Sugguestions under Eclipse 3.0 and others

原创 2004年07月02日 17:30:00
Sugguestions under Eclipse 3.0:
[1]. Use Source -> Format(++F/,+F) to format the
codes every time before saving.
[2]. Use Source -> Organize Imports(++O) to organize the imports
[3]. Turn on the Javadoc's compiler option: Preferences: Java -> Compiler ->
Javadoc: Malformed Javadoc comment(Warning) & Missing Javadoc comment(Warning)
[4]. Try to clear the all the warning codes (using +1 to get quick fix)
before committing codes to CVS.

Sugguestions for the comment on codes:
[5]. Comment on every Interface class.
[6]. Comment should be given if a method is only called by a special class
(specially when the class is not in the same package).
[7]. When creating a public static method, try to comment it and try to write
a JUnit TestCase when necessary.
[8]. When creating a *Util class, try to comment every method and write
TestCase on every method.

Suggestions on DATA and UI relationship:
[9]. Try to seperate the DATA and UI into different class, and give every
DATA class a TestCase, and give every UI component a simple test(Simple means
that I do not have to launch the whole application to test it).
[10]. Mark the joint (make a comment) that DATA and UI interwined.

Further suggestions:
[11]. Interface with only a single instance should be combined as a Class.
[12]. Interface with lots of instances should make a classical instance
an example and make detailed comment on it, and should notify the user to
read the example(tutorial) on every other instance Class.
[13]. If some classes' logic fit some classical model, try to comment out
such model, and give a URI for the reader to get a further reading.
[14]. Mark out(make comment with question mark and write down which place
confuses you on) the codes that you do not understand, so the other would
know the point and give explaination later.
[15]. Make further effort to explain how you make up the project step by
step, and make your further effort to repeat the steps and to quicken the
step, and make your codes strong enough for further steps which maybe
interrupt between the steps.

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5] should become our custom. [15] will be an advanced
sugguestion(Try to reach that level, you will be an expert).


--July 2, 2004

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