1. I have used DataGrid which is a very useful control to represent data in tabular form.


2. You need to call in the middle of the deployment of a JAVA object in the method and the results displayed in a DataGrid in


3. There are scenarios when we have to populate fields from a child window to a parent window after selecting a particular row from a DataGrid.


4. Here we are going to briefly understand the server side and client approaches for Export to Excel and then we will focus on the VBScript that can be used to Export DataGrid data into Excel.


5. Bear in mind that only one table can be shown in the DataGrid at a time.


6. If you use DataGrids on web pages that receive a lot of hits, and they only dissplay information and are not to edit data, then high speed, small size might be what you need.


7. The cell merging of DataGrid can be applied in this scenario.


8. When you have a complex control, like DataGrid, writing an event processing routine for each object (cell, button, row, etc.) is quite tedious.


9. The part that has completed at present is as follows: The first day -- Flex foundation, inclusive content has: The data that Flex of understanding of space of work of Flex Builder Flex Builder of understanding of Flex, Flash, Flash Player, AIR overview compiles package to understand MXML component beforehand binds incident of calm processing user to understand incident object to use ActionScript to add incident dictograph to use HttpService to get data the following day -- package is developed, this part includes following video: The MXML component that shows in DataGrid the use of layout container founds data to be defined oneself realizes Value Object kind found found from definition incident define incident oneself kind define project apply colours to a drawing oneself implement the use that explores Flex Bulider is small doohickey the 3rd day -- work in coordination, include: Data test and verify uses long-range object to transmit data format to change data to accuse from list medium procrastinate put data to use E4X to filter XML deploy Flex and AIR application the 4th day -- add visual component, specific content is as follows: Executive navigation container embeds image embeds font founds the layout that is based on a tie to apply a style to combine Adobe CS3 to make package skin found view status animation for MXML component: Skin of component of implementation of behavior and encode of graph of scale of API of plot of union of specially good effect is patulous package the 5th day -- the exercise of behavior form a complete set of timer of Flash of understanding of advanced development skill and code of give typical examples can come the page of Flex In A Week of Adobe government downloads.

目前已经完成的部分如下:第一天——Flex基础,包括的内容有:Flex、Flash、Flash Player、AIR概述了解Flex Builder Flex Builder工作空间了解Flex预编译组件了解MXML 组件的数据绑定处理用户事件了解事件对象使用ActionScript添加事件侦听器使用HttpService获取数据第二天——组件开发,该部分包括如下视频:在DataGrid中显示数据布局容器的使用创建自定义的MXML组件实现Value Object类创建自定义事件创建自定义事件类自定义项目渲染器探索Flex Bulider的使用小窍门第三天——协同工作,包括:数据验证使用远程对象来传输数据格式化数据从列表控件中拖放数据使用E4X来过滤XML 部署Flex和AIR应用第四天——添加视觉组件,具体内容如下:执行导航容器嵌入图像嵌入字体创建基于约束的布局为MXML组件应用样式结合Adobe CS3制作组件皮肤创建视图状态动画:行为和特效结合绘图API绘制图形编码实现组件皮肤扩展组件第五天——高级开发技巧了解Flash定时器的行为配套练习及示例代码可至Adobe官方的Flex in a Week页面下载。

10. My intension is to show how we will use different data types and their formatting in DataGrid.


11. If your DataGrid has only one column, you need to try one of the alternative approaches


12. Here, I will use the DataGrid, and the TextBox to view our record.


13. I came with the idea of developing this simple contrrol because I was developing an application where in one form I had to display data contained in a DataSet and didn't want to use a DataGrid for this purpose.


14. This is not the case assigned DataGrid, you will monitor and how to use this incident?


15. The JavaScript will sort the DataGrid on the first click on the column header ASC and on second DESC.


16. In order to reorder columns, drag a column header and drop it somewhere else in the DataGrid.


17. One workaround is to use the DataGrid's MouseUp event to switch to another cell in the same row.


18. If you click a node in the DataGrid, it displays the child table.


19. We'll show you how to write the JSON file to generate the layout for the example above, but first we'll describe how the grid handler actually generates the Dojo DataGrid widget.


20. There are, of course, different ways to populate the data in the DataGrid.


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