Android - Glide的使用


  1. Glide setTag崩溃问题

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: You must not call setTag() on a view Glide is targeting
- 原因:
and an Adapter which is using the usual ViewHolder pattern, i.e. inflating the view from resource (above) and setTag(vh);, now Glide wants to do the same when loading the image.
- 解决方案:
There could easily be a way to prevent conflicts, by allowing the ViewTarget users to set an ID to use with setTag(int, Object), even if it’s just a static method on ViewTarget (default beingView.NO_ID -> setTag(Object)).

  1. 如何为Glide设置Tag
    -> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The key must be an application-specific resource id.

    • 原因:

    官方的api文档中提到:“ The specified key should be an id declared in the resources of the application to ensure it is unique (see the ID resource type). Keys identified as belonging to the Android framework or not associated with any package will cause an IllegalArgumentExceptionto be thrown.”所以抛出IllegalArgumentException的原因就在于key不唯一,那么如何保证这种唯一性呢?定义一个final类型的int变量和硬编码一个值的方式都是行不通的。

private static final int TAG_ONLINE_ID = 1;
((Button) row.findViewById(,objContact.onlineid);
05-18 20:29:38.044: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5453): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The key must be an application-specific resource id.
05-18 20:29:38.044: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5453):     at android.view.View.setTag(
05-18 20:29:38.044: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5453):     at com.mypkg.viewP.inflateRow(

  • 解决

setTag(Object tag)方法比较简单,这里主要谈一谈带两个参数的setTag方法。
如果只需要设置一个tag,那么直接调用setTag(Object tag)方法就可以轻松搞定,如果一定需要使用多个tag绑定,那么需要先在res/values/strings.xml中添加

imageView.setTag(, “Hello”);
imageView.setTag(, “Success”);
String tag_first=v.getTag(;