Bitcoin’s salvation, Bitcoin Green, Solar coin, and Envion sustainable development

Blockchain technology invades globa, blockchain is becoming more and more popular, there come out Bitcoin, EOS, ETH, DASH and so many other currency and attracting great attention from people. Throughout history, every major breakthrough will have negative consequences and side effects. For example, Madame Curie. Her research on radioactivity made today’s x-rays possible. Unfortunately, her discovery and excellent research also caused her to die. The Internet? This is the most revolutionary invention for several generations. It has countless opportunities for the benefit of billions of people around the world. However, cyber crime has never been as high as it is now, and it is expected to reach 2 trillion US dollars by 2019. The same applies to blockchains. This technology may change every industry when they meet it. However, its largest applications are still in the cryptocurrency industry. With the current rise of this industry, it is easy to overlook the negative effects of the destructive breakthrough that followed.

The craving for energy, blockchain can have devastating consequences for the environment:

Mining cryptocurrencies so popular, such as Bitcoin, requires extremely powerful computer hardware to solve complex mathematical equations. Running these computers consumes a lot of energy, mostly from non-renewable fossil fuels. As the price of digital currencies falls, the number of people who want to join increases. This is just a cryptocurrency. Although DASH coin energy demand is more lower, a single transaction on this network still requires power consumption.

Burning coal releases a lot of carbon dioxide, which is one of the biggest causes of the greenhouse effect and global warming. In addition to the adverse impact on the environment, a large number of centralized mining pools are stimulated by cheap electricity, and the impact on the network is also too great. Looking at China’s announcement of a ban on ICO, what is the price of Bitcoin? Bitcoin prices have become too dependent on a single entity.

Then in order to solve the environmental damage caused by mining, a new currency will come out: Bitcoin Green. Compared with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Green is faster, cheaper, and extensible. It doesn’t require special computer hardware and reduces the energy consumption. Bitcoin Green use masternode governance mechanism to protect the network.

Also, according to a media reports, there was a currency SolarCoin (solar digital currency) that released form ACWA Power of Saudi Arabia, was stated that the purpose of release this new eco-encrypted currency is in order to stimulating global solar energy product.

SolarCoin can distribute digital tokens for every MWh of solar energy produced by ACWA Power to make its future development more sustainable. Second, ACWA Power is also the first large-scale electric power supplier to join the SolarCoin ecosystem.

SolarCoin was released in 2014 and is similar to Bitcoin and is a virtual digital currency. The difference is that SolarCoin combines digital currency payment with solar energy production and is an ecological cryptocurrency that stimulates solar energy production, promotes the use of clean energy, and has a positive effect on environmental sustainability.

Given the impact of cryptocurrencies on the environment, Envion also has its solutions:

Envion hopes to make the exploitation of cryptocurrencies more cheaper, cleaner and more distributed through mobile data centers. They have developed automated mining devices that are installed in containers. These containers can be relatively easily relocated around the world, reducing reliance on a single government, economy or infrastructure.

These mining units use only reusable green energy. They are placed near energy supply points, such as solar power plants and wind power plants, reducing the cost of “transporting” electricity and enabling them to easily use excess energy production.

In addition, the company has also developed a new self-regulating cooling system that is specifically designed for blockchain mining and is 40 times more energy efficient than traditional AC cooling units.

Envion further promotes environmental harmony by recycling the strategic layout of mining units, close to objects and buildings that need to be heated, including warehouses and greenhouses, which enables them to further reduce energy costs.

The end result is a mining program that is more profitable because of lower energy costs because mobile mining is less dependent on individual entities and is more environmentally friendly because of the use of renewable energy and green energy.

ICO designed for the environment:

Many of the ICOs we are seeing now are based on speculation. However, the EVN token fully supports the hardware and had successfully run.

The EVN tokens will be sold starting from December 1, 2017, with a maximum limit of 150 million yuan. Once invested, token holders will have the right to receive dividends from the mining business, including 100% self-owned mining operations (75% immediate investment and 25% reinvestment to increase future spending) and 35% non-self Business operations. Finally, EVN token holders can also vote in corporate strategy.

What do you think about the trend of the cryptocurrency market in 2018?

Although people can not speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies, but many people still looking good at cryptocurrency market, although there has some opponents deny cryptocurrenies, and agree the blockchain development. For me, I still optimist about the crypto market, even thought on today May 12, the market is aloomy, and here is some currency I mentioned in this post and their price from Citicoins.

Bitcoin (CURRENCY: BTC) traded down 6.76% against to US dollars and BTC price about $8,360.10.

EOS (currency: EOS) traded down 23.42% against to US dollars, and price of eos coin is $13.37.

Dash (currency: DASH) : Dash to usd traded down 7.84% against to US dollars, dash price is $386.11.

Bitcoin Green (currency: BITG) traded down 1.41% against to us dollars, BITG price is about $8.79.

SolarCoin (currency: SLR) traded down 8.60% against to us dollars, the SLR price is about $0.347172.

Envion (CURRENCY: EVN) traded down 15.73% against to us dollars, the Envion price is $0.282732.


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