IEEE tran bib参考文献的问题

IEEE trans 模板中bib文件的添加~ \begin{bibliographystyle}{IEEEtran} \begin{bibliography}{IEEEabrv,IEEEexample} \end{bibliography} \end{bibliographystyle}...

2014-01-27 10:42:09

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NCA: Neighbourhood Components Analysis

参考paper: 1、Neighbourhood Components Analysis: 2、Discriminant common vectors versus neighbourhood com...

2014-01-22 14:19:48

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IEEE Trans template (Latex and word)


2014-01-22 09:59:10

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Fisher Vector

From:  High-DimensionalSignature Compression for Large-Scale Image Classification Jorge S´anchez and Florent Perronnin

2014-01-19 11:36:10

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matlab 计时函数

tic, toc 秒表计时, tic是开始, toc是结束

2014-01-17 11:11:46

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VLFeat做什么的?       The VLFeat library implements popular computer vision algorithms including HOG,SIFT, MSER, k-means, hierarchical k-means, agglome...

2014-01-17 09:57:53

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matlab 三维曲线曲面 meshgrid and surf

x=0:0.1:2*pi; y=x; [X,Y]=meshgrid(x,y); Z=sin(X)+sin(Y); %3D spline plot3(X,Y,Z); %3D surface figure; surf(X,Y,Z)

2014-01-14 19:55:37

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Linear and nonlinear least squares regeressions

From: a least squares regression framework on manifolds and its application to gesture recognition Yui Man Lui, Department of Computer Science, Colo...

2014-01-12 10:30:44

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Some Matrix manifolds (Lie group, Grassmann manifold and Riemannian manifold) for computer vision

Lie group  A Lie group is a set G with two structures: G is a group and G is a (smooth,  real) manifold. These structures agree in the following se...

2014-01-09 20:34:28

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2014-01-09 16:35:18

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A general iterated shinkage algorithm for non-convex sparse coding.

A Generalized iterated shrinkage algorithm for non-convex sparse coding From zhanglei Sparse coding with non-convex Lp-norm minimization (0 be...

2014-01-09 14:22:13

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Graph embedding and extensions: a general framework for dimensionality reducation

Paper: Graph embedding and extensions: a general framework for dimensionality reducation From:Shuicheng Yan  N多方法来解决降维的方法:有监督和无监督的;统计的、几何理论的。。。 Ne...

2014-01-04 10:50:52

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Combining multiple manifold-valued descriptors for improved object recognitionwen

分析paper:Combining multiple manifold-valued descriptors for improved object recognition From Mehrtash harandi Classification using multiple manifold...

2014-01-03 20:00:34

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