Laszlo Systems Ships OpenLaszlo 3.0版本新发布

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Laszlo Systems一个开放源的富客户internet应用(Rich Internet Application)平台,今天宣布OpenLaszlo 3.0版本发布,使用Laszlo平台时,开发者只需编写名为LZX的描述语言(其中整合了XML和javascript),运行在J2EE应用服务器上的Laszlo平台会将其编译成FLASH文件并传输给客户端展示。

OpenLaszlo 3.0 has a number of new features, including:

  • SOLO deployment option - which allows the UI to be delivered directly to the user without server interaction
  • Unicode support
  • Drawing API - an API which enables the creation of circles, ovals, fills and lines and provides the foundation for charting and graphing components
  • Dynamic libraries - to add flexibility and reduce the startup time involved with OpenLaszlo
  • Performance optimizations to take advantage of the capabilities of Flash 6 and 7
  • A new name, from Laszlo Presentation Server to OpenLaszlo, to underscore the open source license covering the OpenLaszlo project

Laszlo has been used for application interfaces as a replacement for straight HTML applications. A number of new technologies such as Ajax are competing in the same space.

IBM AlphaWorks发布了LaszloEclipse插件,提供了创建、编辑、调试和测试基于LZX声明标记语言的应用程序的IDE 等。参考:

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