Windows Server下安装Database11.2.0.4碰到INS-30131错误


昨天在Windows Server 2008R2上安装11.2.0.4 碰到INS-30131错误。

之前碰到的错误,解决方法是共享C$, 本次解决方法是启动server服务。然后重新安装可以了。


Windows : "[ INS-30131 ] the Initial Setup That Is Required to Run the Installation Program Validation Was Not Successful " Error While Installing Oracle Database/Client (文档 ID 1569962.1)



This error can be caused by below reason:

1) Admin Share in C$ is not enabled

2) Security settings are preventing access to TEMP location

3) Corrupt software media


A) Verify if c$ Admin share is enabled

 Enable administrative share for C$ (Please check with your System Admin to do this or See Microsoft document

 Check that it is ok:

- net use \\<hostname>\c$ should work

- dir \\<hostname>\c$ should work

- the current user (i.e. user in administrator group) should have all privileges on the default share

3. Retry the installation

Remove the administrative share again

B) Check if Windows services "OracleRemExecService" is running 

Check if Windows services "OracleRemExecService" is running , this service gets created during installtion of 32 bit 64 client ,  if its running then follow below process:

Remove the OracleRemExecService before doing the Oracle Client 12c Release 1  32-bit or 64-bit installation on the same Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) server after installing the Oracle Client 64-bit or 32-bit software .

- Go to the  Windows 'Services'

- Stop OracleRemExecServiceV2

( This service is having a intelligence .Once someone tries to stop it this service gets deleted.
This is due to the  fact ,that this service is not running  from the Oracle Home like other oracle services ,but from temp .
For example : C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\\oraremservicev2\RemoteExecService.exe

- Then try to install the Oracle Client 32-bit or 64-bit on the same Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) server

C) Check if Windows Service “Server” is not running

Check if Windows Service “Server” is started on the system, if not started then start it and try again installation.


D) Following Workaround is available to install database/client software if administrative shares is not enabled  :

     For client installs, run the installer with following arguments:


setup.exe -ignorePrereq -J"-Doracle.install.client.validate.clientSupportedOSCheck=false"


     For server installs, run the installer with following arguments:

setup.exe -ignorePrereq -J"-Doracle.install.db.validate.supportedOSCheck=false"