002-07-24 good MS02-039 Microsoft SQL Server Resolution Overflow
windows/mssql/ms02_056_hello 2002-08-05 good MS02-056 Microsoft SQL Server Hello Overflow
windows/mssql/ms09_004_sp_replwritetovarbin 2008-12-09 good MS09-004 Microsoft SQL Server sp_replwritetovarbin Memory Corruption
windows/mssql/ms09_004_sp_replwritetovarbin_sqli 2008-12-09 excellent MS09-004 Microsoft SQL Server sp_replwritetovarbin Memory Corruption via SQL Injection
windows/mssql/mssql_linkcrawler 2000-01-01 great Microsoft SQL Server Database Link Crawling Command Execution
windows/mssql/mssql_payload 2000-05-30 excellent Microsoft SQL Server Payload Execution
windows/mssql/mssql_payload_sqli 2000-05-30 excellent Microsoft SQL Server Payload Execution via SQL Injection
windows/mysql/mysql_mof 2012-12-01 excellent Oracle MySQL for Microsoft Windows MOF Execution
windows/mysql/mysql_payload 2009-01-16 excellent Oracle MySQL for Microsoft Windows Payload Execution
windows/mysql/mysql_start_up 2012-12-01 excellent Oracle MySQL for Microsoft Windows FILE Privilege Abuse
windows/mysql/mysql_yassl_hello 2008-01-04 average MySQL yaSSL SSL Hello Message Buffer Overflow
windows/mysql/scrutinizer_upload_exec 2012-07-27 excellent Plixer Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer 9 Default MySQL Credential
windows/nfs/xlink_nfsd 2006-11-06 average Omni-NFS Server Buffer Overflow
windows/nntp/ms05_030_nntp 2005-06-14 normal MS05-030 Microsoft Outlook Express NNTP Response Parsing Buffer Overflow
windows/novell/file_reporter_fsfui_upload 2012-11-16 great NFR Agent FSFUI Record File Upload RCE
windows/novell/groupwisemessenger_client 2008-07-02 normal Novell GroupWise Messenger Client Buffer Overflow
windows/novell/netiq_pum_eval 2012-11-15 excellent NetIQ Privileged User Manager 2.3.1 ldapagnt_eval() Remote Perl Code Execution
windows/novell/nmap_stor 2006-12-23 average Novell NetMail NMAP STOR Buffer Overflow
windows/novell/zenworks_desktop_agent 2005-05-19 good Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop/Server Management Overflow
windows/novell/zenworks_preboot_op21_bof 2010-03-30 normal Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Preboot Service 0x21 Buffer Overflow
windows/novell/zenworks_preboot_op4c_bof 2012-02-22 normal Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Preboot Service 0x4c Buffer Overflow
windows/novell/zenworks_preboot_op6_bof 2010-03-30 normal Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Preboot Service 0x06 Buffer Overflow
windows/novell/zenworks_preboot_op6c_bof 2012-02-22 normal Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Preboot Service 0x6c Buffer Overflow
windows/oracle/client_system_analyzer_upload 2011-01-18 excellent Oracle Database Client System Analyzer Arbitrary File Upload
windows/oracle/extjob 2007-01-01 excellent Oracle Job Scheduler Named Pipe Command Execution
windows/oracle/osb_ndmp_auth 2009-01-14 good Oracle Secure Backup NDMP_CONNECT_CLIENT_AUTH Buffer Overflow
windows/oracle/tns_arguments 2001-06-28 good Oracle 8i TNS Listener (ARGUMENTS) Buffer Overflow
windows/oracle/tns_auth_sesskey 2009-10-20 great Oracle 10gR2 TNS Listener AUTH_SESSKEY Buffer Overflow
windows/oracle/tns_service_name 2002-05-27 good Oracle 8i TNS Listener SERVICE_NAME Buffer Overflow
windows/pop3/seattlelab_pass 2003-05-07 great Seattle Lab Mail 5.5 POP3 Buffer Overflow
windows/postgres/postgres_payload 2009-04-10 excellent PostgreSQL for Microsoft Windows Payload Execution
windows/proxy/bluecoat_winproxy_host 2005-01-05 great Blue Coat WinProxy Host Header Overflow
windows/proxy/ccproxy_telnet_ping 2004-11-11 average CCProxy Telnet Proxy Ping Overflow
windows/proxy/proxypro_http_get 2004-02-23 great Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper 4.7 GET Request Overflow
windows/proxy/qbik_wingate_wwwproxy 2006-06-07 good Qbik WinGate WWW Proxy Server URL Processing Overflow
windows/scada/abb_wserver_exec 2013-04-05 excellent ABB MicroSCADA wserver.exe Remote Code Execution
windows/scada/advantech_webaccess_dashboard_file_upload 2016-02-05 excellent Advantech WebAccess Dashboard Viewer uploadImageCommon Arbitrary File Upload
windows/scada/citect_scada_odbc 2008-06-11 normal CitectSCADA/CitectFacilities ODBC Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/codesys_gateway_server_traversal 2013-02-02 excellent SCADA 3S CoDeSys Gateway Server Directory Traversal
windows/scada/codesys_web_server 2011-12-02 normal SCADA 3S CoDeSys CmpWebServer Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/daq_factory_bof 2011-09-13 good DaqFactory HMI NETB Request Overflow
windows/scada/factorylink_csservice 2011-03-25 normal Siemens FactoryLink 8 CSService Logging Path Param Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/factorylink_vrn_09 2011-03-21 average Siemens FactoryLink vrn.exe Opcode 9 Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/ge_proficy_cimplicity_gefebt 2014-01-23 excellent GE Proficy CIMPLICITY gefebt.exe Remote Code Execution
windows/scada/iconics_genbroker 2011-03-21 good Iconics GENESIS32 Integer Overflow Version
windows/scada/iconics_webhmi_setactivexguid 2011-05-05 good ICONICS WebHMI ActiveX Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/igss9_igssdataserver_listall 2011-03-24 good 7-Technologies IGSS IGSSdataServer.exe Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/igss9_igssdataserver_rename 2011-03-24 normal 7-Technologies IGSS 9 IGSSdataServer .RMS Rename Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/igss9_misc 2011-03-24 excellent 7-Technologies IGSS 9 Data Server/Collector Packet Handling Vulnerabilities
windows/scada/igss_exec_17 2011-03-21 excellent Interactive Graphical SCADA System Remote Command Injection
windows/scada/indusoft_webstudio_exec 2011-11-04 excellent InduSoft Web Studio Arbitrary Upload Remote Code Execution
windows/scada/moxa_mdmtool 2010-10-20 great MOXA Device Manager Tool 2.1 Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/procyon_core_server 2011-09-08 normal Procyon Core Server HMI Coreservice.exe Stack Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/realwin 2008-09-26 great DATAC RealWin SCADA Server Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/realwin_on_fc_binfile_a 2011-03-21 great DATAC RealWin SCADA Server 2 On_FC_CONNECT_FCS_a_FILE Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/realwin_on_fcs_login 2011-03-21 great RealWin SCADA Server DATAC Login Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/realwin_scpc_initialize 2010-10-15 great DATAC RealWin SCADA Server SCPC_INITIALIZE Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/realwin_scpc_initialize_rf 2010-10-15 great DATAC RealWin SCADA Server SCPC_INITIALIZE_RF Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/realwin_scpc_txtevent 2010-11-18 great DATAC RealWin SCADA Server SCPC_TXTEVENT Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/scadapro_cmdexe 2011-09-16 excellent Measuresoft ScadaPro Remote Command Execution

