2008 September 18th Thursday (九月 十八日 木曜日)

原创 2008年10月01日 15:17:00
 China have beening poured with various poison foods.  Fish, milk, rice, and so forth, I can not eat anything.  In this way,
Chinese will die out in future years without any external factor.  In a sense, I know why some one did not want a baby.

  If your baby injured by milk such as "Sanlu", you are like to hate yourself, hate anything on the earth.  A baby will take
a hope and a happyness into a family.

2008 September 25th Thursday (九月 二十五日 木曜日)

   Yesterday I have studyed the sources of some program on the duplicated system.  The apache module...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2008年10月01日 15:26
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2008 September 11th Thursday (九月 十一日 木曜日)

   Today I begin to test the accumulating functions.  I dont know whether I can finish it today.  Ma...
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  • 2008年10月01日 15:15
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2008 September 4th Thursday (九月 四日 木曜日)

   I have about four days to write a testing report and make testing data.  Four days, I am afraid o...
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  • 2008年10月01日 15:12
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October 18th Thursday (十月 十八日 木曜日)

Today I began to modify a development document.  During modifing the Word crash twice.    Because th...
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  • 2007年11月18日 19:07
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September 6th Thursday (九月 六日 木曜日)

  The auto_ptr is an example of a smart pointer, an object that acts like a pointer, but with additi...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:29
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September 20th Thursday (九月 二十日 木曜日)

   I help my a workmate write a test program which is a apache module.  She told me that there is a ...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:45
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September 13th Thursday (九月 十三日 木曜日)

  DWORD GetLogicalDrives(VOID);MSDN Description: If the function succeeds, the return value is a bit...
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  • Lu_ming
  • 2007年10月14日 13:38
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September 27th Thursday (九月 二十七日 木曜日)

  I have to delay developing kiang project in that I had a cold.  The first thing I do is to have a ...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:48
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September 18th Tuesday (九月 十八日 火曜日)

  I have to turn to my workmate who has the experience of the developing module of apache.  Finally,...
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  • 2007年10月14日 13:41
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June 18th Tuesday (六月 十八日 木曜日)

  There is an example about the pointer to a member function.#include #include using namespace std;c...
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  • 2009年06月26日 20:53
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