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  • 0 - you are unfamiliar with the subject area.
  • 1 - you can read / understand the most fundamental aspects of the subject area.
  • 2 - ability to implement small changes, understand basic principles and able to figure out additional details with minimal help.
  • 3 - basic proficiency in a subject area without relying on help.
  • 4 - you are comfortable with the subject area and all routine work on it:For software areas - ability to develop medium programs using all basic language features w/o book, awareness of more esoteric features (with book).For systems areas - understanding of many fundamentals of networking and systems administration, ability to run a small network of systems including recovery, debugging and nontrivial troubleshooting that relies on the knowledge of internals.
  • 5 - an even lower degree of reliance on reference materials. Deeper skills in a field or specific technology in the subject area.
  • 6 - ability to develop large programs and systems from scratch. Understanding of low level details and internals. Ability to design / deploy most large, distributed systems from scratch.
  • 7 - you understand and make use of most lesser known language features, technologies, and associated internals. Ability to automate significant amounts of systems administration.
  • 8 - deep understanding of corner cases, esoteric features, protocols and systems including “theory of operation”. Demonstrated ability to design, deploy and own very critical or large infrastructure, build accompanying automation.
  • 9 - could have written the book about the subject area but didn’t; works with standards committees on defining new standards and methodologies.10 - wrote the book on the subject area (there actually has to be a book). Recognized industry expert in the field, might have invented it.

Subject Areas

  • TCP/IP Networking (OSI stack, DNS etc)
  • Unix/Linux internals
  • Unix/Linux Systems administration
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Go
  • Shell Scripting (sh, Bash, ksh, csh)
  • SQL and/or Database Admin
  • Scripting language of your choice (not already mentioned)
  • People Management
  • Project Management
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