The Examination of Practical Management And The Scholarship

It was a stupid decision to choose Practical Management , a monotonous and useless course!!

     What's worse, the teacher opening this course is so incompetent, and his lessons are extremely boring.He is absolutely a crippled and unqualified teacher!! It is not only me that thinks so, it is 100% his students agree on this point.

     The toughest thing is that his examination is rather rather boring. How can this kind course attracts new students to attend? So , in this period of choosing the college-common courses, his course, the Practical Management only has 30 students instead of the expectation of 300, which means, that his course may not be able to opened!! Great!! Don't let his course poisons the rest of us!!

     But, today ,it is also a nice and happy day. It happens after the tough examination.     I finally get the cash of scholarship, not so much, 1500RMB, second prize.

     The next five to ten days will be a hard prepairation of the final examintions, hence, I have to spare no effort and with great passion to devote myself to the courses, I hope that I could accomplish results of them.


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