The Western North America InSAR (WInSAR) Consortium was established by a group of practicing scientists and engineers to facilitate collaboration in, and advancement of, Earth science research using radar remote sensing. Its members are universities, research laboratories, and public agencies. WInSAR oversees the acquisition and archiving of spaceborne SAR data over western North America for the benefit of the membership. The major objectives of WInSAR are to:

  • Promote the use and development of InSAR technology for scientific investigations, in particular but not limited to, seismic and magmatic processes, plate boundary deformation, land subsidence, and topographic mapping.
  • Acquire SAR imagery in western North America, archive and catalog the data, and disseminate it for use by member organizations.
  • Provide value-added InSAR products and software for use by the scientific community.
  • Advocate the open exchange of SAR data by seeking to enlarge the number of member organizations.
  • Solicit funds and promote programs and space missions to meet these objectives.