he KDE on Windows Initiative is an ongoing project to bring the KDE applications to MS Windows.

The preferred method for installing most KDE applications under Windows is the KDE-Installer (Download Information). However, the most recent version available from the installer is KDE 4.10.2.

Many KDE applications have since been ported to the more modern "KDE Frameworks / KF5" libraries, and some have started providing Windows installers. Due to the more modular nature of KDE Frameworks, there is no single installer for these applications. Rather, please refer to the website of the application(s) you wish to install.

Alternatively, it is possible to build a large variety of KDE applications from source on Windows. If you are interested in versions not packaged in a binary installer, or you want to help in bringing your favorite application to Windows, refer to our documenation on the KDE TechBase.

For support from project members you may get in contact via the instant WebChat client or by joining the #kde-windowsIRC channel on freenode. Before contacting project members directly please take a look at the Project Overview. Your question may already be answered there.

You can join our mailing list kde-windows(@) for news and announcements.


Latest News

Date Headline
3rd May 2013 KDE Software Compilation 4.10.2 for Windows available
3rd February 2012 KDE Software Compilation 4.8.0 for Windows available
24th December 2011 KDE Software Compilation 4.7.4 for Windows available
3rd September 2011 KDE Software Compilation 4.7.0 for Windows available
6th January 2011 KDE Software Compilation 4.5.4 for Windows available
10th June 2010 KDE Software Compilation 4.4.4 for Windows available
9th May 2010 KDE Software Compilation 4.4.1 for Windows available
14th February 2010 KDE SC 4.4.0 for Windows available

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