windows/scada/sunway_force_control_netdbsrv 2011-09-22 great Sunway Forcecontrol SNMP NetDBServer.exe Opcode 0x57
windows/scada/winlog_runtime 2011-01-13 great Sielco Sistemi Winlog Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/winlog_runtime_2 2012-06-04 normal Sielco Sistemi Winlog Buffer Overflow 2.07.14 - 2.07.16
windows/scada/yokogawa_bkbcopyd_bof 2014-03-10 normal Yokogawa CENTUM CS 3000 BKBCopyD.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/yokogawa_bkesimmgr_bof 2014-03-10 normal Yokogawa CS3000 BKESimmgr.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/yokogawa_bkfsim_vhfd 2014-05-23 normal Yokogawa CS3000 BKFSim_vhfd.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/scada/yokogawa_bkhodeq_bof 2014-03-10 average Yokogawa CENTUM CS 3000 BKHOdeq.exe Buffer Overflow
windows/sip/aim_triton_cseq 2006-07-10 great AIM Triton 1.0.4 CSeq Buffer Overflow
windows/sip/sipxezphone_cseq 2006-07-10 great SIPfoundry sipXezPhone 0.35a CSeq Field Overflow
windows/sip/sipxphone_cseq 2006-07-10 great SIPfoundry sipXphone CSeq Buffer Overflow
windows/smb/generic_smb_dll_injection 2015-03-04 manual Generic DLL Injection From Shared Resource
windows/smb/group_policy_startup 2015-01-26 manual Group Policy Script Execution From Shared Resource
windows/smb/ipass_pipe_exec 2015-01-21 excellent IPass Control Pipe Remote Command Execution
windows/smb/ms03_049_netapi 2003-11-11 good MS03-049 Microsoft Workstation Service NetAddAlternateComputerName Overflow
windows/smb/ms04_007_killbill 2004-02-10 low MS04-007 Microsoft ASN.1 Library Bitstring Heap Overflow
windows/smb/ms04_011_lsass 2004-04-13 good MS04-011 Microsoft LSASS Service DsRolerUpgradeDownlevelServer Overflow
windows/smb/ms04_031_netdde 2004-10-12 good MS04-031 Microsoft NetDDE Service Overflow
windows/smb/ms05_039_pnp 2005-08-09 good MS05-039 Microsoft Plug and Play Service Overflow
windows/smb/ms06_025_rasmans_reg 2006-06-13 good MS06-025 Microsoft RRAS Service RASMAN Registry Overflow
windows/smb/ms06_025_rras 2006-06-13 average MS06-025 Microsoft RRAS Service Overflow
windows/smb/ms06_040_netapi 2006-08-08 good MS06-040 Microsoft Server Service NetpwPathCanonicalize Overflow
windows/smb/ms06_066_nwapi 2006-11-14 good MS06-066 Microsoft Services nwapi32.dll Module Exploit
windows/smb/ms06_066_nwwks 2006-11-14 good MS06-066 Microsoft Services nwwks.dll Module Exploit
windows/smb/ms06_070_wkssvc 2006-11-14 manual MS06-070 Microsoft Workstation Service NetpManageIPCConnect Overflow
windows/smb/ms07_029_msdns_zonename 2007-04-12 manual MS07-029 Microsoft DNS RPC Service extractQuotedChar() Overflow (SMB)
windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi 2008-10-28 great MS08-067 Microsoft Server Service Relative Path Stack Corruption
windows/smb/ms09_050_smb2_negotiate_func_index 2009-09-07 good MS09-050 Microsoft SRV2.SYS SMB Negotiate ProcessID Function Table Dereference
windows/smb/ms10_046_shortcut_icon_dllloader 2010-07-16 excellent Microsoft Windows Shell LNK Code Execution
windows/smb/ms10_061_spoolss 2010-09-14 excellent MS10-061 Microsoft Print Spooler Service Impersonation Vulnerability
windows/smb/ms15_020_shortcut_icon_dllloader 2015-03-10 excellent Microsoft Windows Shell LNK Code Execution
windows/smb/netidentity_xtierrpcpipe 2009-04-06 great Novell NetIdentity Agent XTIERRPCPIPE Named Pipe Buffer Overflow
windows/smb/psexec 1999-01-01 manual Microsoft Windows Authenticated User Code Execution
windows/smb/psexec_psh 1999-01-01 manual Microsoft Windows Authenticated Powershell Command Execution
