Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)

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Quality Control (QC) is a system of routine technical activities, to measure and control the quality
of the inventory as it is being developed. The QC system is designed to:
Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure data integrity, correctness, and
Identify and address errors and omissions;
(iii) Document and archive inventory material and record all QC activities.
QC activities include general methods such as accuracy checks on data acquisition and
calculations and the use of approved standardised procedures for emission calculations,
measurements, estimating uncertainties, archiving information and reporting. Higher tier QC
activities include technical reviews of source categories, activity and emission factor data, and
Quality Assurance (QA) activities include a planned system of review procedures conducted by
personnel not directly involved in the inventory compilation/development process. Reviews,
preferably by independent third parties, should be performed upon a finalised inventory following
the implementation of QC procedures. Reviews verify that data quality objectives were met,
ensure that the inventory represents the best possible estimates of emissions and sinks given the
current state of scientific knowledge and data available, and support the effectiveness of the QC

QC(Mercury Quality Center) 9.0的安装过程和安装包

QC(Mercury Quality Center) 9.0的安装过程和安装包   在今天的安装qc9.0的过程中遇到了一些问题,在这里我把qc9.0安装过...
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HP QC(Quality Center)在Windows 7 IE8 IE9下不能工作解决方案

首先浏览器进入QC首页,一般是: http://服务器地址/qcbin 之后会看见如下界面: 点击 "插件页",再点击 "HP Quality Center 客户端安装",下载QCClient...
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Quality Center 9 破解许可文件

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将excel/word上传到Quality Center

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关于Mercury Quality center9.0导word文档报错解决方案

1、问题(此处内容有部分转载) 报错的信息:cannot create file C:\DOCUME~1\sicent~1\...\temp\td_80\76fe9b7d\DocGen\TDSt...
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Differences Between Perform Quality Assurance and Control Quality Processes

A number of PMP® test takers have been posting queries to our discussion forum regarding the differe...
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QC10安装完成后,默认使用8080端口,如果要修改QC中JBoss的端口,可按如下步骤修改:1、修改/Quality Center/jboss/server/default/deploy/jboss...
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QA与QC的侧重点比较: 在一个软件组织或项目团队中,存在QA和QC两类角色,这两类角色工作的主要侧重点比较如下:  QA与QC的其他重大区别还包括:  具备必要资质的QA是组织中的高级人才...
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Data Quality Services

Data Quality Services 简介 SQL Server 2012 其他版本 使用 Data Quality Services (DQS) 提供的数据质量...
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