Seismic Unix安装错误解决方案

有些电脑会遇到make xtinstall安装错误等问题,一般是系统安装的时候缺失部分依赖包所导致,老外提供了一个解决方案,记录一下,希望对大家有用。

Seismic Unix is an open source seismic utilities package supported by the Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). I use Centos 5.5 as my system operation. This is steps to install Seismic Unix in my computer :

  1. I want to install Seismic Unix at /opt/seisun. Copy Seismic Unix source at this directory (I use cwp_su_all_42.tgz). Extract this file with command : tar zxvf cwp_su_all_42.tgz.
  2. Export CWPROOT directory PATH. Use this command : export CWPROOT=/opt/seisun
  3. Edit Makefile.config file. Go to at src directory with command : cd srcand edit Makefile.config file.
  4. make install (to install seismic unix the basic set of codes)
  5. make xtinstall (to install seismic unix the X-toolkit applications)
  6. make finstall (to install seismic unix the Fortran codes)
  7. make mglinstall (to install seismic unix the Mesa/ Open GL items)
  8. make utils (to install seismic unix libcwputils) (nonessential)
  9. make xminstall (to install seismic unix the Motif application)
  10. make sfinstall (to install seismic unix the SFIO version of SEGDREAD)

When I try to install X seismic unix application, I get this error message and how to solve that :

  1. Xlib.h : No such file or directoryInstall libX11 and libX11-devel. Use command  yum search libX11 to get other software version.
  2. Intrinsic.h : No such file or directoryInstall libXt and libXt-devel. Use command  yum search libXt to get other software version.
  3. Cannot find -lXmuInstall libXmu and libXmu-devel. Use command yum search libXmu to get other software version.
  4. Cannot find -lXextInstall libXext and libXext-devel. Use command yum search libXext to get other software version.
  5. Cannot find -lXiInstall libXi and libXi-devel. Use command  yum search libXi to get other software version.
  6. Xm/Xm.h: No such file or directoryInstall openmotif and openmotif-devel. Use command  yum search openmotif to get other software version.

When you complete to install seismic unix, dont forget to edit your profile file.Edit /your_home/.bashrc file and add this text :

export CWPROOT=/opt/seisun
export PATH=$PATH:$CWPROOT/bin

Change CWPROOT location with your seismic unix installed. Log off from your system and type seismic unix command at konsole (surange, suaddheader, etc) to check your seismic unix installed.

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