Lesson One - Twelve Things I Wish They Taught at School

Vocabulary Exercises


1) supermarket2) highland  3) gentleman  4) first-grade  5) newcomer

出席会议:attend the meetingto attend a meeting
干得不错:do good jobto do a good job
体验苦难:experience distratto experience bitterness
自学英语:teach myself Englishto teach oneself English
发现奇迹:discover wonders
忍住咳嗽:stand coughto hold back one's cough
掌握技能: to master skills
获取知识:acquire knowledgesto acquire knowledge
需要勇气:need encouragementto require courage
丰富生活:inrich livesto enrich one's life
接受修正:be open to correctionto accept rectification
改正错误:correct wrongto correct mistakes
不再指望: to cherish no hopes
作出努力:to make efforts
(1) A engineer and two local officers got trapped in criminal prosecution because of the new bridge collapsed.
The collapse of the big newly-built bridge led to criminal prosecution against an engineer and two local government officials.

(2) He worked entrie day lead to not having lunch.
He worked all day, leaving his lunch untouched.

(3) Often doing sports is body more stronger. far from wasting time.
Far from being a waste of time, regular sports activities make students physically strong and deal with their study better.

(4) In the Sea World, the children takes delight in xxxx of the seals and dolphins.
The seals and dolphins in the Sea World are capable of various acting techniques, and this makes children audience overjoyed.

(5) The people who takes delight in others bitterness will be suffer revenge.
Those who take delight in other people’s pain will suffer retribution sooner or later.

(6) In some respects, that new dictionary has  a great deal of improvements to relize.
In some respects, that new dictionary has much to be improved.

(7) Many children got trapped in the bus when it rushed into side of road.
When that bus rushed out of the road and turned over, many children got trapped in it.

(8) In the opening ceremony, the government will provide food for a thound of guests.
At the opening ceremony, the municipal government will provide food and drink for more than 1,000 guests.

(9) In China, the family of city is restricted in having one children.
In China, every urban family is restricted to only one child.

(10) Not matter whereever go, we have some rest.
As long as we can get a little rest, is doesn’t matter where we go.
(1) The boy asked the policeman how togo get to the train/railway station.
(2) There is areno short cut shortcuts to learninga foreign language.

(3) I decided to visit my favorite teacher of math when i learned him still teaching in that school.
Learning that my favourite maths teacher is still teaching in that school, I decided to visit him.

(4) The older worker taught his children to be honest.
This veteran worker taught his children to be honest.

(5) He asked his boss whether he could left office earlier that day.
He asked his boss whether he could leave off work a little earlier that day.

(6) Difficulties and hardships teach us to be grateful for all that we have already had.

(7) He asked for working at Tibet for one year when he graduated.
On his graduation, he asked to work in Tibet for one year.

(8) All I want to do is just to show my care for others, and I hope to be treated in the same way by others. I am not asking too much.

(9) Wise people learns one's lesson.
Wise men learn lessons from their own mistakes.

(10) Ask favor of people is useless because it has had passed midnight.
Since it is well after midnight, there is no point in asking for help.

(11) The scientist taught his stuedents that young people should face to future.
That scientist taught his students that young people should be gearing themselves for the future.

(12) When be asked most of interesting in the lives,she said:"Learning.". 
When asked what was the greatest pleasure in her life, she replied “learning”.

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