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4. 时间日期(时光飞逝 Time Flies)

- It's quite cold this early morning, isn't it? - Yeah. It's already December, you know. - Time sure flies, doesn't it? 今天清晨好冷,不是吗? 是啊,你可知现在已是12月...

2019-08-15 19:46:58

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3. 时间日期(请问现在几点?What time is it?)

-Could you tell me the time? - Pardon? -What time is it, please? -It's 9:30 请你告诉我几点了? 对不起,请再说一遍好吗? 请问现在几点? 现在是9:30。 -What time shall I pick...

2019-08-15 19:40:49

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2. 时间日期(现在几点? Do you have the time?)

- What day is it today? - It's Friday. 今天是星期几? (今天)星期五。 - I'm going to America. - Any idea when you'll leave? - I hope before the end of the ...

2019-08-06 17:15:53

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8. 参加聚会(你办的聚会总是很有意思 You always have the best get-togethers)

- Hi, come in! May I take your coat? - Thank you! I brought a bottle of wine. I hope you like it. - Oh, that's so nice of you. - What a lovely hom...

2019-08-06 17:15:48

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1. 时间日期(光阴似箭 Time flies!)

-Time flies! - You're telling me. 光阴似箭! 那还用你说。 - When's your birthday? - It's just around the corner. 你的生日是什么时候? 就快到了。 -What's today's da...

2019-08-06 17:15:40

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7. 参加聚会(很高兴你能来 I'm glad that you can make it)

- I'm glad that you can make it. -It looks like there are a lot of people inside. - Yeah. I've invited a lot of friends besides you. - Should I ta...

2019-08-03 21:22:31

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6. 参加聚会(去参加一个新年宴会 To a New Year's banquet)

-Good evening. Why are you so dressed up? - I am on my way out to a New Year's banquet. How do I look? Is my make-up OK? - You look great. Your ma...

2019-08-03 21:15:51

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5. 参加聚会(你觉得这些菜怎么样?How do you like these dished?)

- How do you like these dishes? - Fine, they are colorful and tasty. - Did you enjoy your dinner? - Yes, I did. I have never tasted anything like ...

2019-08-01 17:51:44

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4. 参加聚会(我们见过么? Have we met?)

- Have we met? - I don't think so. - I work in marketing. I'm a regional marketing managerfor an IT company. Normally, I work out of Seoul, but i'...

2019-08-01 17:51:39

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3. 参加聚会(别太拘谨 Just make yourself at home)

- Would you care for something to drink, Mr. Fang? - No, thank you. I'm fine for now. - Just make yourself at home. The other guests should be arri...

2019-07-31 23:14:37

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1. 参加聚会(今天聚会很不错 This is a really wonderful party)

- Are you having a good time? - Yes, of course. This is a really wonderful party with interesting people and great food. - I'm glad you are enjoyin...

2019-07-29 12:54:48

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2. 参加聚会( 随便穿 dress casually)

-How should I dress for the party? -Dress casually. -What do you think of the suit? Do I look good or what? - You look great! However, I think y...

2019-07-29 12:54:42

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13. 打招呼( 粉丝)

- I'm a visitor from China. I love your music. It's the best I've ever heard. Will you please spare a little bit of time for me? - Sure. Thank you ...

2019-07-25 19:08:14

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12. 打招呼( 你以前去过北京吗?Have you ever been Beijing before?)

- Is this seat taken? -No, please sit down. - Are you also going to Beijing? -Yes, on a business trip. How about you? - I'm taking a vacation to ...

2019-07-24 16:38:18

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11. 打招呼( 我刚搬到隔壁 I just moved in next door)

- You are right about that. It's quiet and every convenient. You can get to the bus and the subway stations within ten minutes' walk. There's a gro...

2019-07-24 16:27:53

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10. 打招呼( 我刚搬到隔壁 I just moved in next door)

- Would you like something to drink? I've got tea and some grape juice. -Thanks. Some tea would be nice. I really like your tea set. Where did you...

2019-07-24 15:03:29

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9. 打招呼( 宴会上打招呼 Greeting at a party)

- Is there any more vokda in that bottle? -I think there's enough for one more. - Marvelous. Pass it over. My name's Robin, by the way. - What do ...

2019-07-22 16:02:32

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8. 打招呼( 引见一下 )

- Robin, I want you to meet Mike. Mike is in marketing and Robin runs his own import and export company. - It's a pleasure to meet you. -We were j...

2019-07-22 15:55:56

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7. 打招呼(和邻居打招呼 Greetings to the neighbour)

- Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom. - Pleased to meet you. Did you just move in next door? - Yes, I did. Have you lived here lon...

2019-07-21 19:59:47

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6. 打招呼( Can I introduce you to my colleague)

-I have heard a lot about you. -Nothing bad I hope. -No. Only good stuff I think. Are you having a good time? -It's been good funso far. There are...

2019-07-21 19:33:37

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