Live price about four lower ranking blockchain currency

Many people always pay most attention to some top cryptocurrencies, do some researches and invest them. And may be some people would ignore the lower ranking currencies and even do not know them. While on today, I want to share 4 currencies of PLNcoin, Coimatic 3.0, ATMCoin   and their price base on Citicoins.

PLNcoin (currency: PLNC) PLNcoin will become an alternative payment method for Poland. People created it to be able to pay what we want and what we want in the virtual world without being controlled by government or banking institutions. PLNcoin is a tax-free, fully secure and transparent cryptocurrency.


PLNcoin ranks 1286 in crypto market, has a market cap of $25,466, and its 24 hrs trading volume has $12. Totally supply 19,089,600 PLNC. PLNcoin price of $0.001490 or 0.00000015 BTC.


Coimatic 3.0 (currency: CTIC3) The Coimatic project is all about a decentralized blockchain-based transaction and discount market. Buyers from around the world can enjoy up to 90% discount on physical and digital products and services, while sellers from around the world can provide products and services. At a competitive price, and at the same time get a huge amount of customers.


Coimatic 3.0 ranks 1299 according to Citicoins, and Coimatic 3.0 price of $0.003475 or 0.00000040 BTC, trading up 7.24% against to US dollars. Coimatic has a market cap of $7,851 and its 24 hours trading volume has $532.


ATMCoin (currency: ATMC) ATMC is a currency that can be converted to a major password or any legal tender, it also the first updated legal tender currency for the digital asset market. ATMCoin ranks 1317 in the cryptomarket. Traded up 1.79% against to US dollars of $2.85 or 0.00033676 BTC. ATMCoin has a market cap of $0.00 and its 24 hours trading volume has $1,145. Totally supply 10,000,000,000 ATMC.