Live price about four lower ranking blockchain currency

Many people always pay most attention to some top cryptocurrencies, do some researches and invest them. And may be some people would ignore the lower ranking currencies and even do not know them. While on today, I want to share 4 currencies of PLNcoin, Coimatic 3.0, ATMCoin   and their price base on Citicoins.

PLNcoin (currency: PLNC) PLNcoin will become an alternative payment method for Poland. People created it to be able to pay what we want and what we want in the virtual world without being controlled by government or banking institutions. PLNcoin is a tax-free, fully secure and transparent cryptocurrency.


PLNcoin ranks 1286 in crypto market, has a market cap of $25,466, and its 24 hrs trading volume has $12. Totally supply 19,089,600 PLNC. PLNcoin price of $0.001490 or 0.00000015 BTC.


Coimatic 3.0 (currency: CTIC3) The Coimatic project is all about a decentralized blockchain-based transaction and discount market. Buyers from around the world can enjoy up to 90% discount on physical and digital products and services, while sellers from around the world can provide products and services. At a competitive price, and at the same time get a huge amount of customers.


Coimatic 3.0 ranks 1299 according to Citicoins, and Coimatic 3.0 price of $0.003475 or 0.00000040 BTC, trading up 7.24% against to US dollars. Coimatic has a market cap of $7,851 and its 24 hours trading volume has $532.


ATMCoin (currency: ATMC) ATMC is a currency that can be converted to a major password or any legal tender, it also the first updated legal tender currency for the digital asset market. ATMCoin ranks 1317 in the cryptomarket. Traded up 1.79% against to US dollars of $2.85 or 0.00033676 BTC. ATMCoin has a market cap of $0.00 and its 24 hours trading volume has $1,145. Totally supply 10,000,000,000 ATMC.




Hosting a programming contest is fun, but it's also a lot of work. For instance, at the end of the day the jury will have to create a ranking of the teams based on their results during the contest. This can be tedious to do by hand, so we would like you to write a program for this task.nnFor the BAPC, the rules for the ranking are as follows:nn Teams are ranked according to the most problems solved; teams tied are ordered by increasing total time used.nn The time used for a problem is the number of minutes between the start of the contest and the first accepted run, plus a 20 minute penalty for each rejected run until the first accepted run.nn The total time used is the sum of the times used for each problem solved (as described above). Note that penalty time for problems for which no run was accepted does not count toward the total time used.nn If ties remain at the end of the contest, the point of comparison between tied teams will be the last point in time where their scores differed (e.g. if two teams are tied at the end of the contest, the team which solved their last problem earlier than the other team solved their last problem wins).nnDuring the contest, teams submit solutions for problems, which are processed by the jury as runs. Each run has four properties:nnthe submission time in minutes since the beginning of the contest (an integer between 1 and 300, inclusive);nnthe name of the team that submitted the solution (a non-empty string of at most 20 lower-case letters);nnthe identifier of the corresponding problem (an upper-case letter A through J, inclusive);nnthe result as determined by the judging software (either accepted or rejected).nnAt the end of the contest, we have a list of runs available (ordered by non-decreasing submission times) and we want you to determine the final ranking of the teams.nnTeams that are tied will share a position; those teams should be ordered alphabetically in the results.nnInputnnOn the first line an integer t (1 <= t <= 100): the number of test cases. Then for each test case:nnone line with the number of teams t (1 <= t <= 50) and the number of runs r (0 <= r <= 5 000), seperated by a single space;nnthen t lines, each with the name of a team;nnthen r lines, each with the description of a run: time, team, problem and result, formatted as described above, and seperated by a single space.nnOutputnnFor each test case:nnPrint the ordered results: t lines, each with a rank (starting from 1), the team name, the number of correctly solved problems and the total penalty time, separated by single spaces.nnSample Inputnn1n8 28ntwentenutrechtngroningennamsterdamneindhovennleidenndelftnnijmegenn5 utrecht B rejectedn8 eindhoven F acceptedn10 utrecht F acceptedn17 utrecht B rejectedn18 leiden C rejectedn23 twente F rejectedn25 utrecht B acceptedn26 amsterdam D rejectedn27 amsterdam D acceptedn27 leiden C acceptedn27 groningen F acceptedn28 twente F rejectedn30 nijmegen C rejectedn30 nijmegen C acceptedn30 delft B acceptedn30 delft B rejectedn33 twente F acceptedn47 groningen D rejectedn51 leiden D acceptedn51 amsterdam C acceptedn51 groningen D acceptedn60 utrecht D acceptedn65 utrecht J acceptedn67 twente F rejectedn70 twente F acceptedn90 eindhoven D acceptedn100 utrecht A rejectedn101 utrecht C rejectednnSample Outputnn1 utrecht 4 200n2 groningen 2 98n3 amsterdam 2 98n3 leiden 2 98n5 eindhoven 2 98n6 delft 1 30n7 nijmegen 1 50n8 twente 1 73n


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