python ray框架ulimit 报错

python ray框架ulimit 报错

  1. 问题描述:
In [1]: import ray

In [2]: ray.init()
File descriptor limit 2560 is too low for production servers and may result in connection errors. At least 8192 is recommended. --- Fix with 'ulimit -n 8192'
2021-03-05 18:55:06,750	INFO -- View the Ray dashboard at
{'node_ip_address': '',
 'raylet_ip_address': '',
 'redis_address': '',
 'object_store_address': '/tmp/ray/session_2021-03-05_18-55-06_102502_36950/sockets/plasma_store',
 'raylet_socket_name': '/tmp/ray/session_2021-03-05_18-55-06_102502_36950/sockets/raylet',
 'webui_url': '',
 'session_dir': '/tmp/ray/session_2021-03-05_18-55-06_102502_36950',
 'metrics_export_port': 63568,
 'node_id': '80533a2ed6f7b1fa83b81184798c49a1b0c384e06c170b3f25d61193'}
  1. 目前已经在这里提供了解释: 点击Github链接

  2. 总而言之,简单解决如下:

# before starting the ipython,  type the following line:
$ ulimit -Sn 8192
#and it works. Now the soft limit is 8192.. 
# 注意,报错提示的 ulimit -n 8192, 在mac电脑中不起作用


$ ulimit -n 8192 ipython
  1. 另外tips, 为了可以远程访问Ray Dashboard, 我们可以这样在服务器中声明 dashboard的ip地址:
$ray start --head --port=8265 --dashboard-host= 
# 正常运行后,会出现如下提示:
2021-03-15 10:33:11,691 INFO -- View the Ray dashboard at

Ray runtime started.

Next steps
  To connect to this Ray runtime from another node, run
    ray start --address='' --redis-password='5241590000000000'
  Alternatively, use the following Python code:
    import ray
    ray.init(address='auto', _redis_password='5241590000000000')
  If connection fails, check your firewall settings and network configuration.
  To terminate the Ray runtime, run
    ray stop
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