Start a new Java project by using Ant


This document has 5 sections:


System requirement

Directories and files

The Build file

Run Ant

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Start a new Java project by using Ant, so we can make Daily Building. All have to do list below:

1.Install java SDK1.4 and new version Ant, and make Ant works.

2.Copy Directories and files from dproject(d for Java) template library.

3.Make project files stay in the right directory.

4.Edit the Build.xml file. Let it fit the project.

5.Run Ant.



System requirement

Java SDK1.4 or higher

Ant 1.6 or higher


Directories and files

You can make directories yourself, or copy from template. But make sure the directory tree like this:


Every directory is made for a certain kind of files. Directory names and what kind of files should be put in list below:

Directory        Files should be put in

            Build                building files

            Data                 project��s data files

            Doc                  project��s documents for installation and deploying

            Lib                   libraries project depending on

            Res                  resources project using

                        Install               resources for installation

            Src                   project�� source files

                        Config              project��s configuration files

                        Database          project��s database files

                        Java                 project��s Java source code files

                        Docs                project��s documents for manager, developer, tester

                        Scripts              project��s script files

                        Sql                   project��s script files for database

Now put the Java files into the srcJava directory.


The Build file

 The build file is uilduild.xml. In the template we already have a default build file. Because every project has different name and different configuration, so we must edit the build file to suit project. We must edit the project name and path in the build file.


Run Ant

 After doing that, now start a command-line prompt, change path to .uild, and type ant. We can see a function list like this:

Now Ant runs. We can EDIT the build file to add new features: unit testing, packing, deploying, etc, as you like.