Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

This type of app has been identified as one that may violate one or more of the following App Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, these types of apps often:

1.1.6 - Include false information, features, or misleading metadata.
2.3.0 - Undergo significant concept changes after approval
2.3.1 - Have hidden or undocumented features, including hidden "switches" that redirect to a gambling or lottery website
3.1.1 - Use payment mechanisms other than in-app purchase to unlock features or functionality in the app
3.2.1 - Do not come from the financial institution performing the loan services
4.3.0 - Are a duplicate of another app or are conspicuously similar to another app
5.2.1 - Were not submitted by the legal entity that owns and is responsible for offering any services provided by the app
5.2.3 - Facilitate illegal file sharing or include the ability to save, convert, or download media from third party sources without explicit authorization from those sources
5.3.4 - Do not have the necessary licensing and permissions for all the locations where the app is used

Before we can continue with our review, please confirm that this app does not violate any of the above guidelines. You may reply to this message in Resolution Center or the App Review Information section in App Store Connect to verify this app’s compliance. 

Given the tendency for apps of this type to violate the aforementioned guidelines, this review will take additional time. If at any time we discover that this app is in violation of these guidelines, the app will be rejected and removed from the App Store, and it may result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account.

Should you choose to resubmit this app without confirming this app’s compliance, the next submission of this app will still require a longer review time. Additionally, this app will not be eligible for an expedited review until we have received your confirmation.





Guideline 4.3 - Design

We noticed that your app provides the same feature set as other apps submitted to the App Store; it simply varies in content or language, which is considered a form of spam.

The next submission of this app may require a longer review time, and this app will not be eligible for an expedited review until this issue is resolved.

Next Steps

  • Review the Design section of the App Store Review Guidelines.
  • Ensure your app is compliant with all sections of the App Store Review Guidelines and the Terms & Conditions of the Apple Developer Program.
  • Once your app is fully compliant, resubmit your app for review.

When creating multiple apps where content is the only varying element, you should offer a single app to deliver differing content to customers. If you would like to offer this content for purchase, it would be appropriate to use the in-app purchase API.

Alternatively, you may consider creating a web app, which looks and behaves similar to a native app when the customer adds it to their Home screen. Refer to the Configuring Web Applications section of the Safari Web Content Guide for more information.

Submitting apps designed to mislead or harm customers or evade the review process may result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account. Review the Terms & Conditions of the Apple Developer Program to learn more about our policies regarding termination.

If you believe your app is compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may submit an appeal. Alternatively, you may provide additional details about your app by replying directly to this message.

尊敬的苹果开发者审核, 您好,
你好,我这款app的1.0版本已经通过审核,再次提交的新版本,我只是修复了里面部分功能的bug,并没有你所说的相同功能集合,如果你仍然认为它存在这个问题,请务必联系我,我的联系电话是+86 XXXX




2.加无用代码, 但和 源代码有调用关系






Dear Apple Reviewer:
I have rigorously reviewed my app based on the Apple Store Review Guidelines.And I don't think there is any violation of the rules in my App. 
Please continue to review it. Thank you very much.
Best regards.


Dear Apple Review Team,
We carefully investigated the 9 review clauses that you mentioned and we have repeatedly inspected the above-mentioned issues.We are confirm that our app does not violate any of the above guidelines.Please continue to review for our App.
Best regards!



Hello, We are writing to let you know about new information regarding your app currently live on the App Store. Upon re-evaluation, we found that your app is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, we found: Performance - 2.3.1 & Business - 3.1.1 Your app contains hidden features that enable users to purchase content by means other than in-app purchase API. For this reason, your app will be removed from sale on the App Store at this time. Deliberate disregard of the App Store Review Guidelines and attempts to deceive users or undermine the review process are unacceptable and is a direct violation Section 3.2(f) of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. Continuing to violate the Terms & Conditions of the Apple Developer Program will result in the termination of your account, as well as any related or linked accounts, and the removal of all your associated apps from the App Store. If you have any questions about this information, please reply to this message to let us know. Best regards, App Store Review 你好, 我们谨以此邮件通知您,您当前在App Store上有关于您的应用的新信息。 重新评估后,我们发现您的应用不符合App Store审核指南。具体来说,我们发现: 表现 - 2.3.1和业务 - 3.1.1 您的应用包含隐藏功能,使用户可以通过应用内购买API以外的方式购买内容。 因此,您的应用程序此时将从App Store中删除。 故意无视App Store审查指南以及欺骗用户或破坏审核流程的企图是不可接受的,并且直接违反Apple开发人员计划许可协议的第3.2(f)节。继续违反Apple开发者计划的条款和条件将导致您的帐户以及任何相关或关联帐户被终止,以及从App Store中删除所有相关应用程序。 如果您对此信息有任何疑问,请回复此邮件告知我们。 最好的祝福, App Store评论 --------------------------------------- 分割线 -------------------------------------------------- 因为之前使用了微信支付并且隐藏了,被发现后直接被下架了。然后就把微信支付删除掉重新提交了一个版本,但是已经一个多月了一直是“正在等待审核”状态。之前被下架的版本也没办法删除,请问这种情况该怎么处理? ![图片说明](https://img-ask.csdn.net/upload/201811/26/1543223919_264535.png)
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