windows/smb/smb_delivery 2016-07-26 excellent SMB Delivery
windows/smb/smb_relay 2001-03-31 excellent MS08-068 Microsoft Windows SMB Relay Code Execution
windows/smb/timbuktu_plughntcommand_bof 2009-06-25 great Timbuktu PlughNTCommand Named Pipe Buffer Overflow
windows/smtp/mailcarrier_smtp_ehlo 2004-10-26 good TABS MailCarrier v2.51 SMTP EHLO Overflow
windows/smtp/mercury_cram_md5 2007-08-18 great Mercury Mail SMTP AUTH CRAM-MD5 Buffer Overflow
windows/smtp/ms03_046_exchange2000_xexch50 2003-10-15 good MS03-046 Exchange 2000 XEXCH50 Heap Overflow
windows/smtp/njstar_smtp_bof 2011-10-31 normal NJStar Communicator 3.00 MiniSMTP Buffer Overflow
windows/smtp/wmailserver 2005-07-11 average SoftiaCom WMailserver 1.0 Buffer Overflow
windows/smtp/ypops_overflow1 2004-09-27 average YPOPS 0.6 Buffer Overflow
windows/ssh/freeftpd_key_exchange 2006-05-12 average FreeFTPd 1.0.10 Key Exchange Algorithm String Buffer Overflow
windows/ssh/freesshd_authbypass 2010-08-11 excellent Freesshd Authentication Bypass
windows/ssh/freesshd_key_exchange 2006-05-12 average FreeSSHd 1.0.9 Key Exchange Algorithm String Buffer Overflow
windows/ssh/putty_msg_debug 2002-12-16 normal PuTTY Buffer Overflow
windows/ssh/securecrt_ssh1 2002-07-23 average SecureCRT SSH1 Buffer Overflow
windows/ssh/sysax_ssh_username 2012-02-27 normal Sysax 5.53 SSH Username Buffer Overflow
windows/ssl/ms04_011_pct 2004-04-13 average MS04-011 Microsoft Private Communications Transport Overflow
windows/telnet/gamsoft_telsrv_username 2000-07-17 average GAMSoft TelSrv 1.5 Username Buffer Overflow
windows/telnet/goodtech_telnet 2005-03-15 average GoodTech Telnet Server Buffer Overflow
windows/tftp/attftp_long_filename 2006-11-27 average Allied Telesyn TFTP Server 1.9 Long Filename Overflow
windows/tftp/distinct_tftp_traversal 2012-04-08 excellent Distinct TFTP 3.10 Writable Directory Traversal Execution
windows/tftp/dlink_long_filename 2007-03-12 good D-Link TFTP 1.0 Long Filename Buffer Overflow
windows/tftp/futuresoft_transfermode 2005-05-31 average FutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 Transfer-Mode Overflow
windows/tftp/netdecision_tftp_traversal 2009-05-16 excellent NetDecision 4.2 TFTP Writable Directory Traversal Execution
windows/tftp/opentftp_error_code 2008-07-05 average OpenTFTP SP 1.4 Error Packet Overflow
windows/tftp/quick_tftp_pro_mode 2008-03-27 good Quick FTP Pro 2.1 Transfer-Mode Overflow
windows/tftp/tftpd32_long_filename 2002-11-19 average TFTPD32 Long Filename Buffer Overflow
windows/tftp/tftpdwin_long_filename 2006-09-21 great TFTPDWIN v0.4.2 Long Filename Buffer Overflow
windows/tftp/tftpserver_wrq_bof 2008-03-26 normal TFTP Server for Windows 1.4 ST WRQ Buffer Overflow
windows/tftp/threectftpsvc_long_mode 2006-11-27 great 3CTftpSvc TFTP Long Mode Buffer Overflow
windows/unicenter/cam_log_security 2005-08-22 great CA CAM log_security() Stack Buffer Overflow (Win32)
windows/vnc/realvnc_client 2001-01-29 normal RealVNC 3.3.7 Client Buffer Overflow
windows/vnc/ultravnc_client 2006-04-04 normal UltraVNC 1.0.1 Client Buffer Overflow
windows/vnc/ultravnc_viewer_bof 2008-02-06 normal UltraVNC 1.0.2 Client (vncviewer.exe) Buffer Overflow
windows/vnc/winvnc_http_get 2001-01-29 average WinVNC Web Server GET Overflow
windows/vpn/safenet_ike_11 2009-06-01 average SafeNet SoftRemote IKE Service Buffer Overflow
windows/winrm/winrm_script_exec 2012-11-01 manual WinRM Script Exec Remote Code Execution
windows/wins/ms04_045_wins 2004-12-14 great MS04-045 Microsoft WINS Service Memory Overwrite

