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c++filt decodes (demangles) low-level names into user-level names so that the linker can keep these overloaded functions from clashing.

You may use c++filt to demangle the symbols.

$ c++filt _ZNSt8ios_base4InitD1Ev

You may try adding -lstdc++ to your link command to resolve the issue.

     c++filt [-_|--strip-underscores]
             [-s format|--format=format]
             [--help]  [--version]  [symbol...]

The C++ and Java languages provides function overloading, which means that you can write many functions with the same name (providing each takes parameters of different types). All C++ and Java function names are encoded into a low-level assembly label (this process is known as mangling). The c++filt 1 program does the inverse mapping: it decodes (demangles) low-level names into user-level names so that the linker can keep these overloaded functions from clashing.

Every alphanumeric word (consisting of letters, digits, underscores, dollars, or periods) seen in the input is a potential label. If the label decodes into a C++ name, the C++ name replaces the low-level name in the output.

You can use c++filt to decipher individual symbols:

     c++filt symbol

If no symbol arguments are given, c++filt reads symbol names from the standard input and writes the demangled names to the standard output. All results are printed on the standard output.

On some systems, both the C and C++ compilers put an underscore in front of every name. For example, the C name foo gets the low-level name _foo. This option removes the initial underscore. Whether c++filt removes the underscore by default is target dependent. 
Prints demangled names using Java syntax. The default is to use C++ syntax. 
Do not remove the initial underscore. 
When demangling the name of a function, do not display the types of the function's parameters. 
-s format
c++filt can decode various methods of mangling, used by different compilers. The argument to this option selects which method it uses:
Automatic selection based on executable (the default method) 
the one used by the GNU C++ compiler (g++) 
the one used by the Lucid compiler (lcc) 
the one specified by the C++ Annotated Reference Manual 
the one used by the HP compiler (aCC) 
the one used by the EDG compiler 
the one used by the GNU C++ compiler (g++) with the V3 ABI. 
the one used by the GNU Java compiler (gcj) 
the one used by the GNU Ada compiler (GNAT).

Print a summary of the options to c++filt and exit. 
Print the version number of c++filt and exit.
Warning: c++filt is a new utility, and the details of its user interface are subject to change in future releases. In particular, a command-line option may be required in the the future to decode a name passed as an argument on the command line; in other words,
          c++filt symbol

may in a future release become

          c++filt option symbol


  1. MS-DOS does not allow + characters in file names, so on MS-DOS this program is named cxxfilt.



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