Equations: a dependent pattern-matching compiler

原创 2011年01月20日 00:27:00

Lecturer Matthieu Sozeau


Abstract (from calender page)

"We present a compiler for definitions made by pattern matching on inductive families in the Coq system. It allows to write structured, recursive dependently-typed functions, automatically find their realization in the core type theory and generate proofs to ease reasoning on them. The high-level interface allows to write dependently-typed functions on inductive families in a style close to Agda or Epigram, while their low-level implementation is accepted by the vanilla core type theory of Coq. This setup uses the smallest trusted code base possible and additional tools are provided to maintain a high-level view of definitions. The compiler makes heavy use of type classes and the high-level tactic language of Coq for greater genericity and extensibility."




基本上是关于一些type理论和Agda应用的,使用所谓的Equation关键字和pattern matching来定义和生成agda code。研究重点貌似是论证了这个生成过程的正确性。最后的问题集中在用户在使用时需要了解哪部分,可以信任什么,从中反映基本上大家都没有听明白其中的细节,特别是在中间的时候连TC都说自己不太能够理解,让我这个云山雾罩的感觉能好点,呵呵~~



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