msf >





























  查看exploit下的某个模块的详细信息 : info 模块名


msf > info exploit/windows/wins/ms04_045_wins 

       Name: MS04-045 Microsoft WINS Service Memory Overwrite
     Module: exploit/windows/wins/ms04_045_wins
   Platform: Windows
 Privileged: Yes
    License: Metasploit Framework License (BSD)
       Rank: Great
  Disclosed: 2004-12-14

Provided by:
  hdm <x@hdm.io>

Available targets:
  Id  Name
  --  ----
  0   Windows 2000 English

Basic options:
  Name   Current Setting  Required  Description
  ----   ---------------  --------  -----------
  RHOST                   yes       The target address
  RPORT  42               yes       The target port

Payload information:
  Space: 8000

  This module exploits an arbitrary memory write flaw in the WINS 
  service. This exploit has been tested against Windows 2000 only.

  OSVDB (12378)

msf > 









  use exploits/windows/vnc/realvnc_client

msf > use exploits/windows/vnc/realvnc_client
msf exploit(realvnc_client) > 










msf exploit(realvnc_client) > show options 

Module options (exploit/windows/vnc/realvnc_client):

   Name     Current Setting  Required  Description
   ----     ---------------  --------  -----------
   SRVHOST          yes       The local host to listen on. This must be an address on the local machine or
   SRVPORT  5900             yes       The VNCServer daemon port to listen on
   SSL      false            no        Negotiate SSL for incoming connections
   SSLCert                   no        Path to a custom SSL certificate (default is randomly generated)

Exploit target:

   Id  Name
   --  ----
   0   Windows 2000 SP4 English

msf exploit(realvnc_client) > 

  注意啦:Options中required的是,必须设定的选项。Name是选项的名字,Current Setting是默认提供的值,Required若是yes则是必选的





  列出exploit的某个模块的可攻击目标类型: show targets

msf exploit(realvnc_client) > show targets

Exploit targets:

   Id  Name
   --  ----
   0   Windows 2000 SP4 English
   1   Windows XP SP2 English
   2   Windows 2003 SP1 English

msf exploit(realvnc_client) > 





  设置选项 : set option值(如 set RHOSt








  设置攻击目标:   set  TARGET 编号(如 set  TARGET   2)


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