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4-4. 网站系统php文件功能分析

Main source code files in admin folder Code Module Description confirm.php Yesorcancel(forback-endope...

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4-3. 论坛系统功能再细化分析、数据库ER模型

Function Description Back-endfunctions: fathermodulemanagement usercanadd,delete,updatetheinfom...

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Introduction to development idea, structure and implement method of the forum system The combination of PHP and MySQL has the advantages in develo...

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4-1. 前端遇到的HTML/CSS问题

Front page and admin page UI design(Html/CSS) How to deal with the floating problem of div cover when divs in the position of up and down? In thi...

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3-3. 论坛父板块添加功能实现

Users expect the dynamic effect that black icon can represent after clicking corresponding icon. So then how to realize it by php? <li&...

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3-2. 操作确认、跳转提示和删除验证

Operational Qualification, prompt of page skippingand deletionverification How to prevent the misoperation that user delete module mistakenly and ...

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Lost update problem in "read commited" isolation level

두 개 이상의 트랜잭션이 “read committed” isolation level에서 수행되더라도 “Lost update” 문제가 발생할 수 있음을 보이는 스케쥴의 예를 제시하여라.

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Database Transaction Concept

什么是数据库事务? A transaction is a unit of program execution that accesses and possibly updates various data items. Two main issues to deal with: 1. F...

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Explain the two methods of evaluating relational expressions

Explain the two methods of evaluating relational expression 1. Materialized evaluation:使具体化 Evaluate one operation at a time, starting at the low...

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Explain the meaning of upperbound and lowerbound in disk-oriented DBMS

Children in each B+ Tree's node has upperbound and lowerbound. Explain the meaning ofupperbound and lowerboundin disk-oriented DBMS. upper_bound(...

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Explain Access time's Performance Measures in Magnetic Disk

Explain Access time's Performance Measures in Magnetic Disk(2 kinds) ACID Properities (4 kinds) 1. Access time存取时间- the time it takes from when a re...

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Page Replacement Algorithms in Operating System

In an operating system that uses paging for memory management, a page replacement algorithm is needed to decide which page needs to be replaced when...

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Various ways of deadlock recovery

How to recovery deadlock when deadlock is detected? Here are various ways of deadlock recovery that we will discuss: Deadlock recovery through pree...

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Explain why "page falt rate" 's peak and valley appear repeatly

Explain why "page falt rate" 's peak and valleyappear repeatly and draw a working set time period This diagram shows direct relationsh...

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Operating Systems 练习概念理解

1. (The dirty bit) for a page is setby the hardware whenever any word or byte in the page is written into, indicating that the page has been modifie...

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Operating Systems 实战练习

Question 1: Consider a 32-bit address for a two-level paging system with an 8 KB page size. The outer page table has 1024 entries. How many bits ar...

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<script type="text/javascript"> window.onload=function(){ var next=document.getElementById("next"); var pre=do...

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Git and GitHub

What is Git? Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with s...

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