Android Studio变黄了,2.2 Preview 4 发布

Android Studio 2.2版本解决了大量的BUG,现在除了稳定渠道外,其它渠道的图标都已经变成了黄色。


关于Android Studio2.2版本更多使用技巧,请参考 《Android Studio实用指南》


Instant Run

Many bug fixes, we are working hard to address all reproducible issues. Please continue to file them.


  • Bug Fixes for 209384, 213630, 212479

Updated JDK for Mac

Mac JDK updated to include all fixes from Jetbrains over the last month or so. We hope that it fixes crashes like

ConstraintLayout Editor

  • Various bug fixes
  • Pan & zoom panel is now a floating window accessible from

the toolbar

  • Importing VectorDrawable from Photoshop files
  • Strokes are now supported
  • Clipping masks are now supported
  • Shape operations are now supported (merge, subtract, intersect and exclude overlapping)
  • Fill opacity is now supported
  • XML output optimized for size
  • Photoshop files support
  • Improved support for CMYK and Lab images
  • Color management
  • Improved color management on OS X

Firebase Plugin

  • Bug Fixes
  • Improved Directions.
    Much more…


关于Android Studio2.2版本更多使用技巧,请参考 《Android Studio实用指南》

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