I'm drawing little circles on a canvas with these functions :

This is the function that will draw the circles :

class Fourmis:

def __init__(self, can, posx, posy, name, radius):

self.can = can

self.largeur_can = int(self.can.cget("width"))

self.hauteur_can = int(self.can.cget("height"))

self.posx = posx

self.posy = posy = name

self.radius = radius

self.ball1 = self.can.create_oval(self.posy, self.posx, self.posy+radius, self.posx+radius,,, width=2)

self.nx = randrange(-10,10,1)

self.nx /= 2.0

self.ny = randrange(-10,10,1)

self.ny /= 2.0

#self.can.bind("", self.destruction, add="+")

self.statut = True


def move(self):

if self.statut == True :

self.pos_ball = self.can.coords(self.ball1)

self.posx_ball = self.pos_ball[0]

self.posy_ball = self.pos_ball[1]

if self.posx_ball < 0 or (self.posx_ball + self.radius) > self.largeur_can:

self.nx = -self.nx

if self.posy_ball < 0 or (self.posy_ball + self.radius) > self.hauteur_can:

self.ny = -self.ny

self.can.move(self.ball1, self.nx, self.ny)

self.can.after(10, self.move)

this one creates the canvas and the circles :

class App(Frame):

def __init__(self):




self.create(50, "green")

self.create(50, "purple")

def mainloop(self):


def create(self, i, name):

for x in range(i):

self.x=Fourmis(self.can,100,400, name,0)

I call these lines to run the project :

jeu = App()


What is the correct way to execute self.create(50, "green") and self.create(50, "purple") in different threads?

I have tried the following, but could not get it to work.:

class FuncThread(threading.Thread):

def __init__(self, i, name):

self.i = i = name


def run(self):

App.create(self, self.i,

Is someone able to tell me how to run these threads?


When this functionality is needed, what you do is schedule the events you wish to perform by putting them in a queue shared by the threads. This way, in a given thread you specify that you want to run "create(50, ...)" by queueing it, and the main thread dequeue the event and perform it.

Here is a basic example for creating moving balls in a second thread:

import threading

import Queue

import random

import math

import time

import Tkinter


class App:

def __init__(self, queue, width=400, height=300):

self.width, self.height = width, height

self.canvas = Tkinter.Canvas(width=width, height=height, bg='black')

self.canvas.pack(fill='none', expand=False)

self._oid = []

self.canvas.after(10, self.move)

self.queue = queue

self.canvas.after(50, self.check_queue)

def check_queue(self):


x, y, rad, outline = self.queue.get(block=False)

except Queue.Empty:



self.create_moving_ball(x, y, rad, outline)

self.canvas.after(50, self.check_queue)

def move(self):

width, height = self.width, self.height

for i, (oid, r, angle, speed, (x, y)) in enumerate(self._oid):

sx, sy = speed

dx = sx * math.cos(angle)

dy = sy * math.sin(angle)

if y + dy + r> height or y + dy - r < 0:

sy = -sy

self._oid[i][3] = (sx, sy)

if x + dx + r > width or x + dx - r < 0:

sx = -sx

self._oid[i][3] = (sx, sy)

nx, ny = x + dx, y + dy

self._oid[i][-1] = (nx, ny)

self.canvas.move(oid, dx, dy)


self.canvas.after(10, self.move)

def create_moving_ball(self, x=100, y=100, rad=20, outline='white'):

oid = self.canvas.create_oval(x - rad, y - rad, x + rad, y + rad,


oid_angle = math.radians(random.randint(1, 360))

oid_speed = random.randint(2, 5)

self._oid.append([oid, rad, oid_angle, (oid_speed, oid_speed), (x, y)])

def queue_create(queue, running):

while running:

if random.random() < 1e-6:

print "Create a new moving ball please"

x, y = random.randint(100, 150), random.randint(100, 150)

color = random.choice(['green', 'white', 'yellow', 'blue'])

queue.put((x, y, random.randint(10, 30), color))

time.sleep(0) # Effectively yield this thread.

root = Tkinter.Tk()

running = [True]

queue = Queue.Queue()

app = App(queue)


app.canvas.bind('', lambda x: (running.pop(), x.widget.destroy()))

thread = threading.Thread(target=queue_create, args=(queue, running))



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